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hi hi hi! i’ve missed logging on here and sharing with you all! it feels really really really good to be back. thanks for following along on social media this last month and for being so supportive and wonderful with the arrival of our baby girls. i feel slightly out of order sharing a post from our fourth of july a few days ago when i have some photos and stories from the hospital last month i still haven’t yet shared, but we’ll just have to work backwards here for a minute. :)

our fourth of july was so much fun! i have loved this holiday since i was a little girl and every year i feel like it just gets better and better when we celebrate. i didn’t have major expectations this year going into the holiday, because i wasn’t sure how much i’d be up for, or how the babies would do outside.  so we took it one activity at a time and stayed in a 8 block radius of home. we started the morning off with a little children’s parade in central park with friends, stopped by the new york historical society with family on the way home where they were doing a special exhibit for the day on world war II, ate hot dogs for lunch and lit sparklers at dusk. my sister and i made a 4th of july berry pie after my older kids went to bed, and we played a board game with family while we waited for it to bake. a low key and laid back day but a really great one in my book.

a few photos from our 4th!


all dressed in our red white and blue, right after the children’s parade in central park!


i’m not certain, but i think these kiddos had a good time. ;)


we are truly at a moment in life where we are just going with the flow and flying by the seat of our pants. as we were putting the kids to bed the evening before, i realized we hadn’t thought about the 4th yet and didn’t have anything to decorate the kids scooters with. josh ran a few blocks over to a nearby store just as they were about to close (15 minutes to spare!!!) while i put the babies to bed and snagged some good stuff! i can’t really think past the coming hour these days, so i’m glad i had that realization before it was too late! a festive and happy looking red white and blue scooter is where it’s at when you’re 3! (or 6, or 7!)


loved this photo of eleanor but please appreciate both of her brothers and their faces behind her. these kids make all the moments so entertaining!


conrad slid through the balloons after his first go around the little parade route (they went around and circled it three times) by lowering himself on his scooter and breaking with his foot dragging behind him. i appreciate a dramatic moment at the finish line, so i was feeling it. this boy is such a ham, and i hope he never changes.


these baby girls are currently 5 weeks old and have really changed so much already! here is beatrice giving us a little grin in her sleep.


and my girl madalena loves to have her tiny fingers extended straight at every opportunity. it’s adorable.


the new york historical society is such a great spot on the upper west side. we watched an amazing short film all about new york city and its history after going through the special world war II exhibit they set up for independence day. not that it’s hard to do these days with me being extra hormonal, but i definitely cried more than once while watching.


also i just have to point this out because i love M&M’s so much, but had no idea they were created during the war to send over to soldiers!


the baby girls enjoyed the museum, too! just kidding. they slept through the whole thing except for this moment beatrice woke up to make some faces at me.


sparkler time! we didn’t have it in us to stay up late and trek anywhere far to watch the big fireworks show. maybe in a few years, but in the meantime, a tiny show of sparklers feels just right. and samson declared as we were wrapping up our sparkler show, “this is the most fun thing ever!” so i think it was a win in everyones book.

4thofjuly2018-44thofjuly2018-2 happy independence day!!! grateful for a chance to celebrate along side my little ones this land we call home.

  1. jessica basso

    Missed your posts!! Happy belated 4th of July Davis family!! & those babies, my goodness how precious are they!!!

    ? did Samson take a whack at cutting his hair? lol. looks like he is missing a section in the front. too funny if so.

    • TAZA

      haha it looks like it, doesnt it! we actually had to cut it! he actually fell on the playground at recess during the last week of school and we took him to his pediatrician after the school nurse called so she could look at the cut because we were nervous it might have needed more than a bandaid, but she put some glue on it instead since it wasnt too severe and since it got some of his hair in the glue, we had to cut the hair when getting the glue out a few weeks later. long explanation, but funny story. he was so proud of that chunk of glue the last few weeks! :)

  2. sydnee

    Looks like everyone enjoyed the 4th despite the heat! And your newest girls look so adorable…would love to hear how it is raising twins.

    Design by Sydnee | life + style 💗

  3. What a beautiful and happy family! Josh pulled through with the decorations! I laughed to myself when you wrote that you kept your celebrations low key. NYC has no shortage of things to do! I simply went to my friend’s apartment in the evening for a barbecue :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  4. It’s good to see you back! Though I have been enjoying the festivities over on social media as well! I’m also glad everyone was able to get out of the house a bit and enjoy themselves! Have a great weekend!

  5. Natasha

    Are those wooden bead pacifier clips? Did you make them? Could you share a source? Thanks!!!! Your blog is such a joy to follow.

  6. karissa severe

    Where is your cute dress from?

    • TAZA

      it’s from anthropologie!

  7. Emily C

    Yay, you’re back! Glad y’all had a nice holiday. Sometimes it’s nice to keep it low key.

  8. Avigail

    Madalena maybe will become a big flamenco dancer.
    She has the hands and finger moves as she sleeps
    All the kids are beautiful and very sweets.

  9. Beautiful photo :)

  10. Ashley

    Beautiful photo and congratulations! With 5 babes,
    I know you are busy. I’m moving to NYC with
    2 under 4. I don’t know how you do it and
    Look so good but you are an inspiration.

  11. Melanie Stark

    Love love love all your pictures!!! Looks so fun!!! ❤️ I have a question for you! I totally adore the bright & colorful look all of your pictures have!! Do you use Lightroom presets & if you do, would you consider selling them? Love your blog and I just adore your darling family!!

  12. Steffi

    Thanks for Sharing this with us! i‘ve seen your photos on Instagram but your blogposts are so much better!

    Greeting from germany


  13. magali

    adorable pictures! The simple things are the greatest! Love your way of life. I try to do so too.
    kisses from switzerland

  14. Donna

    Oh my ovaries!! Those kiddos are the cutest things I’ve ever seen and what gorgeous gorgeous baby girls, they’re very like Samson when he was tiny. My son Jack has just turned 8 months and is a jolly giant, I’ve already forgotten how tiny new babes can be! Glad to see you back and may I say you look fantastic x

  15. Violet

    It’s soooo good to see you back with all of your beautiful family! The babies are just too cute for words. I’m happy to see your smiling faces again.

  16. Laura

    Love this post – great pictures as always! Can you tell us about the kids’ scooters? My boys are 4.5 and almost 2 and I’d love to get them some scooters like this.

  17. ohmygosh i seriously do not know how you guys are doing it! having twins has got to be one of the most amazing things in this world – how amazing it is that it is possible to get through the days and still smile and function however small it may be. just adorable!

  18. Sadie

    OMG so cute. I find the urge to wear matching clothes with my daughter is very strong! Love this.