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we’ve been enjoying slowly chiseling away at our family’s summer bucket list! and in the process, i’ve been putting together little 60 second videos from some of our excursions from all of our iphone clips from the outing. my kids LOVE looking back at all of the videos our family has made over the years and it’s been good motivation to keep it up as they ask to watch them several times during the week. i said this over on instagram a while ago, but i know sometimes we get into the habit of only making videos on special occasions like holidays or birthdays or a special time of travel. but there is something to be said about those special days of just hanging out with family, and not doing much at all but being together. these are the moments where some of the best memories are created and i am so thankful that we can preserve them rather easily these days if we want to.

for those interested in creating similar videos, i am sure there are apps now that make it easy to do on your phone. i haven’t found any i love just yet, although i have only downloaded a few and probably didn’t spend enough time really learning to navigate them. i always just go back to using final cut pro on my computer since it’s the one i know my way around quickest as we’ve been using it for years. if you know of apps you love for editing or creating video content on your phones, please share with everyone in the comments!

i hope everyone is enjoying these last few weeks of summer. we have one month left before school picks back up for our kiddos. it has seriously flown by! our family is saying good-bye to these last couple of weeks of summer with some travel plans starting next week and i cannot wait to get beatrice and madalena’s tiny toes into some warm beach sand for the very first time! although let’s be real, i’m mostly just excited to plant my own toes in some warm beach sand. i have been dreaming of a nice sunny warm beach since the days where i felt 57 weeks pregnant a few months ago so it’s been a long time coming. ;)

  1. beth

    i’ve no doubt you’re an inspiration to thousands of moms of little ones ~ you and your family are such a joy!!!

  2. Maggie

    These are great! Could you share some tips for making these and fitting in video on a day out? How many times do you take a video during a day out and for how long, on average? If these are from your iPhone, always take horizontal? Where do you get the music? Would love to recreate but don’t have the slightest idea how to start. Thanks!

  3. Shana

    Oh my goodness the “I did not expect this” is the cutest thing I have heard in a long time :) :)

  4. oh my gosh, conrad! thats how i feel on rides too!

    xo, brittany
    five month baby favorites on my blog today!

  5. Suze

    little boys and nose freckles. I cannot get over it. My 5 and 4 year old are in year round public school and they just began. It’s still summer and I ache with missing them daily. Does it get easier? I’m obviously more productive but I hate to be away from them. such cute videos!! Thanks for sharing. And I’d love to know the apps (if you find any) xo.

  6. Meg

    Oh goodness! When all three girls’ dresses match…be still my heart!

  7. Super cute as per usual! I take videos of my nephews and niece, and they, too, love watching videos of themselves doing nothing special in particular…going for a walk, eating a meal, playing with bubbles. It’s fun for them and for me!

  8. becca

    conrad’s little giggle at the end of both videos is everything! so sweet!

  9. Conrad is just one of the big kiddos now- and his little phrase is SO adorable especially when it takes a concerned tone… hahaha! I haven’t used any apps yet either! Anxious to see what people are using!

  10. Annabelle

    Yes, I love this! I’m actually trying to grab a few seconds of every date with my boyfriend to turn into one big video for our wedding. Totally planning long-term here but I think it’d be so sweet to look back on all these years of dating that way :)
    When I was a baby in the 90s, my dad got a good camera and recorded a lot of trips, school events, birthdays and my first milestones. I love watching my baby self learning to stand up and hearing my dad get excited behind the camera. We also have a few precious glimpses of my grandmother in Christmas videos, and even though she’s still alive, it’s good to know we’ll always have these images of her at 70 something, bossing everyone around like she still does ;)
    My big sisters grew up at a time where technology was not cheap enough or widespread enough to have as many pictures and films of their childhood as I do, and they get a little upset about that. So I think your little ones will love watching these soooo much in a few years’ time, especially B and M! It’s so funny seeing your siblings so young, the way they were when you couldn’t really form a memory of them!

  11. Taza loved the family video it was so cute and fun. Yes to all those apps out there. lol, I am learning at a slow pace. Honestly, I am ready to drive up and drop my kiddos off at school. But, please don’t tell them. lol jk
    Some have gone back here in Texas, but my district doesn’t go back until the last week of August. So, we will be out in the city as well. Have a good day…

  12. Kate

    Oh hearing those giggles of joy is a treat! I love the videos – thanks for sharing. The “I did not expect this!” was so darn cute!! And all the cuddles with the littlest girls. So sweet!

  13. Elle

    I love these and am totally inspired to take videos of my kids now! Thank you! I love the brown backpack you have in the first video — can you please tell me where it’s from? Thank you!

  14. coolest nyc fam for sure <3