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June 13 2018-7

today i’m sharing how we chose all of our little ones’ names (no, we didn’t name samson after the regina spektor song!), thoughts on baby names in general, middle names, nicknames… the works! this can be such a fun topic, but it’s also so personal! there is definitely not one way to go about picking a name or naming a baby and that’s what makes the whole ordeal so fascinating. i love hearing stories of how people come up with names, or the significance and meaning behind theirs. did you know i was supposed to be named ruth and my parents switched it to naomi last minute?! and did you know that i tried to have people start calling me by both my first and middle name in college, naomi megan?! i don’t even remember why i tried that but no one took me seriously and it never stuck. it actually backfired completely and got shortened to nay by a few professors and teachers and also nay nay by friends around that same time. jokes on me i guess!

so let’s back up a little before we get into the names josh and i chose for our children. because maybe it’s just me, but in the months leading up to each of our children’s births, the topic of what we were going to name our children always stressed me out a little. it wasn’t that i didn’t have a long list of names i loved, or that josh and i couldn’t agree on names together (about 70%–okay maybe more like 50%– of the time we’d be on the same page with names), it was more so that naming another human being felt like such a big responsibility to be assigned when this was a tiny little human i barely knew.

a name shapes so much of who you are, who you’ll become in many regards as well. i know people with more playful names who have said it’s been harder for them to be taken more seriously as they are now grown working professionals and i’ve heard others with more unique names to pronounce or spell share how it’s been an constant hassle in their everyday to have to keep reminding people how to say or spell their name. not that any of that should ever stop you from choosing a name you love, it’s just interesting to hear how names can be perceived by those around you as well as yourself. something else that truly fascinates me when it comes to picking out a name for your baby is that everyone seems to have an opinion on the name! from a grandparent to a stranger on the street, it’s crazy how people can really take it to heart. we decided before eleanor was born not to share any of the names we were considering with friends or family until after the baby arrived. my reasoning here was that i felt like people couldn’t really be like, “hmmm. i don’t like that one” after the birth certificate had been signed and you have an adorable little baby face to go with the name! ….unless of course you’re in our family, because funny side story– that rule didn’t seem stop a few of our family members who called josh and me minutes after we arrived home from the hospital with one of our new little ones to tell us we should change the name (they even said they’d taken a poll from their friends over the past few hours since we had first called them to share the name with them and their friends agreed with them that it wasn’t a good name). true story! that was a fun first day home from the hospital! oh, family! (ps. we didn’t change the name.)

June 13 2018-3


a name both josh and i loved seperately before we were ever together. a name with a royal heritage. the famous queen eleanor of aquitaine was the most powerful woman in europe during her time, a ruler of important lands, the mother of kings and queens herself. i loved this because we felt that this name for our own eleanor doesn’t just connect her to a distant queen here on earth but will hopefully remind her of her true royal heritage in heaven, that her royal birthright is divine, her inheritance one from heavenly parents, and that her potential is that to be a queen in heaven.

ironically, it was my top baby girl name for years before she arrived. but when we got to the hospital, it wasn’t on my list of top 5 girl names anymore, although it had remained on josh’s short list of top names. then there was this special moment maybe only 30 or 60 seconds after her birth, where i was looking at her as she was placed on the scale a few feet away from the operating table where i was as the nurses cleaned her and began the series of routine tests.  i started to go through the list of my top 5 names in my head while looking at her and each one was a definite no. then i swear she looked directly at me and it felt like the room hit pause while our eyes locked for what felt like several minutes even though it probably was only a second or two. it was such a powerful moment. and i knew she was eleanor. as though i’d known her my entire life as eleanor. once we were wheeled into the recovery room and left alone for the first time as a family of three, i had her craddled in my arms as josh leaned over us from the side of the bed hugging us both. i hadn’t shared with him my experience in the operating room yet which is why it was such a sweet and special moment while holding me and gazing down at her, he whispered “eleanor.”

June 13 2018June 13 2018-2


a name of strength, it comes from the story of samson in the old testament of the bible.  people usually recall and only focus on the parts of the story where samson was a strong final judge of israel who slayed a lion and killed a thousand men and loved a woman named delilah but had his hair shaved and then lost his strength and was blinded and imprisoned. but what josh and i love most about the story was that samson’s strength wasn’t his own but rather came from God. his power came from making and keeping a covenant (or promise) made with god and he lost this strength when he proudly forgot that his gift was from the Lord. in the end, he is humbled, then pleads to God in prayer, and the Lord returns his strength. i hope that our very own samson will always know that ultimate strength and power come from remembering God, making and keeping promises with him and humbling ourselves before him in prayer.
and while we did not name samson after regina spektor’s song, i don’t mind that the song is a really beautiful one. :) and while our six year old mister samson has proven to have some serious physical strength already in his life (this kid enjoys doing 20-25 push ups in incredible form each day), he has the sweetest spirit about him and his long sincere prayers to his heavenly father around the dinner table or in his bed at night make my heart melt. i love my strong little samson.

June 13 2018-4 June 13 2018-5


the name conrad has an old german origin that comes from two words meaning “bold” or “brave” and “counsel” or “counselor.”  we think it’s kinda cool if our son will be audacious, brave, confident, wise, and encouraging as a “bold counselor!” the name conrad is given and used by many kings and emperors in europe, including king conrad who knew queen eleanor. :)
josh and i knew conrad would be conrad before we even saw him. josh found the name while reading long lists of names looking for inspiration, and when he mentioned it, it was a name we both loved instantaneously while i was still pregnant. in fact, it was the only name we brought with us to the hospital because we loved it so much and fortunately when we first saw him, it fit! something else i love about the name is that it has the word “rad” in it. which means something is really cool, but in a more subtle way. like being crazy awesome, but not having to work for it. i don’t know, but i feel like that is straight up our conrad. the raddest kid around!


both of our boys share the middle name, rex. it means “king” in latin. we chose rex so that our sons would be reminded that they, as spiritually begotten sons of heavenly parents, have thrones awaiting them in the kingdom of God and can be kings in heaven. after giving this middle name to samson, we chose to give it to conrad as well so that he would be bonded and connected to his brother samson, so that when each of them sees or hears his shared middle name, he will think of its inspiring meaning and remember his brother and how they are connected.

