jumpsuit, please.

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love taza jumpsuit2-5

i love myself an amazing jumpsuit and i don’t mind all the extra steps a good one requires in a bathroom stall whenever you gotta pee. maybe that’s because i spent years and years wearing a leotard all day every day (hi. former dancer life.), so i suppose that sort of situation of the on and off again leotard look prepped me in a special way for a life of favoring jumpsuits. (looking back, i always knew there had to be other pros of that dancer get-up i wasn’t seeing just yet.)

so. jumpsuits. can we talk about this corduroy one? zipper all the way down the front makes my 24-hour-a-day nursing life easy breezy. and the wide leg/belt placement is very kind and flattering right now to the post partum situation happening beneath said jumpsuit. basically, just get ready to see this little number here a lot this autumn, okay!?

love taza jumpsuit2-2love taza jumpsuit2 love taza jumpsuit2-3 love taza jumpsuit2-4
love taza jumpsuit2-6 wearing this jumpsuit with clogs (old, originally from free people) and karen walker sunglasses.

other jumpsuits i am loving right now:

1. this solid denim one

2. this all black jumpsuit you could dress up or down

3. and for those of you not needing access to the chest for nursing at the moment, this red checked jumpsuit is what my dreams are made of! would be darling with a cropped jean jacket or a solid turtle neck underneath as the weather turns. happy jumpsuit wearing!

  1. Brenda

    Oh, my goodness, you look ridiculous!! :)

  2. Lisa

    Love it ! I wore 3 different ones last week – it might be a problem . Lol

  3. kristen

    you look so chic! that color is everything!

  4. Megan

    So beautiful, Naomi! You are stunning and can pull off absolutely anything!

  5. Kate

    A very Mammia Mia vibe… love it!

  6. Lynda Campbell Gibbons

    Not diggin’ this , too orange meets black

  7. Jamie

    I love it! You ooze style (and look very cute to boot).

  8. Sarah

    You look darling as always..but this picture is trippin me out! You look photoshopped in or something, everything around you looks huge, crazy!

  9. Colleen

    Very cute…I’m getting a Velma Dinkley vibe with those sunglasses :) and who can resist corduroy!?

  10. Allison

    love this! Always looking for good things to help hide that post baby body. You look great by the way!!


  11. Caroline Devaney

    You look amazing as always, can’t believe you just had twins and 70’s vibe Corduroy jumpsuit…yes please!