all those pizza memories…

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i can’t tell you how many special memories i have accumulated over the years that involve a slice (or entire pie, let’s be honest) of pizza from joe’s in the west village here in new york city. memories dating way back in the olden days when i was in college and very over the terrible food in my dormitory cafeteria, when friends and i would plan the evenings itinerary around pizza at joe’s… to long before josh and i had 5 children (that is still so weird to say), and together we’d hop on the B or C train all the way from our tiny harlem studio apartment solely for the love of getting a few slices of pizza to share from there as well. since the pizza joint is so tiny inside, we’d often sit in the square right in front of joe’s and people watch next to the fountain. occasionally in our newly wed years, there would be a man who’d bring a real piano into the square and play beautiful music. i don’t know what happened to him, but we sure did enjoy eating our pizza while listening to some live music whenever he was out so many years ago. there’s a memory that stands out of a time josh and i had an argument on a park bench in the square (i’m trying to remember if this came before or after we ate our pizza though…knowing my hangry self, i have a feeling it was before we ate. also trying to remember the details of what we were having a disagreement over), and another specific memory from when we drove into the city one time during those few years we were living in D.C., and drove straight to joe’s before making our way to the hotel we were staying at for the evening. this memory especially sticks out everytime we are there, because i remember standing inside the crowded little pizza joint at maybe nine or ten in the evening on a friday night, waiting for our pizza to be ready, and thinking how much i missed new york. and wanted more than anything to call it home once again.

it was such a different stage of life that i never noticed the playground kitty-corner to joe’s, which would end up being a staple (and still is!) for our family in the years to come. in fact, it’s become tradition over the years that as soon as the first warm days of spring arrive when we don’t need any coats, we head to joe’s for dinner with the kids and then eat it together in the playground right there across the street. i can’t tell you how many times over the years we’ve hung out in that playground with pizza in hand, with just our family or with a whole lotta friends, too. it’s actually where conrad took his first steps a few years ago, and where we even had family photos taken before that, with pizza making it into the photos, too! so long story longer, what i’m trying to get at is, it’s been a rather memorable place for us, and one that i’m sure will continue to be a home base for new memories in the years to come!

i love how certain foods or places can bring on such special memories. i am such a foodie person who loves to eat so much, i swear most of my best memories and experiences revolve around food in some way… and i don’t mind that in the least! i’m really thrilled to be partnering with capital one this year to help spread the word about their brand-new savor® card, which is all about earning cash back on some of life’s most memorable meals and experiences shared with your friends and family! with the savor card, you get unlimited 4% back on dining and entertainment, 2% back at grocery stores, 1% on all other purchases, and rewards won’t expire for the life of the account. it’s kind of a dream set up for someone like me whose majority of purchases revolve around something to eat, while enjoying spending my time with my loved ones creating memories and enjoying meals together! ;)

thankful for all the good memories over the years from our time at joe’s, and kind of crazy to think that there may be more created there in the years to come! do any of you have a certain food or restaurant you hold dear because of memories taken place there?

  1. Fernanda

    This is very sweet… and we love Joe’s Pizza too. We also go there ofter to buy just the dough and bake pizza at home too.

  2. Melanie

    So I was just in New York (only for two days to see Hello, Dolly before it closes this weekend) and I had a day to explore and I watched all your guides before leaving New Orleans. It helped so much! I didn’t make it to Joe’s, but I will have to next time. I did get dinner in Harlem at Patsy’s and that was delicious! And a dark chocolate chocolate chip cookie from Levain! Oh, and went to Shake Shack in Dumbo. And Murray’s for a bagel! (I ate A LOT…) Anyway, just wanted to say thanks!! Your guides helped big New York seem accessible to someone who has never been there. Thanks!

  3. There’s a pizza place, and a local pub near where I grew up in Upstate NY and those two places will always have so many special memories for me since those were the places where we had many family celebrations and outings growing up. I hope we can find places like that here in Utah for our kids that they can grow up and have fond memories of.


  4. The restaurant that holds special memories to me is coincidentally our family restaurant. There are too many memories to count, and soon I’ll add another as I’m getting married there in October! PS: That pizza looks amazing!!
    xoxo Shannon

  5. Tracy

    When I went to school at BYU I ate at Cafe Rio at least once a week. It definitely brings me back to those years. But they have since opened up places in Northern Virginia and I have had the chance to go back many time with my kids and husband.

    My family lives overseas now and when I am missing home I think of two places in our local town, in Faytteville WV. When I miss sandwhiches, which are sparse here in Thailand, then I think of Secret Sandwhich Society. Or when I wish for a really good pizza, then I think of Pies and Pints. We will be going home for the summer and I know I will be eating at each place a few times before my return to Thailand. I have a feeling that when I leave Thailand I will have certain foods that I miss from here as well!

  6. Lottie

    Aaaaand now I want pizza. Have been reading through your archives this week and love all of your foodie posts. NYC seems such a delicious place to live!

  7. Allison

    Pizza is always a good thing!

  8. Kenzie Randall

    I am seriously LOVING your hair! It looks amazing on you!

    And you can’t go wrong with a good slice of pizza!

  9. Oxana

    Would be great if you could put a blogpost with a series of Joe’s pizzas photos from various years! :)