a cranberry harvest!

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over the weekend, we witnessed some cranberry harvesting happening up in massachusetts! visiting a cranberry bog has been on my bucket list for a few years now after i read about their harvesting online and i’m so glad we finally made it up there to witness a bit of it in person. the farm we went to, a.d. makepeace company, actually has a big cranberry festival in a few weeks where you can get into the bogs and help harvest the berries yourselves, but the festival didn’t align with our calendar this fall unfortunately, so we did one of their tours over the weekend instead.

currently, i’m the only member of the davis family that is into cranberry-anything and find myself making a big batch of cranberry sauce every thanksgiving that only i end up eating.  i am hoping that will change this year since the cranberries seemed to pique everyone’s interest during our tour. the dark chocolate cranberry ice cream bar we tried from the gift shop at the end maybe helped in the persuasion of cranberries being delicious!

how freaking beautiful are cranberry bogs, though!? that color in contrast to all the other colors! the tour was really fascinating, as i had no prior knowledge of what goes into growing and harvesting cranberries. apparently this is one of the bigger cranberries farms in the united states, making cranberries for everything from cranberry juice to craisins.

my sister, rachel, and her little family drove down from boston to meet up and spend the day with us! the pictures below of the kiddos and their little cousin brody together are my favorite!


we first went onto a cranberry bog that hasn’t been flooded just yet with water. our tour guide taught us all about how the berries grow and the kids had fun trying to spot the buds of the new berries on some of the vines. we also tried a fresh cranberry that had just ripened and it reminded me a lot of a tiny tart apple.


the next bog we visited had just been flooded to begin the harvesting process. it was very fun to see the farmers out on their water-type tractors gathering up the berries.


photo by conrad who is pretty insistent these days on being the photographer. i adore the photos (usually bursts of 20-30) he captures from his low angle.


with cousin brody! that kid is seriously the happiest baby around and he is just smiling at everyone and everything. we love him. also, you don’t even wanna know how many times my kids ask me for another baby so that they can all hold one at the same time and not fight over our two. apparently two isn’t enough when there are three of them. but two is very much enough for me, thank you!


here they are corralling together the floating cranberries around a huge underwater pump that brings them out and up to the truck.


and now, if you have a killer cranberry-anything recipe, please do share it with me in the comments! have you ever visited a cranberry bog before?! could you imagine living close to one of these and having a view out your window of this kind of color each autumn?   the experience got me so very excited for the season ahead.

you can watch a great video explaining the cranberry harvesting process HERE. our kids loved it!

  1. Julia

    All of your kids are so adorable but, oh, that Conrad. He has such a mischievous glint in his eye! Love those high spirited boys.

  2. Sarah

    Wow, those pictures of just the cranberries and nothing else are just gorgeous! I would love to do this someday. I always come away from reading your blog feeling excited about life and with more love for my own kids and family, so thank you, you have a gift!

  3. dawn

    I lived in that area growing up! We had cranberry bogs behind our house and we would ice skate on them in the winter when they were flooded. We even got to help out with the harvest a few times and brought home boxes and boxes of cranberries to cook with. Mom made the best cranberry bread! I even have an antique cranberry scoop that belonged to my great grandfather who owned bogs ‘back in the day’. So excited that you got out to my old stomping grounds. Harvest time is so pretty!

  4. brittany

    i eat cranberries all year round! they’re my favorite fruit!

    xo, brittany
    fall sweater round up under $49 on my blog today!

  5. Sarah

    My aunt always makes cranberries coated in sugar. You just soak a bag of cranberries in orange juice overnight in an airtight container. Then the next day you drain them and dry them a bit then roll them in super fine sugar by the handful. Leave them on a cookie sheet until they dry out a bit. The transfer them to a cute glass bowl or an airtight container for 2-3 days. They are a super cute but tasty decoration.

  6. Barbara Erickson

    My mom (who’s name coincidentally also happens to be Donna) has been making this same desert every fall for as long as I can remember (Over 40 years!). The cake is a little blah tasting on its own…however… combined with the butter cream sauce on top it tastes amazing!!


