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twin girl names

so very overjoyed to share the news that these two beautiful baby girls joined our family last monday night, may 28th 2018. please meet beatrice davis and madalena davis! we are on cloud nine. which apparently is a place where, even with the littlest amount of sleep i’ve ever gotten by on, it’s impossible to wipe the smile off my face as i literally can’t stop staring at them all day long.

when they were born, they brought with them the sweetest and most peaceful spirit. it really does feel at times as i cradle and hold them, that heaven is right here, right now, on earth. feeling so incredibly thankful to have carried them full term and that they were born healthy. part of me held my breath this entire pregnancy because you’re told of so many things that could go wrong along the way, even while laboring and then during delivery… that it wasn’t until physically holding them both that i was able to exhale fully while grasping for the words to properly thank my heavenly father. it has been nothing short of a complete pleasure this past week for us, getting reacquainted with our baby girls straight from heaven.

looking forward to sharing more soon, when i’m slightly more awake. ;) going to soak in my babies now, but in the meantime, i’ve shared more photos and words and also some videos over on my instagram this past week if you’d like to follow along there for now.

thank you so much for your love and support the last several months as we’ve anticipated their births and for sharing in our family’s joy as they’ve arrived.

  1. nicky

    Congratulations!! They are both so precious and this photo is just perfect! I can’t wait to see all the NYC (and beyond) adventures you’ll have as a family of seven!

  2. sydnee

    Awww, congratulations! They’re both so precious!

    Design by Sydnee 💗


  4. Kayleigh

    That was the most surprising (and marvelous) thing after having my baby. That spirit! Really, the best way to describe it is exactly what you said. “Heaven is right here, right now, on earth.”<3 So much love to all of you. I'm thrilled everything went well for you and them.

  5. They are so beautiful. I love a family that looks alike (as I’m the redhead in a olive skin/brown hair family) and love the pictures of your dad that looks just like Samson.

    please, do take the time to just be with your family.
    Although I love reading your posts take the time to relax, recoup, and enjoy.

  6. Kristen

    I am going to need you to stop giving me such crazy baby fever right now!!! Just so freaking adorable.

  7. Asakemi

    Congratulations on your precious little ones!! They are beautiful and sure look peaceful!

  8. Kristian Olson

    Congratulations for the safe delivery and the newest members of your family!! They are beautiful!

  9. Zsofia

    hello Beatrice and Madalena!
    may God bless your way in this beautiful journey we call life ❤️

  10. Michelle

    Oh my goodness it looks like they were born smiling. Also, love their names. Did you know that a Madalena is a delicious little Spanish cupcake? So appropriate! Congrats Davis Family!

  11. Teresa

    So incredibly happy for you guys. Your family is precious and the names are perfect!!

  12. so, so beautiful! that video on instagram- made me crave a newborn! congratulations!

    xo, brittany
    straw bag roundup all under $50 on my blog today!

  13. Marysia

    Amazing news, Naomi and Josh :) Congratulations! They look so peaceful (and so identical!) Are you able to tell them apart at all times? ;)

    Best wishes to your entire family!

  14. Aww blessing to you, josh, e, s & c! welcome baby b & m :)

  15. Cecilia

    Your baby girls are so sweet and have brought so much joy! Seeing you through your pregnancy and now delivery has been amazing. I have kept you in my prayers so that you have strength and peace in this time of transition and growth! Congratulations on carrying them so patiently, and giving of yourself so unselfishly. It is so wonderful to see a family that keeps saying “yes!” to life!

  16. Lauren

    Congratulations!! They are gorgeous!! It looks like they are identical twins. Are they?

  17. Arlia

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! that is such awesome news!
    thank god for all he has given us every morning!
    SUCH adorable names! in love with the babes already!!!!


  18. Molly

    they’re beautiful :) love the names! congrats to the Davis family <3

  19. Kristin

    Beautiful girls, congratulations! Out of curiosity — is Madalena pronounced Mad-a-lee-na or Mad-a-lay-na?

    • josh

      Mad-a-lay-na. Thanks, Kristin!

  20. Maelle

    This picture! Look how precious they are with their smile!

    Congratulations Naomi, so glad everything went well for you and the baby girls :) Enjoy every minute!

  21. margot

    Very much looking forward to reading more about their long awaited arrival! As a former labour and delivery nurse, I have to admit I was holding my breath for you until you announced that your gorgeous babes were born. All the best to you!

  22. Jane Fleming

    They look just like baby Samson!!!!!

  23. BJ

    awwwwwww…. they are sooooo gorgeous…. loving the names…….you are soooooo lucky….they both look like they are smiling a little……😍😍😍😍😍

  24. Thank you for your message of light and hope. Life is most sacred and precious and I am grateful for your example of honoring and rejoicing in the blessings of your marriage and each of your sweet children, most especially now these healthy cherished daughters. Enjoy every moment building eternity together. “The Lord recompense thy work…under whose wings thou are come to trust.” Ruth 2:12

  25. Diane Bettin

    Congratulations to you all! You’re so beautiful!!

