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i’m really excited about today’s post because i’m talking all about teeth and this is a topic i’m obsessed with! it’s also a topic i get asked about a lot, so i’m partnering with quip, who makes quite possibly the prettiest electric toothbrush on the market, while also being my favorite one as well, and answering some of your big teeth questions!

a question that seems to pop up on occasionally on my social media these days is if i have fake teeth, or veneers. i do not, my teeth are my own teeth and personally, i really love them! even if they are big and my bottom row is slightly crooked! (never loved wearing my retainer after my braces days in high school.) i think what makes a beautiful smile is the person behind it being confident in showing it off! several years ago, some readers made a bunch of comments on one of my posts making fun of how big my teeth were and kept referring to them as horse teeth and how i should try to find a way to smile without opening my mouth because apparently it was really bothering them, or supposedly everyone. having been in this blogging world for almost 11 years now though, i pride myself in not letting stupid comments or opinions like that get to me, but for some reason, those comments about my smile took a few days to really shake. i guess before that, i hadn’t ever really thought about the size of my teeth or my smile in general, and suddenly i was like, wait, do i really bother people because of the size of my teeth!? big teeth, little teeth, whatever size of teeth, gosh guys, your smile is yours and it’s freaking beautiful!!

i’ve worked really hard over the years to take care of my teeth. fortunately, i haven’t ever had a cavity, but i do have a receding gum issue that shows up from time to time if i’m not properly taking care of it (and brushing too hard and too high which is my downfall). over the years, i’ve tried several types of toothbrushes, including some electric toothbrushes, some of which have irritated my gums. while i admit the first thing that drew me to quip was how absolutely beautiful the toothbrush appeared (that copper metal color!), it was the soft nylon round-tip bristles and gentle vibration while using it that sold me, since it’s softer on my gums but still gets the job done. i also like that it doesn’t have a big bulky wire charger but instead runs on a small AAA battery. (you don’t have to worry about replacing the battery because quip sends a fresh battery and brush heads every 3 months for $5, so that the brush is always in good shape and powered up.) a couple of other things i like are that every brush comes with a small travel-ready holder that also suctions to the tile or mirror in your bathroom when you’re at home.

when it comes to keeping my teeth white, i have used professional whitening trays from my dentist (although currently on a break from them since i’m pregnant).  i don’t know how much it matters, but i don’t drink red wine or coffee or  darker caffeinated drinks either, which sometimes can lead to staining. i try to floss, but to be completely honest, that doesn’t happen every day like it’s supposed to! it’s a goal of mine to be better about.

and one tip to remember is to take extra care of your teeth while you’re pregnant! it’s important to stay in touch with your dentist throughout pregnancy to make sure everything is ok and you don’t get any complications.

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i really do think what makes the most beautiful of smiles is the person behind it being a happy and confident person who doesn’t mind showing theirs off.

nothing makes my day more than seeing my three kiddos smiling their faces off as they go about their day, and i hope they always feel confident to just smile away forever and ever!

thank you to quip for sponsoring this blog post! you can get your first refill for free and see all of their toothbrush and color options by using this link here.

  1. JT

    Can’t say I’ve ever noticed your teeth, and I’ve been following since before E was born. They’re normal teeth lol the things people comment on

  2. Megan

    You have SUCH beautiful teeth – I can’t even believe people were saying rude things. Thanks for sharing (and smiling!)!

  3. Jenna

    “your smile is yours and it’s freaking beautiful!!”

    Thank You for being so positive! It’s so refreshing to read positive comments throughout the day :)

  4. Una

    lol you most certainly do NOT have large teeth! they are absolutely lovely.

    (haters gonna hate, etc. etc.)

  5. Diana

    You have absolutely beautiful teeth and a great smile! So rude and weird that people would be so mean! Keep being you Naomi! 😃

  6. felisha

    I legitimately cannot imagine making fun of someone else’s smile. It’s kinda unreal how mean some people can be. Sometimes I read the comments on Instagram posts, and I see the horrible things people say about how other people look – and wonder if these are the same people who preach “anti-bullying” to kids, yet are straight up bullies online to women they’ve never met. Anyway, rant over. As a fellow big-tooth girl, your smile is beautiful and I’m glad you “brush” those comments off!

  7. kristen

    girl, PLEASE, I must know where to get your dress! LOOOVE it!! :)

  8. Krystal

    You have amazing teeth!! I love your big smile and see just that….a fabulous smile. So keep showing those pearly whites :D

  9. Leslee

    I absolutely love your smile! I have larger teeth, too, and it makes me happy! People often joke that me and my siblings have Chicklet gum for teeth—but that’s great by me because I think bigger teeth make better smiles!! So you just keep showing off those babies all you want to!!

  10. Remaliah

    Wow Naomi, your teeth and your smile are absolutely beautiful. I cannot understand why anyone would be critical of you especially for those reasons which I don’t see as true at all. I agree with you – the confidence and happiness of one makes for a beautiful smile. That’s what I see in you and your joy for life inspires me ;)

  11. Sarah

    It’s just so crazy what some people will comment on. I would have never thought of your teeth as being big. Just nice, white, happy teeth!

