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raise your hand if you’re like me and dressing yourself post partum feels trickier than anything! (my hand is up so high right now.) here’s the thing… i have really grown to love and appreciate my post pregnancy body after the birth of each of my baby’s. i mean, it just housed and birthed 2 beautiful healthy baby girls 8 weeks ago! and has also been the home to my three other littles sometime over the past 8 years. so i mean, this body has been through a lot and i’m ever so grateful for how it’s adapted and shifted and provided a healthy space for my children over the years, as well as nourish them for a few years after that. the female body is basically insane. i could go on and on forever here about it (i actually wrote a few words about this post partum phase right here if you wanna read…) so post partum feelings of pride for this body aside, i’m talking about the tricky phase after giving birth of trying to figure out how to dress… what fits, what doesn’t… it’s such a transitional phase, no matter how long it lasts, since you’re not quite fitting into the maternity clothes anymore but also not back into your pre-pregancy wardrobe either. and you wanna feel good in whatever it is you’re wearing! i’m a firm believer that getting dressed each day and feeling good about the way i present myself is so important, especially right now when i may not totally feel like my old self, i still want pieces that look good and make me feel good during this transitional period, yet i don’t wanna run out and buy a bunch of nice new pieces of clothing that i won’t wear forever since i’m so in-between sizes. this is what i mean by this being tricky!

i am really excited to be partnering with thredUP again this summer during this post partum phase. they are great spot to shop for any phase of life, but especially right now for me, as they are the world’s largest online thrift store, making it easy for me to send in some of my lightly worn maternity clothing for cash or credit and also snag some pieces from my favorite brands like anthropologie, kate spade or j.crew for up to 90% off. ideal when i’m in-between sizes and don’t want to splurge on too many full priced pieces at the moment.

this fun hot pink dress spoke to me when i saw it on their website. it’s the perfect hue for summertime, the cut is loose, flowy and long which i’m much more comfortable in right now and best part, it was under $20! and not just the dress, but this j.crew hat was also under $20 (estimated retail price being $45, so 57% off), and these yellow coach hightop sneakers? i snagged them for $32! (estimated retail price was $135, so 76% off!) :)

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but yes, the coach hightop sneakers were such a crazy steal at 76% off! also, both samson and conrad on separate occasions have commented on them which is saying something!

love taza thedup_love taza thedup_-3love taza thedup bag-3

i’ve mentioned thredUP’s clean out kit in the past but this bag is genius for when i am cleaning out my closet. you can request a free clean out kit through their website and mail it back to earn cash or credit for the pieces they accept from your bag, and you can opt to have the rest donated to charities if you don’t want it sent back to you. i just went through my closet and parted ways with most of my maternity pieces that no longer fit.

love taza thedup bag-2 love taza thedup bag

gosh, why do closet clean outs always feel so good?! they are impossibly hard for me to tackle when it comes to any of my kids clothing or things (can never part easily with their wardrobes i’m so sentimental), but lately, minimizing mine almost feels as relaxing and reenergizing as a spa day (almost.)

if you’d like to check out thredUP, they are offering a special discount to my readers. the first 100 people to use the code LOVETAZA will receive an extra 25% off their first thredUP order! Click here to start shopping. thank you to thredUP for sponsoring this blog post. (Promotion applies to new U.S. customers only, items under $150 and excludes Goody Boxes.)

  1. Verity

    I feel ya! I agree, my body is amazing and it deserves all the praise, but I want to feel like me again! And half my wardrobe is off limits because it doesn’t give access for feeding… My youngest just turned one and everyday I longingly look into my wardrobe and stroke pieces I cannot wait to wear again!

    Speaking of feeding, how do you manage it in that dress?

  2. Caitlyn

    I love your blog and posts and even partnerships, but I tried thredUP from the last time you posted and I don’t know how anyone can make a reasonable amount of money from selling clothes. I sent in about 10 pieces of designer or high end brands – everything was accepted and sold. I made amount 19 dollars from it. I couldn’t find an option to opt to get my stuff back, because I can make more at local consignment shops.

    Just wanted to let readers know to maybe read into it before selling. Buying looks like a great thing to do though.

  3. Maggie

    Speaking of donations- I hope you were able to donate your long locks after your cut! Looks adorable!!

  4. Julia

    Girl, preach. My body felt out of whack after I had our youngest. I felt so uncomfortable in my body. I really struggled to be honest. I wanted to be kind to myself because duh I grew a human. I GREW A HUMAN. I”M AMAZING. But it was hard. Eventually things righted themselves. I mean, sort of. Hello where did my boobs go and I swore I used to have abs…

    Well I’m babbling. Funny timing, I just ordered a clean out bag from thredUP this weekend. Major purging at our house. Goodbye old junk!

    Best of luck with dressing your wonderful post preggo body. You’re rocking those bright colors.

  5. Kendra

    I love shopping ThredUP, but make almost nothing sending my clothes in—even nice clothes.

