our family photos, 2018!

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sharing some of my favorite photos that katie rain took of our family at the end of september. i really wasn’t sure how this was going to go, with seven of us in one frame. i set my expectations very very low this year, especially since we only had about a 30 minute window to take them since beatrice and madalena often sleep for longer stretches in the mornings. katie is just a super star with that camera though and like she does every year, we got so many shots that i just adore because even with silly faces being pulled and a whole lotta chaos in one frame, it’s MY chaos, it’s MY people, it’s all the things i love most in this world, in a photograph.

thank you to katie for these photos, and to my kids for being good sports about letting mama pick out their clothes that morning (they dress themselves entirely these days so this meant a lot to me!), and to my husband josh, for letting conrad pull on your face and stick his fingers in your ears (i literally had no clue any of this was going on until i saw the photos and i was crying from laughing so hard when i saw all this for the first time). and also, thanks to M and B for being good sports even though they were so tired towards the end and falling asleep in my arms.

Family Photos Fall 2018-14Family Photos Fall 2018-13family photos 2018 01-3Family Photos Fall 2018 1-2

i cannot with this photo of my 5 babies in one shot! love them so much.

family photos 2018 01family photos 2018 5Family Photos Fall 2018-11Family Photos Fall 2018 1 Family Photos Fall 2018 2 Family Photos Fall 2018 3Family Photos Fall 2018-2 Family Photos Fall 2018-4

and these are the batch of photos i was talking about where i was cracking up so hard looking through them after getting them back because conrad was poking at josh’s ears and also holding onto his cheeks (a few frames down) and i just didn’t realize at the time! i kind of adore these frames though over the ones of everyone looking and smiling because the personalities are captured so well. gotta love those little stinkers. haha!

Family Photos Fall 2018-5 Family Photos Fall 2018-6Family Photos Fall 2018-7 Family Photos Fall 2018-8 Family Photos Fall 2018-9

brotherly love, right?!?!?!?! actually, these two have been practicing a lot of choreographed fighting lately. i’m not sure how i feel about it, but they are very into it.

family photos 2018 01-4Family Photos Fall 2018-10 Family Photos Fall 2018-12Family Photos Fall 2018 1-3Family Photos Fall 2018-15 Family Photos Fall 2018-16 Family Photos Fall 2018-17 Family Photos Fall 2018-18 Family Photos Fall 2018-19 Family Photos Fall 2018had to do a throwing picture, because our kids live for being thrown up in the air by their papa and katie has captured a lot of great flying shots over the years (remember this one in central park?!) it always feels like a lot of work to get family pictures done, but it’s always so worth it and i am glad we did them this year with our new baby girls. thank you again to katie for capturing us this year! by the way for any new photographers out there, katie just launched an audio course for photographers all about starting your own business! you can find it here.

and some of our family photos from years past(all taken by katie) here in 2016, at the natural history museum here, on the brooklyn bridge here and in central park here, too!


  1. Katelyn

    Love them ALL! Beautiful job Katie and Davis clan. :)

  2. Diane Bettin

    All of the pictures are great, but the one of Eleanor with your husband and the baby is absolute perfection!

  3. Ashley

    These are absolute perfection!

  4. Shana

    The one of the 5 kids where you and Josh are each holding a baby is everything!! They are all great but that one is my fav :) Well done and having low expectations going in is key! I always tell the photog if I can just get 1 decent photo of us I will be SO HAPPY!

  5. Steffany

    Love the Davis family, BUT … LOL CONRAD <3

  6. woooooow. my absolute favorite is the first one of you guys crossing the street, i literally gasped and my eyes go watery!! so beautiful ! another favorite is the one where conrad is pinching Josh’s cheeks! sooooo beautiful ! love these and love your family!!

  7. Emily Baugh

    These are all sooo fun!! I adore the one with only the 5 kiddos! So cute!! And the one in the road where you’re looking back at your hubby! Awww so sweet!!! Love your family! & love watching them grow!!

  8. These photos are just so beautiful. What treasures!

  9. paula

    so pretty!

  10. Ivana

    Remarkable photos, thanks for sharing! Each and every one of them so precious and the one where you and Josh look at each other 😍
    Such wonderful family, dream goal for real ☺️
    Sending you love all the way from Serbia 👋🏻

  11. Ashley

    Absolutely precious ❤️ Love them all!! We have one child right now and he’s turning two on new year’s day. I often imagine us with a party of five kids, it looks even more beautiful than I had imagined, you family radiates love.

  12. Marsha Kern


  13. Josh is the best “throwing daddy”. Il love these photos!! I can remember perfectly there in the central park, you have a frame at home with it… :) :)

    I have no photo of all my family (only 4) I have to think about
    Thank you for sharing

    Kisses from France


  14. Karen

    Love these so much! They’re all gorgeous x

  15. birgit

    they are adorable!
    Specially the one on the bench, where you & Josh look at each other: we did a great job!

    xoxo, B

  16. Michelle

    Great action shots. Candids through an outsider’s lens are always my favorite shots. I definitely can relate to the joy of the experience AFTER the photos are taken! We just did portraits in September (my people are much older than your people so you’d think nbd…) and the color coordinating alone almost drove me over the edge. I’ve decided the preparation for, and possibly the actual taking of, family portraits is its own unique level of H. Seriously. But then afterwards…you forget the angst. Sort of like having a baby… :)

    Anecdotal side note: I was in such a crabby state on our way to taking our portraits, my husband streamed the family portrait episode of Everbody Loves Raymond on the iPad as we were driving up the canyon. Yeah. I laughed. Well played, husband…well played.

  17. Ashley

    Eleanor with the baby!!! Sooo cute. Her watermelon purse, tutu, missing teeth and double buns are so great together

    Beautiful photos llve the one with the kids running around you and josh. Looks like fun

  18. J

    Thought about these photos while going about my busy day. Thought I’d pop back in to say, thank you. Thank you for sharing and showing us that it’s possible. I hope to have a family of my own one day, God willing. Hope you enjoy Thanksgiving with the fam next week Naomi!

  19. Erica

    You always do such a wonderful job coordinating outfits for your whole family. I love that you all have your own look, but it works together perfectly! I too am always so grateful to have professional family photos taken of my people!!

  20. Miriam

    I LOVE the twins outfits, especially their little tops and I’m in love with their hats too! Would you mind sharing where they are from?

  21. Love everything about your family! These photos are SO CUTE!