June 13 2018-6


beatrice means she who makes happy, someone who brings happiness or joy or blessings or who brings about good things (the name comes from the latin beāta which could be translated as blessed). we chose this name for beatrice with the hope that she will bring joy and goodness into this life, that she will have the power and desire to honor her name through good works. during our first few days together in the hospital, before we had firmly decided on the names, beatrice smiled so many times. in her sleep, while feeding, while being held. it was crazy, but she just kept smiling. and it felt so fitting, to name her as a bringer of happiness. it’s only been two months since her arrival, but she’s for sure living up to the joy factor. it wasn’t a main reason for choosing the name, but beatrice is also a name used by several queens and royalty so it goes well with her siblings’ names, too.


we named madalena after the woman in the new testament of the bible who knew Jesus, mary magdalene (in english). the spelling “madalena” is the portuguese version of the name and the same as the italian version which just has 2 d’s instead of 1. i have always loved the story of mary magdalene in the scriptures. she was the disciple who first saw the resurrected Lord, and i absolutely love that our Savior came to her first. as a woman, that has always meant so much to me. she was a witness to the most important events of humanity, both the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ. while i wish more of her story was documented, the parts that are written and preserved are so very beautiful. and it was so very evident that she LOVED her savior, her “rabboni” or master. and josh and i hope our own madalena will have this charitable love and intimate affection for jesus and eventually know like mary magdalene knew that he is the Son of God.

on middle names…
as for middle names for our girls, we chose not to give either of them one. i know i am old fashioned in this sense, but i really hope that maybe someday if my daughters do choose to marry and want to take on a new last name, that they’ll keep “davis” as their new middle name, so they still feel a bond with where they came from. in my own personal experience when i was getting married, i found it so complicated to keep my maiden name. i ended up having too many names because i already had a middle name, and i had to do a legal name change to take on “davis” as my last name if i wanted to also keep my maiden name in the middle. in new york, i could drop my maiden last name and keep my first given middle name, or hyphenate my two last names bringing them together, which i didn’t like. my middle name “megan” had no significance to me at the time, and the thought of parting with my maiden last name was so sad since it was such a huge part of who i was.  i wanted to take josh’s last name to solidify our new family unit, but i just didn’t want to part entirely with my maiden last name. so i had to do a lot of legal work to drop my original middle name and take my maiden name as my new middle name. it might be different depending on where you live, but it was such a headache here in new york to do this change. anyway, that’s when i decided right then and there that i wouldn’t make it as complicated for my future daughters if i had any. i don’t think they’ll miss having a middle name for now. and i feel like it’s kind of strong and special to have just their first and last name at the moment. :) and also, to be super clear, i don’t think there is only one way to go about taking on a new last name if one is deciding to.  josh has a friend from college and she and her husband actually combined both of their last names and came up with a new family name entirely which i’ve always thought that was a cool way to do it. i don’t think there is only one way to keep a family connection or maintain family unity through a name. just through my headache of an experience, i wanted to at least make the option easier for my girls if they ever want to do it like me someday.
on nicknames…
when we named eleanor, we went through all the possible nickname scenarios to make sure we were cool with them. elle, ella, ellie, norah… and while we didn’t mind of any of them, she just felt like eleanor from day one so we never called her by anything else. josh is a believer that you should name someone what you want them to be called. like, name them the nickname if that’s what they’ll be known as. it’s so different for everyone, but for us, we decided to go this route.  although i do admit, there was a moment in the hospital with our new baby girls where i was like, if they ever want to start a band together, how cool would the band name “madbea” be?! they could be known as “mad” and “bea”. haha, i think i was still on a lot of drugs and painkillers though when this was running through my mind!
on choosing a name….
while it might feel heavy to be assigned the task of naming someone for the rest of their lives, we have loved the experience and the ways it has brought josh and me together. our older three children were actually really involved in the name process with us while choosing names for the baby girls and i loved some of our conversations and discussions around names as a family. i think at the end of the day, it’s so very personal how you go about the process and what you choose to do. josh and i have looked at sooooo many names (there are great apps and books where you can narrow searches based on the first initial or by region or country, etc etc.). there would be weeks during my pregnancies where we’d be really into it and other times during those 9 months where we just had to put it all away and not discuss any names for a few weeks at a time. but eventually, when you see your baby and try out a name, one always starts to fit. at least in our experience.  i can’t imagine my children being called by another now. she is absolutely our beautiful eleanor. he is without a doubt my mister samson. and that for sure is our little conrad. and then with our new baby girls… she is most definitely my joy bringing beatrice, with that smile that already eats up the entire bottom half of her little face. and the one with the piercing blue eyes and calmest demeanor, she is and always has been our madalena.
  1. Katie

    This is lovely. Thanks for sharing. We’re in the process of naming our 2nd daughter, due late Jan. Our 5 year old daughter is very invested in the process, and I love hearing her weigh in on little sister who she already loves so hard. Her nickname for the baby is likely going to be a first or middle name. It is hard work, but fun!

  2. Amy

    I love this post!

    I also wish there was more documentation about Mary Magdalene.

    And on the “name them what you want them to be called” front, I have a friend whose name is Katie and her brother’s name is Alex. They aren’t short for anything else, and their parents knew that is what they wanted to call them! I always liked that.

  3. joana david

    one of my favourite posts so far. thank you for sharing.
    on a funny side: here in portugal, madalena is also a name of a beach in the north of the country, but most important (ah ah!) is the name of a lovely little cake given to children for afternoon snacks or eaten with tea.

  4. Adriana

    Magdalene in Spanish is Magdalena. It’s only Madalena in Portuguese.


    I already loved all the names you had chosen for your little ones but hearing your story and the meanings behind all of their names makes me love them even more. They are all so beautiful and match them perfectly.

    I had always wondered if you had given the girls middle names as I never heard/saw you reference them by anything other than just their first or The Davis Girls lol. But had heard Samson & Conrad used with theirs. I really like that idea of not giving a girl a middle name. Never had thought much about it until you explained it like you did and I for sure agree. I wasn’t attached to mine either and was more attached to my maiden. Great idea. I may still this if I am ever blessed with a little girl. :)

    PS. i also agree on the nickname situation. Name your kiddo what you plan on calling them by. goes for naming them Isabella Grace and calling them Grace. no don’t do this hahaha.

