the first snow.

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FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-13

of course by this morning it was just a cold icy mess out there, but yesterday, we experienced the most beautiful snowstorm and i couldn’t wipe the smile from my face because we took the baby girls out into it for a few minutes.  i just love getting to introduce new things to them and be there for that first experience! and nothing can really top how much i love the first snowfall of the season, it’s one of my favorite days of the year.  snow can be so pretty sometimes. we ran through central park with little friends while it came down and trekked around in it for a bit before coming home for hot chocolate with giant marshmallows. we only kept madalena and beatrice out for a little while, so they didn’t make it over to central park (josh walked them home), but i think they liked what they saw. hard to know for sure, but they didn’t cry or fuss, so i am assuming  this means i totally instilled in them a passionate love for snow that they’ll never tire of. ;)

a few photos….

FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-14

madalena in the first photo, and beatrice here!

FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-5

on our walk to central park, looking down central park west. this was a sight to see!

FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-18FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-8FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-7FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-9FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-2

my three favorite buddies to adventure with! proud of these kids for getting all geared up in record time with no frustrating moments (and all those layers and snow gear usually always make for a solid frustrating moment or two. so this was big!) they are troopers.

FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-3 FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-4FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-6FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-17FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-15FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-16FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-10 FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-11

snow angels with friends!

FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3-12FIRSTSNOW2018 hysnl3

now i just need to go blast some christmas music to keep this fun spirit from yesterday alive over here. happy friday, friends!

  1. Mollie

    The first snow is always so magical! I absolutely love the photos you captured with your family. What special memories and in the most magical city! Hope you guys keep enjoying the snow.

    xoxo Mollie

  2. Jeanne

    Naomi, these photos are so precious! And that 1st one, I totally saw Conrad’s smiling face in her little face, so adorable. I’m curious where you got those awesome “onesie” type snowsuits for the big kids? I have 5, 8 and 11 year old girls and I can see us gearing up for sledding in Western MA soon and those would be SO much easier. LOVE the NYC photos, the snow makes it all look so magical :)

  3. Lauren

    I always love your snow posts! And M&B are just adorable in their snowsuits. Speaking of, I have 2 little boys and love the idea of one piece snowsuits. Do you mind sharing where you got Conrad’s?

  4. Really Really Beautiful Moments…so priceless and so sweet…the little ones…a big hug from Bavaria/Germany…enjoy the Winter blìss and Happy Holiday Season…later…💕😍💋❄❄🌬🌲🎅

  5. Sarah

    What a beautiful snowfall!!

  6. brittany

    these pictures are so magical- that first snow feeling is the best!

    xo, brittany
    gift guides for toddlers + babies on my blog today!

  7. Lauren

    Wow you got some amazing photos! Nothing tops that feeling as a kid of playing in a really huge snowfall. So cute.

  8. Meagan

    All this family lovin’ in the snow is warming my heart!! So glad you captured it! Thanks for sharing. <3 Also, you're looking so beautiful! Happy weekend!

  9. Logan

    I love the girls’ hats! Where are they from!?

  10. Elaine

    Love those faces and fotos. They are all so beautiful!

  11. Heidi

    These are just gorgeous photos! We live in Southern California, so snow pics are extra impressive!It actually snowed here on New Year’s Eve back in 2014, and it was so fun! The babies looked like they loved it!
    Heidi Wanders the World

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  13. Emily

    What lovely photos!! I must ask, where is your blue midi-length puffer coat from?