  6. Nanette

    I have to agree with Caitlyn. I used thredUP on three different occasions to sell and was very disappointed in the service and the return. The website is very difficult to navigate and many of my clothes were mislabeled – a skirt went up as Urban Outfitters instead of Anthropologie and that’s just one example out of many. I’ve had designer clothes with the tags still on them and in season not be accepted. I know that it really depends on who is checking in the merchandise but I decided after the last time (87 cents on a brand-new Eileen Fisher blouse – really?) that I would prefer to take the donation credit and give my things away.

  7. Hannah

    This is such a great idea to encourage people to get rid of things they don’t need! Love that dress on you as well!

  8. Allison

    After I had my first baby and the hormones wore off :) I was so impressed with how my body handled it. It made me feel very empowered to house my baby and then nourishing her after. I’m in the middle of my second one now and whenever I have stretching pain I keep reminding myself that my body is doing an amazing thing. Thank you for sharing about this! We moved from southern CA to northern CA and I cleaned out about 60% of my closet. I plan on doing more once I have my second and I can also get rid of my maternity clothes and I just may call them for that bag! You look amazing!!


  9. Julia Belsante

    Do you have advice for navigating ThredUP? I have so much trouble finding anything on there. Would love to know your tricks!

  10. Lucie

    I am not on the US, so can’t share my threadUp experience…
    But I can definitely get on board with the postpartum body.
    I already struggled a bit after my firstborn but now the second baby has been here for over a year and I am still about two sizes bigger than usual. I basically can’t loose any weight when breastfeeding (and getting up every night). I get it, my body is tired and needs to stock up so the baby can be fed, but when two people asked me/congratulated me on being pregnant, I almost cried. I feel pretty bad about my body now. I ended up buying new clothes but still, it doesn’t feel like myself. And some of my clothes that might fit just don’t work because it’s impossible to nurse in them.
    Sorry for the rant. I wanted to thank you for speaking up about this topic and showing the world not everyone can fit in their prepregnancy jeans two weeks after giving birth. Thank you.

  11. Ella

    Agreed with everyone above that thred up is really hard to navigate. I can’t ever find anything and the few things I’ve bought weren’t the size or measurements listed on the site. It’s much more straightforward than ebay so I wanted to love it but it didn’t work for me.

  12. I’ve been using eBay for finding used clothes but I didn’t realize that thredUP is the largest thrift store. That’s a huge selling point for me and I’m checking it out right now. eBay’s selection has been seriously lacking these days so I’m glad to have another option!

    The Emerald Girl

  13. I am not postpartum, but as a mother, I can relate. But I swear I love those types of flowy dresses. I’ve never tried Thred Up, but I will be checking them out. The lady in Pink is slaying the streets of New York. Yall have a good day.


  14. Jessica

    Oh man! I so know what you’re going through. it’s the worst! Thread up is a great great option for that time period!

  15. Noemi

    I just curious as to how this dress would work for nursing? I’m all about nursing wherever, whenever but you’d have to pull the entire thing up, no? Or maybe shorts underneath?

  16. katrina

    Jumping on the bandwagon with the other ladies who have mentioned that ThredUp is not the best for people looking to consign or sell goods. Their payout estimates are so tiny it’s almost insulting! I will say that as a buyer, their prices are amazing though.

    I know you used to host closet sales on Instagram. Will you be going back to these any time soon? Loved the bidding aspect here and it felt a lot more accessible than using something like ThredUp for an already built up community.


  17. Melanie

    Post on nursing in dresses please!

  18. Adorable chop on the tresses and I love how you are adventurous with color! This is something I would totally wear but never think to wear at the same time! LOVE the sneaks!

    I agree with the girls above… not a fan at all of ThredUp as a seller. Similar situations as theirs. It was too depressing to think about what I actually didn’t make- in fact I think I almost OWED them because now they were charging for the kit I think a the time… anyway, a fun place to buy but I agree, I would rather take my things to local consignment shops or sell directly to friends and donate the rest.

    Also, I hear you with purging my girls’ closets- I. Can’t!

  19. In love with those sneakers!

    I’ve never used ThredUp as a seller, but love it as a buyer. For those who have trouble navigating the site, I always filter by brand (J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Anthropologie, etc.), condition (New With Tags and Like New), and size (it saves my sizes every time I come back). Really narrows the results and keeps me from getting overwhelmed. I also love that you can return things (and for free if getting credit)!

  20. Camille

    How do you breastfeed in that dress? I would have to sling it over my shoulder and show everything underneath to make it work. Breast feeding is hard in dresses. I just end up wearing a skirt and shirt. I have one breastfeeding friendly dress from Old Navy that is really nice to wear. My other zip up dress just sit in my closet until I can wear them again.

  21. Kristin

    I totally hear the postpartum body blahs. I actually wrote in my journal shortly after giving birth my second “it’s hard to go from beautifully pregnant to puffy and fat”. I know that’s blunt, but that’s how t felt!! Everyone complimenting you at the end of pregnancy on how great you look and you feel so special holding these babies safe inside.. to just being kind of a stretched out soft single-person … it’s hard.
    Also would like to know how you nurse in that?!?