ending summer in leopard.

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LOVE TAZA LP01-7i am known to get overly excited about each upcoming change of seasons. and in doing so, maybe start pulling out all my chunky sweaters and boots in 90 degree humidity. it happens in the winter, too…. showing bare ankles in the dead of february because i swear it’s basically spring. during college, i remember thinking i saw the leaves changing outside my dorm room window so it was totally appropriate to pull out a beanie for my head, only to realize when i got down to the street, it was still a sticky and sweaty lingering summer day, even in the first week of october. a stranger on the street commented, “aren’t you hot in that hat?” and me, frantically wanting to defend my decision, practically shouted back, “but it’s october!!!!”

and so, in natural naomi fashion, i have been pulling out all of my fall boots, and hats and scarves and all the autumn colors and prints i stuff in my storage bins under our bed and in the very back of the closets during the summer months. and somehow, everything leopard is all i want to wear this autumn. and before i pull out the leopard coat, i found something leopard that’s short sleeve!!!! so i’m not totally over dressed here in this heat! although i’m standing by my beliefs that everything fall-ish and autumn-y is completely appropriate now that labor day has passed. i won’t look-judge you if i see you sporting a sweater or pair of boots. i get you. i love you.

snapped some photos for a fun outfit post and while i’m just barely getting my pre-maternity jeans buttoned up, it’s feeling good to get dressed again in proper jeans (that have plenty of forgiving stretch, mind you. regular denim and i have never really gotten along well). anyway, anyone else into leopard or other animal prints this season? if it’s leopard, send it my way!


is it just me, or are these leaves on the sidewalk changing color?!?! ;)


happy autumn! :)

wearing:  leopard structured top, madewell jeans (old), and sunglasses (old) and slingback pumps.

sharing some fun leopard finds below, if you’re interested! none of the links in this post are affiliate links, and none of this is sponsored either, but sponsored or not, i just always want to be helpful and share since i had fun browsing all things leopard the other day in between middle-of-the-night-feedings. :)leopard// leopard midi dress // leopard clogs // cropped faux fur leopard coat
leopard crossbody bag // leopard structured top // slingback leopard pumps
// quilted puffer jacket // leopard pants // cap sleeve leopard blouse

  1. Birgit

    Went shopping with my frolleague (tradition the first day after the summmer holidays) and was so happy to find out it’s all about the leopard print in store! So ready for fall!

    Xoxo, b

  2. Lisanne

    love leopard!

  3. Love, love love leopard!!! Cheetah all the way!!! A wardrobe staple for sure!!! Are your shoes AGL?

  4. Maureen Flatley

    Arrived in DC for a business trip yesterday and wandered to the National Press Bldg Marshalls to kill some time before a meeting. Left w/ the most adorable and comfy pair of leopard ballet flats! Leopard is the new black!

  5. You’ve inspired me to go out and find something leopard print for the season. I love the way you styled the leopard print with the cap toe shoes.

    _ Leyla


  6. Caitlin

    How did you not get the matching pants to go with the sweater?!?!

  7. Anne

    Love clothing posts- can you do a nursing friendly clothing post please?? You have the cutest style!

  8. I am loving this post and I can completely relate to what you’re saying about getting ready for Autumn now that it’s September! The other day I wore a thick cardigan as I swore I felt a chill in the air, only to be sweating profusely within 40 minutes. I love a good piece of leopard print for fall and this top is so lovely.
    I hope all is well :)
    Love, Kate x


  9. Leopard print, always and forever! <3 I consider it a neutral, along with stripes!

  10. Savannah

    You’re looking absolutely gorgeous! Love the sunglasses so much x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

  11. Crystal

    I just went to J Crew in financial district, the one that gets all the new stuff about a month before to show off, they have a lot of beautiful spots coming our way!

  12. Amy

    Oh I’m so happy you are back to posting your outfits! I love your inspiring unique style, even if I can’t afford the pieces! That being said, maybe here and there you could post some more affordable items that are super stylish and unique (in pure Naomi fashion) but take it a bit easier on the pocketbook?? Thanks! Happy Fall to you & yours!

  13. Hope

    I love this whole get-up! I wholeheartedly agree with you on all things fall and leopard. It may be September, but bring it on!

  14. Justine

    Love this outfit! But could do without the ‘barely could get my pre-maternity jeans buttoned up’ …

  15. Lauren

    The changing seasons are my favorite of all!!