hi, i’m edna mode now.

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this body of mine has been through a lot in the past year. when i think about what i was going through this exact time 12 months ago, i was barfing my guts out at least twice a day because that twin pregnancy was no joke and a daily struggle that felt like it went on and on for like, 52 weeks. fortunately, it’s over and my baby girls are 6 months old next week! i’d do it all over again and again if i had to for my babies, because it’s always worth it and it doesn’t last forever. but between you and me and the world wide web, i am a little bit thankful to have graduated from that stage of life now since i’m still catching my breath from it all 6 months post partum.

the newest update for my bod is that my eyes have taken a hit and i am back into that fun club of wearing eye frames! my eyes shifted during my first pregnancy with eleanor 8 years ago and the eye doctor told me to hold off a few months before getting glasses since sometimes the eyes will shift back once everything has settled down. i held off on having my eyes checked for a few months but did end up needing glasses. my prescription was just ever so slight, but it made such a difference. eventually after samson was born and i had my eyes checked again, i didn’t need my glasses anymore as my eye sight was back around 20/20. thankful for that shift and was hoping that when my eyes began bothering me again towards the end of this last twin pregnancy, perhaps they’d fix themselves once again if i gave them a few months after birth to adjust.

but here we are, 6 months out and yep, i’m back in glasses… it felt like christmas seeing everything crisp and in focus again after my appointment last week (and being headache free!). since i’ve been known in the past to throw on a pair of faux glasses as a fun accessory, i don’t mind one bit this new chapter of getting to wear frames officially. even if eleanor’s initial reaction upon seeing my new frames was, “mama! you look like edna mode from the incredibles.” (oh gosh that’s not what i wanna look like but it’s fine. i’m fine. i said i’m fine!)

i have to say that between the diastasis recti, a thyroid situation and melanoma scare (i am totally fine, but do get all your moles checked!), this eye frame update has by far been the most fun of all the changes going on with this ever-changing body post partum. just in time to help me see up-close the blessed hair-shedding stage where no matter what you do to try to save it, it just keeps shedding post babies. anyway, gotta end this on some sort of positive note, so let’s give three cheers for some pictures of my new frames!


  1. brittany

    you look gorgeous! crazy how much our bodies change in a year.

    xo, brittany
    gift guide for a new mama is on my blog today

  2. Grace

    Love the new frames! And they yellow coat!
    Did you get your eyelash extensions removed? I’ve been considering getting them since moving to Utah (everyone here seems to have the most thick luscious lashes), but would love to hear our experience with them!

  3. Anna

    You look great!

  4. Chelsea

    Can you link to the frames you have? They are so cute!

  5. Mia

    You are one of the most inspiring and down to Earth influencers ever. I really enjoy your every day and all other blogs and photo descriptions..everything. Thank you for being like that. I wish you all the best and also your beautiful family. ♥️

  6. I hear ya on all of that! I am 2 years postpartum so I should be back to normal, right? But at 3 months my son got cancer and I gave up on my body.
    For some odd reason my hair stayed thick- until we finished cancer treatment and NOW it’s falling out.
    Oh the things our kids do to us. :)

  7. Tara

    You look great!
    Where did you purchase those amazing frames? What is the style of them?
    Happy Thanksgiving! :)))

  8. Sandra Luz

    Where is that gorgeous coat from?

  9. Thank you for keeping it real, Naomi! Love the new frames.

  10. Lucie

    You look lovely in those frames!

    This comes from a mama who just sees the end of her diastasis (baby no 2 is 17mo), just got new glasses for my (old) frames a few weeks back and is having a mole removed next week. No thyroid problems over here (touching wood) but don’t get me started about my teeth…

  11. Rosemary

    Edna Mode’s character is a nod to the real life Edith Head – costumer designer to the stars in old glamour Hollywood. She was brilliant!

  12. Leslee

    Edna Mode! Haha. She’s our favorite character! You look more like her wonderfully young and cheery niece!

  13. Jen K.

    I don’t even know who Edna Mode is so at least there’s that! haha! I think you look great though!

    The Emerald Girl

  14. Diane Bettin

    You look great! Love the glasses and your adorable coat!

  15. Jamie

    Those glasses are so crazy cute. They look wonderful on you!

  16. Daisy

    That coat! Tell me where to get the coat please!

    Also, team glasses for the win!

