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excited to share a blog post today all about what is in my diaper bag and what else i never leave the apartment without whenever i have all 5 kids in tow! it’s been a few years since i’ve packed a full diaper bag to bring out with us since we graduated from that stage a while ago with conrad and i was able to get by when we were out with hardly any prepped items beyond wipes. never leave home without wipes! even when i’m heading out on my own now, i’ll keep them in my bag. ha! those always seem to come in handy.

anyway, i feel like i’ve had good practice over the past 7 and a half years as to what is truly essential when it comes to packing a diaper bag and don’t carry around anything unless i absolutely need it! of course that will vary from one mama to the next and also depending on where you live and how you go out, etc etc. what i bring with me each day varies on the activities planned, the number of hours we’ll be out and the season. there are days where we don’t have a set itinerary for the day, so i pack as best i can for whatever the day may hold. since we live in the city, the bottom of our stroller and the diaper bag play the beloved role of being home base to us whenever we are out and about since we don’t own a car which can often be helpful for holding extra items. but fortunately in the city, if we do run out of something, there are places around to snag additional items we might run out of and need in an emergency.

a detailed list of all my diaper bag essentials below, in partnership with seventh generation!

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we recently got little battery operated fans for the stroller bassinets to help keep the baby girls cool when we are out. in my next life, can someone push me around my favorite city all day long with a fan blowing a cool breeze on me?!

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bubbles!!!! keeping a few bottles of bubbles in the bottom of the stroller is winning me a lot of “fun mama” awards with my three older kids. it’s amazing how they never tire of blowing bubbles whenever we are out! i don’t keep them in my actual diaper bag to minimize the risk of soapy bubble water everywhere (can you imagine?! i feel like that may have happened a few years ago to me and i’ve done everything i can to block the memory. ha!)

love taza 9375-4love taza 9375love taza 9375-2love taza 9375-3love taza 735790ok, let’s get to the list of diaper bag essentials:

obviously with beatrice and madalena being only 2 months old, i am going through a lot of diapers and wipes at the moment. my rule of thumb is however many diapers i think i might need for the two of them for an outing, take those and then take 4 more to be safe. we have been using seventh generation diapers since the first few days at the hospital with our twin girls. i like these diapers because they don’t have any fragrances, lotions or chlorine bleaching in them. we go through so many diapers these days, it’s a major plus that seventh generation has always stayed away from ingredients they don’t think are best for baby’s skin. (also, how cute are the designs and prints on the outside of each diaper?!)

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in addition to diapers that i mentioned above, i always pack seventh generation free and clear baby wipes, diaper cream, a swaddle blanket and extra onesie for each baby. i also have a lightweight leather changing pad that folds up super tiny which i keep in my bag as well.

i have my personal essentials for any outing, like my small wallet, sunglasses, lip balm or lipstick and phone (hopefully fully charged!).

i jam pack several small containers of hand sanitizer into random pockets of my diaper bag as well as my stroller because it’s my biggest nightmare to think of running out of that stuff as we trek around the city and my kids literally touch everything!

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we also never leave home without our tiny first aid kit. for cuts and scrapes, there are bandages and a small tube of antibiotic ointment. something for bites is great. i also try to keep some cash on hand, because i often forget to keep cash in my own wallet so it’s nice to have a little there for emergencies. i also keep some chapstick and a small stick of sunscreen in there for the kids. and then a few tiny activities like crayons and origami paper/scrap paper, a couple little figurines and those plastic bubbles for moments where we might need something to do (think at a restaurant table or on a crowded train if we’re growing restless.) this next one might sound silly, but when my kids are tiny, i carry around their yellow cards which we bring to their pediatrician appointments because i had a girlfriend who once ended up in the emergency room with her little one during an outing and it saved a considerable amount of crucial time being able to pull that out and hand it over to the nurses since it has a record of all their shots, immunizations, etc. it just helps me feel a little more prepared when i feel rather chaotic in my head sometimes so i like having those on hand.

