my silly little cuddle bug!

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things i love about conrad right now: 1. he knows how to make any situation funny. cracking jokes and pulling funny faces at any given moment. and 2. he is my cuddle bug, giving me kisses and hugs and loves all day long, which puts a smile on my face, every time. we’re in that transitioning stage where he’s suddenly such a big boy after being my baby for the last 3 and a half years, his growth and maturity feeling like they’ve quadrupled over night after his baby sisters’ arrivals. anyone else go through that after a new little one arrives? your last baby suddenly looks like a giant?! i literally have moments right now when i’m like, “oh my gosh, conrad! come over here and let me look at your wrists! they look 3x bigger than they did before bed last night!”

something i admire about 80% of the time in my three older kids are their strong wills to be their own people, making their own choices and calling their own shots when it comes to what they want to wear, what they prefer to do, think, eat, all of it. the other 20% of the time i’m working on being patient letting them be their own person and not feel like i have to meddle and push my own preferences on them all the time. i mean, of course sometimes i need to out of necessity (or we’d be eating ice cream 7x a day and would also probably never ever have finger nails trimmed) but i do admire how all three of them know how they want to dress, what they like to wear and dress themselves each morning because of it.

i love how gymboree’s all new line of kids clothing allows my kids to be comfortable (which is the top requirement for all three of my older ones when they dress themselves each day) so they can run and move and play freely without feeling stiff or rigid or too ‘grown up’ in styles that are maybe cute but not practical for their age. instead, the prints and colors are still super fun and playful and the clothes are soft but durable with details made for play. conrad is a lover of t-shirts and soft versions of sweatpants. even when i’m trying to persuade him otherwise, he knows what he likes and there is no going back! i learned this lesson the hard way after three pairs of skinny jeans i got him last fall are still sitting in his drawer, entirely unworn, almost an entire year later. ;)

for those of you with kiddos heading back to school soon, the new gymboree line is definitely worth checking out. and below, some photos of our silly mister conrad and me in central park on an early morning when the weather felt cool and hardly anyone else was out yet….


see what i mean?! the best faces! the silliest soul. i love him.


i don’t know why coloring on mama’s face, mama’s hair, mama’s clothes is always more fun than coloring on the sidewalk. lol. the best part is that we walked home afterwards and i had forgotten all about the chalk all over me. we definitely ran into friends and stopped and chatted for a bit while my face looked like this. maybe it looked like i was experimenting with a new make up trend when it comes to wearing blush?!

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scooter races where mama always comes in second place. ;)

centralpark0083-12centralpark0083-14 centralpark0083-15

love you so much, my silly mister conrad. thanks for always making me smile. :)

and thank you to gymboree for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. Mary

    Super cute. He DOES look much more grown up.

    Where is your pink shirt from? It’s lovely.

  2. What a beautiful cuddle story. Kids will do that, and they find the joy in everyday life. Conrads and all your babes are the cutest. Have a blessed and happy day!

    xo tangie

  3. Megan

    So cute! Where are your silver shoes from?

  4. Sierra

    He is so adorable and seems like such a sweet boy. We love Gymboree as well! All of their clothes have lasted through my two boys and I find myself packing them away for my third. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  5. Katie

    Think that independence comes from parents who do things with their littles one-on-one, and ask them what THEY want to do for the day… and doing it!! Thinking for themselves from a young age is such a beautiful thing. I share your parenting style with new parents aLL the time. :)

  6. i love your new haircut! a friend of mine has dates with each of her children, like you do. that’s so special!

  7. Little Conrad’s personality always shines through your photos! Such a happy, cute little kiddo!

  8. Violet

    He really does have such a radiant smile! What a sweetheart. And you are so sweet to let him use you as a coloring book.

  9. Megan

    Can you link your hat and shirt? Love these adorable photos!

  10. Heather

    i would love to know where you got your hat!