  6. Michelle

    Wow, this is so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing! I agree it is so interesting to hear the stories of how people go about naming their children and it is so funny how people have such strong emotions about names and try to convince others what is right or wrong. For the record, I think your children’s names are absolutely perfect and the stories behind them are beautiful! I love, love, love how you integrated your strong faith and testimony into the names, helping your kids maintain an eternal perspective with their names, so so beautiful!!! I love hearing you share the immediate connection you had with your children when first meeting them, the veil can be so thin sometimes. There is no doubt you and Josh were meant to be their parents and they are so lucky to have you! You are doing a wonderful job as parents and your children are so blessed to have such amazing parents and to help them along this journey – there is no doubt that your rock-solid faith will help them become who they are meant to be and accomplish everything they are supposed to here on earth. This post will be a cherished keepsake for each of your children as well as for your family history!

  7. Gretchen

    This was such a touching post! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to naming my children in the future.

  8. Adrianna

    Love this post!! I think it’s so fun to hear about other people’s experiences on naming their children. My parents had my name (Adrianna) picked out for a while (Andre if I was going to be a boy). They like to say I came blazing in in the middle of July ready to be me. When they had my sister they had no idea what to name her until the nurse put her on my moms chest and asked and my mom replied “how about Carolyn?” And easy as that she got a name. The story fits her easy going personality. Mom probably could have named her anything and she would be cool with it. It’s so fun sharing these types of stories with your children.

  9. Nicole McNeff

    This gave me happy chills- especially your story of Eleanor. I love how the Spirit radiated through your post!

  10. Sylvia

    Love the inspiration behind their names! My parents had several names picked out for me Sybil (mom), and Sylvia (dad). Luckily my dad won that one as I could never imagine myself being anything else but a Sylvia, but it did lead to a multitude of nicknames (Syl,V, Sylvester, Sylvie) that I rarely hear my real name anymore.

  11. denise

    Naomi, I loved this post. They have beautiful names. Mary magdalene is my confirmation saint so I’m partial to madalena. It’s so special and hard trying to find a name for your baby but they do always suit them perfectly when you find it!

  12. I agree on naming a child being very personal.
    I did not have a middle name growing up and chose to NOT keep my maiden name as a middle name (Williams).
    But I did give my daughter a middle name and it has proven to be a correct thing to do. She bears the middle name of her great grandma who died last week. The name I swear almost made her act like her great grandma! Donna, It means “lady of the home.”
    And her first name is Margaret after another great grandma (though we call her Meg).
    My son is Simon, chosen from the bible during Sunday School one day.

    I love giving my kids unique, not super common names.
    I love that you did the same!

  13. Molly

    The Spanish version is actually Magdalena (same as in Slavic countries, like Poland where it’s very common). Portuguese is Madalena. :)

    Thanks for sharing how you chose the names. It’s definitely a special and unique thing for all parents.

  14. Hannah

    We are in the process of finalising a short list of names for our boy who’s coming in a few weeks time!! It’s such a big task!! Ekkkk!!!


  15. Such a beautifully written post. Names are so special.

  16. Annika

    I really love the stories behind those names and especially the one how you and Josh decided on Eleanor’s (I too, am a huge fan of Eleanor of Aquitaine!). However, your reasoning on not giving them middle names makes me a little sad. I don’t particularly care for my middle names either (one after a grandmother and an aunt I didn’t really care for) but to wait for a future husband to complete there names makes me sad. What if they never marry? Want if they have a wife instead of a husband? What if the husband wants to take her name? Seems like you are already raising your girls in a way where they don’t need a potential husband to complete them or their name.

    • naomi

      i definitely don’t think taking on a new last name someday will complete their name! i feel that my daughters’ names are strong and special as just their first and last name right now, which i tried to say in my blog post (i’m not the most articulate though, and maybe that didn’t come across right). i also said if my daughters choose to marry. based off my experience, i just wanted to make this option easier for them if they did choose to marry someday and want to keep their maiden name but also do something new with another name for their new family unit. but i don’t think the way i did the name thing is the only way. they can do whatever they’d like with it! josh has a friend from college and she and her husband actually combined both of their last names and came up with a new family name and i’ve always thought that was a very cool way to do it. i don’t think there is only one way to keep a family connection or maintain family unity through a name.

  17. Hayley

    Eleanor has been my favourite girl name for a while now – love that with a British accent it almost sounds like Elena. If there’s a little girl in my future she’ll definitely be an Eleanor

  18. Maria

    Amazing post! I love learning about all the stories that go behind someone’s name.

    Just a quick question, do you guys celebrate namedays in your family or just birthdays?

  19. Megan Hinds

    LOVE name stories! Thanks for sharing this!
    How is Madalena pronounced then? Mag-da-Lay-nah? Mad-eh-lyn-a/Lee-na?

    • naomi


  20. Allison

    I loved this post! My husband and I were very careful about choosing our daughters names. Our first daughter is Olivia Jo which is may God add anointing. I’m pregnant with our second daughter and we do have a name, but we are choosing to not share the name-just like we did with Olivia. I’ve always loved your kid’s names so it’s fun to see the stories.

    Thanks for sharing. I agree it can be very personal.


  21. Ashley

    I’m a big believer in naming a baby what you want to call them – we have a Jack – not John, not Jackson – he’s Jack. Because that’s what we always wanted to call him so why give him a lifetime of “John but I go by Jack”?

    Regarding middle/maiden names – I wanted to pass on a bit of my birth family’s history, so we ended up using my maiden name (Reed) as our son’s middle name. It helps that it’s a surname gaining popularity as a given name, and it’s a nice little nod to my family.

    • naomi

      love that about your maiden name as your son’s middle name!!

  22. Anne

    I had such a similar story with naming my first born that it is funny. We actually had Eleanor on our short list but she was born and I knew right away that she was Louisa. Then my husband came back to the nursery and he just goes she’s Louisa and we high fives. It had been cut and wasn’t on our top 3 but we just knew! I love all the biblical references you used. We went with family names for all of ours and they all have nicknames they go by but it is so hard to choose names!

  23. Sierra

    We’re trying to narrow names down for our third boy and the meaning behind what we decide is so important to us, as it was with other boys. I love the reasons for the names you went with and think all of them are amazing and timeless!
    Sierra Beautifully Candid

  24. Zena

    so interesting! my family does things very differently. my parents are married, but my mother kept her last name and that’s the same last name my brother and i have. I’ve always loved having that special connection to my mom and I love that my last name conveys my jewish heritage that’s from my mom’s side of the family. my cousin’s husband actually took her last name when they got married! i think it’s so great that there are so many different ways to forge those name-based family connections.

    • naomi

      yes! love this so much! so many different ways to maintain and keep those family connections. josh actually has a friend from college and she and her husband combined their last names for their new family name which i have always thought is such a great way to do it.

