i always thought having a baby in october would be the dreamiest. born as the leaves change color and just in time for a long winter of snuggling up together in all the warm layers and wool socks in a room full of holiday decor. too bad ya can’t plan those sorts of things. never did get a baby in october (don’t think i didn’t try, folks) but i did get 5 little munchkins at other times of the year and by golly i have nothing to complain about when it comes to anything and everything and yes i still every single day think at multiple times during the day, “HOW DID I GET THIS LUCKY?”

5 beautiful babies to celebrate all 31 days of this glorious month with. pulling out all my beanies. making up excuses to walk through the park each day. dusting off the crock pot. trying to talk my family into eating chili every meal. ;)  and doing my due diligence to have this apartment smell like cinnamon rolls as often as i can physically plop them into the oven. you know, just putting in all the effort to get my winter body in perfect winter shape. i freaking love you, october.

my kids (eleanor, mostly) have been talking and planning their halloween costume since before the 4th of july. eleanor wants to be a character from tron. don’t ask me which one, i haven’t seen the movie. but yes, tron has infiltrated our home the past several months in the kind of way where after cutting off my hair this summer, eleanor’s first comment upon seeing it was something along the lines of, “this is great, mama. you can be Quorra for halloween now.” (apparently, i have her haircut and we’re twinsies now.) halloween 2018 is going to be a lot of fun at our house. i can already tell.

we head to utah in the middle of the month to welcome home my little brother, isaac, who has been away in mexico for the last two years serving as a missionary for our church. i am so proud of my baby brother and how he has chosen to put the Lord first in his life and serve. i can’t wait to see him. and i can’t wait to be with all of my siblings again after two long years apart. in one of her letters to isaac, one of my sisters mentioned something conrad had said, and he replied back, “wait. conrad can talk?!” haha. forgot he left when conrad was so much smaller and it’s gonna be wild to introduce him to 2 brand new nieces and a new nephew (my sister’s baby, brody) when he arrives home. a lot has happened since he went away.

i haven’t been able to give as much attention to posts on this blog of mine lately, between the babies and working on other projects and things i am so very excited about and hope to share soon. finding time to juggle it all is so hard for me. i don’t know how people do it. thankful for the quickness and ease of social media and how it allows me to remain and feel somewhat connected to all of you when i can’t sit down and focus properly the attention i want to place here. but funnily enough, it’s this space i love the most. the blog. where i can write more, share more, not be forced into a tiny square photo and short caption of sorts. i just want to thank you for still being here even if i’m not here as regularly as i’d like. i’m grateful you still check in, and are patient with me.

happy first day of october! i hope the next 31 days are full of crisp apples and snuggles with your favorite people. maybe even lots and lots of cinnamon rolls, too. :)

  1. Allison

    October is the best-well fall is my real favorite. I got married in November mostly because the leaves change into a beautiful color here in Sacramento. I always love reading your blog no matter how much you post here! Can’t wait to see your projects coming up!


  2. Family is first, and it’s okay to not blog all the time. Writing is very therapeutic, and I love my space on my blog too, but sometimes we need to sit back, relax and make time for family. You have twin babies, and three under the age of seven (soon eight) so it’s okay to not blog constantly. Instagram is easy, and fun, and a beautiful space where others accentuate positivity. Take it easy, and enjoy this month with your family in Utah. Congrats on your brother coming home too!


  3. I adore how positive you are – it comes across in your writing! I hope your October is fabulous xx

    Ps. Now I really really want cinnamon rolls.

    Siân x

  4. Kelly

    October is the BEST! I’m an October baby and growing up in Ohio, the leaves were always at their most beautiful in the middle of the month, on my birthday. And every year those glorious shades of yellow, red and orange felt like a special gift just for me. I really can’t think of anything more magical! Luckily though, we all get to enjoy the things that make this time of the year so special- especially those moments spent with family! Wishing you and your’s a very happy October! :)

  5. Verity

    I have an October baby – he turns 4 this year and he is having a ‘scary’ birthday party this year, he is so excited!

    We decorate for Halloween and he thinks it is all for his birthday, it is brilliant. Also his favourite thing is running through the dried leaves in the park, glorious time of year

  6. Rosemary

    When days at work are long and hard, sometimes I take a break to see if you’ve made a post on the blog. Sitting there reading them is a joy and I really appreciate you taking the time to share your life with us, even if it’s hectic and not always easy. Hope you’re enjoying this less humid weather and can’t wait to see some of the coats you break out as it gets cooler!

  7. I am amazed you write as much as you do with 5 littles!
    I have two, work 30 hours/week and feel beyond overwhelmed!
    Need any tips of new places to eat/play in Utah? :)

  8. Tammy

    Happy October!!!

  9. Diane Bettin

    Hi there! I love reading your blog and getting tips on travel. My husband and daughter are planning a trip to Paris next summer, and we have a choice of extending our trip to include Amsterdam or the Nice/ Monaco area. What would you suggest? Have you been to those areas? Thanks for any advice. We are newbie travelers! Congratulations on your beautiful babies!

  10. BabaWaga

    October is a very special month for me…I have two children and both are October babies! (one born at the beginning of the month, the other near Hallowe’en). Its a gorgeous time of year with all the leaves turning golden, pumpkins and apples galore and an odd ‘indian summer’ day here & there. However, for us its also a VERY expensive month…two birthdays to cater for and Halloween too, eek! Still, we’re never short of a theme for those birthday parties…

  11. Lottie

    Conrad seems like such a little character, always the one pulling faces in photos!

    Hope you have lots of fun with your family, and may your apartment always smell adequately cinnamon-ey

    Lottie xx

  12. Well, if it makes you feel any better, because I too have thought about those fall/winter babes, at least here in Colorado, if they are born past like October 9th (they always seem to change the day) then they have to wait a whole year to attend Kinder pre-k and kinder…. so can get expensive with child care as needed. Also, alllll the germs and colds in winter! I was so happy to have spring/summer babes- you can be out and about in the sunshine and get those happy doses of vitamin D. As much as I love October! Utah this month will be gorgeous- what a beautiful welcome for him and special time for all!

  13. Lauren

    October is my very very favorite month! I look forward to it alll year!!