east village afternoon.


playing catch-up here on the blog and wanted to share lots of photos from several weeks ago, around the 4th of july when we had family in town and some how managed a couple of exciting outings in the midst of all the newborn-ness going on at home. getting out of our neighborhood and exploring a different one is always a family favorite. although my kids are starting to know the playgrounds around the city by name and now request neighborhood outings based on the playground situation. i don’t know if it comes with the territory of being city kids or what, but our older three (and eleanor and samson especially) have the most incredible sense of direction now wherever we are in the city and sometimes we’ll be walking somewhere and they’ll be like, “hey, can we actually go this way? isn’t there a playground over there?” pointing in a new direction as we come to a crosswalk and i’m always amazed because wow! there  actually is a playground that way but it’s several blocks up still and no where in sight, AND it’s been a few months since we had been to it. it impresses me. i feel like i should put them in charge of my keys from here on out, honestly. because i haven’t been able to find them for the last couple of weeks and i’m certain this would not be the case if my oldest two were in charge of them. ;)

anyway, lots of photos!


the east village neighborhood is such a fun one and we don’t get down there enough since it takes some coordinating of trains and a bit of walking from the upper west side. but we always love the change of scenery, the amazing food and shops and different energy over there.


one of our favorite spots for ukranian food, veselka is down in the east village so we love to stop in when we’re in the neighborhood.  not as good as my mama’s, but one of our favorite spots here in the city.


working on nailing a jumping photo with all four of us. ;) however, samson killed it several times and had kept saying, “one more. one more!” see below….


grateful these baby girls are learning the rules of being city babes and sleeping through all the loudness and noise of new york city.


about ten minutes after josh snapped this photo, he took the one below and i was like, “you already took this picture!” and he was like, “yeah but now you’re nursing the other one!” hahaha. right! i am officially in the stage of life once again where whenever i am sitting and taking a break, i am probably most likely nursing. a quick and kind heads up that if you don’t like seeing pics of me nursing, you might wanna unfollow my blog for the next two years, because this is basically how i’ll be until around then and because of that, there will most likely be more photos or videos with moments like this to come. ;)


that moment after you’ve enjoyed all your milk and you give your mama the sweetest baby yawn. what is it about those tiny yawns that are just so so good?! i’m obsessed.

july2018-7july2018-5july2018-6also obsessed with these three cuties and their papa having a good time on the tire swing. some of my best childhood memories are from swinging on the big old tire swing in my front yard growing up and i’m so glad these kids will have a few tire swing memories as well! best part of any playground in my book.

have a great week, everyone!!!

  1. Allison

    I love your photos! I’ve been following for awhile and I just love seeing the beautiful photos you post-including you feeding your babies :)
    Looks like a fun family outing-hoping more are happening now that the twins have been here a little bit.

    Love, Allison

  2. Rachel L Rodriguez

    I love that your blog “normalizes” breastfeeding. I personally find it odd that anyone would be offended that you are feeding your child. Bravo to you!

  3. Julia

    LOVE the nursing pictures. There’s nothing more beautiful in the world than a well-fed baby. You keep it up!

  4. Rachel

    Bring on those nursing photos! We don’t mind at all and can relate in many many ways! Lots of love and glad y’all have been getting out of the house :)

  5. I LOVE nursing pictures! These are precious days with your family. And I just suddenly got blown away with how twin mamas’ bodies make double the milk! So amazing. Your babies are growing so beautifully.

  6. Samson always nails his jumping photos!! And Josh is on it by remembering to capture both B and M! #ManOfTheYear! Also, I love seeing a bit of New York City on your blog! It’s such a dream! Happy Monday!

  7. Those twins are exceptionally beautiful. I’m amazed you are out and about so much already. Does the NYC energy help?

  8. Those pastries look so delicious! It would be wonderful if your mom did a recipe post for homemade ones the next time she is in town. ❤️How amazing that your family is keeping up with city adventures while caring for the twins. Thanks for always taking the time to share with us.

    Happy Monday

  9. Katty

    I have no problem with nursing photos, but you might want to be mindful that breastfeeding doesn’t come so easy to everyone and for those people, it might be hard to constantly see someone who can do it so effortlessly. Yes, it’s a fact of life but I know for some it can bring up some feelings of inadequacy.

    • naomi

      that’s a great point, katty. thanks for sharing that! i’d never want to make anyone feel that way and it’s definitely not nor ever been my intention!

  10. I love those photos… and that reminds me I should explore east village more. I’m so close and never go. You’re brave, mama.



  11. Lauren

    I love seeing you nurse your babies! Go mama!

  12. Mariel

    Where is the HEKTAD mural please?