  25. I love the naming process, and finding meaning behind names. Our family verse is Micah 6:8 which says “to do justly, love kindness, and walk humbly with your God.” We tried to choose names that reflect that verse, and all have people to look to with those names. Soren (after Kierkegaard, means stern…I think of justice) Myles (mercy). Adelaide (a kind queen, means noble and kind) Clementine (merciful). Ansel (an amazing photographer, means with Divine protection) Elric (a wise and kind ruler).

  26. Emily

    Can you share some of the other names you and josh liked but didn’t agree on? I find names so interesting!

  27. Cassie

    So do you just completely go by your maiden name as your middle name? Or if you needed a blessing would you include the name Megan?

    • naomi

      i dropped megan entirely!

  28. Julie

    Such a beautifully written post. To all of your articles, this one feels really special. Thank you for sharing these precious moments that not only reflect the past but hopefully the future of your children. Absolutely beautiful.

  29. Whitney

    This made me a tad emtional reading it. We have three darling girls and, since i have always been very attached to my first and middle name, we gave our girls first and middle names that we loved. I’d say we use they’re first name maybe 40% of the time and the other 60% we call them by they’re first and middle names (I’ve never liked my married name). So Lana Kaye, Mae Fiona, and Eleanor James are our lovely ladies and each has significant meaning.

  30. So sweet of you sharing this! I love the stories and the names… it’s so personal, but I love that we can see a little of ourselves in someones name too.



  31. All of your kids have such beautiful names! I especially love the deep meanings behind them. 💛

  32. L

    With the no middle name thing, it seems like you’re making so many sexist assumptions about their lives, by assuming that: a) They’ll get married b) They’ll marry a man (in other words that they’ll be straight) c) They’ll choose to take their husband’s last name. I’m sorry, but I can’t help feel that this is deeply patriarchal considering that you gave your sons last name.

  33. Abbi

    Wow. This is stunning and so spiritual. Thanks for sharing something so personal!

  34. Birgit

    It always reminds me to the poem of Cats; the naming of cats is a difficult matter ;). So it is for children too like you say! That’s why we chosen classic names, written in the traditional manner and clear if it’s a boy or a girl. Call me old fashioned ;)

    So I have a girl Marie-Julie, turns out she sometimes counts for too! My son is called Nathan (French prononciation, we live in Belgium).
    We don’t nickname either cause what’s the point of giving them a name ;).

    They both have a 2nd & 3th name after their godparents which again is old fashion tradition where I live. And we don’t take our husbands family name officially.

    It’s nice to read that traditions are different all over the world.

    Enjoy the day!

    Xoxo, b

  35. Emma

    I think this my favourite post of yours I’ve ever read.

  36. sara

    Our daughter is named Nora for no other reason than we both liked the name and agreed on it. Her middle name is Ann, which she shares with both of her grandmothers, and her godmother.

    Our son is Elliott and we got it may years ago from Elliott Stabler in Law & Order SVU, but we chose it because we both liked it :) He did not have a middle name at birth and we fought back and forth about it, but ultimately landed on James, which happens to be his Dad’s name. I refuse to accept that James was chosen after his Dad though (not a fan of that). We chose James because it sounded good haha.

  37. Yay! I feel like we think alike. It’s a huge responsibility to name someone and I don’t take it lightly at all!
    I love the reasons you named you littles.
    We named our son Alexander Calvary (defender of mankind, and the place our savior died for us) and our daughter Bellamy Mercy (beautiful friend and what our savior gave us even though we didn’t deserve it!)
    If I could name people for a living I would! Haha!

  38. Kate Lowman

    Naming my second little boy now (due in several weeks) and this post really hit home!!! I also LOVE hearing how people came to get their names and felt the pressure of the world to name my first son. I totally agree that once you meet them, as parents you both just KNOW what they should be called. There was never any question what he would be called after we saw his face…he was such a GEORGE! Anyway, I think naming the second of the same sex you already have is really tough and very much appreciated today’s post! Also been toying with giving the boys a shared middle name and wondered if that was weird? I am so glad you discussed it!

  39. Lizzie

    Love this! We have a Samson as well, it turns a few heads but even though the name is associated with strength, I always loved the original meaning of sunshine and he has really grown into it! Both unbelievably strong and the biggest ray of sunshine you could ever meet 💛

  40. Liz

    What a beautiful post, thank you for sharing. I’m looking forward to reading all of the comments. I’m pregnant and struggling to find a name for our second daughter. Our first daughter’s name holds such significance for us, I hope we can find a name we love as much this time. I loved hearing the stories behind each of your children’s names and I also love how well all of their names go together.

  41. Sonya

    I had always secretly wondered how you came up with such beautiful names (even from way back when with Eleanor). Thank you for taking the time to share.

  42. Katie

    Our daughter, Linnea, is named after our favorite children’s book character. Our son’s name is… Samson! I’m not going to say we named him after your Samson, but hearing you talk about his sweet little spirit over the last few years didn’t hurt ;).

  43. Sarah

    I love this post so much! I’ve been so fascinated with names ever since I was a kid; I remember asking for a baby name book at the bookstore when I was around 13 haha.

    My parents were not necessarily very creative when it came to naming us. My mother’s name is Sara Elena (goes by first+middle) and I’m a twin, so I got Sarah since I was born first and my sister got Elena, being born second. My younger brother is named Victor Jr. after our father. Real creative, guys.

    • naomi

      oh my gosh the way you shared this made me laugh out loud! but family names are so great, too!

  44. Renata Vilas Boas

    Ther’s a beautiful song called Madalena. It was sung by a late brazillian singer : Elis Regina.

    The last part of the lyrics say:

    Até a lua se arrisca num palpite
    Que o nosso amor existe
    Forte ou fraco alegre ou triste

    which means more or less that :
    “Even the moon knows that our love exists, no matter if strong or weak, happy or sad’

    so it talks about a love that’s so strong that is evident for everyone, including the moon :D

    thought you might like it

    form brazil. with love.

  45. Amy

    I’m still going to believe I named Beatrice when you asked for naming help in a post :) :) :) All joking aside, I love all their names and especially loved the story on Eleanor’s naming.

