halloween decorations on the upper west side!

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i brought my camera out yesterday as the kids and i wandered around the upper west side after school and admired a few brownstones that have gone all out for halloween this season. these photos don’t do any of the neighborhood justice, there are countless apartment buildings and brownstones scattered throughout the upper west side that are dressed up so festive this time of year. we actually decorated our own building with all of our neighbors a few days ago and between my kids and the rest of the kids in our building, it turned out very very very decorated (and busy?! how much spider web is too much spider web!) ha! it’s cute though. and while i’m not really one for spooky stuff, i am so proud of how detailed and dedicated many neighbors in the area seem to be this time of year when it comes to decorating their properties. as to where they store all this stuff the other 11 months of the year, give or take, is beyond me.

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we stood in front of this one for maybe ten minutes because samson really enjoyed taking it all in, bless his sweet spirit that hopefully still sleeps through the night after observing all of that!

HALLOWEEN2018njg1 93-2 HALLOWEEN2018njg1 93-3 HALLOWEEN2018njg1 93
this one really fascinates me, because like, they are willing to forgo their front door for a few weeks because they are just that dedicated to the decor! mad respect. also, it’s so aesthetically pleasing and beautiful if you get what i mean?! like, how does one do that with giant spiders and skeletons?

for those in the area wanting to see these in person, the first brownstone photographed is on 90th street between central park west and columbus avenue. the second is on 94th between the same blocks. there are some impressive decorations on several brownstones located at 69th street from broadway all the way over to central park west, too.

happy halloween!

  1. Oh my gosh these decorations are so epic!! LOL you’re so right about storage (in NYC too!!). I was wondering how people were getting out their front doors but I guess there are side doors?? -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  2. gah I so wish London was this into Halloween! I mean, I see pumpkins outside of homes, but that’s really it. These are just insane! I grew up in Florida and my neighborhood would get TONS of trick-or-treaters. All our neighbors in the front of the neighborhood would go all out just like this. So cool!

    chevrons & éclairs

  3. Rena

    Oh, now I’m surprised about these decorations as I’m from Bavaria in Germany and not really used to celebrate Halloween :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Wow how amazing is this! I live in a pretty small city so seeing something like this is truly amazing. Happy Halloween!


  5. Rose J.

    It looks professionally done! I wonder if they pay a company to decorate their home every year. I know certain residents at Dyker Heights pay companies to put all those lights up in their homes during Christmas, and wondering if they do the same for certain residents on the UPW especially since I have no idea where they store all this stuff if it’s theirs! Unless they rent a storage unit in the city! Really cool decor though. Saw the one with the mummies, and spiders a couple of weeks ago! Makes us want to buy a brownstone, and decorate it too! Yeah right! I can dream!

    Happy halloween!

  6. ShaLyse Walker

    Love love love this post and love your statement about the synagogue shooting. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I wish you the best and hope you reap the rewards for being a leader and for standing up for what you believe!

  7. Andy

    I love the way they go all out for Halloween in nyc. One year, most likely next I’m going to make it a point to visit nyc on Halloween. And that’s one huge, but cool spider web. Just don’t get caught in it.

  8. Sarah

    I’m betting they paid to have it done as well, pretty impressive!

  9. Alex

    I would love to go see them? When does everyone remove them? I plan to go on Saturday. Thanks for your reply.

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  11. BabaWaga

    Supal, come on over to north-east London next time!! Our suburban streets are massively into Hallowe’en and its getting more elaborate every year, as witnessed when I took my two kiddies trick-or-treating this year! You wouldn’t believe some of the elaborately decorated houses and front gardens – we saw everything from a Halloween disco complete with black bouncy castle in someone’s front yard to another family who had set up an intricate ‘Dead-and-Breakfast’ set-piece complete with skeleteon & hospital equipment pumping fake blood!

  12. Some time in my life, I need to go to New York at Halloween! I love how much you guys are decorating and go insane. In Denmark it’s not really a big thing. Yet :)