when all my babies met for the very first time.

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so happy to share photos today from when beatrice and madalena met their three older siblings for the very first time. since they were born just before midnight the evening before, eleanor, samson and conrad came straight from school the following afternoon and i don’t think any of us, the three of them or josh and me, could contain our excitement in that moment of everyone finally greeting each other and being reacquainted on earth. it’s etched in my memory forever, that moment when eleanor first met her tiny brother samson, and again when eleanor and samson walked in for the first time to meet our little mister conrad. the way eleanor signed “baby” as she first looked at samson, or the way samson’s body shook from head to toe with insane excitement before i placed conrad in his lap to hold for the very first time. the most magical of moments. the ones i’ll never forget and carry with me forever.

my sweet friend amanda took these photos for us when the kids arrived, and they are without a doubt, everything to me. she also came to the hospital the day before for a few hours when i was in labor (i labored for 10 hours before i ended up having to go back to the operating room for a c-section anyhow). since the hospital was having a slow night and no one else was in the recovery room area after my c-section, they let amanda come in there with us while they monitored me for a few hours (normally only one person is allowed to be there with you, same as in the operating room).  she took some special photos just for us of our fresh baby girls in our arms for the very first time which i’ll hold especially dear forever and ever. full disclosure, i debated for a few months if we should have someone there to take pictures and some video. i wanted to have some sort of documentation of it all just for our family, but i also wanted the moment to still feel intimate and special for just josh and me and our new babies and wasn’t sure how that would play out with someone else right beside us. for me, in the end, i am so glad we did it. josh and i take photos and videos so often and while we both absolutely love to have a camera in our hands, it was nice to not have to turn that mindset on at all for either of us during those few days at the hospital. i also am so glad we hired someone i am close to (who also happens to be an amazing photographer) over someone i don’t know. it’s different for everyone, but for me, i was able to feel fully relaxed in such vulnerable moments this way, which i’m thankful for.  those first few moments are always a blur after i deliver (whether vaginally or by c-section) and as this was the first time we had someone capture those moments both before the birth and after for us, i now wish we’d have hired someone to take photos of all our births because it’s been so great to have these photos (and some video files) to relive it all through, so raw and filled with so much emotion, to look back on. anyway, a million thank you’s to amanda for basically spending the night at the hospital with us (i think she didn’t leave until 1am!) and for these images.


this moment right here. this moment, their faces, my tears…. i’ll never forget!


samson didn’t last even 30 seconds beside me, he was off to meet his new sisters stat! :)


this was the moment where josh was bringing the babies over so the kids could hold them and conrad exclaimed excitedly, “i want to hold the boy one.” we were like, oh shoot! sorry cutie, but you just got two little sisters!!


having three younger sisters myself, i have always dreamed since eleanor was born of giving her a sister. i still can’t believe we just gave her two! i’m so excited to watch them grow together, and to watch the bond and relationships grow with their two big brothers as well.

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conrad enamored with my hosptial bed and all the buttons that make it go up and down, samson asking me a million questions and my three baby girls beside me…. this is my heaven on earth right here. we are currently six weeks out and as exhausting as the post partum phase can be with your own body trying to recover in the midst of taking care of newborns and your existing family, for me, it’s one of my favorite stages. i just love the newborn-ness. i don’t mind the frequent nightime feedings because they come with the nighttime cuddles and the nighttime kisses with that blissful milk breath and warm skin to skin bonding. there is a special spirit that lingers in our home during this time that is hard to replicate when this chapter comes to a close. i would have a newborn in my home forever if i could logistically figure out how to make that happen. ;)


sprinkles cupcakes, one of my all time favorite cupcakes…they sadly got a little messed up when messengered over from the bakery but they still tasted so good. we had a few dozen for all the nurses and staff at the hospital although i think conrad was most excited about it.


to me, beatrice and madalena look so very different and have their own unique looks although they do have a lot of their siblings’ features because those davis genes are strong! ;) but even so, josh put a dot of hot pink marker on the bottom of one of their heels just to be completely certain during that first week at home without the hospital ankle bracelets. he was like, “this way i can tell the girls with certainty someday that we never accidentally switched them in the beginning! and have proof!”

MAY282018-32MAY282018-34MAY282018-30MAY282018001001MAY282018001001-2 just feeling all the feels right now. it’s so very different for everyone but for me, i’m living my ultimate dream right now getting to be a mama and being surrounded by my little ones. every day i’m learning new things and making mistakes and figuring it out as i go, but i’m thankful for this chance!  thank you to everyone who has shared in our excitement the past several months! and thanks again for these special photos, amanda!

  1. Bella


  2. jessica basso

    Beautiful photos you will be sure to treasure forever! I can feel the excitement and sense of pride and joy from your faces all the way over here in South Louisiana!!!

    & yes you guys have strong genes! alot like my family. I am 1 of 5 and we all look nearly identical. My stepbabies however do not look related to one another AT ALL. Funny how that works out sometimes.

    God Bless you all!

  3. Margaret

    These pictures are precious. Congratulations!

