photos from florida!

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while going through our photos from disney world back in november, i went through pictures we took at the pool between the disney parks as well. GOSH, why did i do this to myself on one of the coldest days in january?! the hotel pool (with its own lazy river and splash pad and two water slides) was the sweet spot of our florida trip for sure. we parked ourselves pool side as often as we could and this is where mama felt the magic during our disney experience. virgin piña coladas and naps cuddled up with my baby girls beside the pool. it’s my version of heaven. ;)

our stay at the four seasons orlando was nothing short of a dream. can’t thank them enough for helping with such dreamy accommodations during our florida trip. in fact on our last day at the disney parks (we were doing hollywood studios), one of the kids mentioned around lunchtime that they wanted to be swimming and within maybe 60 more seconds of conversation together, it was unanimous. our whole family agreed we felt the same way and we were on our way towards the park exits and back to the hotel. they really do have one of the best set ups for families we’ve ever seen when it comes to water and activities.

a couple of photos from my iphone….

we ate the majority of our meals at PB & J where mama discovered she loves a good seared ahi tuna over my salad (i’ve been missing out all these years!) josh and i were really impressed with how good the food was at all the restaurants, and also how great the kids menus were (often we end up ordering off the regular menus because the kid stuff is rather limiting elsewhere). anyway, the hotel did not ask me to do this, but the food really stood out to me over other resorts and hotels we’ve experienced and since i am a major food loving girl, i feel it’s worth calling out.

it’s moments like this when i see their faces that i’m like, why don’t we live in a warmer climate year round with access to water to splash in during any season?!

happy baby girls hanging at the pool with their mama. do you see the tan creases in their folds?! haha.

a few times during the day, the lazy river felt almost empty! on our last night, our entire little crew went around and around and around the lazy river after the sun set. the babies fell asleep on josh and me but since the water was so warm and also the temperatures outside so nice, we just craddled them in our arms and kept going around the river with the kids. it felt special. one of my favorite family moments of 2018.

so many lizards running around at all times and my kids were in heaven racing after them. samson especially. he caught one briefly before letting him go once again and he has not stopped talking about it. we did our own little new years party on new years eve with the kids around 8PM before they went to bed. we drank sparkling apple cider and did a little count down to the new year (since they aren’t able to stay up til midnight) and one of the things we did was sit in a circle and go around the room talking about a favorite moment from the past year. this was samson’s. catching the lizard in florida at the hotel!

grabbing our last lunch half-way changed from swimsuits into regular clothes as we were like ten minutes away from heading to the airport to head home. it took everything to get these kids out of the pool and dressed. ;)

be right back. off to sit next to my heater and make some hot chocolate and not complain one bit about cold january. ;)

  1. erika

    Okay, this is THE silliest question, and has nothing to do with this post, but HOW do you get your short hair into a cute top knot like that? Mine always looks ridiculous.

  2. Emily DeJarnett

    I can’t believe these are iPhone photos! I’m on a web browser so they’re much larger than they would be on a phone and still have great, great quality!

  3. Shana

    Eleanor’s suit is amazing!! Also do the kids love their plae shoes for the water? Thinking about buying some for my daughter for the summer – thank you!!

  4. Harriet

    Lovely family photos. Naomi, you look so good for having had the twins in the past year! You look so pretty with your hair up like that, although I’m sure you just did it so casually to get it out of the way – sigh! I still don’t think I have the guts to do a full Disney vacation though, so hats off to you for pulling that off.

  5. kriste

    Tell Samson that lizard is called a Carolina Anole :) (pronounced a-nole-ee) My kids are the same – they are much older than your kiddos but they still catch them almost every day here in Houston :)

  6. Julie

    Where is Eleanor’s suit from? So cute!