in which she complained.

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i’m starting to think the hardest part of pregnancy is the waiting game you play at the end. especially when you’re in discomfort while waiting. i feel like i’ve been standing in line for 3 days straight trying to get tickets to some hot concert or broadway show. standing in line while having to pee, naturally. because pregnancy. you always have to pee. even 4 seconds after you just peed.

my family will probably tell you, i’ve turned into the crabbiest person i know. tiny things set me off and even tinier things make me angry. it has everything to do with the fact that my bladder has never been more rude, sleeping sitting up means i don’t sleep and one of my baby girls likes sticking her foot so far into my ribcage, i can’t remember what life was like when i could take in a full and deep breath of air.

can i keep ranting for just one more minute here?! because i have to tell you about the part that is really killing me. this odd FOMO (fear of missing out) sensation i’m experiencing at the moment for new york city. like, i live in the heart of it. it doesn’t make any sense. but it’s exhausting just thinking of going outside and doing something fun. so here i sit, seeing sunshine and hearing birds outside my window, the occasional siren and car honk (ok. the frequent siren and car honk), and so many voices of fellow city dwellers passing by on the sidewalk down my stairs. and it sounds selfish and stupid, but i feel so far away from it all. the strangest feeling. i don’t like the feeling.

pregnancy. i know it’s magical and special and beautiful and all the things. i’m usually the first to want to point that out because it really is a miracle. but i’m so done. the aches and pains and exhaustion and last minute waiting game nerves… i’m just done.

reading this back now, i’m hesitant to post. it all sounds and reads rather negatively, and i know it’ll be misinterpreted on the internet because the internet is really good at that. but it’s important for me to be honest here about how i’m feeling and i think if you’ve been reading long enough, you know i’m thankful on top of being thankful for these babies in my tummy. the double edge sword of pregnancy. standing in awe of it all while also hating it all at the same time. let’s touch base again about all of it in july, maybe?… when it’s all just a memory and the bad parts have faded so much so, that the good parts outweigh all of them. maybe we can do it on a park bench in the middle of the city, where i’m soaking in the new york i love so much with two babies in my lap that are maybe even pressing on my bladder as i hold them but i don’t feel a thing because this bladder i speak of is kind once again. deal?

  1. Allison

    I love this! I think anyone who’s been pregnant can absolutely relate :) You’re doing amazing though and before you know it, it will be a memory like you said and you’ll be soaking in those beautiful baby girls! Congrats Mama!

  2. Allison

    I loved this post! I live that you’re always open and honest, not just trying to make it seem like life is always perfect. I have 5 kids and while I love being pregnant and feeling them in my belly, towards the end I just wanted them out. I think most mothers feel that. It might be that we’re just so ready to meet and hold our sweet babies that we’ve been growing for so long! Hopefully you’ll be holding your sweet girls in your arms by the end of this week! You have made it so far with twins! That is a miracle in itself. Good luck with everything coming soon!

  3. Abby

    I am so glad you posted this- I honestly think that we need more “real” posts everywhere so people know that the world isn’t always perfect. It’s ok when you at the end stages of pregnancy (especially with twins!) to admit you aren’t that comfortable and you are cranky- you are human! Hang in there Mama- those beautiful babies will be here soon.

  4. Liz

    Love this post! Love how real it is. Don’t love that you’re so uncomfortable. Pregnancy is hard, it’s rough! Also, it’s okay that you’re crabby and angry. Hopefully your daughter remembers this when she’s older so that when she’s crabby and angry and pregnant she’ll know it’s normal. Hopefully your sons remember this too because it’s likely they’ll have emotional pregnant wives to deal with. Good luck being on the home stretch!

  5. sydnee

    The end is the hardest…when everything seems to ache and hurt! Before you know it, you’ll be holding 2 precious little babies in your arms!

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  6. MMerrell

    Thank you for sharing that you experience the bad as well as the good. Nobody doubts how much you love those babies and how grateful you are to be pregnant with them, but it is hard. Motherhood is hard, and anyone who says otherwise is lying. ;) Hang in there. You’re almost there and you can do this!!

