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i thought i’d dedicate an entire fancy blog post to my name rings, since i recently updated them to include beatrice and madalena’s names, and also since it’s one of my most frequently asked questions lately. if you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know i’ve worn my loved ones’ names on my ring finger in lieu of my wedding band for several years now, adding to the stack when conrad was born and then again just this past month after the baby girls arrived.

the shop where i bought my original stack of name rings from no longer is in business, so i spent more time than i’d like to admit during middle of the night feedings right after M and B were born searching lots of other shops online trying to find the exact same ring and font as my first original stack of name rings. i found one on etsy, called grace personalized. the pricing is really good, so i ended up buying an entire new stack, to ensure all 5 of the rings remained consistent. for those interested in the exact ring and font i used for this new stack, i purchased the boss ring with a hammered band (font F63) in sterling silver and i did all the letters lower case. i haven’t taken them off since i got them maybe 4 or 5 weeks ago and they have held up so well. also! a little tip if you are planning to stack a few of them on one finger… i sized the 3 top rings 1/4 of a size bigger than the 3 bottom rings, so that way when stacked, the ones near my knuckle wouldn’t feel tight when i bend my finger and move it around throughout the day (although maybe it’s just me with the big knuckles that needs to order that way.)

anyway, this post isn’t sponsored by this shop or anything, i just wanted to have a place to say everything about my rings and to direct new questions to since i shared on insta stories last month but it doesn’t save forever. i hope this is helpful for anyone who wants to do something similar. i realize my finger is absolutely obnoxious now with such a freaking high stack of names there… i joked with josh when i ordered them that we absolutely cannot have any more babies because it’ll ruin my ring game. ;) but i love having all of my loved ones’ names in a spot where i see them constantly day and night and it’s been a fun tradition to add to the stack each time a little one arrives, especially since i’m not a big jewelry girl and these days, all i wear is my engagement ring on one hand and then these on the ring finger of my other.
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ps. i had to include this last photo even though josh zoomed out and you can’t see my rings so much anymore because HI! I CHOPPED MY HAIR OFF the other night and it’s a fun pic showing the new do. :)

  1. Beth

    Where is your shirt from!? I love it and I love your haircut! 😍

  2. Celia

    What about those bath towels hooks? I remember how you added C’s, too :)

  3. Alyssa

    Where is that BEAUTIFUL shirt from? Also, your hair is amazing and I’m drooling over it!!

  4. First of all, the new haircut is sassy! And secondly, I am obsessed with those rings! So adorable and I may get my first one for my birthday this year!

  5. Amanda

    YOUR. HAIR. Its like you keep moving th bar higher and higher. You’re phenomenally gorgeous! You know a new hair tutorial is now a must!

  6. Maria

    No there is no more room on that finger😁. Loving the new do! Also cute top – could you share where it’s from?

  7. Chelsea

    I’ve loved your rings for years. You have such a cute family! I hate to ask ANOTHER question but what is your nail polish color. It’s such a pretty neutral!

  8. Lydia

    The rings are such a sweet idea! And I would also love to know what the polish color you are wearing is – so pretty!

  9. Stephanie

    I LOVE grace personalized!! I’ve been ordering from them for years. I snagged a name necklace for my first daughter that’s held up wonderfully, and when i had our second baby girl a few months ago, i ordered rings with their nicknames. The idea of continually untangling two backpacks was more than this mom of a toddler and a newborn has time for. (Amiright?)

    Their pieces are SUCH good quality for the price point, and i love for the little spark of joy they bring me when i’m More than a little sleep deprived. 🤗

  10. Stephanie

    Also, that should be necklaces, not backpacks. 😂😅

  11. Melis

    The hair is so…… good!!!!

  12. The rings are super cute, and the haircut is the It is a beautiful and refreshing new look. I must step my game up because you just had twins and look this fly. #realtalk Have a great weekend with the fam.

  13. Amy

    Yayyyy thank you for this post! Love the tradition. I’m going to order one when my baby girl is here in August!

    I would love you to check out my blog :)


  14. Marsha Kern

    I love your rings! It is so special. Please do a hair styling tutorial for your new short do, it is so cute and stylish!

  15. Carolina Rose

    I just got that same blouse last week! It is so cute and happy looking! and I love the hair cut!! Always a joy to read your posts!

  16. Kelleyn

    Your hair looks fantastic and the rings are fantastic!

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  18. Allison

    I’ve been admiring those rings since you first got them and I already saved the shop to my etsy page. Thanks for sharing!!

    xo Allison

  19. Megan

    Do you think you could add where you got your blouse and nail polish color? Thanks!

  20. Noelle

    The ideas of these rings are so beautifully sweet. I love it! I agree don’t ruin the ring game :)


  21. You look beautiful, I like it, frankly!

  22. I simply loved those name rings, i have a few charms but never thought of having rings with names of my loved ones so nice!