in addition to packing some snacks like almonds or fruit in containers where it won’t get crushed in my bag, we carry a ginormous insulated canteen full of water (or two). i know some of our friends like poking fun when they see our crazy huge water canteen (it’s ok, i make fun of it, too!), but that thing keeps our water ice cold all day and between 3 kids and one very thirsty nursing mama, i like the idea of never ever running out of water and not having to buy a ton of plastic bottles of water. ;)

in the bottom of our stroller, we have a fold up picnic blanket we pack on occasion. there is usually some side-walk chalk, bubbles, a frisbee or soccer ball packed in the base of the stroller as well. in the summer, we’ll have a big thing of sunscreen, some sun hats and all the splash pad gear down there, too. in nyc, you never know when you might stop by a playground with some fun water features!!!

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that pretty much sums up what i bring out in my diaper bag and stroller each day at the moment! if there is anything you have found helpful to carry with you for your kiddos, please let us all know in the comments! i especially love hearing about new fun activities that are small and light weight enough to pack and bring with you each day for your toddlers and older kiddos. always on the look out to add to our list of portable activities or games.

thank you so much to seventh generation for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. Tracy Stanley

    Love this post! We never leave home without our Nalgene bottles full of ice and water. I hate water fountains and don’t want to have to buy water when we are out and about. I’m also a fan of 7th generation household cleaners and the baby wipes.

  2. @rochylinsta

    I always, always carry our yellow cards too! Can’t beat peace of mind! We carry all bubbles, chalk, water gear, even nice cold waterw too! Curious as to which canteen you use as I LOVE knowing I have lots and lots of water in hand. Thanks for always sharing! Love seeing you all.

  3. Mary H

    Love this! Can you share where your diaper bag is from as well as the canteen and other items you mention? Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Lou

    Can you link to snack containers? Thanks!

  5. Kim Monea

    Hi Naomi, love your blog! Where is your leather changing mat from?
    Thanks, Kim

  6. Anca

    Yes I love Seventh Generation! The only diaper for my babies’ sensitive bums it seems, and we tried them all! Thanks for the details of what’s under the stroller, so good! I’ve jotted some things down and hopefully the compliments of the best mom award will start coming! Such a good idea, kids love a spontaneous Momma :) Change it up a bit, park with bubbles instead of always doing bubbles in our yard. Thanks for the tips Taza!

  7. Adrianna

    Not sure if your kids are too old for these now, but the Melissa and Doug activity books that you use with water are amazing! They come with a little brush that you unscrew and put a little water in, and the. You color the cardboard acvitity pages. When the water dries it goes back to white. I also sometimes carry an aqua doodle mat in the car, which allows for more creative drawing and also just requires water. So cheap on amazon too!

  8. Sierra

    I love the idea of bubbles for the big kids! You can never have too many wipes on hand. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  9. Curious

    How on earth are you back in jeans already? How!?

  10. Lauren

    Hi! Where’s your yellow bag from? And your sunglasses? Thanks!

  11. Asha

    Yes to carrying water for all! My boys go through 2-3 refills so having our own bottles makes it easier to stay hydrated. We totally bring bubbles with us too :) have you tried Fubbles? This brand doesn’t spill easily and the wand doesn’t get covered in soap. Best part is they
    are refillable so I can top them off at home.
    Great refresher on what to keep in the diaper bag! You are on top
    of it for sure!

  12. Anna Grace

    Where did you get your sunnies??? These pictures are everything!!

  13. CATHY Boulanger

    Kids books. The easiest way to amuse or distract my kids is to bring a stack of books and a pack of playing cards or UNO cards.

  14. Andrea

    Am I the only mama that doesn’t know what the yellow card is? We have computerized medical records in our health system and I’ve never been asked for anything like it. Cute pictures! I love the idea of bringing plastic bubbles. The mom who suggested the melissa and doug activity sets- genius!!!

