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LOVE TAZA lifelately10sharing lots of photos from the past month or so… love this time of year so very much. autumn in the city can’t be beat. and while i’m a total zombie these days dreaming of a solid stretch of uninterrupted sleep that feels years away at the moment, i feel so happy. and thankful. while yes, stressed on occasion and feeling bonkers a lot of the time and often feeling like a human binky, happy still. and thankful.

photo up top from a night josh and i snuck away for a date after putting all our babies to sleep for the sitter. we didn’t sit down to eat until well after 9:30pm and the music in the restaurant sounded louder than usual but we just pretended we were into it and still cool even though keeping our eyes open was a struggle. anything for those pork buns at totto ramen, though! they can’t be beat. the ramen with the wavy noodles is amazing, too!


all five of my babies the other day all dressed up for church! eleanor, samson and conrad participated in the children’s (primary) program at church and sang lots of songs in front of the entire congregation as well as said little parts they each wrote and memorized on their own. i was so proud of them! the primary program sunday is probably my favorite sunday of the year.


bagels on bagels on bagels. any excuse to head uptown and snag a warm one in the mornings from absolute bagels. 

LOVE TAZA life lately003

the upper west side, starting to feel rather festive for the season! this home is in between amsterdam and columbus on 82nd street for those wanting to have a look! although so many stoops are decorated now in the neighborhood!

LOVE TAZA beatrice-2

sweet baby beatrice!

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my helping hands in the kitchen!

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tis the season for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! we invited all of our neighbors in our building over to our apartment a few sundays ago, so we made several batches of cookies (i also made a fun little cheese board to share!). everyone brought something to share, and we had the best time with everyone. we feel pretty lucky to have such great neighbors in our building and also so many with little ones as well! i shared my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe on instagram last week, but if you missed it, this is the one we use and love every year!

LOVE TAZA life lately001 LOVE TAZA life lately001-3

fresh flowers, no matter the season, make everything feel a little more joyous. i try as often as i can to have some in the kitchen regularly. it’s one of those things that makes me happy and i hope helps bring a happy spirit into our messy and chaotic nyc apartment. :)

happy autumn, everyone!

  1. Teresa

    I love these so much and I hope you guys are enjoying life as a family of 7!!! such lovely photos!

  2. Sandra Luz

    Love your top!!

  3. what a beautiful post! I love the idea of inviting your neighbors over for cookies, so cute – I do not really feel brave enough to try it myself though.. Happy autumn to you and your family!!

  4. Michelle

    Gorgeous pics. I can FEEL the fall season in these pics and makes me dream of sweater weather, tea and everything warm and cozy!! Can’t wait to make family memories like these with my little guys when they’re older. (I have twins too!)

  5. Anne

    I have been quietly following your blog for years and just love it! With four kids myself I appreciate all the hard work that goes into raising a family. Thank you for your poise and for showing us your joyous colourful life. I adore the picture of your five kids all dressed up for church and agree that fresh flowers are pretty powerful.

  6. Jennifer

    It’s my first time to read your blog and I am loving it. You have adorable children! Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey of life.

    Jennifer Kessler |

  7. Didiey

    The halloween decoration tho!!!!

  8. Can I just say that I REALLY love Conrads personality? He seems so sweet and hilarious. Can’t wait to see more of him and his two younger sisters! x

    chevrons & éclairs

  9. Alice

    The pumpkins and fresh flowers are beautiful! You have such a sweet family ❤️

  10. Next year I will be in NY for autumn time, I want to see the decorate homes, and the weather is perfect.
    I promise (to myself)

    Kisses from France

  11. Lydia

    Dear Naomi,

    Madalena and Beatrice are by far the most adorable babies I have seen so far. Also, the laughing and whimsicaly smiling faces of your kids never fail to brighten my day. Love to follow you through all the stories you share with us. Wishing you and your family all the best and a wonderful atumnal weekend!

    XX from Germany

  12. aga

    Super! :)

  13. I would love to hear about how you get to know your neighbours in the city! Is that oddly specific? I’m in my early 20s and have moved around a bit, and there have definitely been places I’ve lived where I never met my neighbours. Anywhooo, that photo of Madalena and Beatrice lying smiling side by side is so precious! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  14. Julia

    Mas que família LINDA♥♥♥♥♥

    from, Porto, Portugal

  15. Melissa

    Thanks for the cookie recipe!

  16. Alexis Jacobson

    I am 1st counselor in my wards primary and we just did our program and 3 of my kids were in it and they were all wonderful! All of the primary kids were! I love the primary program! So much cuteness and there is always a funny kid (ahem….happens to be my 5 year old😂). Your children are so beautiful!

  17. The pumpkin chocolate chip cookies look so good!!!

  18. Great, this is the first time I visit your blog. Thanks for sharing your parenting journey together!!
    Wish you best!

    Sterling |