easy donut recipe with kids! and happy national donut day!

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happy national donut day!!!! i always knew i loved the month of june! it’s my birthday and wedding anniversary month, so naturally. but who knew the first friday of every june was dedicated purely to one of our favorite baked goods?! now if only i could convince josh davis to get on board with naming one of our baby girls june. june davis. it just sounds so right.  i have always loved it as a name so much, and with celebratory donuts in hand, i love it even more now.

anyway. i wanted to share this fun, fast and rather easy donut recipe we made with the kiddos last week for all my fellow sweet tooth friends! but first, have to share a story that makes me so proud. it has to do with one of the first stories samson wrote in his kindergarten class this year. the assignment was to write about one of their favorite spots in the neighborhood and when i went to school a few weeks later and saw his story up on the bulletin board along side his peers, i felt such incredible mom pride for what he chose to write about. his story was all about how much he liked going to dunkin donuts and getting a glazed donut. say what you will, but dunkin has a special place in my heart and i just felt such pride reading his story and seeing his hand drawn pictures of the dunkin donuts that resides not too far from our apartment. anyway, i’m raising these kids right. if anyone was worried. ;)

this recipe is really fast, and relatively mess free, since you can make it with pre-made pizza dough!

quick and easy cinnamon sugar donuts:
1. buy frozen pizza dough, thaw it in the fridge overnight, let it warm up on the counter for an hour, and roll it out to be about 1-2 inches thick.

2. use something like the mouth of a ball jar to make your donut circles, and something smaller like the round of a small cap (we used the one from our vanilla jar) to make the smaller circle. pop them into some boiling vegetable oil on the stove for just a couple minutes, with about 1 minute on each side. (note on oil temperature; test with small piece of dough in the oil to ensure it’s ready before plopping all the donuts in there. seeing it change color in the oil is key. you can use a thermometer, too, but we’re not that fancy right now.)

3. dip them right away in some mixed together cinnamon and sugar and you’re done!!!!

lots of fun photos below!

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conrad took this job so seriously and hogged the rolling pin for most of our afternoon donut making together. ;)

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we experiemented with the thickness of dough with each batch of donuts and we all agreed at the end the thicker the better!

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as i mentioned above, we used the cap from our jar of vanilla to make the smaller hole inside the donut. it worked perfectly!

LOVE TAZA easy donuts-15LOVE TAZA easy donuts-17LOVE TAZA easy donuts-19

samson made the cinnamon sugar mix that we dipped the hot donuts into after frying them in the oil. he did this step all by himself and his ratios were spot on! about 1 cup of sugar and 2 tablespoons of cinnamon.

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still on a sugar high, all these days later!

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i guess the consensus here through these photos is that our family really likes donuts and they make us a little happy crazy! the kids couldn’t stop dancing around as they made them and afterwards, as they ate them!

LOVE TAZA easy donuts-13LOVE TAZA easy donuts-4LOVE TAZA easy donuts-8 LOVE TAZA easy donuts-9LOVE TAZA easy donuts-11 i know it’s maybe cheating to use pizza dough when making these, but it really does make the process so fast and easy to do with the kids. when it’s this fast and easy, it can become a fun weekend tradition where everyone can help. we wanna do more donuts on saturdays or sundays and experiment with other flavors or things to dip each batch in. stay tuned!
LOVE TAZA easy donuts-2LOVE TAZA easy donuts

always a good time with these silly faces in the kitchen! and always on a sugar high being a davis. :)

happy national donut day, everyone!

  1. Jessica

    I’ve always cheated even MORE and used canned biscuit dough-each bit of dough is already so round, so all you have to do is make the center hole! I’ve never tried cinnamon and sugar; we go overboard with powdered sugar icing! :)

  2. Jaana

    Your kiddos are so cute… I love their freckles!

    I had a great aunt named June. She was a lovely, lovely person. I love the name!

  3. Amanda

    Love the name June

  4. Jenny

    As someone mentioned, the biscuit dough is perfect; we use a little spice jar cap to pop a hole into the center and fry the donut holes afterward, too!
    So quick and easy! We prefer them with a simple vanilla glaze… that’s it, running to the store, brb! ;)

  5. We baked blueberry and chocolate chip donuts today! My kids (and the neighborhood kids) were thrilled!

  6. sabine

    how did u make the sugar mix stick on the donut? I dipped mine right into it after frying but the sugar did not really stick :(

    else, this looks like the kids had a lot of fun :)

    • josh

      Our cinnamon sugar mix stuck right to them when they came out. Try tossing the mix on top of them?

  7. we LOVE doughnuts around here too. I can’t wait to try this recipe with my kiddos.

  8. Lindsay Irwin

    Eleanor’s shirt is SO cute, as is this post. Where did you find her NYC shirt??