  15. sam-c

    Do you have something in your diaper bag to carry around dirty diapers? Like, If you aren’t near a trash can, and/or the restroom has a sign,’ no dirty diaper disposal.’ The pediatrician even has a sign like that in the exam rooms. (Makes sense I guess- wouldn’t want to walk into a tiny little room and be overwhelmed by the smell of a trash can full of ’em) Would love to know what you use, especially if it’s waterproof (ie, things won’t leak through it) and washable (of course), and can close it up real tight so you don’t smell it as you walk around looking for a trash can.

  16. Heather

    Just watched your IG on this and the health records is such a great tip for people. Someone told me that before my twins were born and it has actually come in handy, esp while traveling. Added tip we keep a letter authorizing kids grandparents, and usual sitter in case they have an emergency to deal with before we can reach them. When one of my kids got a peanut stuck up their nose on a recent day trip to Santa Barbara with their grandmother, the Urgent Care used the letter for consent to see my sweet baby :) Thank you as always for sharing your life and ways of a super mama!!

  17. Judy

    Do you only walk and not take the subway when you’re with kids and have the kids and stroller in the city? Thinking about logistics of how to get the stroller around without having to collapse it and take stairs etc. Or are most stations stroller friendly?

  18. Jane

    Please, please put helmets on your little ones when they’re scootering the streets of NYC. This isn’t meant as criticism but rather gentle advice from a fellow NYC mom. I’ve witnessed too many incidents not to speak up.

  19. my diaper bag days are far behind me as my youngest is almost 6, but I’m loving the beautiful pics :-) thank you for always showing the happiness and beauty of NYC living.

  20. sarah rose

    Love your blog! Please share how you connected Conrad’s scooter to the stroller handle? I have a son about his age and would love to know if you have some sort of snazzy secret!

  21. Allison

    This is a great reference list. I pack very similar things that go with my lifestyle more (crackers for baby now and eventually fruit). I love my diaper bag now, but once baby 2 comes along I think I might graduate to another backpack with an organizer so I can be a little more organized. I actually was hoping to use your blue backpack from your target line! I’ve been using it as the secondary bag. Thanks for sharing the list!!


  22. Marisa

    What kind of stroller do you use? I’m a new twin mom too and I would like to get one like it!

  23. Ali

    My go to activities for inside my diaper bag are stickers and a small jar of play- doh or silly putty.

  24. Tessa

    This summer I’ve taken to carrying around these pocket size I spy books! My three year old loves them, you can get them for the city, the beach, the country side, even the airport and it gives her a little focus on a day she otherwise might be bored. Super fun for little andvtakes up no space at all

  25. Michelle

    Your life seems exhausting! Five kids is a lot of work! How do you do it?

  26. Melissa

    Rory Story cubes is a small thing you could bring along to tell endless stories.

  27. Molly

    Love this and love your sunglasses! Where are they from?

  28. Cyndi Meyers

    Love your wallet! Where is that from??

  29. jessica

    I love this post! Thank you for sharing with us this complete diaper bag review. I’d like to know where did you find your almond container ? I was looking for something similar last week and haven’t found !
    Have a wonderful day Naomi !

  30. Sadie

    Packing a diaper bag for a range of ages seems like such a challenge. This has given me some good ideas for what to add as my little one gets less and less little!


  31. Kim

    where are the twins fans from?

  32. Carrie

    Magnetic Fun Tins my three kids love for airplane travel or restaurant waiting! Lots of themes to choose from. Great pictures! Beautiful family!

  33. Now, these are the memories. I am trying to catch up..reading my favorite people between clients. Yall have a good day

    xo tangie

  34. Vanessa Mautino

    Hi Taza, I know you have a lot of comments and messages to read. First of all, receive a hug from Peru, I’m glad your little ones have visited my countey. How do you organize your diaper bag? Mine is a mess, I always dive in when I need something. Do you always use the same diaper bag? If not so, do you have extra stuff of all on the other one, or do you put everything on the other bag?
    Sorry for my English, I’m a native Spanish speaker.

  35. Jen

    I saw that you also go biking with your kids in Central Park… I would like to do that as well. How does one decide on the best child bike seat?