  26. Sammy

    They are just so lovely. Praise God!

  27. Tanja Opiasa

    What a miracle that your adorable Baby Girls arrived, congratulations to you, your husband and your lovely family. To look at their heavenly smiles is such a joy, thank you so much for sharing. Absolutely like their beautiful names. I’ve been reading your blog through three pregnancies and the loving, comitted way of of raising your Kids has been inspiring ever since to me. (Carrying our 4-month old boy to sleep while writing this, since everytime I’ll lay down with him he’d wake up, totally with you when it comes to tiredness, but so grateful for each moment of watching how this tiny life grows to its fullest) Wish you all the best in this miracolous time..

    All the Best all the way from Basel (Switzerland)

  28. Rosemary

    They’re precious. congratulations!! so happy for you and your family

  29. Rene

    Haven’t checked in for a little while and you have twins! Congratulations and they are just beautiful.


  30. Cassey

    Congrats, they are both so beautiful. Your little girls make me look forward to the day that I start my own little family.

  31. Rachel

    Congratulations!!!! So happy for the entire family! Lots of love!

  32. Kristina

    Congratulations! Did you do IVF?

  33. Katie

    I can’t wait to see more photos and hear about the birth! They are so beautiful, congratulations.

  34. megan

    Love their names! Where did you come up with Madalena?!

  35. Sadie

    Love this so much! I remember that feeling of familiarity so well. In those early days she would lie on me as she slept, and I would feel her little sighs and wiggles and kicks and remember feeling all of that in my belly. I can’t wait to follow your journey!


  36. Atka

    Congratulations! They are so beautifull! I love this place. I am reading from Poland. Love their names. I also have the same Beata Magdalena :)

    Beata Magdalena

  37. M

    They are beautiful and I truly love both of those names. Congratulations to the Davis family– it looks like you have two lovely additions. And as a twin girl myself I can say you are in for a good time! Sending you calm vibes these first few weeks.

  38. Oh wow. Just look how SMILEY they already are. Now that bodes well for being people that are just happy!!

    They are beautiful too, and what lovely names. Congratulations :)

  39. Shannon

    so happy for you. eat a lot!

  40. Elizabeth

    Pure joy. Congratulations, Davis Family. 💙💙💙

  41. magali

    Congratulations dear Naomi and Family! The girls look so cute! They so look like Samson ;)
    Welcome on Earth Madalena and Beatrice
    wishing you all the best
    xxx magali from switzerland

  42. OMG, I am super excited about this! Those are the cutest names and cutest baby girls ever! I really hope you’re enjoying this special moment!


  43. Deanna

    Love their names! Just out of curiosity, I noticed the boys have middle names, but the twins don’t? What’s your stance on middle names?

  44. Bethany Gibbons

    They are such gorgeous babies! I’m so happy for you and your family! <3
    I'd love to see a post about your reactions to finding out you were having twins and I'd also love to know how you chose their names!

  45. Erica

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby girls! I agree with a previous poster – would love to know your story behind choosing their names! I love that kinda thing. :)

    Wishing you all the best,

    xo E

  46. mery

    Congratulations family!!! Kissess

  47. Read this poem today and thought of you and those sleepy, wonderful days (and nights) with new babies:

    The children have gone to bed.
    We are so tired we could fold ourselves neatly
    behind our eyes and sleep mid-word, sleep standing
    warm among the creatures in the barn, lean together
    and sleep, forgetting each other completely in the velvet,
    the forgiveness of that sleep.

    Then the one small cry:
    one strike of the match-head of sound:
    one child’s voice:
    and the hundred names of love are lit
    as we rise and walk down the hall.

    One hundred nights we wake like this,
    wake out of our nowhere
    to kneel by small beds in darkness.
    One hundred flowers open in our hands,
    a name for love written in each one.

    ~Annie Lighthart “The Hundred Names of Love”

  48. Jennie

    Love the smiling twins.
    Congrats to you, and your beautiful family.
    Job well done. 5 kiddos!!!
    Cheers to you sista’

  49. Mia

    I just was wondering if they are identical or fraternal? I noticed Madalena looks a lot like Eleanor and Beatrice is Samson’s twin. too cute!

  50. Connie Petruzziello

    LOOOOOOOVE. they look just like Samson!

    No pressure but if you wanted to share it I’d love to hear the birth story. Hope you are recovering well!

  51. Congratulations to you guys! The girls look absolutely precious.

  52. Kellie

    Congrats y’all! That’s so fantastic! I even love that both of them are smiling in this photo!! <3

  53. Rosanna

    Wow! They are fantastic!

    So much love for you.


  54. Wow, congratulations, they´re Amazing! Looks as if both of them are actually smiling, so peaceful. First time looking in here so I´ll have to look around now. Thanks for having me and congrats again. Take care, Linda.

  55. They are so super adorable! Congratulations and God bless the little ones!