babies and the holidays!

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two of my favorite things in life are babies and the holidays. pair them together and i don’t care how long it’s been since the last time i had a solid night of sleep, i’m a very happy woman! can you believe beatrice and madalena are already 6 months old? old enough to scoot around on their bellies as they roll around the room from their backs to fronts, but no where near crawling up and pulling down any ornaments on our christmas tree. the timing couldn’t be better. this comes from a mama who has learned the hard way that sometimes holidays and babies are a recipe for lots of broken ornaments and christmas trees only decorated on the top half as well as presents only coming out christmas morning in fear of them being ripped to shreds too many weeks prior.

anyway! this post is full of too many photos showing off their cute smiles because i can’t edit down for the life of me. don’t make me! i’m posting them all. thank you to gymboree for the adorable outfits. tiny skiers and snowboarders on cozy sweaters and leggings?! yes please!

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can you see beatrice’s first tooth popping out in this photo?! right above her bottom lip, to the right! both girls have been teething like crazy the past few weeks, which means they often just need to be held in the night as they work through those painful little things coming in. josh and i often joke to one another as we’re both up with the two of them during a few of the harder teething moments, “what’s worse than a teething baby?! TWO teething babies!” helps to laugh a little when you’re in the midst of it.

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so much love for these two girls. the way beatrice pulls in her bottom lip and it goes missing much of the day, to how madalena always finds my face and holds onto it (i like to think she’s trying to cradle it?). these two are just the sweetest and i love being their mama.

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anxious to take them to visit santa claus, although it usually never goes well with my kiddos. and i know they are far too young to care, but excited to introduce them to all of my favorite christmas trees around the city (the origami one at the natural history museum, the angel tree at the met, the big one at rockefeller….). hopefully they won’t be snoozing through it all in their stroller and will be into it maybe even just a little? they love gazing at the lights on our own christmas tree when we’re home, so i think all the lights will be fun for them this season.

merry christmas everyone!
thank you to gymboree for sponsoring this blog post. they have the most darling collection this season for kids and babies, much of which is on sale right now!

  1. Cailin

    They are so both so delicious! I’m an identical twin and feel a kinship with other twinnies. I’m also a nanny and feel like your babies would be delightful to hang with :) Have a wonderful Christmas season loving those two up!

  2. brittany

    okay well these pictures are giving me wild baby fever!! so cute.

    xo, brittany
    children’s art favorites on my blog today!

  3. Sarah

    They are beautiful! ❤️

  4. They are precious beyond words!! Thank you for sharing the wonder of a family centered life and home. It is such true, warm joy in the midst of this wild and wooly world. Happy light-filled Christmas!!

  5. Kylee Olson

    Now Im not only hungry for one baby, BUT TWO! Such cuties. Thanks for sharing their sweet smiles

  6. Gwen

    They are such a beautiful babies and I don’t know how you do it but all your post are so colourful, fun and happy that I’m inspired and excited by only looking at them – thanks for being so lovely ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Amy Jones

    They are such sweet little muffins!! 🥰🥰

    Where might I ask did you find your beanie?- so cute!!!

  8. Katie

    Your babies are so beautiful!

  9. Amy

    you two make the most adorable babies !

  10. Leigh

    I love your glasses!! Where did you get them?

  11. Fernanda

    Stop it!!!! These two are soooo cute.. make me want to have more 10 babies, haha. And The outfits are super adorable.


  12. Rachel Simmons

    They are just too perfect! I wanted twins!

  13. Verity

    Love these photos, you are all so happy looking

  14. OMG! These two little girls are so ADORABLE! Is it just me or do you also think that both of the girls look alike Samson & Eleanor when they were babies. #cutenessoverload <3

    Sending love and may you have a nice Christmas with this cute family of yours, Naomi.

  15. Else

    You’re blog, home and pictures are so inspiring! You have a beautiful family. Love from Norway!

  16. Anna

    I also really do not know how you two do it but your babies are all so incredibly cute! I am not that much of a Baby Person (I know, strange ;)) but yours make me feel like “Aaaaaaw looook at them”. Your photos really make me happy.

    Much love to you and your lovely family :)

  17. jackie

    First off these pictures are too adorable! Second, are the girls still sleeping in your room? I am pregnant with our second child and our children will be sharing a room since we live in a small two bedroom condo in downtown Cincinnati. Big brother will be 21 months when new baby is born. I know you have talked about it in the past but any new words of wisdom would be much appreciated! I’m a little nervous about two little ones sharing a room (really only nervous about the first year) and want everyone, including mama and papa, to sleep as best as possible! Thank you so much, I love this space. xo.

  18. Megan B

    This post is overflowing with cute! Those little squishy babies are adorable and I hope they bring you so much joy for Christmas (and some slee:)

  19. Marie

    Those chubby little hands and feet, with the knuckle dimples!!!!!!! And the CHEEKS!!!! KILLIN ME, girls!!!!!

  20. sabine

    so adorable!i think madalena looks just like eleanore and beatrice looks just like samson! :) happy holidays to all of u from austria!

  21. isa

    They are so levely baby girls ! congratulations ! so sweet, like their brother and sisters.

  22. Lauren

    I don’t have any kiddos but your pictures with the adorable Gymboree outfits makes even me want to get those cute tiny sweaters and leggings for little ones! Lovely polished post.

  23. Fran

    They really are the most adorable babies I’ve ever seen.