this is most certainly a summer i won’t ever forget. although…it might be a bit foggy when it comes to remembering it all, from the lack of sleep we’re getting. ;) but i’ve been trying to be better at documenting it all for that very reason. through writing things down (even just small things in the ‘notes’ section of my phone at night, to taking pictures with either my big camera or iphone. and recording so many random videos throughout the day of the simple moments where it’s honestly just downtime on mama’s bed, but we’re all there, half dressed with hair messy and the laundry pile that needs to be folded pushed to the foot of the bed. just so grateful to have this summer together, and for those moments. they are everything to this tired mama who can hardly remember her kids’ names on occasion (true story. someone asked me one of the twins names the other day and i blanked. to be fair, i could barely form a sentence on that day though! there had been no sleep the couple of nights prior.)

these photos are from a couple days ago when the weather wasn’t too hot, and our family of 7 packed up all the swim stuff, the water shoes, the sunscreen, the snacks, and a million diapers for M and B, and spent the day playground-hopping around this city we love so much. there were make-shift waterslides going down, so many attempts to keep hats on my older kids, and basically always me nursing a baby. haha! we got little portable fans that we clipped onto their stroller to help keep a nice breeze on them in between the times we were inside a restaurant or a shop with air conditioning.

some photos from the day below!


the face of a very happy little dude who just got his mama super wet!


new favorite photo of eleanor!


beautiful baby girl! beatrice! at six weeks old.


and our beautiful madalena! HOW it’s been six weeks since we met these two beautiful babes is beyond me.


something i am so thankful for right now, is how eleanor and samson have really brought conrad into their circle. these three are playing so well together right now, which is so nice since i’m not as available for playtime with the new babies. maybe it also has something to do with conrad really maturing and growing up the past few months, and not to say that they don’t argue too, but the three of them have been getting along and playing so well together at home or when we’re out.


the little fans i mentioned earlier. giving the girls their very own beyonce wind everywhere they go around the city. ;) also please note miss madalena’s extended arm and fingers. i mentioned this in my 4th of july post, but the sweet girl LOVES to have her hand raised at all hours. it makes me smile so big.


a summer tradition. stopping by the magnum ice cream pop up shop in soho and getting custom ice cream bars. we left with so much chocolate on our shirts, but nothing a bleach pen couldn’t fix once we arrived home. :)


here we are at jefferson market garden, a community garden in the west village we had never visited before.

the days where we don’t have set plans or expectations for the itinerary… and just wander new york, the playgrounds and splashpads and find good food along the way (we ate some of the best fresh homemade pasta in soho at ll corallo trattoria for lunch) are proving to be my favorite kind of days.

summer, we love you.

  1. Heidi

    Aren’t you a family of seven now? ;) Wow!
    (not 5, as written above)
    Love your pictures! Those girls are so sweet it makes me think of having another baby…

  2. Melanie

    Wow, the babies are getting big so fast! They are such beautiful little girls. Makes your other three look so grown up!! I can’t believe how much B looks like Samson! Love the yellow too. Very sweet!

  3. Sierra

    We a fun day!! It’s always great when the weather cooperates and you can get out and explore. The kids look like they’re having a blast and the twins are so adorable! Hope you’re feeling well. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  4. Meghan

    Girl, you are my hero! I am a working momma, home from teaching for the summer with my 3 littles and whew, it’s a lot of fun but exhausting! I look at these pics of all 5 of your kiddos having such a blast and am in awe. What an incredible little family you all are. Cheers to more summer fun in the weeks to come.

  5. Andrea

    The baby girls look so much like Samson when he was a baby!!! Perfect little cuties!

  6. alexa

    DO strangers come up and get in the babies’ faces? i didn’t know how to handle that when my son was newly born, being afraid of whopping cough, baby meningitis, etc…how do you handle unwanted attention when you’re out and about?

  7. These post just bring so much positivity into my day! Also, little Madalena’s hand gesture is just about the cutest! Maybe she loves doing that because that’s how she was most comfortable in the womb next to B, either way, it’s the most adorable thing! Also, those ice creams looked beyond yummy!

  8. Sarah

    Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful twins! I’ve been reading your blog since Conrad was a baby and I’m curious how you choose comfortable (yet flattering) clothes for nursing. My second baby is due in September. Any tips? Or clothes that work well? I hope you and your family have a wonderful summer together. I know you must feel exhausted, but you look amazing. Way to go, mama!

  9. of course they all look alike but to me they both look like conrad then Beatice=Samson and Madalena= Elanore. What beautiful babies of yours!

  10. kelly c mitchem

    Love this sweet little family! The girls are so beautiful and I love Madalena’s arm! It definitely needs to become a series for sure. :)

  11. Star

    Madalena is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen she’s so gosh darn stinking cute and chubby I LOVE CHUBBY BABIES!!! Absolute cutest!!! But really she’s precious❤️I’ve been dying to have a baby soon and ur pics are legit keeping my ovaries happy lol its funny bc I think M & B both look like Samson in diff ways anyways enjoy your wonderful blessings 💛💚

  12. Katie

    aww love seeing photos of your sweet family! Those babies are adorable. I really appreciate what a lovely advocate you are of motherhood and families!

