tour of our new york city apartment kitchen!

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let’s just start this blog post with a ginormous disclaimer that very rarely does our kitchen ever look this clean. ;) it was late in the afternoon and the sun wasn’t great when we took these photos, but it was one of those moments where i was like, “this kitchen is clean right now! pause everything! let’s take some pictures in here before dinner!” and so that is what we did!

while it’s taken me a minute to finally go take photos of our kitchen to share on the blog, i can’t tell you how much we love this kitchen space. the size is just right for our family, and it honestly feels spacious to us for a new york city kitchen after the very tiny ones we’ve had prior. we can all be in here together and not feel crammed, which is nice since we are a food obsessed family and most of the time we are all in here eating something.

it’s going to be very hard when we have to leave this apartment space someday, because we love it so much. from its location on the upper west side to the way the space functions for our family, it’s a great space for city living and we feel super lucky to be here. you can see photos of our living room and bedroom HERE, the kids playroom HERE, josh’s and my office and the kids shared bedroom right here.


a little back story to the kitchen space…
when we first walked through the apartment with the broker, he mentioned that they would be replacing a few of appliances before we moved in because they were old and not functioning well. kitchenaid had actually reached out to josh sometime before that about potentially working together and so we thought maybe this could be the perfect opportunity. i know it seems like an odd thing to do when we are renters, but because of this blog of ours, sometimes these sorts of opportunities present themselves and we feel really fortunate when the right fit comes along and we’re able to do something like this!

we sat down with our landlord and agreed on an extra clause in our lease allowing us to make some updates to the kitchen. we were able to choose our own appliances to bring in (we replaced all of them) and make some other updates to the space like change the kitchen flooring from old tiles to the bamboo wood you see here, add new white counters (we picked out a solid surface counter made of sintered stone) and a clean and simple tile backsplash (the original space had a pink, green and cream tile backsplash in a more floral design with a speckled countertop). in my ideal world, we’d have updated the cabinetry as well but our landlord was keen on keeping them and considering all the woodwork around the rest of the apartment, they have slowly begun to grow on me. (slowly being key here. lol. but hard to complain when we were able to do quite a lot to the space while being renters.) oh! and we changed the knobs to a white to match the countertops too!


josh found and ordered this kitchen island from a website for commercial restaurant supplies and equipment, and it works really well here. it’s great because it has shelving in it and so we’re able to keep all the kids cups and dishes on one side so they can access them easily. the wheels also lock so it doesn’t move!


we have three trash cans in our kitchen because we separate our recycling by paper and plastic in addition to our regular trash. (we also are big on composting thanks to josh, and keep our compost in our freezer.) we have a few stools in the kitchen as well because we try to encourage our kids to get what they need from the fridge and cupboards themselves (obviously we still help them with most cupboard things) and also this way they can be a little taller when we are cooking in the kitchen and they want to help, which basically all the time.


originally we started hanging all the kids art work in the playroom (i also framed some pieces) but slowly it started trickling into the kitchen as well and i don’t mind it. it’s the phase of life we are in with lots of little hands creating all day long and i love how their creations have sort of taken over the apartment in all the rooms.


since this apartment had a great kitchen nook for a dining room table, we turned the big dining room space into the kids playroom and use this space as our only eating area. the table has a leaf that extends so we can make it longer when we have company over but works great smaller for our everyday set up. i love these imitation red tolix dining room chairs that match our red stove and the red highchairs that match too. we framed a bunch of our own photos on the wall (started out with a food theme and then it slowly turned into travel photos as well) and the new yorker print we ordered online and had framed locally since it was so large.

anyway, we sure do love this apartment. and it’s such an exciting thought to think about how beatrice and madalena will experience many firsts here, since this is the home we brought them home from the hospital to. excited to have them at the table with us right now, but really looking forward to when they are eating with us, and discovering how crazy amazing FOOD is with their very big foodie family. :)


  1. Elaine

    Great post! Your kitchen looks amazing and so do you and the twins!

  2. Amy


  3. The kitchen looks amazingly cute! I especially love the pops of red!

  4. Jessica basso

    I love how you guys do NYC living! It looks so wonderful on you all. Do you guys have an idea of how much longer you plan to stay there? I feel like i might need to mentally prepare since i am sort of living vicariously through you all lol.
    The kitchen turned out amazing btw!!we have the same dining table, not completely happy with how easily the surface of it is scratching but i do love the style.

  5. RecklessDaughter

    What a great NYC rental kitchen! I’ve seen some BAD ones. Ha! Honestly with that gorgeous red oven, island and backsplash you don’t even notice the cabinets!

  6. Taza I usually am long-winded, but I have to say everything looks very nice. But that red stove and chairs is my style. The pops of color are everything. The twins were chilling and smiling. Y’all have a good weekend.