  46. Pam

    I loved this story. I named my boys after family, my first son is the 3rd after his dad and grandfather, Fernando III (he was going to be Christopher David, but two cousins were named before I had him). My second son was named after his dad’s grandparents, his dad had told us stories of them and passed away a month before we became pregnant with Joseph Philip. Then with my third son, I named him after my grandfather, this was always my plan when I had a son. whom I was very close. He had been very sick and couldn’t speak, but smiled proudly when I told him. Micheal Andrew(I had always liked the name Andrew). Then lastly my fourth son was named by his (aunt/godmother), and just happened to be the name of my grandma’s favorite Uncle. Thomas Anthony ( another one of my favorite names, I wanted it to be his first name, but his dad didn’t like it. When Tommy, I`m the only one that still calls him that(he’s 21), was 3 he would tell people his full name. All their names are also Catholic, and very strong names.

  47. Gigi

    You say you have no nicknames, but don’t you guys call Elanor “E” a lot??😊😉

    • josh

      Hi Gigi! You know it’s funny, but we never call our kids “E” or “S” or just a letter. But Naomi and I DO text and write the kids’ initials to each other.

  48. Kristen


    After this post, I have to share that I am due with my first baby girl on August 16th. Her name is going to be Naomi and has been since I found out she was a girl at 20 weeks. Not only do I love this name because of it’s biblical reference and the fact that it’s a name you don’t hear that often but is considered an “older” generational name… Much like Eleanor. I love this name because I have always felt like YOU are such a strong woman of faith and a powerful mother figure. I want my daughter to have these same attributes and hope that she can take the name and use it as only she can to become a strong woman of God and maybe, eventually a selfless and loving mother to her own children. I hope this doesn’t come off as creepy or obsessive.. that is not my intention. I only mean it as a compliment and to let you know how much your blog and influence has meant to me personally. Faith and Family are everything in my life and finding bloggers who not only share those same sentiments but CELEBRATE them is a hot commodity and I follow faithfully. Thank you for sharing something as personal as your babies names here, with us.

  49. Kelly

    I’m a librarian and baby name books are so popular with customers of all ages! We always find them laying around the library from just about anyone who has enjoyed sitting and browsing. They usually provide meanings too, and it’s special for kids to read the meanings for their names, though many of our young customers have great unique names that aren’t included.

    Thanks for sharing this, I’ve always wondered and really like your kids names :-)

  50. evie

    I love this post! I love and respect when parents really put a lot of thought into their children’s names. Eleanor’s name story is especially amazing – as if she chose it herself and needed to remind you what she was to be called. If I am ever blessed with another girl, Beatrice is my #1 pick. ✌🏻

  51. Oh wow, what a powerful story and meaning to each of your babies. I care more about names now then I did back in the day. I thought it was cool to name a child Orange, but now I wouldn’t think of it. I wish my mom would have thought about my name. But as I have grown in the Lord, I see the meaning of naming our children is more than being cute or popular. Honestly, I love how you focused on the strength and the biblical meanings of each child. I wish I knew a little more about names when I was younger. But I pray my girl’s names are still covered in blessings. This was very informative and conversational thought provoking. Seriously, I was reading each list on here. I named my last child Moriah which has a biblical name. So I understand your reasons. Thank you..well said

    xo Tangie

  52. Celia

    In Spain, women keep their last name, and children get both last names: Eleanor Davis Reid, for example.

    Also, my parents would name my sister Lorena , but my grandma showed up at the hospital with her own name and my sisters birth date engraved and everything!! Aparently they coulndt say no. Now my sister hates her name, Teresa

    • josh

      Love this!

  53. Cassie F.

    My husband and I were totally the name them what you want to call them type…until our oldest was born and we named her Rose Dawson. We were quickly informed that the main character in Titanic was Rose Dawson. It was so important to me to keep Dawson in there because it was my gramdmother’s name, but she was Rose and we knew that. So we switched it to Dawson Rose and we call her Rose (or Rosie), and it fits her perfectly. And our youngest is Sunday, but is almost always called Sunnie. She’s the silliest, happiest little girlie though, so it’s perfect.

  54. mallory

    so fun to read!! my parents were incredibly purposeful and intentional when they named me and my four sisters, and as my husband + I have about three weeks left to deliberate on a name for our first little boy, I am comforted to know it will *hopefully* fall into place, even if it’s as we meet him!! thanks for sharing.

  55. Kristen

    I loved reading this post! When I was pregnant with my only child, I was discussing potential names with my mom and she said to me, “Think carefully about your child’s name. It is the first gift you give to your child and a gift they take with them on their entire life’s journey.” I loved thinking about the name as a gift… congratulations on your beautiful family. I have enjoyed reading your blog since the days when you and Josh were newlyweds.

  56. Sara

    ❤️ from Portugal! Madalena is a great choice (in Portuguese Beatrice would be Beatriz)

  57. Zoe

    Thank you for sharing such a personal piece of how your kiddos got their names!

    I’ll never understand how people think it is ok to comment on the names parents choose! A friend of mine had her grandmother tell her the name was ugly literally while holding the newborn. Not only did you carry them (though this would be true even if you didn’t) you took care to consider the values and traits you wanted your children to know were important to you in your consideration of their lives. This is a perfect excuse to quote Amy Pohler and say “good for you, not for me” and keep opinions to yourself. I hope their judgement didn’t sting for too long!

  58. Megan

    I really enjoyed hearing your reasons for all the names. They are all so beautiful. Remember when you said that Josh had a name and your friends all vetoed it? What was that name?? hehe. Being a feminist myself I can understand a few of the comments about the girls’ lack of middle name, but I also feel that this decision is yours and yours alone, and you definitely said IF they choose. You are such a supportive mom I don’t see any of them feeling like they are boxed in.
    Also my name is Megan. Should I feel a little insulted that you dropped it as your middle one? hehe. JK of course

  59. Catherine

    Love your kids’ names and how the five of them work together as well. I’m sure they’ll love hearing the stories of how you picked their names someday! The girls’ not having middle names is disappointing, however. The whole concept of women being expected to change their last names is antiquated and sexist in origin–it was used to demonstrate a change in property from her father to her husband. I realize that you said “if” they choose to marry and that there are other ways to have a family name, but the correlation/expectation is still pretty strong. Why do women have to be the ones to lose a piece of their identity and change their last name when married? Why can’t men do it? You said that you would love if your girls kept Davis as a middle name—why not encourage them to ignore gender expectations and keep their last name for life? I love your blog and look forward to reading your posts, but this premise is honestly really upsetting, especially because you’re not setting the same standard for Conrad and Samson.