  7. Stevie

    Don’t worry!! I felt exactly the same towards the end of my pregnancy! Missing out on life out there, nobody can really relate, every second is so uncomfortable. Such a ”unhappy” time, it sucks! No end in sight since every second feels like years! Then, more or less bang, babies eventually. ome out and this is but a memory. In comes newborn bliss which can feel very relaxing after dealing with toddlers I think?! My postpartum was quite good but I think a lot of postpartum is better than those last pregnancy days!!! Soon soon soon! Wishing you all the best <3

  8. Henriette

    Hang in there and think of this way: you are now SO sick of being pregnant that you are ready for ANYTHING to get these babies out. That will take the top off being nervous for the birth. Much love

  9. Rebecca

    I’m only 32 weeks with my second and I’m also so done (and she’s just 1 baby!). Between the constant peeing, terrible heartburn with medication and basically sleeping sitting up, and now restless legs, I am getting NO sleep. I stay home with my 2 year old and between my exhaustion And the unseasonably cool weather we’ve been having, I have no motivation to take him anywhere. I feel like a terrible mom most days. I too know I am so lucky to have gotten pregnant very easily for the second time, that doesn’t mean pregnancy is easy!!! I can’t even imagine with twins!!! Hope your sweet babies make their safe and healthy arrival soon! Good luck!!

  10. Mackenzie

    I’m right there with you sister! 39 and 6 days and my life revolves around waiting to go into labor ending with me being disappointed everyday up until this point. Don’t apologize for anything! Feel it all out.

  11. Those of us who have been there get it- you’re told it’s all magical but you just don’t feel magical. As long as your complaints are not actual depression and sadness- it’s okay to complain once in a while! You have a great husband who is there to help.
    You have three healthy kiddos who try to help :)

    Just remember- soon enough you won’t have the time to pee. :)

  12. Liz

    I love this and it is TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE. You’re working so hard and with such a kind heart. We all see that. You’re doing it, girl!

  13. I love your honesty in this post, Naomi. I feel that in general you are the optimism of the internet, but it’s GOOD to get real sometimes. I’m sure there are so many mothers who can relate to you.

  14. M

    I hear you. I had my second baby in February and I look back on my pregnancy and realize just how…not like myself I felt. I was thankful for a healthy baby and body, but mentally I just needed to get my boy here and start living my real life again. I’m happy to say that despite being exhausted those first 6 weeks, I had way more energy after the pregnancy was over because I felt like “me” again. We were at the park with him in a carrier when he was just 5 days old. And it felt amazing. You’ll get it back. Here’s to a safe delivery!

  15. Silvija

    You’re the best Naomi. Hope the girls will decide to come out like NOW. Hold on. :*

  16. Anna

    I love this post. It’s honest and so true! I haven’t ever been pregnant with twins but I had three babies in three years and my husband still talks about how grouchy I was the last month of my third, and final pregnancy. My daughter would stick her butt out so far in my stomach that she pinched a nerve and I had contractions every night for a solid month and it was July in Houston, Texas and I was so hot! I just sat on the couch and everyone avoided me. Ha! Hang in there. You are amazing! Growing two babies! Pregnancy is a miracle, but it’s still really, really hard.

  17. Tess

    I don’t comment often but I felt the need to today…. girl, you deserve every bit of this post! Do NOT feel bad… I can’t even imagine!! And whoever take this as you being negative can shove it!! LOL

  18. Rosa

    I m also pregnant with two boys. I m going to have the Csection in 10 days.
    This is my first pregnancy. I m so frustrated. I gained about 20 kgs which I guess most of it is in my hugeeee belly. I cant sleep easily. Sometimes I find myself crying in the middle of the night! You have always been a role model to me. Thanks for talking about your feeling because now I can see that I m not the only one! Everyone keeps telling me that twin pregnancy is different and I can feelhow difficult it is. Anyway I m happy to see my boys in 10 days. Wish you the best dear Naomi

  19. My back went out at the end of my pregnancy with my now 5 week old. I was in so much pain, I couldn’t even go to the bathroom without my husband’s help. Plus a toddler on top off that to take care of! I’m so grateful for both my kids but man getting them here was so hard! It’s nice to hear someone else share their real experience with pregnancy, including the crankiness because I felt like I was the only mom out there losing my mind at the end! I hope your girls come soon and that they’re both healthy! You’re a wonderful mom! Your kids won’t remember the crankiness :)

  20. Mallory

    Thanks for sharing the bad with the good and hang in there!! Carrying one babe at a time is hard enough, can’t imagine 2. Hopefully everyone is extending you the grace you deserve for making it through each day in such discomfort. You’re still a wonderful mama and a warrior.

  21. Rachel

    Love and prayers as you near the end!!! If anyone’s ever been pregnant they should be able to relate in some part to those very feelings! I know I can :) Whenever the misery sets in, just know that you’re completely validated and your happy, healthy babies will be here before you know it! Some of us are anxiously waiting for y’all’s announcement!