  4. Helen

    Hi. This is a lovely post and a real treat to see such an insight into new family life. May I ask a question? What’s with the elastic bands on their tiny soft skulls so close after birth? Is that an American thing. They’re beautiful as it is, why embellish them like this? Thank you. And beautiful names by the way!

  5. Omgosh congratulations again. This little story made me tear up and is just the sweetest thing. I’m glad you have those moments as well! I filmed my baby sisters birth and I LOVE rewatching it over and over! Such special moments! What a blessing!

  6. Niamh

    Amazing pictures – congratulations!

  7. Chloe

    My guess is if Eleanore is anything like I was,
    she’ll be able to tell her baby sisters apart better
    than anyone. My little sisters are identical twins
    and I pride myself on being able to tell them apart
    from the backs of their heads (even if they’re 21 now – they are still babies in my eyes!) congratulations Davis family!

  8. Erin

    I cried at just the preview on insta! Beautiful family and
    beautiful pics! Been following since before Eleanor
    was born and I love your sweet family. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Jane

    Can’t handle it. The way they look so lovingly at their sisters is too much! Very sweet pictures.

  10. Renee

    Beautiful, Naomi! You and your family are such an inspiration so thank you for sharing your life with us. It’s such a refreshing reminder when I see families filled with genuine and authentic love and happiness. <3

  11. Such a sweet post! I read this after nap time to my four-year old and she cooed the entire time begging for a baby. She has no idea that I am 8 weeks pregnant! Madelyn and her older sister Mia are going to be amazing big sisters! We want to wait to tell them when I am farther along and can bring them to an ultra sound. These photos were beautiful and I your family is so beautiful! Congratulations on your growing family!

  12. Michelle

    Oh these pictures are so sweet! It may be my hormonal self because I’m in a similar phase of life, but they made me tear up and get so excited for the next phase of our lives. Thank you! I’m in the middle of the morning sickness phase and seeing these pictures and reading these sweet words help keep it all in perspective.

  13. Kiley Rasmussen

    I just love your family! Those are very precious pictures and made me cry!

  14. Lizzy

    What a beautiful family all my blessings

  15. Suzy

    Congratulations!! They are beautiful!

    “I want to hold the boy one!” Haha :-) Kids are the funniest.

  16. Julia

    Are they identical or fraternal?! Such a beautiful kind family! So much love in the Davis home for sure! God knew to bless you with 2 healthy baby girls !!

  17. Maria

    So beautiful!! I have a 12-week-old (via c section, too!) and can’t imagine twins while recovering with three older kids too! But what a dream to be surrounded by all of these littles. You’re a rock star!! I’ve been following your blog since Eleanor was born! So amazing. Lots of love!

  18. Nicole

    You amaze me! You are the perfect mom to have five kids! I wish I loved the newborn phase as much as you do. I just don’t cope well without sleep. These photos are precious! Beautiful family!

  19. Katie

    Congratulations! Such a beautiful family. I appreciate the way you honor motherhood.

  20. Nichole

    Just amazing, Davis family! Beautiful! I’ve been following your family for years (before kids and I think your studio apartment!? So exciting to see your family grow!

    Thank you for sharing!

  21. Morgan

    These photos are absolutely perfect. So lovely and heartwarming to see your family growing! And I laughed about Josh marking one of the baby’s feet — it’s something I think about *constantly* whether or not the twins I know were accidentally switched with each other at birth. Glad I’m not alone haha! Congratulations; I’ve so loved following your family’s journey and can’t wait to continue on the ride with you.

  22. Laura

    These photos are … the loveliest. Especially the one as everyone is first walking into the hospital room – just sheer happiness from all sides!
    Congratulations on your beautiful family!

  23. Audrey

    OMG M&D are so beautiful !! Congrats !!
    Your pictures make me think about my oldest one when she met her little sister at the hospital, couldn’t stop crying watching your pics… That was so touching… And next month it will be the same with my 2 girls meeting their brother :))))
    I wish you a lot of happiness David family, you’re all amazing and an inspiration for me.
    Kisses from Paris <3

  24. Hope

    Your whole family is just beaming! These photos are so precious. I’m so happy for the entire Davis family. Madalena and Beatrice could not be any sweeter.

  25. taylor

    absolutely love! it has been exciting watching your family grow! congratulations on your new family of seven!

    with love, from sf –

  26. Elaine

    Such special pictures. Everyone is radiant! I am also thank full for amanda taking such beautiful photos of my NYC family. Love you all so much!

  27. Sepideh

    Wonderfull family

  28. Susan

    Congratulations!! Such beauty!

  29. Alicia


  30. Sarah Johnson

    So exciting for you guys! Congratulations. You have a beautiful family! Would love if you did a blog post on all baby esstentials!!! Also, where are there cute bows from?

  31. Long time follower

    Love all of the photos!! Just the other day I asked my mom about baby hospital pictures and pictures of her carrying my siblings and I and she said it was just a personal choice as she was not a fan of pregnancy…I will have to accept that but I wish there were pictures. You’ve got some serious gems here! <3

  32. Kat

    I may have missed it, but are they fraternal or identical? Asking because I’m an identical twin myself! Congratulations!!!