  60. Cait

    Oh, I am SO glad you shared these stories! I love names, and my husband and I have approached it very similarly with a lot of thought and meaning, so it’s lovely to hear the background for all of your beautiful choices. Our kids are Jacqueline Talora (we went through many ideas for her and thought maybe too hard about it – in the end we named her after a dear mentor, only to find out that her name meant EXACTLY what we had been aiming for.), Gavriel Lewis (inspired by the Russian form of Gabriel, though to keep it simple the spelling we used was Hebrew. Lewis after C.S. Lewis), and Ezekiel Monroe. We had NO idea what to name #3 and it felt terrible. Then in the end, Ezekiel was the name staring us in the face, being a book my husband was passionate about studying and the themes of which were really reflected in our lives at the time. We didn’t make a decision for two days, which was totally new for us. I have a feeling #4 (another brother!) might have the name we were deciding between. We have NO other ideas!!

  61. Lisa

    What a lovely post. In Germany it is not too common to have a middle name (his my name is “only” Lisa – pronounced Leesah). However I always wanted one :P therefore we decided to give our son who is due in November a middle name.
    But I would never think that only giving a first name meant any less or suggests that your daughters need to marry to “complete their name”. They have such unique and great name and really don’t need a second one.
    For our son’s first name we actually agreed on a name before we even knew we were pregnant! We just fell in love with a name and agreed we just would not be able to find a better one :) also we love all the possible nicknames. That was important to me too.

  62. Jaylee

    This is by far my favorite post. Gave me goosebumps! I hope to give my children names that connect them to their Heavenly Father and Savior like yours.

  63. Sarah-Louise

    fun reading the deeper and biblical connections on these names. i have always thought you’ve done a great job with the names, lovely blend of unique but still beautiful. we have Amelia, George, Cal and now new baby bro will be needing a name in about 2 months. pressure’s on! we’ve always just kind of gone with what sounds good to us, and the middle names have a family tie either on mine or my husband’s side.

  64. Caity

    Our 5 year old is Beatrice and she was the same way!! She smiled CONSTANTLY from day one. It’s the first thing anyone ever noticed about her, how she was always smiling, and they always seemed on purpose even though she was just days old. You definitely have joy coming your way.

  65. Vanessa

    You caught me with Eleanor’s t-shirt on this post
    (My 4 year old Madalena has one!) and I was also very curious why you named one of the twins Madalena in Portuguese!! You have a most beautiful family and I wish you all the best. Love from Portugal :)

  66. Amelia

    Naomi this post is so cool! I am particularly jazzed that you have named one of your BEAUTIFUL girls Madalena. We named our 3 year old daughter Maddalena, yes you are right, this is the Italian version as she is named after her Italian Great Grandmother, a powerful, strong and stoic woman. Bummer that I am a kiwi and we live in New Zealand, seriously not one person unless of some European decent can get her name right. It’s Maddaleeeeena according to most. I never thought it would bother me but she is strong like her Great Nonna and is already correcting people on the spot. God bless her confidence and long may it last :).
    Love your blog Naomi. Amelia

  67. Mary

    Thank you for such a beautiful, sincere post. I appreciate your love of God and of your children. What a powerful testimony. I love each of your children’s names and have been looking forward to a post about this one day. You are so right. Choosing a name is so personal. The ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of the name should only really matter to the people giving the name.

    I especially loved the moment you talked about in knowing Eleanor’s name. I am currently pregnant with my first. My husband and I are not finding out the gender, so we are keeping a running list for both boy and girl names. In spite of that, I have felt so strongly from day one that this little one growing in me is a girl and that she has already chosen her name. I know that might seem strange to some, but I have the strongest feeling. I am so excited to see how it all plays out.

  68. Rebecca

    I loved this post! I have always loved names. Loved them so much I couldn’t imagine not using one as a middle name ;); however I totally understand your conundrum. I had a hard time deciding whether to drop my middle name and use my maiden name as wel. I wanted to keep my family name, yet my father specifically gave me my middle name. He had always loved the name Elizabeth, but my mother-a HUGE fan of nicknames- didn’t like (Liz, Lizzy, etc.), so they named me Rebecca and he got Beth as my middle name. He would travel a lot and the song “Elizabeth” was popular when I was 3. He would change the words to “Rebecca Beth” when he would sing to me before leaving on another trip. He passed away when I was 11 and I always loved and knew I would name my daughter Elizabeth. I kept my middle name Beth as an extra connection to her, and of course she loves to tel the story now herself.

  69. Cléo

    Beautiful post ! I felt such a huge responabilty naming my first born, as i feel like a name really shapes the person wearing it (my name is Cléo, really really rare here un France, i used to hate it for being so unusual and tried to go by Alice, my middle name – never worked- and now i love it for the exact same reason. I’m convinced i would not be the same with a more common name.) Anyway my son stayed without a name for 3 days After he was bien because i was so worried our choice might notre be the perfect one for him. Even though i knew the second i met him he couldn’t be anyone else than our little Ruben. But what i also understood later on is that the child shapes the name as well, and it was so so much easier naming my second born, a girl (Nina) because I knew SHE would make me love whatever name we would pick for her.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful stories behind your children’s names !

  70. Alexa

    Favorite post of yours, and I have been reading since before Eleanor was born!

    Our families definitely didn’t like our son’s name (Francis Lafayette…Francis for my great-grandfather and connections to F. Scott Fitzgerald/Frank Sinatra and its strong yet peaceful, classic yet underused feel, and Lafayette for my French great-grandfather and a favorite street in New York City) when we announced it earlier this year. Silence fell over the room and was broken with an, “Oh.” from one of the grandmothers! Hahaha oh my gosh, my husband and I still laugh to ourselves about it. Makes us glad we didn’t share our thoughts on names before the birth!

  71. Kerry

    I myself have no human children but I do have two kitties and their names are Mason and Dixie. Yes, they were named for the Mason Dixon line.
    ButI thought that I would,share the naming of me…my parents decided that if I were male my mother would name me and if I were female my dad would name me.
    My dad picked the name and my mother picked the spelling to go with my Irish heritage.
    Thus the name Kerry Ann. I have been calling myself Kerry Anne since I was 12…so I guess you could say that to some small degree I named myself!
    Names are so very important.

  72. Mariana

    Thank you for sharing! it is really beautiful.

    My name is Mariana and my father told me I could be 2 in 1, Maria and Ana. My last name is Sanson, for some people it is a reaaaally difficult name to be spelled where I live and nobody writes it correctly.