  7. Lisa

    I just love your kitchens, such a happy and colorful place. Where did you find these red high chairs? They are amazing :) Lisa

  8. Lindsay

    Oh my goodness! This kitchen and overall agreement with your landlord is the NYC dream!! With such great improvements to the apartment (and therefore it’s value), did you haggle a little on rent/security? It’s such a great way to make a rental a real home and truly inspirational :)

  9. Melissa

    You got a washer and dryer!!!
    I’m not as frequent a reader as I once was, life man, life. But i remember ages ago reading about how you would send away laundry, and I thought that’s amazing. But now as your family has grown I bet laundry in house is even more amazing!! Yay for you!!

  10. Emily B

    I LOVE your home so much! It’s totally my style and seems so kid friendly! Where did you get your dining table?

  11. Lauren

    Would love to know more about how you balance safety and autonomy with your kiddos!

  12. This is so lovely! Will you remind us where you got the city departures wall art? Thanks!

  13. Zhia

    Love the kitchen!! Can you tell us where you got that dining table from? Looking for one that is versatile and can extend too!


  14. Allison

    I would love to know where the stools are from!! Beautiful space!!

  15. Jen

    Do you know what website Josh ordered your kitchen cart from? I’ve been looking for that size everywhere!!

  16. Christie

    I actually love your cabinets!! I’m sure if you updated them they would’ve been beautiful but these ones go with your apartment so well! So I may just be naive.. but would you mind expanding on your composting and why you guys do it? I don’t know much about it but would love to learn! Thanks! Love this space!

  17. Jessica

    Love this post! And your dress 😍 is it vintage?

  18. Gorgeous kitchen! You wouldn’t want to see my NYC kitchen.

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    If you like what you see, please share the list with family and friends who also love to know what’s going on in Queens! Drop a comment on the post itself if you have time :-)

  19. Mariel


  20. Amalia

    Taza, i know the feeling of having a clean kitchen 😇
    Yours look so nice 👍🏻 You guys did an excellent job upgrading it.
    Love the photos!

  21. Molly

    It looks great! I love the departure signs. Are those all of the places you’ve traveled as a family?

  22. Liz

    Thank you for sharing this! Where are your fridge magnets from? Would love some like that! :)

  23. Maggie Forsey

    I actually love the wooden cabinets!
    To me, they make the kitchen look homey and cozy.
    I feel like many kitchen designs are so sterile these days.

    And is that a drawing of your family as pandas on the fridge?

    It is a lovely space, you guys!

  24. Marcy

    Will you get to take the appliances with you if/when you move? I think investing in home, no matter whether you are renter or a owner, is important. It is your home!! And i am also glad the wood cabinets got to stay. They look beautiful and very good quality.

  25. Love your apartment! Well and your whole blog of course. Always watch out for your updates, especially on the twins as I am a new twin mom myself to boys. :)

  26. You’re kitchen is gorgeous! I love the red accents!

  27. Katie

    Ditto, would love the website where you found the kitchen island. Thanks.

  28. Mary

    Can you tell me where you found the white step stools, please?

  29. Megan Hinds

    Love love love your kitchen! I love your cabinetry. It would be SO EXPENSIVE to get that quality of wood with that design inlay in a modern kitchen! I think it goes so well with the rest of the apartment and works well with your modern touches. Love it all!

  30. Lyn W

    Hi. Looks amazing. Love the space. Especially the red chairs. Looks like you need some brackets for that little air conditioner. Get your landlord on that. It’s seriously tilted. ❤️ from one New Yorker to another!

  31. Liz

    Looks GREAT!!! We have the same refrigerator and I can’t get all the little fingerprints off.
    What do you use to clean yours?

  32. Sadie

    I am actually in love with the cabinets. I like the idea of keeping those old NYC apartments functional, but preserving the history, which is the charm anyway!


  33. Michelle

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! The kitchen island is amazing!!! That is genius to put one in! I worked in a bakery for ages and we had one like it, and all of the storage underneath is so perfect! I love how you keep the kid’s cups and dishes under there for them, it’s such a great idea! I adore the photo wall, and especially the departure frames, you guys are so creative!! I love how you have mixed the modern with the old charm of the kitchen with the wood cabinets and the beautiful stained glass windows. Everything is so cheery and happy, I would love to cook in here! Thanks for sharing, I love it!!!

  34. Angela

    Having twins any moment, can I ask what kind of high chairs you have? They look like stokke but, the infant seats are throwing me off:) thinking it’s a great way to include babies at the table

  35. Debbie HAGGARD

    I noticed the ice maker on the shelf. What kind and do you recommend? Also, do you use any lightroom presets when you edit?

  36. amanda

    I love the floors! Looks like a very peacful space. I thought we had a good kitchen for NYC (what with having a dishwasher) but what I would do for an eat-in space and in-unit washer/dryer! *swoon* Nice work!

  37. Talia Rapp

    I’m sure you get this question a ton, but why did you guys choose to rent instead of buy?