conrad is 4!

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this incredible boy is four years old today! conrad rex davis, life with you is full of such joy. thank you for bringing laughter into our lives all day every day. there is so much i love about you. from that bridge of freckles across your nose and cheeks to the way you snuggle up beside me when you find your way into mama’s bed in the early hours of the morning. your knock knock jokes that make no sense but still deliver such laughs from everyone around you because of the confidence in which they are performed, to your ability to turn any moment into a better one, i just adore you. do you know how much you light up my day? the amount of sunshine you bring into my life? the way you’ve continued to demonstrate patience and love as i’ve been spread thin this past year and have had many moments where i’m no where near being my best self or the kind of mama you deserve. but you’ll hold my hand, you’ll pat my shoulder, you’ll spontaneously give me a kiss and then say, “one more. no! five more!” and each time, your smirk, your body language, your personality…. it all just shines through and every single member of your family is better because of it, but especially your mama. we love you so much. you’ve blessed us through and through these past four years and i can’t wait to see what five will bring. i am so proud of how hard you try, how determined, loving, caring, loyal, warm, funny, eager, curious, handsome, and brilliant you are. happy birthday, to our very favorite conrad!

  1. Ashley

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Conrad! Love, adventure and happiness to you today and all year through!

  2. Elaine

    Happy Birthday Conrad. We love you and can’t wait to see you. You are on to new and great things in the 5th year of your life. We will watch and cheer as you grow bigger and better!

  3. elvi

    That’s the sweetest birthday post Naomi :) He is clearly your sunshine

  4. Marie

    Happy birthday, little man!

    Just saw these bags and thought you’d might like them?! 😄

  5. Jessica

    Oh my goodness I can’t believe this! My daughter will be 4 in February and I also can’t believe that! So precious!

  6. Allison

    Happy belated birthday Conrad!! I hope you had a fun day!!


  7. HOW?! I can remember when this adorable baby boy was introduced to the blog world! He’s grown to be such a precious boy, though!

    Happy 4th Birthday, Conrad Rex!

  8. Toytulip

    Happiest birthday Conrad! :D