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one of our favorite traditions each year is attending the us open! we’ve been going since before all these babies happened and the kids have been joining in and coming with us since they were just a few years old! we really aren’t a family that does much when it comes to sports, but tennis is something we all love to follow and our kids have enjoyed playing on and off over the past few years. just a couple weeks ago they had their very first lesson which they loved. also, exciting news! i am going to take tennis lessons this fall and i’m looking forward to it so much. i have wanted to do it for years, but i am also the queen of making excuses. there really isn’t ever a good time, and this fall isn’t necessarily the best time either. but if i don’t do it now, when will i ever really do it?!

i remember josh saying something along the lines of wanting our family to be a tennis family when we were first married. i feel like he said this about snowboarding, too. and instruments. and the italian language…and all the things?! just kidding. but i remember him saying that tennis was one of those sports where we could all play, all ages, at home or when we’re traveling together. and even in our old age, we could still play. and so, some ten plus years later, we are doing it! mama has lessons on the calendar and it’s happening!

we left the baby girls with friends who live in our building and had a date with our big kids! when i was telling conrad about the day we had planned at bedtime last night, he kept saying, “so just me? and samson and eleanor? and papa? and not beatrice and not madalena?!” bless his heart. i think he was very ready to have a date with his mama and papa and no babies around. i’m excited to spend more one on one time with him this fall and get some mama/conrad dates on the calendar. i think it’ll be good for the both of us. he’s been my baby for so long and now he’s such a big boy! he swiped and drank the majority of my diet coke during the tennis match (smooth boy!) and there was a moment where everyone started cheering for venus and he called out, “yeah! venus!” so loudly as he cheered, i swear he looked 12.

we saw venus williams play against svetlana kuznetsova and stan wawrinka beat grigor dimitrov in the men’s match. stan has become one of our family’s favorites since we saw him play at the australian open a few years ago and have followed many of his matches since.  a few photos from our day below. (ps. i just rewatched the vlog we made from our trip to the australian open a few years ago and gosh, it’s one of my favorites. it’s long, but the last couple of minutes are worth watching (of josh and the kids playing.) i forget how tiny eleanor and samson once were. gosh. they feel like teenagers now in comparison.

ps. the kindest woman took this photo for us who had children spanning from her oldest being 37 to her youngest whom she just dropped off for college.  in-between sets she leaned over and said, “i’m seeing this adorable moment here with you all and you have to get a photo together in your seats! it goes by so fast!” and now as i’m looking at these older blog posts from past years at the us open together, i totally hear her. it does go by too fast. she was the sweetest. grateful for her kind gesture to capture it for us.


venus williams and i share the same birthday. her trophy is basically my trophy at this point. ;) i kid. but those arms! i wouldn’t mind sharing those instead of a birthday.


freckle love.

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nacho love. already discussed this on insta, but whenever they decide that nachos count as cardio, i am IN.


more freckle love because just LOOK AT THAT FACE.

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sugar water in the form of lemonade. i’m into it.


and if you’re into trips down memory lane, the us open last year, the year before that, and the one before that! and our first year with the kiddos right here!

what are some family traditions you have done growing up or are currently doing with your own family over the years?

  1. Julie

    Hi, so delighting to read you and to see you’re lovely Family !!
    I´m in love with your dress, could you tell me where is it from ??

  2. uh I’d literally just go to matches for those nachos. They look SO GOOD! It’s true though… my family and I play tennis when we’re together. Have been for years!

    chevrons & éclairs

  3. I love seeing you guys go to the US open every year! Such a fun tradition that you obviously make a priority! We don’t have any huge traditions like this, but we love to go to Bear Lake at least once a year, and then all the typical fall and winter traditions like pumpkin patches and driving to see Christmas lights are our major ones!


  4. Sierra

    What a great day date with your big kids! That looks and sounds like so much fun. I love that you’re going to take lessons. Sometimes if we don’t just do something it will never get done. Good for you! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  5. brittany

    i loove that you guys do this every year! i have always wanted to be more of a tennis person. i took tennis in high school, but with a girl who made me laugh soooo much that i could never be serious! and the coach was funny, too! haha! i mean, it was fun, but it didn’t help me take it seriously at all. i really wish i had now! you’ll do great in the fall, i am sure! you already have that dancer’s coordination going for you!

  6. Alida Post

    Ahh Conrad just completely stole the show! So sweet I can just hug him through the screen!

  7. karen

    I dont want to sound rude but isnt in Coke caffeine? As kids we were never allowed to drink coke…

  8. Tracy

    We were there last night watching Serena and Rafa! So great. It was my seconding Open and I love it. Hoping to get to Wimbledon someday.

    On a side note, just wanted to say thank you for your blog and the time you’ve put into your NY Guides and promoting great places in that special town of yours. My husband and I were in town over the weekend for our “annual retreat” away from our 1.5 year old. We added Juliana’s Pizza, the Color Factory exhibit, and that cookie dough place you mentioned awhile back to our itinerary. All great. Thanks!

  9. Y’all would make a good tennis family:) I know the twins had fun with your friends. That was a good game. Our family traditions have been taco and movie nights. That is a must even with my grown kids. Go ahead and tell Conrad, Eleanor, and all the little ones that family day is still happening even when they get married and have their kids. Lol jk. But, we already informed ours. Trust me the weekly meetups will never stop, and it gets even better when they get a little older. Loved this:) Have a good week.