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LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-12

today i’m sharing a few photos of the kids’ shared bedroom! i’m really excited to share this space, although it’s taken me forever to get in there and snap some photos (i meant to share right away when i shared the living room, our bedroom, a tour of our home office and the kids playroom months ago, but then i got pregnant and sick and 9 months later, i’m still tackling a to-do list from last october! HA!)… BUT, here we are at last!

based on some comments and emails i get on occasion, i realize some people think it’s straight up crazy to have our kids still sharing a space, but i kindly disagree. :) it’s different for each family for sure, and i don’t believe there is one way to go about it. for me,  i don’t believe each child needs to have their own bedroom from an early age on. my views on this probably stem from my own upbringing, because i always shared a bedroom with one of my sisters, even though our home had several extra bedrooms.  i think it was really good for us as kids and teenagers. and it’s been really good for our kids so far. and for now, it’s working!

that’s not to say we’ll always keep all the kids in the same room! when we moved into this new apartment last fall, we actually talked with eleanor and asked if she’d maybe like to have a different space from her brothers. she wouldn’t even consider it! she looked at us like we were crazy, haha! our kids are still little, and very close, and i think they enjoy their shared bedtime routines or waking up in the same space and chatting straight away about their dreams… if at a certain point she is needing a space separate from the boys, we will for sure make that happen. i know there will be quite a bit of shuffling going on as the twin girls get a little bigger and we eventually transition them out of our bedroom (we plan to co-sleep with them for the first several months and have a twin bassinet beside our bed for now). fortunately, our apartment has some options where we could always turn the office or even another room into a bedroom if/when needed. we’ll figure it out when the time comes! but we sure do love this apartment and while city living spaces tend to lean towards the smaller side, i think this amount of space is perfect for our growing family and for us, the sizing is just right.

the biggest thing i want to point out is that we designated the bedroom just for sleeping and have all the toys and art supplies and dress ups and literally everything else in the playroom. with a shared room, sometimes someone might get up earlier than the others, and this way, they can come on out of the bedroom and head straight for the playroom. i think it’s also helped to establish this space solely as where we go to wind down, read, nap and sleep…. which is nice in a loud and crazy city and also in any home where sometimes things get loud and crazy with siblings. ;)

a few photos and words about the bedroom below…

LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-10-5

if you remember the kids bedroom in our last apartment, we had a bunk bed set up with a trundle bed underneath for sometime. we graduated from the trundle bed when we moved and got a separate twin bed for eleanor so the boys could share the bunk beds.

LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-13

since we have all of the toys, art supplies, dress ups and games in the playroom, we only have the beds in here, and a few books in the nightstand although we rotate through them pretty frequently since the majority of our books are also kept in the playroom.

a perk of this bedroom is that it is facing the back side of our apartment building, so you don’t hear the city sounds as much as you do in the front rooms of our apartment. my kids are fortunately pretty sound sleepers though thanks to a lot of stroller naps as babies with sirens often blazing by. the con of being a back bedroom though is that there is only one window so the room doesn’t get as much natural light during the day as i’d like. we’ve brought several lamps and light fixtures into the space for this reason. and i forgot to turn them on when i was taking photos, but i strung some very tiny LED twinkle lights along their ceiling outline which is fun at night to switch on.

the three bulb floor lamp can be found here and the green floor lamp is about 6 years old and no longer available.

LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-7

all of my kids play or read something space themed pretty much every day, so we brought that theme into the bedroom. over time, we will probably put more and more of their own art and creations up on the walls. we have also talked about doing a mural on a wall (and the ceiling?!).

the space prints are from etsy and can be found here.

LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-3LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-1

funny story about who sleeps where. after eleanor graduated from the top bunk and took the new single twin bed after we moved, i assumed samson would want the top bunk and conrad would have the bottom. but samson couldn’t imagine giving up his bottom bunkbed and was not interested in the top bunk whatsoever. ironically, conrad was elated to take it over and didn’t want the bottom bunk anyway, so conrad sleeps on the top bunk and samson sleeps on the bottom. i was so nervous to have conrad on the top since he’s younger, but he’s done really well up there and we’ve never had an issue. we hung that rocket ship space shelf within his reach so he can have easy access to his blue water cup at night.

LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-8

eleanor’s gold star pillow, alien throw pillow and standing astronaut pillow.

LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-10-4LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-9

this bedroom has a big deep closet which has been really nice for storage (our christmas decorations and winter/summer clothing rotations are in the back) and also for the kids’ clothing. but we’ve also been using rolling carts for under the beds for easy access to items they wear frequently.

the shag rug is super soft and linked here.
here are the robot sheets, the star sheetsand some outer space sheets similar to ours.
eleanor’s space quilt can be found here, samson’s yellow quilt here and conrad’s here.

LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-2LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-6LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-4

this old school desk was something josh picked up off the street from a school next to his old apartment building when he was attending columbia here in the city. it has somehow made every move with us (and picked up a lot of extra marker streaks over time, as well as a billion stickers!)  and currently sits in the kids bedroom.

LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-10-3

the yellow lamp is from west elm, but several years old.

LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-10LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-11

the zinc initial letters hanging above their beds can be found here. josh and i have a J&N in our bedroom hanging on the wall as well. those have been fun to collect over the years.

LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-5

i found these removable wall stickers on etsy which we placed on a few of the walls in the bedroom.

LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-10-2LOVE TAZA shared kids bedroom893-10-6

so that’s the kids shared bedroom space! i wrote this post last year about sleep routines for kids in a shared room, if anyone is interested. our routine as shifted a bit since our littles have gotten older, and i’m happy to write an updated post on the blog if anyone is interested. just let me know!

i also did a tour of our kitchen on my instastories a few months back, but i realize i never posted any photos on the blog of it. i don’t want to repeat it if that’s boring for you guys, but if anyone wants a more in-depth post about the kitchen with some photos, i’m happy to put something together. keep me posted on what you’re interested in seeing more of when it comes to the apartment.

  1. Brianne

    I love seeing all the beautiful spaces that you create in your apartment! I can’t wait to see how it evolves with the addition of your two new babies!

  2. Anna K D'Angelo

    May I ask where Eleanor’s bed frame is from?

    Great tour! :)

  3. Emma

    When I was really young, I had a separate room from my younger sister, but somewhere along the line I started sleeping in her room (she had two twin beds). I just remember it being comforting to have someone else nearby whenever I got scared (and I’m sure this spared my parents from being woken up by me a few times). We moved to a new house when I was in third grade, and that’s when we started sleeping in different rooms. I don’t think I would have turned out any differently if my parents had forced us to sleep apart or in the same room. It really is such an inconsequential thing in the long run, so why not let kids choose what they want? Such a fun space, as always! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. this is such a beautiful, colorful, playful bedroom! i love it!! it’s kid-friendly and adorable but still organized without looking like an adult came in and took over! i’m in the process of figuring out how to transition my son’s nursery into more of a “big boy” bedroom so this was an extra fun post to see!

  5. Cam

    Hi Naomi,
    I would love to see pictures of your kitchen and also hear about your kids new sleep routine.
    Also,since you’re an experienced mom, do you have any tips on helping babies sleep through the night? How do you and Josh handle sleep with young children?
    My daughter’s name is Naomi too ;-)

  6. jessica basso

    Love their shared bedroom! There is nothing wrong at all with kids sharing a bedroom, I feel the exact same way as you guys. I think the world we live in now people are just more entitled? Or are raising children to feel that way. Like you have to have x amount of space for x amount of kids. phffffff. I grew up in a 3 bedroom house and I was 1 of 5 kids. My sister and I shared a room for 15 years and my 3 brothers were all in the other room together. We all turned out okay and I believe we are closer because of it all. So keep doing you!

    & yes please do an updated post on bedtime routines and the kitchen! I would love to hear about it all!

    Good luck in the next few weeks!! I am praying for a safe and smooth delivery of healthy baby girls!!!

  7. Julie

    My sister and I shared a bedroom as children as well, and had a great time. My parents were brave souls who surprised us one day by painting the entire room in a mural of the sky – blue sky and clouds across the ceiling and three walls, night sky on the fourth wall beside our beds. The best part was a giant rainbow that stretched across the largest wall. They also included a cartoon sun, moon and stars (the stars had different personalities – one holding a glass of milk because he was part of the “milky way”, another dressed as a cowboy “shooting star”, etc.) Even though we’re both adults now and neither of us live at our parents, we won’t let them paint over that room – it was the most amazing backdrop for our childhood!