  73. nicole

    I have always, always, always wondered how your children’s names came to be, especially because of how unique they are and because the girls didn’t have middle names and the boys had the same one. As a lover of names as well, I think it’s so important to be thoughtful and responsible when determining what to name little ones. Thank you so much for sharing! This has been a favorite of mine :)

  74. Katrina

    Beautiful stories! My name “Katrina” is a nod to my European heritage & means “pure” which is what my parents prayed over me.

    Naomi for the exact same reason as you, my parents didn’t give my sister or I middle names. When we were in elementary school we were occasionally a little bummed not to have a middle name, but as we’ve gotten older (we’re 22 & 20) & closer to marriage, we are SO, SO happy not to have middle names!!! Parting with our last name all together just sounds sad!

  75. Meghan

    I had a hard time giving up my maiden name when I got married five years, so now that we are pregnant with our second, boy or girl- the baby’s middle name will be my maiden name. Absolutely a tribute to my parents, brother and our wonderful time as a family of four before I began my own family!

  76. Kat

    I loved reading this, and also find names so interesting!
    My husband and I picked names for our three kids that were uncommon, but with personal meaning, all Hebrew background, and all beginning with different vowels.
    I also think it’s really cool to notice that often a name is what you become, like a blessing a parent can give a child.
    Our oldest son’s name means “helper”, and he has always had a gentle, kind and helpful way about him.
    My second sons names mean ” father of many/resting place”, and we have seen him be a calm and restful and strong presence to people of all ages!
    My daughter’s names mean Noble treasure and wealth, a d she DEFINITELY personifies someone who knows their worth and honors it!
    Funny story – my sister named her son Hasten Justice, and after two years of trying to slow his roadrunner ways, it finally dawned on her that she DID choose to call him ” Hasten” – he just literally lives up.to his name!

  77. Amy

    Love all the names!

    Naming our now 10 month old baby girl was somehow easy for us. We were both set on a short name and something classic, my husband loves the Jane Austen book Emma and I’ve always loved that name (no, we didn’t named our baby after Ross and Rachel’s baby!) so we were set on Emma before I was pregnant. The tricky part was that my husband is Chinese and his family has a tradition that the same generation has to share either the first or the last three letters of their Chinese name, and also the grandfather names the baby. So the hard part was deciding if she was going to get her Chinese name as first or middle name. Luckily my father in law found a beautiful name that means “simple and elegant” which is some of the qualities we wanted for her, to be humble yet gracious. Emma Zouyi suits her perfectly and I wouldn’t change it for the world. When she was born I didn’t even think of it, and we kept it a secret from family and friends, she was always Emma.

  78. Eisha

    I think I’ve commented this before, but I am obsessed with their names for a few reasons:

    1.) Eleanor has always been my favorite girl name- way before I started following you!
    2.) Sampson (slightly different, I know) is my 2nd favorite boy name (first is Callaghan) so imagine my surprise when I found a blogger who had two kids named two of my favorite names.
    3.) Things got even more weird when Conrad arrived- it’s my surname! And even better, Rex is a family name for me!
    4.) Beatrice is my second favorite girl name. I was anxiously waiting for you to announce their names and was telling my 2 best friends about how you were having twins and how I couldn’t wait for you to name them and how weird it would be if you chose the name Beatrice since you already have an Eleanor and it’d be my top 2 girl names….WELL imagine their shock when I called to tell them- they couldn’t believe it!
    5.) Madalena is such a beautiful name and is special since my niece is Madeline (super close!).

    Anyways, the odds are astounding.

    I also really like your comment on how people with unique names always struggle with people spelling and saying their name right. I have 2 unique names. My first name is Eisha (e-sha; Hebrew for “woman”) and my middle name is Marchelle (my aunts name). No one ever says or spells Eisha right. It gets slightly annoying, but I also firmly believe that it has made me who I am. I love being the only person that people know with the name- it helps them remember me. I also think it made me really outgoing since I was the only one with the name, so I thought I had to live up to the liveliness and uniqueness of it. But knowing my struggles with it, I have always leaned more towards names that are both unique but also easy to say and spell so my kids wouldn’t have to worry about it but also so that they wouldn’t be one of 8 Emma’s or Aiden’s in their classes.

    So, so in awe of your beautiful family and so grateful that you choose to share with us all!

  79. Nicole

    This is totally unrelated, but your post got me thinking of how grateful I am for your blog. I started following a couple of years ago and your love for museums, art, and cultural rubbed off on me. I didn’t visit many museums before. But your enthusiasm sparked my interest. A couple years later, I’m changed. My family and I frequently seek out culture now, and I find myself escaping to museums to find inspiration and respite. These experiences enhanced our lives. Just wanted to give you a quick thank you. :)

  80. Dana

    This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  81. What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing such personal stories and back stories to how you named your children. Our 5-yo Sarah means “princess” and even before I got pregnant, mu husband and I would ask each other: “when are we going to have our little Sarah?” Then, before we had our second I had a miscarriage, so it felt fitting to name her Beatriz (Portuguese spelling for Beatrice), for the same reason you named your Beatrice. And finally, our 8-mo Victor we named himVixtor bc it works will in Portuguese AND in English (both hubby and I are Brazilians loving In Utah), but my husband only agreed to name him that if he could aay it’s bc of his soccer team’s goalie who apparently now is referred to as “saint Victor” for giving them the Libertadores champshionhip gold title 😅. Naomi, your family is ADORABLE. I can tell you are an amazing mother who loves her children 💗.

  82. Mila

    I am Russian and all the middle names of a family are based off the father and are the same, just with a different ending to denote “son of” or “daughter of.” My father is name Oleg so my name is Mila Olegyevna, and my brothers are Nikita Olegovich and Mikhail Olegovich. Russian surnames in the same family are gender dependent as well. Males in my family are Astapkov, females are Astapkova. Less creativity unfortunately!

    Also, the part when you said “josh is a believer that you should name someone what you want them to be called. like, name them the nickname if that’s what they’ll be known as.” Isn’t Josh a nickname for Joshua? haha

    • josh

      Hi Mila, thanks for sharing how it is in Russia. And yes, Josh is a nickname for Joshua. Having been given a name by my parents and then having been always called an abbreviated version of it or a nickname by my parents and others is part of why I believe what I believe!

