a weekend on cape cod.

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LOVE TAZA Cape Cod Weekend-5

a few weekends ago, after stopping by the cranberry harvest, we drove onto sandwich, massachusetts (i mean, for the name alone, we had to go!) and then onto provincetown. the trip mostly consisted of searching for really good lobster rolls, looking for lighthouses and trying our best to spot as many crabs and other critters along the beach and shoreline. i loved the chance to do some proper exploring of the area since we’d never been. our time was super limited since our time in the car seems to double with 5 kids (you don’t even wanna know how long the 6 hour drive home really took), but i think overall, it was a really good one.

while these photos are some of my favorites we’ve taken together and they tell a special part of our weekend story,… traveling with kids, long stretches in the car, marriage, life, all of it has its moments. this trip had plenty of really raw and difficult moments sprinkled in for all of us (thank you, sleep deprivation). and while i’m not one to be like, “oh wait a second, let’s pause this argument we’re having to snap a photo of us being frustrated with one another,” i just really hope you never discredit your own life (the happy moments, as well as the difficult ones) for what you might see from someone elses. thank you for giving me this space to share pretty photos and all the stories celebrating motherhood and family life. i hope this space uplifts and encourages you to find the joy in your own life to cultivate, to hug your loved ones closer and to celebrate all the little things in the every day that are so worth celebrating. i always tell josh that i feel so fortunate to have the best of the best following along. you guys are the good ones and i know you get it. :)

i’m getting side tracked now, but anyway! onto all the photos of our time on the boardwalk and at the beach. get your scrolling finger ready!
LOVE TAZA Cape Cod Weekend-6LOVE TAZA Cape Cod Weekend

on our drive back to the city, we had the best lobster rolls of our trip at the seafood shanty. it’s this darling little spot right off the highway, where you walk up to the window to order and then find a picnic table nearby, but it was delicious. the amount of lobster on that sandwich was insane. we tried one with butter and one with mayoniasse and they both were delicious. definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area. we found it on yelp and i’m so glad!

LOVE TAZA CAPE COD WKND1-28LOVE TAZA CAPE COD WKND1-29LOVE TAZA CAPE COD WKND1-30LOVE TAZA CAPE COD WKND1-31LOVE TAZA CAPE COD WKND1-34we ate lunch at the fisherman’s view restaurant in sandwich. this beet salad was our favorite dish from the meal. LOVE TAZA Cape Cod Weekend-3LOVE TAZA Cape Cod Weekend-4

conrad’s face here. ;)

LOVE TAZA Cape Cod Weekend-2

sleeping babies all bundled up.

LOVE TAZA Cape Cod Weekend-7LOVE TAZA Cape Cod Weekend-10


LOVE TAZA Cape Cod Weekend-8these are malasadas from the provincetown portuguese bakery and they were so good! LOVE TAZA Cape Cod Weekend-9

and sadly, we didn’t get to eat at the lobster pot even though a bunch of friends had recommended it. the wait was over an hour and with the kids we just didn’t think we could brave it. but now we have an excuse to go back someday. ;)

have a great weekend, friends!

  1. Oh this makes me so nostalgic for the family road trips during my childhood! My brothers and I would try to keep each other entertained by playing verbal games (often guessing games and word games). My mom’s favourite games for us were “I Spy” and “see who can look at the furthest tree” LOL. // Those lobster rolls look so gooood -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  2. Lindsay haws

    I love love your posts like this because I love watching you be such a happy family and such a force for good, but as a mama expecting her fifth and having most of them while in med school (4th years finally yay!) A lot of our weeks start with conversations like “test on Friday. I’ll basically be living at the library. See you for the weekend!” And it’s hard not to be a little bit jealous that your sweet man gets to be around so much! Of course our road will all be worth it but I love this post it’s real!

  3. Boston Mama

    Love your honesty about the edited online world. So true! Speaking of which, that has to be the straightest picture of Provincetown I have ever seen – rainbows and rollerbladers in daisy dukes just off frame lol!

  4. rach

    oh my stars, so charming!

  5. Michelle

    I love Cape Cod…. so charming and idyllic! Beautiful photos!

  6. Meghan

    Thank you, Naomi. These are the kinds of posts that keep me reading and that endear you to me. Don’t get me wrong.. I love your positivity and all the joy your family exudes. It’s contagious! And of course I know deep down that it’s not possibly all sunshine and roses. But to hear you share vulnerability is such a giant relief… Thanks for sharing those harder moments too. Hugs! ❤️🌻

  7. I agree that it’s important for us to appreciate the beauty of our own lives while we enjoy the beauty we see online. That’s why it’s good to disconnect from the web and reconnect with our own family & friends.

    These photos are amazing! They showcase why I love the Northeast region of the US. One day, I hope to have a home in Maine.

    Happy Saturday

  8. Emily C

    Great photos! You’re doing the right thing by acknowledging that life is hard sometimes but not writing at length the hard stuff. I think it’s good to focus on the positive!

    I recently moved to Vietnam and sometimes I feel like I’m being “fake” because I tend to just share the highlight reel. I do try to find the humor in the hard things and relay the struggles that way – I don’t know if humor is *always* a good coping mechanism, but also I don’t think it’s good to simply complain because it bothers others and it seeps into our self-talk. I know the message to “stay positive” is kind of trite, but it really does make a difference in how we deal with things!

  9. Lottie

    No trip out is perfect, especially when there are kids (or even animals – our dog refusing to listen to anything we say has momentarily put a downer on so many of our days out haha), but as long as you try not to let it tarnish the ENTIRE trip, it doesn’t really matter in the end does it? :)

    Lottie xx

  10. Jessica

    Love these photos! And can I just say you look AMAZING after just having given birth to twins! You’re an inspiration.


  11. When I originally started following you was shortly after you and Josh got married. To see you and your ‘not-so-little’ family now ;), I consider it a privilege to have followed along with you all these years, to watch and (in some small way) share in these phases of life, to celebrate your triumphs from afar and to nod my head when I hear you talking about the realities of just a really tough day. Thank you for being you, thank you to your family for sharing their adventure–I can’t wait to read about many more!

    Cheers from Indiana!

  12. Amoreena

    I love this post! We always went to P-town for vacation when I was growing up and I have very fond memories of the fried dough from the Portuguese Bakery.