decorating our christmas tree, 2018!

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i always love to document this part of christmas. the tree trimming each holiday season. looking back at the first video josh and i made our first year of marriage decorating our christmas tree in our tiny studio apartment in harlem, a lot has happened since then. for starters, there is the obvious. 5 little babies…. adding more chaos, more warmth, more mess and more silliness. there are more ornaments, a bit more wisdom and experience on our parts when it comes to what sorta tree to get and how to string lights around it (hopefully more wisdom and experience beyond that, too, i’d like to think.) there is perhaps even more obnoxiousness on my part (i mean, who does this! eye roll me all ya want, i did it before blogs were big and i’m doing it even now, as blogs aren’t really big and i’ll be doing it when i’m 60 probably, too. different eyeglasses, slower dance moves, hopefully still a nyc apartment of some kind)… but i digress! it’s fun to look back at that silly video and then look at this video with all seven of us and it’s like, gosh. stuff has happened! and as i look at my babies, i feel forever grateful to celebrate my savior this season and what i have been given. i love them a lot. this life isn’t perfect and there is so much i struggle with every freaking single day, but they fill me with joy. and with a determination to be better, do better, live better. merry christmas, everyone! happy tree decorating wherever you might be!

  1. Edna

    😍 love this video. It made my day😀
    Happy Holidays to all.
    God bless you and your lovely family always 😉

  2. Emily

    Awe so great you guys. It’s always so jaw dropping to see how much your kids have changed in the space of a year in a context like this one! Merry Christmas!

  3. Susan Borland

    The world needs more happy internet videos like this! I love it. We decorated our tree 2 days after thanksgiving because that was as long as our Eleanor (6) could wait. I was sort of a grinch. I wish we spent time dancing in front of the tree! Maybe tomorrow :) xo

  4. That father/ daughter moment between josh and eleanor was the sweetest!!!

  5. Dido

    I remember your christmas photos from tiny apt at UWS. From that to this …… priceless.

  6. My favourite part was Conrad chilling cross-legged himself!! That kid is enjoying life :D All their smiles are so infectious <3 Wishing you and your whole family happy holidays! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

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  8. Jessica

    I remember the Video in 2008😂😂😂Great! Greetings from a German Twin mom😘

    • josh


  9. Margot

    i got emotional thinking about how much this video will mean to your littles once they’re older. seeing how much their parents loved them and filled their days with joy from the very start will be so powerful. thanks for sharing these special moments with us, too. love to your family this season.

  10. Emma

    You inspire me to try and be a better documenter of my life, I always think to myself how lovely it would have been to have these kind of videos of myself when I was younger, they will be such treasures for your children when they’re grown up.

    Can I ask, where did you get B + M’s babys first Christmas ornaments from please? They’re so cute!

  11. Jaana

    Josh dancing with Eleanor brought tears to my eyes. How they look at each other is just the sweetest thing ever. What a treasure! (P.S. I remember the 2008 video, too. How can that be 10 years ago already?) Merry Christmas Davis family! Great job on the tree!

  12. audrey

    Bonjour Naomi, où as-tu acheté les décorations personnalisées avec les prénoms de tes enfants ? Merci !

  13. Jena

    Where did you get M+B’s First Christmas ornament? I need one for my little this year and love the cute elephant!

  14. Candy

    OMG that E & Josh moment made me cry! And miss my dad when we used to dance when I was little! So cuteeee!

  15. Bethany Gibbons

    I’m pregnant with a baby girl and so you better believe that sweet dance between Josh and Eleanor made me tear up! Ahhh!<3

  16. Jess

    Love this! Where do you get your decorations and
    Ornaments? Thanks!

  17. lynne smith

    Oh my gosh, I love this. True Gratitude you show for your life :)

  18. kristy

    adorable! how do you make these videos!? thanks for sharing, merry christmas!