  13. Ruth

    I love seeing breastfeeding photos, thanks for helping to normalize it! I’m sure breastfeeding twins must come with so many challenges but look at you out at the park and doing it! Keep up the amazing work mama!

  14. Normalizing breastfeeding! Yassss girl. Our bodies are incredible and there is nothing more beautiful than the bond of a nursing mama and baby.

  15. Hannah

    Love seeing your family out and about. You’ve inspired me to get lit as much as I can when my baby arrives!


  16. Bincy

    You are a superhero!

  17. Pam

    I have been following for a few months now, new to Instagram. I always enjoy your blog, to see your beautiful family and all the honest positive energy. I missed the frequent posts, but completely understand. I had 4 singles, their adults now, I remember the sleeplessness. I can’t believe how much the twins have grown!! You amaze me every day!!

  18. Mrs Dee

    I have been reading your blog since Elinor was born , your pictures definitely gave me more confidence to nurse in public . I was just finished with my almost 3 year old . Please never underestimate how powerful those pictures are to other mamas

  19. Patricia

    Your blog is so beautiful! I’m especially grateful for it this week as I’m in the hospital with my baby who was admitted for a UTI. We are here for a few more days and other than books, your blog & Instagram pics are keeping me positive. Many thanks.

  20. Blair

    Are the kids hot wearing pants in this heat? Why wasn’t Eleanor wearing a seat belt on the way to Taylor Swift?

    • naomi

      hi! nope, the kids pick out their clothes and prefer pants! i’ve bought them shorts in the past but they aren’t as into them. they don’t overheat wearing pants and i think it’s a great way to help them not get sunburned, especially for conrad who is super fair skinned and can burn easily.

      as for the seatbelt, eleanor absolutely was wearing a seatbelt on the drive to and from the taylor swift concert in a size appropriate booster seat. if you’re referring to the insta story i shared on instagram, we were all sitting in the parking lot at the met life stadium listening and singing along to taylor while i was pumping milk in the car before we went in! we weren’t driving, the car was parked in the parking lot! :)

  21. Ashley

    Where is Eleanor’s shirt from? ❤️ It!

  22. Brandi

    Where is your top from? It’s super cute (and nursing friendly)! I’d love to see a post with your favorite nursing friendly tops.

  23. Ann

    You really are rockstars ❤️

  24. Kate

    Thumbs up to normalizing feeding babies. Sending good wishes to your family!

  25. katie

    i LOVE seeing photos of mamas nursing their babes :) i’m currently still nursing my 2nd – he’ll be 1 in a week :)

  26. V

    The kids memory is amazing. My son is almost 3 and he recalls moments from not long after he turned two. We are often like gosh how do you remember or know that?!?

  27. charlotte

    oh man taza, i just read the question about the pants and the seatbelt. how on earth do you handle these?!!! you are incredible. your family is extraordinary and you are doing and absolutely magnificant job! keep inspiring, mama!

  28. Kelly andrews

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful life, im sure it isnt perfect, but its definitely beautiful. NUTSING INE RIFHT NOW AND MAN CAN KT BE CHALLENGING! SO THAnk you for being a great example and normalizing breast feeding and even making it cool!

  29. Kat

    It’s frustrating to see that you have to justify or clarify everything you post – I feel like women encounter a lot of difficulties day to day in the workplace and at home, and you would think this would bring us together but I find that as woman, and especially as moms, we tend to look for the faults before we look for the good.

    This will in no way make up for the fact that you have to answer a zillion questions a day about whether or not your kids wear seatbelts or why you’re nursing publicly, but I hope you know there are readers out there that celebrate your success, even if it’s different from their own (or even one they can’t achieve themselves)!

    Also, A MILLION brownies points for nursing twins. I struggled with breastfeeding and so admire this!

  30. Mary

    Precious! You rock mama.

  31. Good morning, everything looked so serene and beautiful. Not only the pictures but the laughter and fun all the kids and Josh are having. Yall captured the excellent moments and shared with us (the platform) I may never come to New York but its good to see in through you and the fam. Bye! Have a great day.

  32. Katie

    I think we can all do a better job of remembering a few things:

    1. We can support each other whether we experience the same things or not.
    2. Empathy makes a huge difference during challenging times, because struggle is universal.
    3. Beautiful photos on social media don’t equate to an easy life or easy nursing. I know even though you post nursing photos (go, mama regardless of how/when/where/if nursing works for you) that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

  33. Sierra

    So adorable! I love all of the pics and seeing your fun outing. The east village is one of our favorite areas to visit too. We went around Valentine’s Day and took pics in front of the heart wall. Not sure if they’ve since changed it because I don’t remember it being black, unless it might be a different one because it’s by the same artist. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  34. Birgit Putteman

