all of the firsts!

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the first year of life for a little one is filled with so many incredible first milestones. that first breath of life, first hour in your arms, first week, then month on earth with you. the first baby check-up, first bottle or pacifier, first smile or coo or giggle. first official stroller ride to the park, to the playground, to the store. first solid foods, first playdate and first time sitting up unassisted! so many claps and animated expressions on your part as you witness these incredible tiny milestones that mean so much for the both of you…. even the first time mama and papa leave baby with a sitter and peace out for a few hours. it’s big. it’s memorable.  beatrice and madalena are in the midst of their first attempts to crawl, first attempts at feeding themselves with their spoons (it’s messy) and last week, we took our little girlfriends on their first official trip to a museum.

with these cute girls having a few older siblings, i can speak from a bit of experience and say that sharing my love of something with my child for the first time is one of my most favorite parts of life. sharing a favorite song with them and having them listen to it for the first time, sharing a favorite treat or tradition, even a favorite place and watching as they take it all in. it makes me love whatever it might be that i am sharing with them even more than i did before… even those things they don’t totally love the way i do (i mean, one of these days my kids will realize how delicious gnocci can be).

it’s been fun to revisit some of my favorite art and introduce it to the baby girls. i found a few wonderful art books for babies (color for baby and art for baby) that we’ve been spending time reading with them and i hope in some small way it plays a part in introducing them to a life full of color. as a mama, i have tried to incorporate bright and happy colors into each room in our apartment to create a space that encourages a playful setting for their imaginations. it’s different for everyone, but color has always inspired me, and so i hope it helps inspire them as they grow and learn and experience many of their very firsts under our roof together.

thank you to target for partnering with us on this post, and for being my go-to place to help prep me for many of the firsts my little ones are currently experiencing. from clothing to baby food to all the fun, creative things like art books for babies, it’s nice to find it all in one place, be it going in store if that’s your jam or gathering it all from their online site (tends to be a bit more my style these days although we DID get to do a target run last week and gosh there is something about going in person to target that i’ll never get over).

  1. Rena

    I see you and your babys are happy and I’m convinced you had wonderful first moments together!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Beatriz

    A toast to all of the firsts!

    Naomi, i am wondering… if you feel comfortable, I would love for you to share with us about your labours experience and things that were different / same for each child.

    Best regards from Brazil, I follow you since E was a little baby and I admire your family so much!!!

  3. Taza, I have truly enjoyed reading your blog and have found much encouragement and inspiration for my own life and creative outlets. I find it brave to share your real life. I appreciate that you don’t always look picture perfect in every post, yet your joy and beauty shine through. Thank you for creating this little corner of the internet.

    Lindsey Jones

  4. Erin Bramscher

    Those little girls are just so precious!!

  5. brittany

    I love these books! And those little faces are the sweetest.

    My tips for traveling with kids are on my blog today!

  6. Allison

    How funny-I was just talking to my husband about going to a museum with our kids. These books like so much fun! So fun!


  7. Sadie

    It’s been so incredible to watch your family grow. I’ve read since maybe before you were pregnant with E (is that even possible?) and now that I have one of my own, with one on the way, I must say perhaps the most impressive thing of all is that mani. It’s currently inspiring me to carve out time to put some colors on my fingers.

    Aside from the nails, I’m also impressed to see you all holding it together! I know before you’ve hinted at keeping some things private, but as someone currently hoping for a VBAC, you have no idea how much some insight into your approach to labor would mean to your readers.


  8. Olga

    They are just the sweetest!! I’m sure it’s incredible to experience all of those “firsts” together!


  9. Such happy babies! I miss my twins being quite so little! The firsts are just wonderful to record and remember. Would love to visit NYC one day, it looks so lovely :) We are all the way over in Edinburgh!

  10. ali

    I’m here for the fact that you took these photos with messy [but still hella cute] hair, thrown back like all moms! I love that they’re ‘blog-worthy’ [whatever that really means] while also being so relatable. You’re the best. forever & ever.

  11. Emily

    Sweet girls!

  12. Shannon

    I love your blog and your sweet little ones.

  13. angie

    You’ve always been an inspiration with your colorful life and home. Thank you for consistently being authentic and with positivity! Raising kids in NYC is not easy, but you make it fun and inspiring!

  14. Lauren

    Those baby girls are 😍😍! So sweet!

  15. Anica Gilbert

    I love how bright and colorful all your posts are! And all the twins’ firsts are so sweet to read about.

  16. Sarah

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