making a cheese plate!

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last month, when my three sisters and i were all in the same city, we made a cheese plate together (and then devoured said cheese plate in a matter of maybe 20 minutes, HA!). during my pregnancy with the twins, all i craved were cheeses that i wasn’t allowed to eat those nine months, so i’ve pretty much been making up for lost time the past three months since beatrice and madalena’s arrivals. the wonderful thing about a cheese plate, or a charcuterie board, if you wanna be fancy here, is that you can’t really mess one up. i mean, there is no cooking involved, just a little prep work that you can get creative with every time!

for the cheese board my sisters and i made together, we partnered with Blue Diamond Almonds and used their new Crafted Gourmet Almonds in the Pink Himalayan Salt flavor as our board’s focal point.  i have shared our family’s love of Blue Diamond Almonds for years now, and if you know me in person, you know i basically carry their raw almonds with me everywhere (best snack for both my kiddos and me), but these Pink Himalayan Salt flavor almonds feel a little more special and fancy, and the flavor compliments all the cheeses, meats, spreads and fruits or vegetables you might use on your cheese plate.

a few tips when it comes to putting together a cheese plate–
there isn’t one way to make one, so as long as you are using a variety of things you love on the board and put a little care into how you place or present them, you’re good! it’s great to use both soft and hard cheeses made from different kinds of milk (we used pont leveque, chabichou du poitou, comté, bleu d’auvergne, mimolette, aged parmigiano reggiano, and new york cheddar because, well, we’re in new york!) and display them in different shapes or forms to showcase their textures (like cut the harder cheeses into wedges or cubes but let the soft cheeses remain whole so everyone can take directly from the cheese itself however they prefer).  then just place a variety of crackers or bread sticks with some salami and prosciutto if you prefer (my sisters and i come from a family that takes their salami rather seriously. so we sort of made sure we had triple the amount in the kitchen so we could keep replenishing our stash on the board.)  after placing all the cheeses and meats, fill the remainder of the board with fresh fruit or vegetables, almonds, dried fruit, honey, hummus, or really whatever you and your guests like to eat.

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bleu cheese! it smells terrible, but it’s so good!

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fun little back story of us four girls in the kitchen. something we loved to do when we were little was making our own cooking shows together. we would make the most basic of things like mac and cheese or cake from a box mix and make a video of the entire thing. we have some of the funniest moments captured in these videos like someone spilling a cake mix all over the floor and sweeping it up and being like “that’s okay! we can still use this!” or another sister smacking a different sister’s hand because of a step that went wrong! haha! those home videos are seriously gold. my dad had this huge video camera you would prop over one shoulder and my favorite thing ever was to be behind that camera filming. he’s been transferring all the old vhs videos lately to digital copies and it’s been fun to rewatch some of those crazy silly videos we made together.

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i don’t like figs, but my sisters do and they give a lot of really pretty color to the board so we put a few on there. i also placed some rosemary around the edges of the board to give it a little more greenery and make it feel a bit more special.

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all done!
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my sisters are seriously the funniest people i know. they also bring out the goofiest and silliest sides of me when we get to be together. i feel so lucky that my sister hannah lives in the city right now (even though we don’t get to see her very often because her work schedule is pretty demanding). my sister rachel lives in boston and rebekah lives in los angeles, but we still try to find time to all get together a few times a year. and it’s always the best time ever.

Love Taza Cheese BoardLove Taza Cheese Board-2Love Taza Cheese Board-10 Love Taza Cheese Board-3 love these ladies so much and the time we get to spend with each other even if it’s in small spurts during the year. sister time seriously is the best time and these women are the greatest. also, spending time together over a really delicious cheese plate is kind of amazing. i need to find more excuses to host little things over the next few months so i can continue to get my cheese plate fix!

ps. we made a little video while putting together this cheese plate which you can watch here. and thank you so much to Blue Diamond Almonds for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. Alida Post

    Hi Naomi, you are blessed to have sisters. I would love to see some of your childhood photo’s if you ever feel like sharing.

  2. Rebekah

    The link didn’t take me to any video. :( The charcuterie board looks amazing and now I’m wanting to host a girl party at my house so I have an excuse to eat a lot of cheese.

  3. Sierra

    You ladies are so fun! This makes me want to put together a cheese platter together with my sister. Those almonds and figs look so good! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  4. Liz

    1) just wondering, feel free to not answer, but why weren’t you able to eat cheese while pregnant? Was it just not jiving with you or is there a reason pregnant people can’t/shouldn’t eat cheese? Asking out of curiosity, excuse my ignorance! I’ve never been pregnant! :)
    2) you all look so fun!
    3) is there anything really better than summer sausage and a ton of cheese?

  5. Laura

    Hi! my name is Laura and I am from Argentina and here we eat a lot of charcuterie product and cheese in many ways.
    We call “picadas” and we use like an entree before for any meal, I loved your posts and your stories
    so I want to ask you, Why you cant ate cheese during your pregnancy?