    • josh

      I love hearing this. It’s difficult to decide what to do though!

  8. Yes to kitchen photos! And to sleep routines. :) I don’t even have kids yet, but I figure the more I can learn now, the better, right? Thanks for sharing with us! Everything is super cute and has me re-thinking the whole own room vs sharing dilemma for the future.

  9. Josie

    Oh, I love it! That desk Josh found is just amazing. So cool you have kept it.

  10. Sabine

    I think it’s brilliant to have all of them in one room! They lestn to respect others abd to share! Also, never feeling scared about any under-the-bed or cupboard-monsters!!! :) :) :)

  11. Kate

    I love seeing your home updates. It’s great you share it because it’s so inspiring with all the colour and little ideas I can adapt to my own home. I’d like a kitchen update, the kitchen is a space I’m never quite happy with so would love some new ideas!

  12. Karen

    I’d love kitchen AND sleep routine posts!!

  13. Becka

    Would love a more in-depth tour of the kitchen :)

  14. Janie

    I love this!! We have the exact same set up for our kids. We have our 6 year old son in every bottom bunk, and 4 yr old up top. Then our daughter in a single bed next to it just like yours:) she is 2. Our baby girl gets her own room to herself since she is the most sensitive at night. I love the was you decorated it! My biggest questions as someone who is in the same boat at you is how do you handle clothes?! You touched on it but we live in the north east too so with all the season changes plus kids dirtying clothes so quick we end up with so many clothes. How do you handle clothes storage??:):)

  15. Megan

    I LOVE all of the tours that you do, keep them coming! Our house is pretty small and now that I’m a mom I love seeing different ways to use small spaces with kids. I’m already feeling a little tight thinking about eventual kid #2 (I can’t imagine 3, almost 5!!). Your tours give me hope on squeezing us in and making it work, while also enjoying the spaces (that’s a huge thing for me)!

  16. Trish O

    I totally agree, each family must find what works for them. This is a lovely space for the three to make great memories together. I also like a smaller space for our family. We do well hanging together…and my kids are teens now but it still works well for us.

  17. Rachel

    Sharing a bedroom with siblings is what childhood is about. At least that is what I think! What a beautiful space. I have 7 kiddos! Still sorta crazy to say that out loud. 1 boy and 6 girls. Ending with twins I had in February! My son is in his own room and that has only taken place this last year. Since he is the oldest and only boy. I have four girls in one room I call the bunk room with two sets of bunk beds. The twins are in with us for now, but as they are reaching four months I am getting ready to slowly….. real slowly move them to their own room that they will share. I absolutely love following you! Thank you for sharing photos of your beautiful home!

    • josh

      The bunk room! Love that!

  18. Aubrey

    Would love to see a post about the kitchen and your shared bedroom bedtime routines. Also, I love that your kids share a room. I shared a room growing up, as well and we’ve decided that’s what our kids will do too! It was so fun to have someone there when I was a kid and like you said, sharing dreams/stories with your sibling.

  19. Elizabeth

    I love how you incorporate all he colors that come with kids! Does Conrad ever wake up at night to come to you? If so, can he easily/safely get down the ladder at night? I want to get a bunk bed soon for my 3yo and maybe I’m being crazy but I’m scared about that aspect! Also- on a room with siblings, I NEVER would have wanted my own room before the age of 12/13. I have some of my best childhood memories with my siblings in a shared room. And any friends I had who had their own room always went into their sivlings’ rooms anyways! <3

  20. Hayley

    Cute! My boys’ (almost 6 and 3) shared bedroom is space themed as well! We also just use their room for sleeping and books and have all of our toys in a separate playroom. We will move our third baby boy (4.5 months) in with his brothers when he is a little older. People question why we don’t have them sleep in their own rooms, but this is the way they want it and I can’t imagine doing it any other way right now! They love being together and it has been a great bonding experience for my older two. I’m a little worried about the logistics of all of them sleeping in there (probably moving the crib in first and then doing a trundle bed under the bunk bed as you have done). I always love your posts on their bedroom!!

  21. claire arnold

    wow their room is so cute and it seems like they love it :)) I’d love to see a more in depth tour of your kitchen, your apartment is beautiful!!

  22. Ashley

    Definitely want detail kitchen tour!!!
    Great kids room tour!!

