4 items to order for a healthier family and cleaner home!

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hey, wanna hear a super fun story? on the first day of school this year, one of my kids brought a note home from school sharing that someone in the class had strep throat. did i mention this note came home on the first day of school!? right. then, on the second day of school, we got another note sent home saying that someone else in the class had lice. so fun. welcome back from summer, folks! the school year has officially begun!

here’s the thing though. we love our kiddos school, we actually can’t believe how impressed we are week after week with it, their classmates and all the amazing parents. but this is life with kids and how it often goes. it can begin to feel like a tough job guarding your family and home against all the germs out there and all the critters in the world. especially when all of us have so much going on and it’s hard to find time in the day to get just our every-day stuff done.

i’ve been trying to stay more on top of keeping my home and family healthy, especially as this new school year has started, and sickness feels a little inevitable with said school year in session and also with winter approaching. it feels like a year where we need to buckle down extra hard since beatrice and madalena aren’t even six months old yet and their immune systems aren’t as strong as their older siblings. so! today i’m sharing 4 finds on amazon for staying healthy and clean that you can order online super fast with your regular online shopping, in partnership with seventh generation.

here’s the list!

1. for bedrooms: mattress and pillow protectors

i didn’t even know this was a thing until moving to new york city. you can find specific mattress and pillow protectors for guarding against all kinds of invading bugs (lice, dust mites, bed bugs) that can come home from school, visitors, neighbors, city trains or just coexisting, and helping with the allergies that can come with them. we have loved using these ones because they have a sealed zipper pocket which just makes me feel extra sure. well worth the investment to make everything last longer too.

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2. for boo-boos: band-aids everywhere

it might just be this stage of life, but i keep band-aids in every handbag, drawer and room of our apartment. it just feels like someone is always in need of a band-aid and the sooner we fix up a little cut or boo-boo, the less likely it is to get infected or be bothersome in anyway. while i personally love the water-proof band-aid brand bandages because they hold up so well, the band-aids that have characters and fun designs on them (be it the incredibles or star wars themed or whatever your little one prefers) seem to distract my kiddos from the pain or tears sometimes involved with these situations. so we’ve been using a lot more “fun” band-aids at home because they seem to be working “better.”

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3. for home: ultra concentrated laundry detergent

ok, this one is big if you have little ones at home and somehow feel like your life is laundry all day every day (me right now. i mean, 7 people isn’t 25, but gosh when you are doing laundry, it sure feels like it.) having clean clothes is a huge part of a clean and healthy home. when our family gets back to our apartment after being out in the park or at school or wherever, no one is allowed on beds until they change into clean clothes or pajamas. so, yeah. lots of laundry. there is a new easydose™ ultra concentrated laundry detergent from seventh generation that is safe and sensitive enough to use for all our baby clothes, but still great to clean everybody else’s stuff, too. this means you don’t need a separate “baby detergent” for the babies and you don’t need to separate your family’s laundry into two sets. i wash all of our clothes together. the new flip cap “easydose” or auto dosing lid makes laundry easier too, because i can open and pour with just one hand (like when i’m holding a baby with the other hand?!?). there is no mess because it squeezes out the exact amount needed then stops on its own.  this eliminates the whole guessing game/drippy mess of pouring into the cap. you can see what i’m talking about with the cap over on my instastories today.

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4. for health: vitamins every day

after trying tons of vitamins, our family keeps coming back to these smartypants ones. the kids really like the taste and texture. we like knowing that our family is more likely to get all the vitamins and minerals (and even fiber) that we might need on any given day. this is especially helpful when we don’t sometimes eat a every variety of food necessary to get everything we need to stay healthy. plenty of stuff in here to help with sickness and germs too, of course. but it’s not hard for josh and me to steal a few of the kids’ ones (or the adult vitamins) just for the taste and chewy goodness.

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let me know if you have found any sure and great ways to keep your family healthy and home more clean around this time of year. and thank you so much to seventh generation for sponsoring this blog post!

  1. The auto dosing lid is such a great idea! I hate the messy cap on laundry detergent.

  2. Hong

    I use Seventh Generation for laundry, dish washing, and hand soap and I love all of them! Thank you for sharing!

  3. sirma

    I can hardly manage the laundry for 4 of us, i really can not imagine how you guys do it:)))
    Baby’s are small but nothing they need is small🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. sirma

    I have no energy without vitamins😎
    I was out of mine and in just 3 days my energy levels were soooo low.
    So mama needs all the help she can get🤷‍♀️

  5. Lisa

    I really enjoy this article! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. claire

    hello, i am from europe and in my country beta-glucan is a best seller. plus we give our kids enzymes. i am not sure if that stuff does its job as sich kids at school are a frequent problem. so, we keep fighting in our way – not sending kids to school when they are even just a bit sich. plus, we try to avoid indoor activities in those germfull weeks and months.
    wishing you lot´s of healthy days in this coming winter time…

  7. Bryanyalyee

    Does 7th Generation make hair care products?

  8. Heidi

    My family loves those SmartyPants vitamins too! I love the amount of Omega-3’s in them!
    Heidi | Heidi Wanders the World

  9. Claire

    Hi Naomi, Love your insta feed and love your blog! I follow several fashion bloggers-who are great. However, I always find myself wanting to know more about your clothes/shoes/hats and overall style! I love how you dress… it’s fun, unexpected and colorful….would always love more details on your clothing!! :)

  10. Abigail W.

    HANDWASHING! I try not to overdo it on the sanitizer, but we use that and good ole’scrubbing hands in the sink all day every day. Big fan of the Smarty Pants too. I was nervous about my son being in his first year of preschool, but so far so good!