our trip to mexico!

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get ready! because today i’m sharing one too many photos from our trip to mexico last month! you know how hard it is for me to narrow down a batch of photos when i am the most camera happy lady around! don’t make me do it. just indulge me and keep scrolling down!

this trip was everything our family needed. i had told josh during what felt like my 57th week of pregnancy with these baby girls (when finding a comfortable sitting/sleeping/standing position was nearly impossible) that all i wanted was a warm beach. with soft sand. and maybe bottomless virgin piña coladas. (a girl can dream.) envisioning that was what got me through the last month of carrying the twins. it also got me through that first month after their arrival where we didn’t sleep so i had to create my own “dreams” while awake.

and so we plopped ourselves down at a resort in the riviera maya in mexico where the kids could just splash and play in the pool and along the beach all day and i could drink one virgin piña colada after another. the set up was better than i imagined in my dreams. i maybe cried 3 times during our trip. twice out of very tired exhaustion but once out of happiness. that last crying fest was worth the two exhausted crying fests before it. i promise.

josh and i took all of the photos you see in this post with the Canon EOS Rebel T7i. my very first dslr camera was a Canon Rebel which was my birthday gift in the summer of 2010 when i was pregnant with eleanor. i had already been taking photos every day for years with a small point and shoot, but i can still remember the feeling i felt holding that beautiful camera for the very first time. i adored my little Rebel so much, and wore it into the ground over the next several years taking photos with it daily, the archives of this blog are filled with them! being a loyal Canon camera girl, i’m excited to be partnering with them to try out their newest Rebel, the T7i, over the next couple months.

this Rebel has several new features my other Canon cameras don’t have, so i was really looking forward to giving it a go and playing with it on this trip.  it’s a smaller and more compact dslr camera, so it’s easy to handle with one hand (josh and i often had a baby in the other while taking pictures). it has built-in wifi with Bluetooth connectivity so you can send images straight to your phone or computer and also has a fun vari-angle touch screen that pops out so you can take selfies of yourself or your group and get everyone in the shot. (nice for us when we’re trying to get all 7 of us in one frame!) something else worth noting about the camera is that it has the ability to take photos on a high speed continuous mode. i’ve blogged about the importance of this sort of feature before, but it’s amazing for capturing moving children, like when they are jumping in a pool or playing a sport like soccer on a beach in mexico. ;) i am all about capturing those candid playful moments which this sort of feature really helps us do as active people, and i love that the Rebel has it.

anyway, we enjoyed playing around with this camera on our trip and i love the way our photos turned out. lots and lots of images below! get ready….


i spy with my little eye, three cuties on a bridge sipping some fun kiddo drinks they had just ordered all by themselves at the pool bar you see behind them! haha, probably samson’s favorite thing ever… those bar stools you can sit on inside the pool while taking a break from swimming to sip on something yummy.


when i’m trying to take a photo of my people and conrad is being conrad shaking his booty at his mama during said photo. he is such a jokester these days and has us cracking up regularly with some silly gesture or comment. the mid wiggle photo here is everything to me.

for those of you wondering, here is the exif info for the above photo: 1/500 sec at f/4.0, 18mm, ISO 100. i’ll include this on some of the other shots below too.


soccer on the beach! i also attempted to play a game of volleyball with eleanor and samson one afternoon on the beach and let me say right now, i am not cut out for volleyball. we ended up kicking the ball more often than not under the net and changed all the rules as we went along to accommodate our needs. :)


these cuties in darling swimsuits that once belonged to eleanor! they were troopers on this trip, mostly just eating and sleeping. i really believe the easiest time to travel with a baby is during their first few months of life since they are not yet mobile and are mostly always asleep! i admit i am very nervous for what our future trips will look like once they are wanting to crawl in opposite directions to go explore!

LOVE TAZA X MEXICO1978-7my three fishies that lived in the pool all day every day. the water was so warm, and the pool had so many twists and turns and curves, there was a lot of water to explore. these guys explored all of it! picking up a few extra freckles and tan lines in the process.

1/800 sec at f/5.0, 18mm, ISO 100.


splish splash!


i am a fan of food in any setting, but there is something extra nice about consuming it pool side. i ate everything this trip!


1/250 sec at 7.1, 27mm, ISO 100.LOVE TAZA X MEXICO-151/500 sec at f/5.0, 32 mm, ISO 1000.LOVE TAZA X MEXICO-16

these sweet faces one evening on our way to dinner! 1/5oo sec at f/5.6, 46mm, ISO 1600.LOVE TAZA X MEXICO-13the most playful papa. taught the kids how to climb a palm tree!

all of these images were set at 1/2000 sec at f/4.0, 18mm, ISO 100.

seriously. one of the cutest things i ever did see.


1/160 sec at f/4.5, 21mm, ISO 100.


tiny snorkelers. there was a lot of seaweed washing up in the shallow parts of the water, but that didn’t deter any of my kids from wading through it to look for fish! samson spotted 5, eleanor spotted 1. and conrad, bless his heart, never put his snorkeling mask into the water to look! although he did look pretty cute out there wearing it! maybe next time.