  12. Beth

    I can’t believe anyone would ever say such rude things about your teeth. So sorry you had to deal with that. Your smile and teeth are flawlessly gorgeous! These are great tips – thanks for sharing! ❤

  13. Liv

    I just finished dental school, and have been following your blog since the beginning. I have always said that you have one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen, and I will admit that I’ve seen many! Keep rocking your beautiful pearly whites!

  14. Julie Brown

    you’re smile is one of the most beautiful things about you!! I can’t believe that was ever said!! it’s so welcoming!!

  15. Jo

    I am flabbergasted that anybody would make unsolicited comments about your teeth, a) because they’re obviously beautiful and b) because that’s just mean whatever your teeth happen to be like. I wouldn’t care if they were yellow, rotting pegs, it’s not my place to comment on them!
    Have you ever thought about using wooden toothbrushes? I am thinking about making the switch from plastic. However, the dentist does always recommend electric brushes for me and my family. Maybe Quip could do a wooden electrical one, is that even possible!? xxx

  16. Emily

    I can’t believe people were rude about your teeth! I’ve always thought you had an enviable smile so I’m glad you’ve put them out of your mind. Honestly, some people!!

  17. Kate

    I cannot believe anyone would ever be mean about your teeth, you have BEAUTIFUL teeth and a STUNNING smile! Surely you know this by now but for every mean person there are ten more who would kill to have a smile like yours. Thanks for this post, I have seen this toothbrush everywhere but didn’t know about the refills!

  18. Liza

    Wow the prices are very reasonable!! I was expecting them to be more and not really consider it but as we near the end of our Braun ones I will look at these –
    What I loved:
    Presumable softness
    Family packs
    Great spotlight on this product. Never heard of it before.

  19. Liz

    For what it’s worth, i’ve always thought your teeth were gorgeous!! Big smiles are the best!

  20. sally mae

    I remember that dress from when you were blonde!

  21. Emma

    I have been using quip for almost a year and I absolutely love it! I never have to think about buying toothpaste (they even send a travel sized tube!) and replacement batteries. Plus, they’re SO gorgeous. My sister tells me my toothbrush looks like an iPhone, hahaha!

  22. Olga

    You have a beautiful smile, I can’t believe anyone would ever say otherwise! Thanks for sharing, I’m impressed you don’t get cavities, I always do!


  23. Maya

    I never comment on here, but with your comment about flossing, I have to suggest getting a flosser tool – mine is only a few dollars by Reach, and has a floss head on a longer stick. It’s made flossing so easy, and I just keep it next to my bed so I never forget. Highly recommend!

  24. Erin Frost

    I think it is not so much the size but how white your teeth appear, maybe that makes them more noticeable to viewers. In your photos with other people, your teeth are clearly whitened and brighter than most. But who cares, some people really dig that look. I remember when I first had my teeth bleached they were practically fluorescent. Don’t sweat the small stuff, better to be known for having big teeth rather than a big butt or big pimples.

  25. Julia

    Hey! I’ve been following you for quite sometime now, about 5 years now,you were actually one of my first people to follow on Instagram because of how aesthetically pleasing your feed was! So colorful and i LOVE color too! Yellow is also my favorite! :) when I saw your post about how people made fun of your teeth, I couldn’t help but go to your blog, read the article and COMMENT (which i never do, because you know, life..) but I have to just say… you have one of the prettiest smiles around!! And I’m sure in the city. You are always so positive and I hate that people have been so rude to tell you that on your own page. So I just wanted to let you know i love your smile and your teeth are PERFECT AND STEAIGHT and those readers were probably jealous…keep on smiling bc that what makes the world a better place. You are still one of my favorites to follow on Instagram, even over all my best friends! One of my wishes is to accidentally stumble upon you and your children in nyc. Creepy? Sorry! Y’all are all just so darn cute!!! Much love to you from Louisiana and I can’t wait to see your feed once your twin girls are born!!!
    Julia Gum

  26. Liz

    You have beautiful smile! I enjpy your blog because it is filled with so much laughter from you and your family.
    I have big teeth too! We call it rabbit teeth, it runs in the family.

    Keep on smiling!

  27. I am a dentist and I actually always thought you did have veneers because your teeth look very perfect and white in all your photos! Great job on taking care of them. I don’t love this toothbrush though I have tried it and while the design is very sleek and beautiful it isn’t a very powerful brush for people like me with teeth that are quite prone to stain.

  28. Melissa

    So when I first stumbled upon your insta…your amazing teeth were the first thing I noticed! I was like, dang…I want her teeth!

    Just love following you in your life journey!

  29. Melissa

    P.S I’ve had braces twice and JUST this week have been obsessing over my
    Teeth again…I’m still not happy with them, but your blog helped me!

  30. I agree that confidence is a major part of a beautiful smile. I know many people who hide their smiles due to insecurity; yet, they have the most cheerful and beautiful smiles. In those instances, I think it’s best to be encouraging and not judge them. Sometimes, it can be very annoying for them to be told to smile more. People heal from their insecurities at their own pace. Thanks for the great dental health advice.