  22. Pamela

    38 weeks pregnant over here and I’m SO with you! The last month is HARD!!!! Hoping it goes by relatively quickly for both of us 😘

  23. Rebecca S

    Let’s wait until September to touch base, just in case:) You can do it!

  24. Irene

    Naomi, you beautiful spirit! Rant away all you need. I can only imagine how uncomfortable you must be at this stage. I have been reading your blog silently since before you and Josh got married, so I know how positive and optimistic about life you are. I can only send you a big virtual hug and lots of strength! Hold on there until your two beautiful baby girls arrive and all this just looks like an unpleasant memory! We are cheering for you! sending love! x

  25. Mariel

    I feel that you don’t even need to justify the positive side of this, because from seeing your social media it’s so clear that you’re a wonderful, loving mother who is head over heels excited for these babies. It’s refreshing to hear about the negative aspects of pregnancy because I don’t see that side of it many times. A good friend of mine who has wanted children her whole life finally had one this year and to my surprise, she didn’t enjoy her pregnancy much and vented to me about losing control of her body and feeling at times that the baby inside her was using her organs as a punching bag. These negative narratives are important because women should have safe spaces to vent and feel without judgement. I’ve always loved your blog because you are very honest and open, and express your thoughts and feelings very well, both negative and positive, and I admire that. I’m sending good energy your way at this final, uncomfortable stage of your pregnancy. You’re a wonderful woman and mama and so soon this unpleasant part will hopefully be a distant memory as the joys of new children fill up your life :)

  26. Delia

    I’m 36 weeks pregnant with twin girls and know exactly how you feel!! I’m SO done! I keep getting contractions and other signs, but I’ve been at 3cm and 80% effaced for a week and a half…such a tease! Hang in there!

  27. Liz

    The last weeks of pregnancy are no joke! The pain, the discomfort, the not sleeping, the peeing ALL the time – all real. You’ve got this – you’re almost there!

  28. Sarah

    I feel ya girl, and I only have one inside me right now! Pregnancy is amazing and gorgeous but also SO hard at the same time, hang in there! ❤️

  29. Erin Heasley

    Pregnancy is the most miraculous thing in the history of the world when A. it is over, or B is happening to someone else! You are allowed some crankiness, my goodness you deserve a medal for having expressed it only in the last few weeks! Bravo to you for your honesty and for your love of motherhood, they should go hand in hand!

  30. Maridith Lane

    Full permission to not love your pregnancy: GRANTED. ;)

  31. Caitlin Tappana

    I get it! I sooo get it! When I was pregnant with my twins, everyone would tell me horror stories of how hard they are when they came out. But I knew if I could make it through those last brutal months of a twin pregnancy, I could handle anything. Because I could be comfortable and have some bladder control and fit in shoes and walk again. And now my darling baby girls are almost 8 months old and I’d do it all over again for them. ❤️

  32. Eva

    Hang in there Mama!!! You make it look easy, and you will be holding those babes soon enough.
    And also, just for the record, it will be ok to complain from time to time then also! Sometimes the gratitude and the realness just gotta go hand in hand… LOL

  33. Tahira

    It’s okay to complain, because life isn’t a spiritual picnic. Carrying two beautiful angels is hard and it’s okay to say it.
    You’re their home. I wish you a lot of strength until they arrive.
    And lots Of hugs too! Hang in there mama!

  34. Ashley Sager

    There will inevitably be someone that will say there are so many people who would love to be in your situation so you shouldn’t complain, but coming from this person 🙋🏻‍♀️ who went through 8+ years of unexplained infertility and finally conceived twins via IVF, your feelings are so valid! I was so thankful to be pregnant, finally, but I HATED EVERY SECOND OF IT. I was sick the entire time, on 2 different meds for morning sickness, and just felt miserable all the time. My son was constantly kicking my bladder while my daughter was all up in my ribs at the same time. So I totally appreciate this post and your vulnerability and honesty because there are so many times that I felt terrible for the way I felt when so many that I knew always talked about how much they loved being pregnant. So complain away 😂 and sending good vibes your way 💓 that those girls will be here soon and for a smooth delivery! 😘❤️

  35. Betty

    The last few weeks with twins are a nightmare. You’re allowed to complain. 🌟🌟

  36. Marine

    Sending a lot of energy, light, and courage to you now. You’re allowed to complain even when creating life and we’re here to listen to you an support you through it.