  33. Hillary

    How beautiful! I teared up instantly. So many feels with newborn babies but I completely agree that the newborn stage is magical, peaceful and fulfilling. It’s been my favorite with my kids as well! Congratulations Davis family! They are just smoochable! ☺️☺️

  34. Megan

    Oh, the tears are rolling!! My last baby is a year and while I know I’m done, this is giving me PANGS of newborn fever!! While I can’t quite say I love that time as much as you do, it is definitely a special time and the house feels extra special ❤️. Love to you, hope you are recovering and doing well!

  35. Gina

    Thank you for sharing. These are beautiful photos. Your children are all so special and show so much love. I hope you’re feeling well. Congratulations

  36. Nela


  37. Gita

    Very nice and full of sense ❤️💚💙

  38. Marta

    All the best to you All<3 Davis Family <3

  39. Lena

    Congratulations! These photos are so sweet! Especially the one when everyone came through the door. So emotional just to look at it! I imagine having 5 kids to be so hard but you make it look like a lot of fun anyway. Wish you best of luck! Lots of love from Germany, Lena

  40. Esther Barens

    Sooo cute! And so much respect! You are born to give birth and to be a mother! I wish you all the best! BR Esther (following you from the Netherlands)

  41. Tina

    No word….so beautiful

  42. britt

    This is so very precious ! Beautiful

  43. Rachel

    Beautiful beautiful shots!!!! You’ll cherish them forever I know!

  44. these are the happiest, sweetest photos of your fam!! what a great decision to have someone capture it for you!! and gosh, all that labor and then the c-section. you are amazing! AND i still can’t believe you guys landed on the name madalena. i thought my *maddalena* [italian version] would never hear of another! well. not in our country, i mean. haha!!! thanks for always sharing your beautiful family’s joy!

  45. Yesssss!!! My favorite favorite is that special moment when the big siblings meet the baby in the hospital. I’m so glad you had a friend come in, I volunteer to do that for friends because of how special it is to me, and the pictures I treasure as well. I, too, love the beauty and new-ness of the newborn phase, and though I haven’t had it in my home for a while, can remember that joy like it was yesterday. It’s been the biggest pain of my adult life to not be able to have that over and over again, to not give my 4 even more siblings, but I’ve learned to let it go a little, and embracing new chapters in my life. Thanks for sharing your joy, this is beautiful and gives me all the feels all over again.

  46. Allison

    So beautiful! I had a c section on my first baby, so I know how the recovery can be. You girls (and other babies) are precious and so glad you are recovering well.


  47. Brittany

    Beautiful photos of your beautiful family. I have to ask, how do you pronounce Madalena’s name? Madaleena or Madalayna?

    • josh


  48. Being 35 weeks with a girl, I’m pretty emotional, but these photos still made me cry! They’re beautiful!

  49. Sandra

    You do make this look as the easiest h+job on earth ;) beautiful family and souls. thank you so much for sharing this with us. I actually think that one of the babies look just like Eleanor and the other just like Samson!!! Happy and long life to you all. Love from Lisbon

  50. Sk

    Beautiful family! Samson is definitely YOUR twin, Naomi!!
    Congratulations to you all. Are Beatrice and Madalena identical twins? Or fraternal? They are just precious. Those lips!!

  51. Jaana

    Beautiful photos! I’m crying at my desk right now, they’re so sweet. This brought back so many memories of the times I went to the hospital to meet my siblings (I am the second oldest of eight). I’m so excited for Eleanor to have sisters. I have three and I couldn’t imagine life without them! Congratulations again!

  52. Talina

    Congrats!! You are a superwoman and an inspiration to your readers.

    I have stumbled upon your blog when Eleanor was 10 months old and haven’t stopped following since (though this is my first time commenting!). I’m so happy for you and your beautiful family during this special time and just wanted to send you my best wishes!

  53. Nicole

    I can’t tell if it’s my own motherly hormones or the fact that you guys have the most beautiful family, or both….but this brings tears to my eyes!! I’ve been following you since before E and I love watching you all grow! SO happy for you guys!!!! ♥

  54. Sadie

    Okay, I just got a little misty. I have a 14m.o., and have been sort of waiting for that “I’m ready for another” feeling. I might be currently experiencing that… Thanks for sharing!

    Also, I know that you do work to maintain some privacy, but I do wonder if you’d ever share a bit about your experience with c-sections, vbacs, etc? It might help a lot of your readers process their experiences, and prepare emotionally for more births. But maybe that’s just me.


  55. Zhia

    Sweetest thing ever!! Congratulations to the whole Davis Family! <3 <3 <3
    Yes Naomi, that milk breath …. <3 Takes all the tiredness away!!

  56. Connie

    Ultimate cuteness. Brought me to tears.

  57. Kelly

    Such beautiful pictures! Congratulations to your family! Question for either of you – what does that mean, being reacquainted on earth?

  58. Ira

    I love eleanor’s watch, can you please share what it is?
    Thank you

    • josh

      It is a freestyle shark watch. Classic mini in cyan. Samson has one too.

  59. Many congratulations so happy for you, i have not seen such adorable babies in a very long time you are truly blessed!