    I just love your family! But above all your never ending energy and positivity. I wonder often where you get the time and wnergy from. But I do know that not all is happy joy joy ;). Although we all wish it was!
    So when you shared the laundry and messiness in your stories I was again aware of the harder times too.
    I would love to visit the city for our 10th anniversary this Christmas. This time with my husband and 2 children (8,6). You are my living example how to do NYC with little ones as my husband is not yet convinced;).
    Anyway, just wanted to say that you are a true inspiration in many ways. Thank you!
    Xoxo, b

  35. Tina Schrader

    Great post! A few thoughts come to mind:
    1. Your kids have a better sense of direction than I. If Im in an even slightly unfamiliar area, I wouldn’t be able to find North if I had a compass surgically implanted in me.
    2. Keys: I have the same problem due to my 2-second mind. I got the Tile for my keys and the app to go along with it. It looks hist like a little tile piece. I got mine at the AT&T store, but I’ve seen them at Target, too. You just begin the app when you’ve lost your keys and your phone rings when youre near them. At least that’s how I think it works — amazingly, I haven’t had to use it yet!
    3. Breastfeeding photos: Good. For. You!!! I will never understand the controversy over that. Surely people have seen more skin in magazine layouts or advertisements. But God forbid they see a baby have lunch naturally. I don’t mean to start a spat on here in any way, put for goodness’ sake folks, grow up.

  36. Kay

    I love how unapologetic you are about breastfeeding! That top looks perfect for breastfeeding, where is it from?

  37. Bethany

    I’d love details on your whole outfit! I looove that top, those jeans and shoes! Perfectly stylish and yet comfy all at the same time. Also, I wanted to tell you that your blog gave me confidence about nursing before I ever even had my first baby. Seeing your photos and the way you talked about it made me sooo excited to nurse! Then when I got pregnant I bought “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding” book you recommended and got even MORE excited. So good! Now I’m happily nursing my 19 month old son. 😊 Thank you so much for normalizing breastfeeding and being such a positive influence to me and many others! 💗

  38. kellie

    Such sweet photos!

  39. Elena

    Ohhh you are such a great team. You look wonderful! Great family

  40. Debb Sanchez

    Hi Naomi! I’ve been a fan since right before You we’re pregnant with Samson! I just wanna day, you handle yourself so gracefully! I have read some of these comments, and some are soo unnecessary, intrusive and plain mean, but you answer with tact and never condescending. Great job! You are an amazing blogger and I love watching your family grow and all of your adventures! A quick question, when is the best time to visit nYC? Im from LA and a wanting to take a trip with my hubs and was wondering the perfect time? Thank you

  41. Heidi Barrus

    I have been following your blog since Eleanor was around 6ish months and all of the photos of you breast feeding in public totally helped me when I had my first baby a couple years later. It made me feel totally comfortable nursing in public, even at church. It’s hard enough to have new babies and feeling stress of trying to cover up breastfeeding is one huge extra and unnecessary stress. We are good moms taking care of our babies, why should we cover that up? You are definitely helping to break down that barrier and I applaud you and appreciate it because it’s paving the way for me to more easily breastfeed in public. I think we are making huge progress in that area because through all my moves and travels I can only think of one person who has ever given me the stink eye for breastfeeding in public.

  42. Kayla

    I love seeing how successful you are at breastfeeding! Especially since I struggled with nursing my first. I am pregnant with my second and was curious if you have ever thought about posting a blog on breastfeeding tips? I’m sure nursing two has made you a pro! Feel free to share your secrets!! I would love some guidance from an actual mom who has nursed five kids, not just a lactation consultant. :)

  43. Jo

    I am happy to see you and your unabashed public breastfeeding! And I don’t think sharing it is in any way insensitive to those who have trouble breastfeeding, as someone above commented. I don’t really ever comment here but I read that critical comment and felt compelled to say that I think your breastfeeding photos are so incredible for encouraging others to breastfeed in public and they also are just a beautiful little window into your life. I was hoping that comment wouldn’t inspire you to stop sharing. Because your pictures are so valued and loved. Overall, you make motherhood look so good and do it honestly. 💛

  44. Lee Ann

    I don’t even know if you’ll read this but maybe Im also writing this for me! I just have always admired your lifestyle and outlook towards life so much. I just had my baby boy yesterday except now he’s 7 months already?! Its been the biggest gift of my life. And I feel so naturally connected to any mother because of the unspoken understanding of what we are, what we’ve done. Ive read you from.. maybe the beginning? but now I get you. And seeing you nursing a newborn and giving me back those memories I had in the beginning, even the sleepiness and whatever it may be!- well, thank you.

  45. Nati

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous family and lovely post.

    Sending you good vibes!

    Nati x | http://www.naticreates.com | @naticreates