  7. Christine

    I live in Northern Wisconsin and we have a lot of local cranberry farms here as well. Our school has cranberry week in October where they work cranberries into a dish during every meal for the week and kids tour the bogs during harvest. Cranberry bread is my favorite!

  8. Nicholette

    Wow, I never realized before that I need to visit a cranberry bog but I definitely want to now! Time to start researching cranberry growing in Canada.

    Also, your kids asking for another baby just melts my heart!

  9. Marjorie

    My mom always made cranberry apple salad for thanks giving and now all my sisters and I do.
    Red delicious apples chopped into bite size cubes
    Whipped cream or cool whip
    Minced cranberries
    Walnuts or pecans chopped
    I have no idea the amounts as we have always just made it but basically the amounts are in order of appearance from most to least haha I
    I prefer real whipped cream but adding a small amount of cool whip keeps the cream fresher for leftovers

  10. Bonnie

    I highly recommend the oatmeal cookie recipe from the inside lid of the Quaker Oats container, only sub cranberries for the raisins and definitely add chocolate chips.

  11. Justayne

    My aunt makes orange & cranberry sauce with turkey, so good! Add orange when boiling & add zest when cooled.

  12. Meredith

    Nantucket pie is is one of the easiest pies you will make and cranberries are the main ingredient! I also love using cranberries as decoration at Christmas. String them with popcorn as garland or fill a hurricane vase with them with a candle in the middle

  13. Ashley

    There is a children’s book I read tho my class every year (that I was read as a kid) called a Cranberry Thanksgiving. It has a delicious recipe in the back for the bread that they talk about in the book. Your kiddos might enjoy it especially as it was part of the story…

  14. brittany

    oh my goodness!! this is sooo much fun!! i had no idea this is what the start of cranberry life looked like, haha!! it’s gorgeous, you are right about that! so sweet for your precious fam to get to do this!

  15. Tara Casaletto

    Were you paid to the cranberry bog? It feels like an ad.

    • naomi

      hi tara, no. we were not paid and this is not a sponsored post. this was a fun family experience i was excited to share!

  16. Bucket list item for me as well! What fun!

  17. Ashley

    I just learned about cranberry bogs here in MA this year! And I grew up in New England. I was just telling my sis about them too, love the photos! Sorry no recipes but I will be scouring the comments as well ;) cranberry chocolate oatmeal cookies sound sooo good

  18. Okay this is ridiculously cool! What a fun experience. And, I’ve never seen this harvesting process so that is so interesting to see! Also, that color, it just makes you want to swoon.

  19. Wow. Well this made me realize I have no idea how cranberries are grown or harvested and “cranberry bogs” are much prettier than they sound haha. Thanks for sharing! Looks gorgeous.

    – Grace | The Keen Kind

  20. Ursula

    We can eat this on anything! we have it with meat, we have it on toast, we bake it with brie. So good! I don’t like regular cranberry sauce, but I will eat this straight out of the jar.

    cranberry-fig chutney. To a large saucepan, add 1 12-ounce bag fresh cranberries, 1½ cups sugar, 1 orange (peeled, chopped and seeded), ¾ cup chopped dried figs, ¼ cup finely chopped onion, 1½ tablespoons finely chopped fresh ginger, ½ teaspoon kosher salt and ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon. Heat on medium-low until the sugar dissolves, then increase the heat and boil for 10 minutes, until the cranberries pop. Serve at room temperature.

  21. Maya

    A family that’s oh so sweet! I was thinking, would you do a blog on your favorite candles? I’m always looking for a great candle, whether for this autumn or winter or year round!

  22. Rachel

    Easy peasy recipe:
    Mix together cranberries, cubed sweet potatoes, and halved Brussels sprouts. Pour on a little EVOO and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Spread on a cookie sheet and roast in the oven. Yum!
    One of my favorite fall/winter side dishes :)

  23. meagan c

    how fun!!! we wanted to go by one when we were in Boston this summer, but it was the wrong time haha. maybe next year!

  24. Love Cuestas

    Beautiful pics! :)

  25. Caroline L. (Malaysia)

    Wow!!! Amazing experience! so this is how cranberries are harvested!
    Thanks for sharing Taza.

    Beautiful photos as always :)