  13. oh my GOSH, your baby girl with the arm up!!! i bet you want to just pass out from the cuteness when you see that!!! precious thing!!!

  14. Rachel

    I live vicariously through your amazing posts! My husband and I both work full time, with two precious girls (3yo and 1yo) that go to daycare. We try to do tons of stuff in the evenings and on the weekends, but seeing your full days of fun and exploration with your kiddos is enviable! Cherish all of those sweet moments and keep these blessed posts coming! Lots of love from Alabama!!!!!

    • TAZA

      thanks for your comment, rachel. whether it’s a solid day, an afternoon, an hour in the evenings… as long as you’re making it count, it’s everything they need! you have the right attitude about making that time count when you have it and that’s what matters! those girls are lucky to have you!!! thanks for following along and for your kind words!

  15. Beautiful pics, family, and memories. Most people may not understand how you can do this. But most of us women who do it every day, do understand. Glad to see you out and relaxing.. And I’ve watched you long enough to know even if you were hurting you would still get up and make Conrad and the whole family happy. And that’s what us mamas do. Have a good day and enjoy every moment without regret.

  16. Anne

    Thank you for this. You give me hope. I just had my first emergency c section with my 3rd baby. I feel like I am not being there for my other 2 kiddos right now and missing summer with them is killing me. I hope that in a few weeks I am feeling up to activities like this!

  17. Veronika

    I love how much the twins look like Samson when he was a baby. Also this reminds me of how long I’ve been following you. Cutest kiddos ever.

  18. Those water shoes are so cool! I wish they came in adult sizes 😉 your family is so beautiful, what’s the story behind the girls names?! ✨

    • TAZA

      i started prepping a little post about the names and hope to have it done soon!

  19. That’s so sweet and I love the photos. I actually saw you guys at the Vesuvio Playground in Soho that day, haha. But didn’t want to intrude to say hi and I was also running after my little guy.


  20. Tracey

    What a beautiful family you have. I am amazed at your comfort and ease with them all. A Soul Mama & Papa. It would be the most wonderful gift if all children of the World could be as loved & cherished as yours. You ae truly blessed

  21. Jeanne

    Those sweet babes (all 5 of them honestly!!) I noticed your rings, do you have all the kiddos names? I am considering getting some with my 3 girls name’s on them, found some cool ones on Etsy. Any recs? Enjoy these days… they go SOOO fast.

    • TAZA

      thank you! and yes, i do. i have their names and josh’s in my stack and wear them in lieu of my wedding band. i found some great ones on etsy at a shop called grace personalized! i’ll share close ups of them in my next blog post!

  22. Beatriz

    Cute family! Love you guys! I´ve noticed M is definitely bigger than B.
    B looks so much like S and E!
    And M looks more like C.

  23. Wow, what a day! You have such a beautiful family, so wonderful to see a family of 5 doing what it takes to get out there and have a great family fun day. I’m impressed.

  24. Oops, I meant family of 7 now :)

  25. Colleen

    Such a blessing to be work from home parents and to have daddy’s help each day! Can you imagine doing this alone??

    • TAZA

      yeah, i seriously feel super lucky we are both able to tag team it and do a lot of our outings together right now! i’ve taken all the kids out on my own only a couple of times and haven’t dared to do the subway yet without him. HA! working up the courage. in the meantime, not taking it for granted at all that we’re getting to do this together!

  26. Anne

    you give me hope! I just had an emergency c section on my 3rd baby. I haven’t been able to do much at all with my other kiddos and it is breaking my heart to be missing summer with them. Hopefully I recover quickly and am able to enjoy the city before my daughter Stuart’s kindergarten. Congrats on the babes!

    • TAZA

      you will! but those first few weeks, man. i feel you and i’m so sorry! it’s hardest when you aren’t entirely prepared for it and that mom guilt creeps in about your other babes. i know what it’s like. within a few weeks you’ll be up and running again and the kids will be ok until then! (also, something i noticed that has helped me a ton is the post partum support band i’m still wearing when we’re out for long periods of time and it helps CONSIDERABLY with any lingering pain near the scar.) congratulations on your third!!!!

  27. Connie

    Omg!!! The babies are soooo cute🤗, sometimes I see E and others S reflected in them. It’s just amazing that you have very young kids. I always wanted to know how you get things organized and also if is not too much, financially???

  28. emi

    Hi! What brand of stroller is this? Will you be doing a post soon on essentials for twins? <3 I just learned that I am having twins and am excited but very overwhelmed and would love to learn your tips and tricks!

  29. Rachel

    I love this post. Seeing those sweet squishy baby girls on your lap!! Your heart must be so full.

    And I love that you adventure out with 5 children and two newborns. It makes me feel like I can do it too. So glad you share!

  30. Saira

    Where are the kids shoes from??

  31. Sandrine

    Je vous suis depuis peu, je vis en France , et j aime beaucoup l énergie et là positivité de vos photos et messages, je suis mère célibataire, et j essais de croquer la vie avec mes enfants, tout instant est bénéfique, que ce soit 1 heure, un week-end, les vacances scolaires, je souhaite à tout le monde de vivre ses merveilleux moments!😃🌈🍀!