  17. Katie

    Gorgeous! Stunning!! LOVE the glasses, the yellow coat (my favourite colour!) and is that a skirt or dress? Where is it from?? Please? xx

  18. Maria

    Aaaaa twins pregnancies…. I feel you… Postpartum I was diagnosed with an epigastric hernia caused by the huge belly I had (although I gain only 8 kgs.). It was painful and if it grow bigger, it could cause additional complications and pain. I had to go for surgery. Thankfully six months after the surgery, I am feeling so much better than before. I can say though that pregnancy definitely took a toll on my body.

  19. Ariana

    You look amazing ! I don’t know how you do it ! It wouldn’t be wonderful and greatly appreciated if you could share what you do for your diastasis recti and also if you wear any special garment for the tummy ?? I have personally struggled quite a bit with the way my tummy changed after being preggo… thanks so much !! And you are a true inspiration Naomi ! :)

  20. Ariana

    Oops meant to say WOULD be wonderful ;) thanks

  21. Tiredhasanewmeaning

    Still riding the waves of thyroid problemen after having my first allmost 9 years ago around here. Though there have been long intermissions with good bloodwork.
    Sure does change your life. Bugger those energy levels and how they change the world. You do manage to breastfeed so hail to that.
    Do check up regularly.

  22. Connie

    Hey Edna! I totally hear you on the hair-falling-out-postpartum thing and there really is nothing you can do to stop it BUT for some decent re-growth and length/strength overall, have you tried collagen? I highly recommend it for hair health and it grows so much faster when I put a scoop in my coffee every morning.


  23. Shannon Merrell

    the prettiest yellow.

  24. Marie

    You look beautiful! Love the glasses — you’re always so cute in glasses. And in clothes, I promise you, NO ONE would guess you have diastasis recti. You look as fit and thin as before you got pregnant. And, finally, I gotta say, its really nice to see you without the false eyelashes. I don’t know why, you just look more,…. you? Been following since the early days when you lived in DC and were pregnant with Eleanor. I was also in DC and pregnant with my first child at the same time, and have loved loved loved watching your family and your business grow. Happy Thanksgiving!

  25. OMG you look amazing in that outfit. Totally suits you. Jealous 100%

  26. Val

    Check out Restore Your Core! It’s a great program for DR.

  27. BabaWaga

    Congratulations on transitioning to spectacles again, I think those frame suit you nicely!

    Just wondering if you would be willing to elaborate on the melanoma scare please? This is a topic I’m concerned with as I’ve had a similar experience since my babies were born – I am monitored for the amount of moles I have had developing since childbirth and had a biopsy on a breast mole too. I have changed the way I use suncream, am a lot more vigilant about covering up in the sun. I hate using fake tan but have started to use it in the summer months too so as not to look so ghostly pale!

  28. Lindsay

    Do people say “eye frames”? I’ve never heard that expression before!

  29. Danielle

    Love the specs!

    Had to start wear glasses in my mid-20’s (mostly for reading but i read alot throughout the day, so i keep them on). I talked to my doc about contacts last yr but couldn’t get the hang of touching my eye.

    Thank goodness they make cute glasses these days. I kinda enjoy picking them out when my prescription changes a bit-I have been seening others wear cute ones.

  30. Rose J.

    Your absolutely right, and I’m sure your mom has had many a talks with you about postpartum, and body changes as you age, but I’m 47 and our bodies totally change after having kid after kid after kid after kid! After my fourth (I had Noah at 38) I noticed that I got more grey hair, and I just barely got reading glasses. Not bad for 47, but at least my face is clearing up, Andy weight hasn’t changed in 10 years (still a size 8) and I don’t break out as much! Our babies are worth all the changes though, and in all honesty wish I could have one more, but I think I’m going through pre-menopause already. (insert frown face here!) It’s all good, and as long as we have a positive outlook on ourselves, and how we look age won’t matter, and it’ll be just a number. Just like my mother says!

    Have a wonderful holiday season!


  31. Peggy Lund

    Last year I heard an NPR segment on diastis recti that was SO helpful. Perhaps you’ve heard it, but if not, google “diastis recti NPR” and it is from August 2017. Ten minutes, once a day, the simplest exercise and it helped me fix mine after my sweet little 9 lb 14 oz baby girl. :)

  32. Ruth

    You look darling in those glasses and I think Edna mode is a boss!! I still have diastasis recti after my twins and they are 3.5 years now! I would love to hear what you’re doing to try to fix it! I’ve done a free online program,mutu system, and now I’m planning on a tummy tuck🤦‍♀️ it’s the worst but nothing else works! Best of luck to you!!!

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