  23. Melissa

    This may sound odd but what I truly value about your parenting philosophy is that you honor childhood. Childhood is inherently magical, mysterious, and colorful. You & Josh embrace that in your environments. I’ve followed you since you were pregnant with Eleanor so thank you…thank you for allowing us a look into your world <3

  24. Sammy

    First of all your apartment is amazing. Your kids are living a blessed life. Are people’s American standards if your child has their own room or not? How sad is that? We’ve adopted 12 kids. They were orphans. Some were abandoned, starved, molested and even burned, After all that friends would actually make comments we were having them sharing a bedroom. Then they would go on to tell me how their “two” kids had a huge bedroom all their very own. Hmmm… some people just don’t get what’s it’s “supposed” to be about.

  25. Charyse Crowley

    Love your style

  26. Brittan

    When I lived in Chelsea I was friends with a family that had 5 kids. There teen boy had his own (very tiny – think converted closet) room downstairs, another downstairs bedroom was a playroom, and the rest of the kids all slept on cots in the upstairs loft space. The coolest thing was that it faced a wall of floor to ceiling windows and you could see all the way downtown from the loft. I think the city is great for families in a lot of ways. I’m in LA now and after a decade in New York with kids, I honestly don’t know what to do with all the space I have now. If it had worked for us financially we definitely would have stayed.

  27. Daantje

    So interested in your interior design! I loved this And I Would love Yo read about the kitchen!

    Would also love to read about the bedtime routine; the story about the babies and whether they are identical oe fraternal and all things baby of course!

    Always love your content, have been loving it since well into the Rockstar Diaries days!

    Have a lovely day ❣️ From the Netherlands

  28. Brittan

    Ugh, typo — their*

    Also I meant to say, your new apartment is GORGEOUS. We lived in park slope for years but spent a couple months in an UWS sublet before moving across the country and now I totally get it.

  29. Josefine

    Hi there, from Sweden!
    I would really like to know more about your bedtime routine. We have a 4-year old girl and a one year old boy and we really want them to svart Borg room and routines. Now it always ends with us all co-sleeping in our bed…

  30. Josefine

    I saw now that my comment went crazy with Swedish autocorrect. It’s supposed to be ”We really want them to share both room and routines…!” X-) All the best <3

  31. Hannah

    So awesome. We have a one bed apartment in London and expecting a baby. we probably can’t afford to move anytime soon. So encouraging to see that your kids are so happy sharing!

  32. Summer

    Show us all the spaces. :) Love your happy, cheerful vibes!

  33. Such a sweet bedroom! I love the space details. And about the kitchen… please do a post too. It’s not boring at all!


  34. Kristin

    So cute! My 8 year old boy/girl twins still share a bedroom and couldn’t imagine not sharing!!!!!

  35. Bonnie H

    Love this!! It’s so cute and everything has a place. I was wondering if perhaps you might be interested in updating your list on any essentials in your small apartment. I live in a very tiny place and would love your tips and tricks for having a baby in a small apartment.

  36. Bonnie H

    *baby essentials

  37. Julia

    I was just wondering when we would see a post on the kids bedroom. It looks awesome! I always shared a room with one or even two of my sisters my whole childhood and I loved it! I would love to see more photos of the apartment and hear about the kids sleep routine.

  38. Allison McManus

    Love their room! So happy and so much love! I would be interested in knowing the sleep routine when they were younger! My husband and I are in the process of house hunting and I am open to a two bedroom house and have the kids share their room! Right now my son is just 12 months but we plan on having our children close in age!

  39. gigi

    I would like to see a blog post on your kitchen. I don’t have the app for insta stories.

    • josh

      The instastories are on the Instagram app if you want to try it out.

  40. Ashley

    Just super curious, what’s the bathroom situation like? Maybe too personal, sorry. Love the set up of their room! It sounds fun, sleepovers together every night!

  41. Bec

    I always find it interesting how different families handle where space is required. For us (we have 4 kids and 8 years between eldest and youngest) seperate bedrooms were important from about 5. There’s a lot of needing to share and compromise in the living areas of our house. For example our study handles music practice, home office function, sewing space and an extra seating area where the kids tend to sit on top of each other for screen time. As a result the kids have all needed their own space when they want to exit the chaos. Their bedrooms are a space where they get to be alone and decorate with things that are important to them.

