flower dreams.

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MOHONK flower garden hgj3-7

we spent a few days last week up in upstate new york at mohonk lake. it was the perfect summer send off, and i have a million photos from our time there i want to share! starting off with some photos from the unbelievably majestic flower garden that was so pristine, i didn’t want to leave it. it’s moments like this where my wheels start turning as i try to figure out how i can remain living in my favorite city, but maybe step outside my door into a flower garden? wouldn’t mind having a lake off in the distance as well. and the quiet. but not too much quiet. it’s hard to sleep now without the white noise of city sirens and car horns on the street outside. yes, a lake view would be nice. but also, could we still please see our favorite museum outside our front windows like we do now? as well as be walking distance to my bagel shop, favorite bakery, playground, church…. how about the shops on columbus? could i bring all of columbus avenue along? can someone find the sort of technology where we can have the best of all our favorite worlds in one place? would that ruin it? probably. surely. it’s the beauty of traveling somewhere, i suppose. getting to experience different settings, smells, tastes, in different and appropriate environments. it’s why the escape out of the city feels so magical. but why the drive back into the city after a few days of the escape feels magical as well.

anyway. butterflies flittering about, bees drinking nectar on top of the most vibrant and colorful flowers. and rows and rows of beauty in a sea of green. it was breathtaking. and we loved it. lots of photos below….

MOHONK flower garden hgj3-9MOHONK flower garden hgj3-15 MOHONK flower garden hgj3-16MOHONK flower garden hgj3MOHONK flower garden hgj3-13 MOHONK flower garden hgj3-12 MOHONK flower garden hgj3-11MOHONK flower garden hgj3-8 MOHONK flower garden hgj3-10 MOHONK flower garden hgj3-14MOHONK flower garden hgj3-2MOHONK flower garden hgj3-6MOHONK flower garden hgj3-3MOHONK flower garden hgj3-5MOHONK flower garden hgj3-4

  1. Natali

    What a magical place to visit!! It’s also perfect for kiddos to run there freely and explore the nature’s beauty. :)


  2. Shana

    Stunning photos especially the ones of the butterfly and bee! Also love the one of Josh where he looks happy but new daddy sleepy at the same time :)

  3. fefe

    Man, this really makes me wish I had a backyard! I love NYC – but having this green space would be awesome.


  4. Sierra

    Sorry to bother you about shoes, but I certainly love those and have been looking for comfy pair of clogs. Would you mind sharing where they are from?

  5. Divya

    Lovely pictures, beautiful kids. Everything is so adorable. I am in love with your blog. 😍