1/500 sec at f/10, 21mm, ISO 100.


1/320 sec at f/8.0, 27mm, ISO 100.


usually sitting on a beach chair in the shade of a beach umbrella with the babies. so sometimes you just gotta move outside that shaded beach umbrella and get some rays of that warm stuff on your face.


1/200 sec at f/6.3, 21mm, ISO 100.LOVE TAZA X MEXICO-23 LOVE TAZA X MEXICO-24

kids in swim goggles and floaties. what is cuter than that?

discovered coconut shrimp this trip. now i need to find somewhere in new york city that replicates it with plantains and cream cheese inside because it was one of those dishes i ended up ordering every day and have thought about more than i’d like to admit since returning to the city.


all their faces in these pictures right here.  classic.
LOVE TAZA X MEXICO1978-3and gotta end this post with a family selfie! we used that fun rotating vary-angle touch screen i was telling you about. game changer. even if madalena and beatrice aren’t into our selfie pics just yet. :)

this last selfie was taken at 1/400 sec at f/4.0, 18mm, ISO 100.

thank you to Canon for sponsoring this blog post. mexico, you were amazing. dreaming of seeing more of you again someday.

  1. What a wonderful trip! The shrimp look yummy! Love the photo of Eleanor freckles. Great family picture too! Thanks for sharing your vacation.

  2. Alena

    What lens are you using! Love the story you tell when the pictures! And keeping up with your cute family!

  3. Amy J

    Which resort is this!? I’m in the midst of researching and this looks perfect for our needs!!

  4. KT

    Lovely post and pics…
    which resort did you stay at? Thank you

  5. brittany

    ah,this makes me want to be at a beach right now! so pretty- and the photos allll turned out amazing.

    xo, brittany
    mom makeup favorites on my blog today!

  6. Olivia

    Beautiful pictures! Did you bring the camera in the pool with you? I’m always worried about getting my DSLR wet, but maybe it’s worth it!


  7. Becka

    What resort/hotel did you stay at? Looks amazing!!

  8. Maggie

    Do you mind sharing what resort this was? Always looking for family friendly places in Mexico!

  9. Danni

    Amazing pictures! We’re these with different lenses or do you have a go-to lens?

  10. Shira Gabry-Kalikow

    where did you stay?

  11. Dot

    Looks like a great vacation- those coconut shrimp look so good! Do you have a link for the kids’ yellow shoes? Thanks!

  12. alexandra

    I’ve been dreaming of going to Mexico for a while but keep seeing these stories online about safety and cartels kidnappings… I know once you’re in the hotel it’s all good, but how did you manage your family’s safety once you landed and made your way to the hotel (and then back)? I’m a bit afraid but know that sometimes the media tends to exagerate so I’m not surs what to believe :(

    Thanks Naomi!!

  13. Julia

    So cute! We are going to Holbox in January and this just made me even more excited (didn’t know it was possible). Our fam looooves Mexico.

    Gran Electrica in dumbo has my favorite plantains!!!

  14. Jessica

    Love these pictures!! The colors are always so vibrant, I love how you edit them! And thanks for all the camera settings–love how you capture the water as your kiddos are splashing around!

    Can you share where your light blue dress is from?! It looks perfect for a poolside! :)

  15. Wow wow wow! What an incredible family holiday! It looks like you all had such a blast :) I am especially loving the palm tree climbing pictures.
    Love, Kate x


  16. Catalina

    La última foto es la mejor, tan feliz. Una hermosa familia!
    Saludos from Chile.

  17. Megan B

    Such great photos!!! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, I almost felt like I was there on the beach instead of typing away from my computer at work:)

  18. kristen

    these photos are GORGEOUS!! Did you still have to edit them or is this the result of using the camera in manual? Because, man these are pretty!! Also, can I ask the source for your cute horse shoe type ring? Love it! Thanks!

  19. I have been a long time follower, since before before Samson! I MISS your mother load photo posts! I have noticed your posts have been a LOT more condensed and tight and very few photos. This one was nice because it had a few more, but I personally LOVEd you from the start BECAUSE you documented your little family and allll the photos! Just a side note!

    On THESE: INCREDIBLE shots on the beach- they are SO HARD to get with the sand and SUN! My favorite images are of E’s freckles and of you with the babe and the one of Conrad climbing and Samson in net! So talented!

    My first camera was a Canon 35 mm, film! Then a Rebel as well! I shoot with Nikon now but have been wanting to try the Canon Mark.

    STILL enjoy following along on your story. Keep being positive and inspiring wholesome, moral, family living! We are here!

  20. Divya

    which resort did you all stay at?

  21. Lexi

    Where did you get the pink bathing suit? Love it!

  22. Emilia

    Try Bogota Latin Bistro in Park Slope for coconut shrimp. It’s worth the trek!

  23. Harmony

    Thanks for posting this! I’m still learning how to use my camera and I’m always wishing people posted their settings. I love your photos and colorful and crisp they are. I actually created a filter in Lightroom the last time you posted about cameras and it’s really made my photos pop with color! Thanks!