  37. Gina

    You got this Naomi! Completely OK to rant/complain! I can’t imagine how uncomfortable you must be a this point. Thinking of you and your family and wishing you all the best!

  38. Emma

    THIS. ALL OF THIS. You nailed it on the head. While I don’t have twins growing in my belly, I too am at the end of the rope and the waiting game is brutal. I hate it, but I know the discomfort is worth it in the end. I have loved watching your story and learning about your adorable family! Best of luck in this next chapter! Can’t wait to follow along !

  39. Kelli Gilbert

    Oh I love this. It is so so so true!! Pregnancy is amazing but wow at the end you just are DONE!! can’t even imagine twins!! You are amazing!! You can do it!

  40. Gaelle

    I understand you so badly… and share the same feelings sometimes… expecting twins as you. No one can judge you coz you should live the same to fully get the points, aches etc. Courage and keep the faith you are doing great.

  41. Jena

    I feel ya girl. Twin pregnancy is SO HARD. You get big and uncomfortable fast and then keep getting bigger and more uncomfortable and it lasts MONTHS! I also feel bad because I’m such a grump and I still have 3 months left and I feel like the worst mom ever because I want to do all these fun things with my 1 and 3 year old and I can’t. I just want to stay in my air conditioned bubble and they want to go out every day in the heat. I’m going to miss all summer! Hopefully yours come soon and you can get back out ASAP and enjoy all that beautiful summer weather!

  42. KB

    🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻thank you

  43. Kelsey

    I love the honesty.

  44. Gabriela

    I´ve never been pregnant but seeing you be so honest and real about everything makes me admire you even more. A lot of people on social media make it seem so easy and perfect but in reality they are just like you and me, you are my favorite blogger because you´re so transparent!! Hang in there, it´ll be over soon and you´re baby girls will shower you with love in no time.

  45. Nicole

    Naomi, I can completely commiserate. I’m only 3.5 months along with my first baby, and I already feel all of these things. Especially the feeling of being somehow apart from everything. I also live in a bustling city (Toronto) and I feel like I am missing out on a lot…unbelievably grateful for the little one in me, but it definitely takes a toll! Hang in there, mama.

  46. mary

    I can so relate!

  47. Sending so much love, you got this!

  48. Brittany

    Absolutely relateable and totally ok to complain! I had my little girl three weeks ago and those last few days were MISERABLE. I cannot imagine twins! But you are rocking this thing, Mama. Thanks for being so real and honest. Nothing made me feel worse towards the end than seeing “perfect” pregnancy posts and photos on Insta. You are keeping it real and that is so needed. Counting down the days with you!

  49. Leslie

    I do not miss my twin pregnancy at all. The end is SO HARD and I know exactly how you feel. 100% miracle and 100% misery at the same time. People don’t like to think those two can exist at the same time but they do. I have a specific memory of sitting on our back porch watching my husband play with our oldest (she wasn’t quite 2 when they were born) and I was so, so sad. I wanted to be able to play too. I truly hope they come soon it is so tough to not be able to difficult to be unable to sleep, walk, stand, feel like yourself. I really feel for you!

  50. jessica basso

    Awww Naomi, don’t feel bad for being honest and expressing what your going through. While I have never been pregnant – my situation is quite the opposite – My husband and I have been actually trying for several years now & Infertility hurts so bad. It feels as if its going to be this way forever sometimes but its all just temporary. Your pregnancy is coming to a close and while it may seem to be lingering I bet you will blink and by the weeks end are holding those beautiful girls. I know one day when our Lord answers my prayers/dreams and the IVF finally works or I conceive naturally and maybe I am carrying 2 babies in my tummy (we are transferring 2 in the fall) I will fill a lot like you do now. You’ve got this Momma, enjoy these last few days and soak it all in while you can lol. Much love to you!!!

  51. Naima

    Naomi, thank you for this post! I think it’s an important one to share, and I admire the bravery it must have taken. Something doesn’t have to be easy or perfect to be beautiful–or even a miracle. I’m grateful that you shared this & I’m wishing you well through the rest of the pregnancy and the delivery.

  52. Daantje

    All I can say is amen. I hear you. Have the feelings. Feel them. For they too will pass, but you sharing this is so valuable. It’s the purest sound there is amidst a world of glorified stories and photoshopped bodies. I feel for you, that you are going through this. My sister is exactly as far along as you are with two boys and she is só over it; even though her boys are so welcome and loved. Carrying two is not nothing.

