the story of the yellow fringe skirt.

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LOVE TAZA yellow fringe skirt

one of my favorite things to do when i’m getting dressed is to mix patterns and colors. sometimes it works out, sometimes it does not work out and i look ridiculous, but it’s still my favorite.

anyway, i am going to tell you the story behind my new favorite skirt. because things like this make me happy and i have a few free minutes and spending them talking about this skirt seems like a much better use of time than doing all the laundry right now. ;)

i was out shopping ALL BY MYSELF! last friday night for a quick couple of hours because our family was having our family photos taken the following morning bright and early (christmas card season is upon us!) and in a sense of panic as i started realizing i was about to dress (and hopefully somewhat coordinate) seven bodies within a matter of 12 hours, i got all sorts of nervous. throw in that post partum bit where a lot of my warddrobe still fits a tad bit awkwardly, and i was like, “hi josh. here’s a bottle! be back soon!”

i actually haven’t been shopping in a physical store for ages. it’s so much easier to do it all online these days for me, even if it means having to order 3 different sizes and try them all on here at home and send back what doesn’t fit. breaking away and treating myself to walking around a physical store felt like the biggest luxury. even if i was running around frantically and could only hit a few stores within the same few blocks radius.

i popped into h&m (probably the first time in who knows how many years) and spotted this yellow fringed pencil skirt all the way across the room as i walked through the front entrance. i couldn’t take my eyes off it for even a second as i honed in and moved directly to it. a few things i should note. first of all, it’s a pencil skirt so this is a terrible choice for my body at the moment since a looser sort of fit would be much more flattering, but i did not care in the slightest. the color and fringe outweighed the fact that it was a pencil skirt. and everything about it, even the fitted shape, made me happy. if i’ve learned anything in my lifetime with getting dressed each day, it’s that ya just gotta feel good in whatever it is you’re wearing. and when i put on this skirt, i felt good. and happy. but mostly, i felt like myself and that’s the best feeling of all. and so i bought it and came straight home and planned everyone else’s outfits for our family pictures around this skirt.

probably gonna be a lot of naomi wearing this skirt from here on out. i hope everyone is okay with yellow and fringe and repeat skirt wearing in the months to come.

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outfit details for those interested:

1. leopard mixed print blouse (this pattern is a fun one as well)

2. yellow fringe pencil skirt

3. brown leather boots (old, by frye, but similar here and on sale!)

  1. Kellie

    Naomi!!!! I love this look! Giving me liiiiiiiiiife

  2. Daria

    Love love love!!! ❤️ I also want this skirt!

  3. Ans Pauwels

    Love the blouse! And it’s a Dutch brand, which we love here in Belgium.
    Also recommendable for you is Essentiel Antwerp. It is a Belgian brand, but they are masters of prints, so I think you would love it! Very feminine, but very playful! Check it out if you have time while nursing those cute babies!

  4. Katie

    Love your style, you always look stunning! xx

  5. Kris

    Love this look!
    Aaand i am very sad at the same time.
    It’s alle polyester.
    See ocean cleanwash what al the micro partikels
    Do to our world when washed.

  6. Sydni Jackson

    You are rocking it!!

  7. You pull off that fringe skirt like gold, and make these photos sing!


  8. For the first time, i have to say i don’t like th skirt but i love the blouse


    kisses from France

  9. Becka

    The other day on Instagram you mentioned that people still make comments about you looking pregnant. Um, you’re in a pencil skirt and do not look pregnant at all. You look great!

  10. We did our family pictures the same day- and it was the first time in a long time I’ve bought something for myself in person too!
    However I tried to match around my new shirt and couldn’t do it.
    Cause I found the perfect dress for my 1 year old and had to have everyone match that. But they turned out great!
    Love that fringe skirt!!

  11. Sierra

    Yellow has become one of my favorite colors for fall and you are rocking this fringe skirt! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  12. Jessica

    I LOVE YOU. This skirt is amazing. You are a queen.

  13. Cindy

    It’s so you! Fabulous as always. Enjoy your repetive yellow fringe pencil skirt wearing! Go girl!

  14. Ashley M

    I disagree, I think the pencil shape looks amazing on you! IF there is anything to hide then it’s all hidden behind the fringe!

  15. Naomi! You are my fashion spirit animal! Well, you inspire me for sure! With similar lifestyles as busy stay-at-home mamas, who also love having fun with fashion, style, color and patterns- I definitely relate! And this silhouette is hugging you so well and is very slimming in fact! Nipped waist and tailored blouse elongate and that blouse with it is so great! Can’t wait to see alllll th coordinating looooooks! How fun!

  16. Mak

    I feel like this outfit is serving major old school Rockstar Diaries vibes and I am HERE.FOR.IT. You are forever one of my favorite style icons!

  17. Michelle

    You look so pretty! But not because of the pencil skirt. I have to agree with Kris when it comes to the skirt. I wish we all had more time on our hands to research clothing and make more educated decisions on the quality of clothing to invest in more sustainable pieces. I know that’s the life of many bloggers (to capture a fashionable “look”), but it just feels wrong sometimes. You are looking great postpartum, which is no easy journey!

  18. Marta

    Thought exactly the same @Mak – Rockstar Diaries👏🏻 Reading since Mary Poppins post, 11 years later still my favourite blog and favourite style icon!

  19. Kenna

    I’ve never commented on a blog post before but I couldn’t help myself because you are just TOO fabulous!! This outfit it everything.

  20. Tracy

    I just read on Design Mom that leopard print is hated by men, because it is a power print. Meaning, a lot of strong women wear it! I think it looks great paired with your skirt. Sometimes we just find something awesome at H&M that can truly surprise us! Enjoy it!

  21. Paula

    What a fabulous woman you are! x

  22. Evelyn

    You are such a colorful spirit – it is always a pleasure seeing your outfits and reading about your adventures :) have a wonderful day :)

  23. Allison

    Adorable and absolutely beautiful! I hope I look this good after I have my second baby! Can’t wait to see the family pictures!


  24. Dania

    Loved the skirt!!

  25. Yani

    I love the skirt and you look amazing!

  26. Rosemary

    Oh, you are just too cute! I am an old lady of 62 (I feel old today, but not always!) and I think your style, pizazz, confidence and all-around sweetness is simply inspiring! I LOVE this skirt and I think you are just plain awesome – I’d totally like to be you if I was 30 years younger ❤️

  27. Lisa

    YOU LOOK AMAZING! You rock that pencil fitted skirt Naomi! I love these types of posts – just you being you and sharing a piece of that with us!

  28. This is one of the things about your stylea that
    really inspires me!

  29. Ali

    i need this skirt!! i am not sure if i can pull it off but hey, whatevs!

  30. Megan

    I love this outfit! I wanted to see if you could do another hair video where you show how you style your new short hair:)

  31. this is a fun and happy outfit! It shows that you are happy and back to wearing your true style.

    Happy woman, Happy mom, Happy home! :-)))

  32. Lauren

    Whatever makes you feel beautiful!! Love the color!