  42. Louisa

    Absolutely gorgeous! I would love to hear how you’ve fostered such a close loving relationship between your kids. I just have one son at the moment but am hoping for more kids, especially as an only child, and I so admire how your kids are towards each other x

  43. Monique Birt

    Such a sweet space! I love that they share a room, I hope our kiddos will share for a long time too. So 2. Things — 1. I would love to see the kitchen tour and 2. I would LOVE a book review of your favorite books for the kids. And not even just favorites even the 2 and 3rd tier favorites. It’s so hard to sift through everything out there and you guys seem to have a fun collection!!

  44. Aga

    That’s awesome thx for sharing. I grew up in 30 square metres apartment and it wasn’t until I was a tenager when I wanted separate room sister. Nevery happend though as only now 35 years later my parents are moving out. I have two boys and third due in August we live in New ZealND so we have plenty of space in and outdoors however I’m Still a big fan of small space and my boys share rooms😊

  45. Anne

    We currently have two kiddos in one room (3 and 5) and I am about to have a 3rd which will join the bunch. They love sharing a room and even when we travel can’t sleep apart. Hopefully the 3rd is the same way. I want to find a 3 bedroom apartment merely to add a playroom because it is hard when one is sleeping the others can play. Do whatever works for you! I had an old couple in NYC tell me they raised 3 kids in a one bedroom and they slept on a pull out couch in the living room— whatever works!!

  46. Christina

    Love this sweet room! I shared a room with my brother my entire life until I left for college and we’re 5 year apart. It’s just what we always did, and really what we had to do given our family’s financial situation, but we truly didn’t know any better so it worked for us. Plenty of people think it’s crazy when I tell them too, so I understand!

  47. Sharzad

    I want to be as awesome a mom as you! 😭 #momgoals

  48. Ashley

    I think it’s awesome they are sharing a room! And I totally get the shock and awe factor from other parents, we have so many family and friends who think we are nuts to have our kids share a room. Our three girls share a bedroom and they love it and I think it fosters their close relationship. They range from 7-16 months. (And I personally it’s a durable to see their three beds in a row, it’s a long room with 4 dormer windows and I think it’s just the sweetest space for them. Just because you have extra rooms doesn’t mean every child needs to have their own room! Love your family!! Can’t wait till those twin babies arrive! Good luck and I wish you a safe, easy and healthy labor and delivery!! :-)

  49. Kerryn

    I would love love love to know about storage! Where is all your crap???
    We have so much camera gear, suitcases, Christmas stuff, hobby stuff, outdoor camping stuff, tools, laptops, extra power cords, family photoalbums! Where do you keep it all? Photos please!!!

  50. VG

    Thanks for sharing! Would def love to hear more about your kitchen and updated bedtime routines. :)

  51. Super nice kids bedroom just loved have a bedroom like that ha ! Oh yes, I’d love to see more detail about your kitchen and your essential in their. You’re such a great source of inspiration :)
    Thanks for sharing your life with us !

  52. maria

    A kitchen tour?Yes please!! I’m always trying to see peeks of other rooms in your pictures. I love how you decorate and love to see what you did to this glorious apartment. ps: I’m on team shared bedrooms ;)

  53. Ela

    You guys did an awesome job styling this room – it looks amazing! I was hoping for a tour through that room :)

    Oh, and please don‘t ever feel stressed about posting stuff later then planed.
    Real life is more important than a little corner in the digital world.


  54. Jordan

    Great post! I love getting more ideas for apartment living. Would love to see a kitchen and bathroom tour!

  55. Aurore

    Yes more photos frome your appartment it’s so beautiful !!!!
    Can you share the new space in your room for the twins ?

  56. behnaz

    It will be great if you write an updated sleep routine. I’m so interested to know about your program for tv and game time for the kids. How much time they spend for tv. Thanks a lot.

  57. Paula

    This is great. My 2 boys share a bedroom and have since the younger boy was 6 months old. Its great for them I think although i do think the older boy would love his own room. I would love an update to your sleep routine if you have the time ;-).

  58. Wow, I wish I had such a fun decorated room when I was a kid!!! #jealous ;)

  59. Carme

    Hi, Noaomi.
    I’d love to see more about your kitchen! And please, if you tell us in which way sleeping routines have changed, I’ll be really glad! :-)))
    Thanks for sharing all these stories about your family and hope you have a lovely end of twin pregnancy.