    Happy Wednesday

  31. Karen Albl

    I have followed you for quite some time.
    The most beautiful thing about you, Your smile, Your teeth, Is how confident and self assured you are. I have loved seeing you mature and become so comfortable in your own skin, Your transformation over the years is one of the things that keeps me a follower!
    I love following your husband, your children. But you are the Blog!
    Sorry for all the periods but my keyboard won’t let me use commas.

  32. Mae

    I’ve always thought you had the most baller teeth and smile 😃 I have big teeth too and once I grew into them I really began to love them. Here’s to big teeth, a big smile, and not letting the haters get us down!!

  33. Caitlyn cox

    I’ve actually always been jealous of your beautiful teeth! What I wouldn’t give for them! Keep smilin’ on!

  34. vicky

    gosh people are crazy. I think i’ve commented on several posts about your teeth and your routine because i’d kill for teeth like yours!

    i’ve had metal braces and was also not a huge fan of wearing my retainer – which on me definitely shows! but your teeth are gorgeous. I also think that toothbrush is super cute. I sometimes buy things based on looks, ha!

    thanks for the honesty, Naomi! it’s why your blog is still my favorite.

  35. Kelly

    Ha! I’ve always wished for a big mouth and horse teeth (I called them that too) like my best friend, growing up, had. My husband also has a large mouth and large teeth that I envy.

    What a blessing to have no cavities. What?! I took care of my teeth too, but had a lot of cavities.

    What were your family meals like growing up?

  36. nina

    your smile is one of the most beautiful!!
    don’t care about haters!

  37. Jenn

    Naomi you are beautiful 💜
    Thank you for sharing with us strangers.
    It bothers me that grown people think that bullying is ok. Life is so better when we build each other up. Sending you good thoughts from my little spot on this great earth!

  38. Alida

    Love your teeth and your wide smile. I would love to have had a wider mouth to smile bigger!

  39. Raven

    I’ve always thought your smile is beautiful! Haters gonna hate!

  40. Aubrey

    I can’t believe someone would say that you have the most beautiful smile! I have been a reader for five years and I used to be really insecure about my smile. Seeing your smiling face in your posts really helped me realize how important it is to smile and capture important memories with photos. Thank you!

  41. Marjore

    I’ve always thought you have a wonderful smile! I’ve been following since before Eleanor was born…strange that people would comment and tell you that you should change yourself!

    Do you have any over the counter teeth whitening products you recommend? The dentist option is too pricey for me.

  42. Whitney

    Thanks for this reminder- the person and your confidence is what makes a smile beautiful! I have to get braces plus major jaw surgery for my overbit in the next two years. My mouth is going to look like a train track. Never really loved my smile and so with all this metal coming it’s a nice reminder. Send all the haters over to me in a few months if they really want some teeth to make fun of. (JK please don’t).

  43. Susanna

    Had to look up the word “cavity”… :-)
    Congratulations – it’s amazing to have such beautiful, wholesome and strong teeth! I always admired US Americans for their perfect dental care. When I was a kid in Germany it was pretty uncommon to have such perfect white teeth. Nowadays we approach to your standards. At least we try. ;-)

  44. Erica

    omg! how could anyone??!! i LOVE YOUR TEETH!!! I have big teeth too and always wish they were a little bigger, whiter, straighter, etc.. blah blah;)

    yours are gorgeous and you have a terrific smile! shine on, lovely lady. x

  45. Megan

    This is so funny because the other day I was just thinking, “I wish I had her teeth”! Mine are small and wish they filled my big mouth better. Grass is always greener I guess! You are a babe and can’t wait to see your new little ones! Take care!

  46. Tessa

    I, too, have gotten the horse teeth comments. A guy back in college would actually pull up a picture of a braying horse on his computer when I would come into the class, and say that he had just been looking at photos of me! Thankfully, I was raised by a mother who worked in dentistry, and had always been praised for my large teeth. So the guy’s “jokes” mostly just rolled off my back. But I definitely resonated with your feeling of, “do others also think that way?” Thanks for sharing!

  47. Erin

    What on earth.. how could people be so unkind (and wrong!). I’ve always admired your beautiful smile. Thanks for letting us know about your routines! Might need to try those trays..!

  48. Emily

    You have the Julia Roberts’s smile of the blogging world. Haters gonna hate. I’d pay a ton for a smile as beautiful as yours.

  49. Priscilla

    oh gosh, i used to get teased relentlessly for having horse teeth as well! But that’s not gonna stop me from showing off my pearly whites :D thanks for sharing that naomi! <3 been a big fan of yours when you first started out your blog and I can't believe how much your family as grown!

  50. kelly c mitchem

    You have a gorgeous smile!

  51. Kristen

    Those people are trolls and you are a babe. This isn’t a hard one.

  52. Christina

    You have the BEST teeth

  53. Lauren

    You have great teeth! I know you weren’t looking for compliments or anyone to come to your defense but how rude of anyone to say that to you! What is wrong with people? Do they not know the
    rules of society? Good for you for not letting it bother you.

  54. Priscilla

    Peoples’ brains work differently. Never, has it ever crossed my mind that your teeth and smile are odd. I’ve always thought it’s very bright and makes me smile.