    This too shall pass, hang in there like you are saying yourself. But feel consciously as that too is reality. I applaud you, for carrying them, for sharing this and for taking yourself seriously.
    The very best wishes, for their sake I hope they stay put, but I hope for your sake they will come soon and it will be wonderful.

    Lots of love from NL

  53. Erin K

    The mental game at the end of pregnancy is so hard. i lost that game with both babies and for different reasons! Lol. Considering all the hardships you’ve shared with this twin pregnancy I’ve always thought you are so amazing for being so positive. You’re almost there! Be kind to yourself.

  54. Liz

    Totally relatable! Don’t feel guilty writing these things! The internet is also really good at glorifying anything and everything, with pregnancy as the holy grail. Great for women who enjoy also this phase, but a lot also don’t. it is what it is. Take care waiting it out!

  55. Chrissy

    Thank you for this! You just put into worlds all my feelings and discomforts and im only pregnant with one baby. I have severe FOMO this time around too! We’re in the home stretch…that’s what i keep telling myself. Also Contrary to what others keep telling me I don’t think Im going to miss this feeling when it’s gone ha ha.

  56. Kimberly

    I have been reading your blog for years and have always loved your positivity and how you so love your sweet family! I just wanted to encourage you and say thank you for your honesty. Pregnancy is hard, beautiful and incredible, but hard. The end of my fourth pregnancy was difficult; my two year old wasn’t sleeping, I got an awful skin infection and a cold right before delivery, and we were in the midst of major home renovation. I felt so torn because I truly wanted to cherish every moment of growing that precious little life but was SO uncomfortable. All that to say…I hope your precious girls come soon and that in the midst of all the discomfort you are also able to enjoy moments here and there when you aren’t having to pee a million times 😉

  57. Stephanie

    I had twins in early December and I remember this so vividly! You’re almost there, they will be here and you will be able to breath again, but it does suck especially at the end. And for me twin pregnancy was the hardest, my singletons never made me feel the way I did during my pregnancy with the twins. So just know you are not alone 💜💜

  58. Celine

    Hé it is your blog ! You post what you want !
    You rant as much as you want , don’t
    Apologize and good luck for the finish line 😊

  59. Betsy

    You have every right to complain! You are human, and just because you are in extreme discomfort doesn’t mean you’re ungrateful. It means you’re honest and you’re human! Hope these next few days/weeks go by quickly for you! We all know how hard pregnancy can be!

  60. Juliana Schwartz

    Naomi, you don’t have to apologize for being honest about the difficulties of pregnancy! You’re always so incredibly positive, I’m sad to see that the internet is such a harsh place you feel you have to emphasize over and over how grateful you are – it’s possible to be both. Creating and carrying two humans sounds so physically difficult even if it will be rewarding – and you deserve to be honest and vent just a bit.

  61. Lauren

    I feel exactly the same way. So happy, excited and grateful but SO DONE, uncomfortable and exactly the same Fomo feeling. Want to do so much but my body won’t let me do anything.

  62. Brie

    There’s nothing wrong with saying pregnancy is making you miserable. There is so much stigma with saying “I’m not comfortable,” As if you’re ungrateful and have no right to complain every now and then.. I remember at the end of mine (not discounting yours) just wanting to breathe, wishing I could take a full breath, I ended up having a c-section because my son was honestly stuck under rib cage and my ob had to wiggle him out. You have been so positive this entire time and that has been inspirational. Good luck!

  63. Katie C

    I’m glad you vented and hope that no one gives you grief about it!

  64. Anna

    It took me THREE YEARS to get pregnant the first time and by the time I did I was so desperate I don’t know what would have become of me if it hadn’t worked. And yet, I still had “the nerve” to complain about pregnancy. Maybe it’s fun for some people but I found it very challenging. You don’t need me to say this, but please go on feeling what you feel: all the gratitude, all the discomfort and everything else. Give yourself permission. After I had my daughter I was so emotional and overwhelmed by all the people who wanted to hold her, etc. I called my friend crying and she said, “I’m really glad you called. Do you know why you’re feeling this [email protected] and I said (through tears), “because of the hormones?” It was a good reminder of how crazy-making it all is. And how beautiful it all is. Good luck, mama. You got this.

  65. naomi! i can’t imagine the discomfort at this point. and saying so is fine by me. crossing my fingers those girls are here soon.

  66. Laura

    Pregnancy is hard, no doubt!! Thanks for keeping it real.

