autumn leaves in beautiful utah.

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LOVETAZA leaves28y5-2

we arrived home to the city yesterday from several days spent in beautiful utah with my family. it was an incredible few days of family time, with lots of catching up, lots of eating (it’s what we do best!) and lots of time outdoors in some unbelievable colors as autumn is just wrapping up her peak season right now. it felt extra meaningful to be back at my parents home, and in their beautiful yard on the side of the mountain where i grew up. just a month ago, my parents and their entire community were evacuated for 10 days from their homes as a scary fire threatened the entire neighborhood as it kept climbing down the mountain that my childhood home sits on. experiencing all the beauty that is autumn there last week, while looking up at the top of the mountain and seeing so many bare and darkened trees from the fire, made everything feel extra special. i am so thankful for the people that came from near and far to fight that fire, and that no homes or lives were taken by it.

during our last evening in utah, the kids played in a big pile of leaves that they had raked up (with a little help from josh) during the past few days they’d been there.  i told them about how each year around this time when i was their age, my sister hannah and i would have to rake the leaves into big piles before the snowstorms came and before my dad would haul all the leaves away, we’d blast the soundtrack of les miserables or cats (we are broadway girls at heart!) and dance and play in it to all the music. it’s a really special memory and it was a little bit surreal watching my kids run and jump in piles of leaves just like the ones that we would often pile up in spots just a few feet away from theirs so many years ago.

the sun was insanely beautiful as they jumped into the leaves and it was a moment where i was thankful i had the camera on me. some of my favorite photos below…

LOVETAZA leaves28y5-7LOVETAZA leaves28y5-12LOVETAZA leaves28y5-13LOVETAZA leaves28y5-4LOVETAZA leaves28y5-3LOVETAZA leaves28y5-5LOVETAZA leaves28y5-16LOVETAZA leaves28y5-6LOVETAZA leaves28y5-8LOVETAZA leaves28y5-9LOVETAZA leaves28y5-10LOVETAZA leaves28y5-11LOVETAZA leaves28y5-14LOVETAZA leaves28y5-15LOVETAZA leaves28y5

gosh, october. you sure are freaking magical. and you aren’t so bad yourself, utah. i have a feeling my kids are going to remember this moment for a good long while to come. i know i will.

  1. E.B.

    These photos are gorgeous.

  2. The autumn light glows so beautifully, but not as brightly as your kids ;D My brothers and I grew up in a different country from where our parents grew up, so I imagine it must be surreal to see your kids play around in the same place just as you had growing up! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  3. Ruth

    Absolutely beautiful. What joy. Are you still taking these on the camera you did the blog posts about? Thank you xxx

  4. Olga

    Lovely pictures

  5. Christine Lu

    Is that a Norwegian Elkhound?! We have one and rarely see another one!

  6. Would it be weird if I said these photos look as if they smell amazing? You can almost smell the crisp fall air and hear the kids laughter. You have me so inspired to shoot my little ones in leaves now. These photos are beautiful Naomi great job.

    P.s that first photo of E is insane. I started following you on Insta when she was a few months old. It’s crazy to see how tall she is and how much shes grown :)

  7. Love the beautiful pictures! So grateful your little corner was protected from the fires. xx

  8. Rae

    Beautiful light and leaves! A question: This New York elementary school educator is wondering how your family manages to go away so much with school-age children – they miss so much being away for several days. How do you all handle it with school?

  9. Claire

    amazing pictures! and the new picture’s profile on the top right 😍

  10. Kelly

    The leaves are such a pretty color and it looks like your kiddos had the BEST time!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  11. These images are absolutely amazing!!! oh the joy of playing in the leaves