  83. Alex

    Love that the Boyd share their middle names.
    Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  84. Lindsey Lindstrom

    I love this! I wasn’t given a middle name either! My brother was, but my two sisters and I were not! I never missed not having one :) Makes it WAY easier in more ways than one! Though no one ever believed me. They thought I just pretended I didn’t have one because I hated my given one!

  85. Abigail

    Lovely names, and special reasoning for choosing them! I didn’t have a middle name until I married and kept my maiden as a middle. I enjoyed it growing up because it felt unique, I love it now because it keeps that connection. We just had our first girl, after four wonderful boys, and we decided to skip a middle name for her too!

  86. So intimate and meaningful! That doesn’t happen too often in today’s day in age- and SPIRITUAL! Thanks for sharing your love of Christ and how that played a role in adding to your family. More God talk in my book! My girls also have NO middle name because my husband is Arabic and they don’t use them. I didn’t mind keeping it simple. I kept my maiden name and now wish I had the same as my husband as my eldest is starting school and I sort of feel like the new wife or something, not her mother with a shared name! Haha! Names are truly significant and important and meaningful. Good idea to looked to the Latin!

  87. Annika

    Interesting to read.
    Internationally, if your kids ever decided to live in a non english speaking country, the names could be hard to pronounce, but I guess if it ever happens, they might get given nicknames. We are a family of 2 cultures, 2 languages, so naming our kids was super hard. There were only a handful of names that suited both languages. So our kids are Daniel, Oliver and Amy. Daniel and Amy have 3 names plus last name, Oliver has one middle name. They all have my last name instead of their dads, something I liked to do instead of going the traditional way. We are not married so we each have our own last name and if i would ever get married, i would never change my last name.

  88. lexie

    I rarely comment on blogs, but I wanted to say that I so appreciated this post. I’m not a mother, and I don’t know if I ever will be, but I’ve always had a deep appreciation for names and the meanings behind them. I’m particularly fond of biblical and “old fashioned” names; Eleanor has been a favorite of mine for a long time, actually.

    I’ll admit though that I love nicknames. My mother named me “Alexis,” because she thought it sounded official on the birth certificate, but I have gone by Lexie my whole life. I have a deep appreciation for my name, however, and the meaning behind it and I like how my whole name sounds together even if I prefer to go by a nickname. (I was also named after a movie where the main character was Alexis, but went by Lexie, so there’s some sentimentality there too). I would never impose a nickname on someone though, unless they told me they preferred it.

    I have a middle name and have always just thought that if I had kids (boy or girl) they would have middle names as well. But I appreciate your perspective on whether to give a middle name or not, Often as an adult I have wished that I didn’t have one because I intend to take my husband’s name if I ever marry, but also like the idea of keeping my name somehow (particularly since my family has passed away). I think even if legally I were to drop my middle name, I would still think of myself with it as it is a part of who I am and my identity.

    I don’t think it’s fair to judge someone for their choices based on your personal beliefs. Not everything has to be a debate (even if today’s society says it does).

  89. Joy

    Loved this post! I agree with Josh on naming kids what you want to call them. It’s one thing to shorten a name but sometimes kids are called their middle name or a totally different version of their name from day 1! I don’t get it!

    • josh

      Thanks, Joy!

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  91. Shadaio

    Wow interesting topic dear, its nice to read a diffrent culture how they think in nameing , well i think u both did great job on searching and i belive on what josh saying about the nickname , if you want them to be the person and having the chracter of that named person you should call them without nicknames . Will i did also the same but digging in my root and culture for names with strong characters that we don’t want to be exhauustion even if its repetitive . And at the end no one should judge you why you name ur kids like that but name them with good meaning names that the best you can do .

  92. Tricia

    We love Eleanor but my husband dated one so that was out- we named her Norah, and she’s totally a Norah :) I love all of the stories behind your children’s names!

  93. Erin

    What lovely stories for each name. I’m sure they will love hearing them over and over as they grow up. In terms of challenges around spelling and pronunciation, I think that’s a challenge pretty much no matter what you name them! My son is Elliot, and of course there’s the l’s and t’s to sort out. I thought my own name, Erin, was quite common, but when we moved to the UK, people didn’t really know it. Now we live in Germany, and it’s REALLY foreign. We had no idea we would be living in Germany one day, and thankfully my son’s name seems to be easier to say than mine, because he has no trouble at school… though it’s Elli-OAT. Very French, in a way!

  94. i am sooo glad you shared this!! i ADORE baby names!!! and had totally been wondering how you landed on madalena, since i have a maddalena. :) for me, my family is italian and my favorite baby girl’s name was always madeline/madelyn, and walking through the streets of florence, i saw “maddalena” on a baby bib. it’s been fun to cherish all the meaning in the name [mary magdalene, etc] ever since that moment!! although so many people try to call her [or stubbornly continue to call her] madda-LEE-na. :P i still think it’s the most beautiful name on the planet! i also looooved hearing them say “beatrice” in italy. <3 "bee-a-tree-CHA!" gorgeous in any language!

  95. Nicholette

    I love this post! Their names are all so lovely (not that there’s such thing as a bad name). My son’s name is Simon and I can’t imagine him being called anything else. My daughter is Sylvie and although I LOVE nicknames that develop over time (I’m from a family that loves nicknames!), I also like the idea of naming kids what you want to call them. Does that make sense? We called out daughter Sylvie instead of Sylvia because it just felt right…maybe we knew it would be shortened anyway? As much as I love the name, I have to admit, she was nicknamed the day she was born by her brother who couldn’t say “baby” yet (he was still very little) and she’s been “Beep” ever since by almost everyone who knows her.

  96. Meghan

    I love all the care you put behind each name. It’s amazing how names can affect a person down the road. I was adopted and my birth name was moved to my middle name. I found out in college that my middle name (Soh won) means “hope” in Korean. It felt like a gift finding that out. It felt like my birth mom was sending me a message all those years ago. We’ve since passed the name on to my little girl. Thanks for sharing such a personal experience and process! ❤️

    • naomi

      This is really touching, Meghan.

  97. Mabel England

    I love this post, thank you for sharing! My mom is named Magdalena and so is my sister (we call her Maggie) and I have always loved the name Eleanor but at the last minute decided Nora fit her best. I totally agree with you in that names define you and are such a big reponsibility❤️ I guess when your name is Mabel you can’t help but notice that kind of stuff 🙂

  98. Sarah

    What a beautiful post Naomi, it really touched my heart, thank you! What beautiful names for a beautiful family. My middle name takes after my Grandmother, so I’ll always have part of her close to me.