  60. Helga

    Anyone who gives you advice on whether or not someone else’s kids share a room needs to stay in their own lane!

  61. Jo Farmer

    Yes, please to the kitchen tour!! I’ve been eager for it. Love your city life peeks because it is how we plan to raise our own children. There’s something just so cozy and freeing about smaller apartment living and I love it. I feel like you are the best ally in explaining to the skeptics why it works. We don’t even have children yet and still get the raised eyebrow.

    Wishing you all the goodness in the universe,

  62. I love that you have all three of them share a room! They’re going to grow up and instantly be the best of friends. It will always be so fun for them to have these memories to look back on!


  63. Samantha

    I love this! We also have a growing family and live in the city so it’s really helpful to see how you use all of your home so efficiently. Our two kiddos roomshare and with another on the way you have me considering letting them all room together! It’s nice to know it’s possible! The whole time I was reading I was wondering if you still followed your same bedtime routine. J would love to know what updates or changes you’ve made now that they’re a bit older. Thank you!! ❤️

  64. Erica

    I always love seeing photo of your space, especially the shared kids stuff! I am definitely interested in a post about your updated sleep routines. I have a 1.5 and 3 year old that share a room. Right now they share because we only have a 2 BR and I’m debating what to do when we move later this summer. You’ve been a huge inspiration in even considering they still share a room!

  65. Natalie

    Yes please to sleep routine and kitchen tour! :)

  66. Grace

    Would love more on:
    1. bedtime routine, who goes to bed when and do all kids fall asleep at same time?
    2. favorite family movies
    3. for each of your kiddos, what are their top 5 fav things about the apartment
    4. how/where did the interest in space come from?
    5. do your kids ever fight??? they seem to have such a strong, close relationship sharing a room but mine who share a room fight all the time! any tips?

    Thanks so much! Beautiful space!

  67. Kristen

    Love what you have done with the space and I think a nursery for the kids is a great idea (reminds me of Peter Pan).

    We have a large house and separate rooms for our young children, but my husband [half] jokes our next place will be a one bedroom – one bathroom because the four of us (plus our two animals) are always in the same room anyways no matter the occasion.

  68. Melissa Terranova

    We just recently moved our 4 year old son and almost 2 year old daughter into the same room and it’s been going great! We have a similar set up where it’s just beds and a dresser, all their toys are in the play room. What a wonderful way to strengthen sibling bonds!

  69. Would LOVE to hear how you first transition to a shared room. My (almost) 2 year old is in his own room and eventually, we need to put baby brother (who is now 2.5 months old) in the room with him. Any advice on what worked well for you to add a new kiddo to a room?

  70. E

    I’m all about siblings sharing rooms. I think it teaches some great lessons and engenders a closeness in siblings.

    I would never put my three year old on the top bunk, though! Yikes! And that shelf? No way he can safely reach for the cup in the dark of night.

    Love the rug!

    • josh

      Hi E. We haven’t had any problems during the first 9 months of having him on the top bunk.

  71. Kristen

    Duhhhh Naomi we want to hear it all! City living with kids is fascinating and requires so much more intention and I think you and Josh have done it brilliantly! Love learning and gleaning from your experiences girl, you are amazing!

    PS all that being said, share more!!

  72. Lou

    I think its great to have them sharing a room. My sister and I chose to share a room, and we were the only two kids in a 5 bedroom home!

    My 2 kiddos will share a room when the time comes. We live in downtown Atlanta, and right now the baby sleeps in our walk-in that we converted into a temporary “nursery” lol.

  73. Nicole S

    Oh I love this space. And I love that they share a room, not that my opinion matters anyway (and neither do the naysayers ha). Great use of space and so functional and cute!

  74. Danielle

    My sister and shared a room until she left for college. By then we moved, and I had my own space. Until we moved, we had a similar layout with just beds, dresser, and desk in the room-toys and tv were elsewhere.

    Don’t have kids yet, but even as a single adult, I use the bedroom as a place to unwind and there is no tv there. My tv and computer stay in the office/living room. If I do have kids,it’ll be the same set up as yours (as in kids may share and toys/tv outside the room(.

