mayan ruins in tulum, mexico!

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hello from mexico! we’ve been here for the past several days enjoying our first official trip as a family of 7! in natural naomi form, i have lots of photos and stories i want to share from this trip so far, but thought i would start with a few pictures from our visit to see the mayan ruins in tulum!

while we usually like to plan a few activities each day when we travel, we decided to only plan one outing away from our hotel property for this trip, since it was our first trip out of the country with the baby girls in tow and we wanted it to feel slower paced. we’ve mostly just planted ourselves at the hotel pool or beach each day and it has been everything our family has needed. but more on all that later, i am getting side tracked. back to tulum!

we booked a tour with a guide who is also a latter-day saint and shares our religious beliefs, so we could learn more about the history of this area as it relates to the book of mormon. it was really interesting to do the tour this way and hear about some of the history of the mayan civilization and culture especially here at tulum along with some ideas about how the book of mormon’s stories tie in.

i don’t know if the ruins were as impressive to the kids as all the iguanas they spotted were! we counted 14 animal sightings total, and they haven’t stopped talking about them! our tour guide was really great with the kids, but at like the 5th iguana spotting, he was like, “okay okay, let’s come back over here to the tour now!” :)  (meanwhile it was like christmas morning all over again every single time they saw a new one. it did not get old!)

we kept our tour on the shorter side, time wise. between the kids attention spans and also the babies in the heat, we didn’t want to chance anything so i took the babies back to our tour guide’s van with amazing air conditioning towards the end. it’s always a bit of a different experience doing these sorts of things with little ones, but we still got so much out of it, and i’m glad we did it.

some photos below…


this is a sea turtle nesting beach. it’s right below the ruins!tulum4fk5-11tulum4fk5-2 tulum4fk5-3 tulum4fk5-4tulum4fk5-5tulum4fk5-12

can you spot the iguana the kids found in this photo?


this is what i was talking about with the kids and all the iguana spottings! i love that this will be a big part of their memory of our time in mexico, though! the time they spotted all those big and small iguanas by the ruins!

tulum4fk5-14 tulum4fk5-15 tulum4fk5-16 tulum4fk5-17tulum4fk5-19tulum4fk5-21

and we also saw a little family of coatis! it’s a cousin to the raccoon. and kind of adorable! we spotted a mama and her two tiny babies wandering around together at the beginning of our tour. i think the kids felt like they were in the middle of a wild kratt’s episode. ;)


excited to share more from mexico soon! such a beautiful place and we have really enjoyed our time here. also, the handmade corn tortillas have changed my life. i’m not sure i’ll ever be able to eat a regular tortilla ever again.

  1. Liza

    Eleanor’s hat is too too cute!! Great pictures!!

  2. Karin

    No credible archeologists, anthropologists, or historian believes this time and are had anything to do with the Book of Mormon. Assuming so erases actual cultural and religious beliefs that were actually attached to real people. I’m LDS, but these tours are a total sham.

    • josh

      Our guide didn’t suggest that it did.

  3. Shelia

    Hello Taza!
    It looks like you guys had a fabulous time in Mexico…so happy that your first trip as a family of seven went great! I noticed how nice your images turned out, even in high sun, presumably. How were you able to achieve this without harsh shadows etc.? What settings did you use and on what camera gear?

    Thanks so much in advance ; )!


  4. Gretchen

    Ah, we were at Tulum on Friday with a latter-day saint tour guide too! Was is Johnny your guide? He was so great with us. I thought it made the tour extra special!

  5. Amanda

    E’s hat is the sweetest!!
    So happy you all are having a great time :)

  6. Good morning beautiful vacation pictures. I love looking at places through others rather I go or not. I find it motivational. It was cute to see how the small animals were observant alongside the kids. The Laguna was looking over the balcony as if he saw something himself. So cute and funny. Although I would have been running:) Relaxing post this morning


  7. ale

    love the fact that the boys hate shorts haha! i can’t imagine in heat in conrad’s pants! (no hate here)

  8. Julia Beckley

    Haha nice Wild Kratt’s reference. My son LOVES that show, we even went to see Wild Kratts Live when they came to our city. To be honest, I don’t mind watching with him because I’m a nerd for nature.

    Looks like a beautiful trip!

  9. Allison

    Those ruins are beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit and see them in person. It looks like you guys are having a great time! Hopefully it isn’t too stressful with the twins, but you guys seem to handle it all gracefully.

    Have a great rest of the trip!

    Love, Allison

  10. Brittany

    Hi! I’m curious how you do hotel rooms with 5 little?

  11. Simone

    How does tulum tie into the Book of Mormon? Very curious about that!

  12. It looks like everyone had so much fun! I Can’t wait to see more photos!

  13. Jennie

    This looks so fun!! Was it so hot though? Being an arizonan all I can think is being overwhelmed by the heat of the equator during the summer🤣 I love the shots you got!

  14. Katie K

    E in that hat. I’m dead. I started following your family about a year before you had Eleanor. I feel like I’ve watched you all grow from afar (kinda creepy…) but I can’t get over how beautiful she is. Full of love and spunk. Would you recommend the tour for fellow Latter Day Saints?

  15. s

    love the khakis! Becoming an east coaster.

  16. Natalia

    It’s so fun to see how your family travels the world! This definitely is tough question, but what has been your ALL time favorite travel spot for kids? We are planning a trip next year and have accumulated miles and are trying to find the best spot to go with our four young kids. Thanks for reading and keep up the fun posts!

  17. Marissa

    You are so brave for traveling to Mexico with all that’s going on- we were going to go this fall as well but decied it probably wasn’t the best choice with young kids …glad everyone stayed safe and had fun :) great photos thanks for sharing :)

  18. Maya

    ‘Regular’ tortillas are actually the handmade corn ones ! Haha. I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Mexico! Loved the setup for the baby girls, the trails don’t seem very stroller-friendly! Parenting done right ;) Great photos, thanks for sharing. x

  19. Pilar

    Nice pictures! Could you do more blog posts about your trip to Mexico?