  75. jane


    Can you please tell me where the white under bed storage boxes are from? I’ve been looking for something similar.

    • josh

      We ordered them on Amazon, Jane.

  76. Alia

    We have three kids (ages 5, 3 & 2) and although we live in a 3 bedroom, they all wanted to share a room. In fact they all pushed their beds together like one big bed and that’s how they want to sleep.

  77. GCE

    Just wanted to share an AAP article on safe sleep for young infants, since you mentioned cosleeping. I think having the twins sleep in their own bassinets in the same room with you guys is a great idea :) sharing a bed is a big risk for suffocation and SIDS. As a pediatrician I just wanted to get that info out there in case their was any confusion.

  78. kelly c mitchem

    I love that your babies share a room!

  79. Emily C

    Super cute Naomi! So funny how some people have such an opinion about shared sleeping spaces. For most of history, entire families slept in a single room, sometimes in one bed. People act like humans have occupied single family homes in leafy suburbs since antiquity. I think it’s awesome that y’all have stayed in the city; it’s cool for them to grow up around all kinds of people and it sounds like they really thrive having each other close by.

    Also, I can’t believe how big Samson is — I started following your blog when he was just a baby and I had to do a double take when I saw that picture of him monkeying around on the bunk bed!

    Good luck with the arrival of the twins – thinking of you as your due date approaches!

  80. Lisa

    I love room tours. So if you don’t mind, I would love to see a kitchen and a bathroom tour. And maybe you can tell us how many rooms there are in your apartment since you said you might transition another room into a bedroom for the twins later. Lot of love from an avid German reader. XX Lisa

  81. Sandra

    Love your apartment. I would love to see some of the details (wood, ceilings etc ) I cam glimpse in some of your room tours. Looks like a great historic building.

  82. Marie

    Thanks so much for sharing so much of your lives. Your family is so beautiful and you and Josh are so inspiring as parents! Our twins are 10 now and recently a relative was so surprised that they shared a room and I guess it made us wonder if they should be separate. They were separate as toddlers but our daughter would get scared and made nightly trips to our room. You know…the ones where you wake up, acutely aware that you’re being watched. She has scared us so many times…just standing there, the shadow of her in the dark, with long hair, all silent. Funny now but not at the time. So, we bought them a bunk bed frame and moved them in together. They have loved it. They also ask to sleep together in the same bed even though they’re in the same room. So, we allow them to do that on the weekends and they just love to chat and laugh away before going to sleep. We usually give them a time frame and they set a timer with Alexa and it’s fine. We were thinking of separating them again soon but they aren’t ready so we’ll just let them guide us but it’s amazing how close they are and we love it. :) Your bedroom is so lovely!

    • josh

      Thanks for this comment, Marie!

  83. Olivia

    I love seeing your apartment tours! The bedroom is so sweet, and I think you are giving your children such a huge gift in allowing them to choose which room they sleep in and which bed depaending on their age. Also I’m all for a kitchen tour post, as well as an update on the kids bedtime routine. Everything you post is gold! Love from Switzerland.

  84. Sophia

    With city living there is no question your children would share a room. I grew up in a big family and no one had their own room. My siblings became my best friends. Best to you and your family as your transition to adding two siblings to the bunch.

  85. Claire

    If you name the babies P and A names, you could spell “space” with all of your kids’ initials. ;)

    • josh

      Good idea!

  86. Karli

    This is so random and weird I know but if you give the twins names that start with P and A you could spell SPACE with the first letters of all their names. I know my brain is weird. :)

  87. Emily

    Hi Naomi & Josh!

    I wanted to suggest a documentary for your family to watch. It follows a group of kids at Space Camp and is all about one day going to Mars. I found it thrilling to watch this younger generation so passionate about exploring our solar system. And seeing how much your kids love space, I can imagine them begging you to go to space camp after watching this ;)

    Anyways, I think your family would rather enjoy it. It’s called The Mars Generation and is on Netflix. Happy watching!

  88. Loved seeing the kids’ room and all the fantastic and colourful accessories. I’d also love to see more detailed pictures of your kitchen. <3


  89. Divya

    Youre an inspiration. Its a dream for people in India; parents dont really focus on the room decor that much.
    Loved the post.
    Not married yet but would love to decorate my kid’s room like this ❤