  67. Israa

    Hang in there, mama! You’re doing great<3

  68. Caitlin

    I know this feeling! Hugs Mama, you are doing great. No words are going to make you feel better so have an ugly cry and get some sunshine on your face. It will be over soon and cute baby faces somehow have the magic to make the memories of late stage pregnancy vanish. Xo a fellow Mama

  69. Lauren

    Sending the warmest wishes, prayers, and hopes for you and your family! You’re growing TWO people inside of your body! That’s incredible and don’t take any crap from people who think you shouldn’t be able to voice your discomfort. For every person on the internet who criticizes there will are three more who got your back and are rooting for you! :)

  70. Jo

    I think part of the miracle of life is how much the female body and spirit endures to bring it forth. You are doing that times 2 and that is an incredible feat. Thanks for being honest about how difficult it is right now. You are allowed to feel both the immense gratitude of it all and the pain at the same time :)

  71. LPT

    Thanks for the honesty!! I’m two weeks away from my csection date and am feeling done, anxious, exhausted and yes excited!
    I have a mix of wanting to rest but really wanting to clean- but can’t move without pain so I just retreat to bed and try and nap while my oldest is at school.
    Hang in there- we are almost there!

  72. Lexi

    Naomi, I completely feel you on this one!!! I’m always SO OVER pregnancy at the end, and with each subsequent pregnancy my “over this” feeling seems to start earlier and earlier…and then of course I feel guilty for being “over” something that is incredible and that I’m so grateful for. So anyways, complain away! I can’t imagine carrying multiples. In a short amount of time your sweet babes will be on the outside and you will be able to breathe again.

  73. Chelsey

    Naomi, you rock.

  74. Julia

    Rant away, girlfriend! Pregnancy is hard, especially the last bit. And especially when you have other kids to take care of. And most especially when you have more than one baby in there! Take it easy on yourself; I’m sure Josh and the kids are taking your moods in stride (and you’re probably more worried about it than they are). You’re nearly done and it’s all going to be ok.

  75. The final weeks of pregnancy are tough! I completely understand you… Forza, you are almost there!!

  76. Rena

    Oh, I see it is really not easy … pregnancy can be so challenging and difficult! All the best to you and I love you on the picture!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  77. felisha

    Girl, you’re doing pregnancy on hard mode. You already have three children, you’re carrying two, the weather is warming up and it’s perfect out, AND you live in NYC. It’d be crazy of you NOT to complain! I hate that the internet trolls have made you feel like you can’t be slightly negative on your own platform. As a long time reader, I love your posts like this. It reminds me that you are human!

    Anyway, you’re almost done! Know that we’re all counting down the days for you to be able to pee again – haha :)

  78. Emily

    Yes girl! I’m due at the end of June and this is my fifth pregnancy and I’m 34 and I am relating so hard to your complaints. I KNOW it’s great, I’m aware not everyone is able to do it, but can mama just complain without haters?! Because guess what, it’s hard. Hard with singles, and I assume harder with twins. So solidarity girl, I feel you.

  79. Jessica

    I relate to this so much! I didn’t have twins (I can’t imagine…you hero!) but had hyperemisis through all four pregnancies. I felt like a living paradox! So thankful to be carrying my babies and sooo so miserable. There’s no way I stayed positive and yet I knew what I was one of the greatest priveledges in this life! Thank you for sharing your heart! You are not alone. You’re almost there! God bless you and you will be in my prayers. Praying for strength, encouragement and peace from above.

  80. Megan

    Here’s how this comes across: REAL! REFRESHING! MINDFUL! Girl! You are doing it! ALLLL the things! Life is a beautiful mixture of ‘BOTH…AND’–a miracle, and a curse; amazing, and terrible; beautiful, and ugly; incredible, and mundane. The difficulties of these moments do not negate the true miracle of these same moments! There is room in this life for ALL of these things. FEEL IT ALL and in watching all the feelings you will see that there is room in your heart for all of it. Just as you say you never could have imagined your belly getting any bigger? Well guess what! Your heart and mind are capable of getting infinitely bigger too to make a home for ALL the emotions. You are a beautiful multi-faceted human, and by sharing these truths you are laying an incredible foundation for the people around you to also feel comfortable to speak their truths. Keep doing the hard work, mama! You’re so close! xo

  81. Mia

    You’re a rock-star!

  82. Tracey

    As someone who is three weeks postpartum, I can completely relate to that feeling but I can tell you the fresh brand new feeling you get to experience with your new baby or in your case babies makes it so worth the wait!

  83. Calla

    It’s ok to feel negative and frustrated! Thanks for being so honest, I hope the babies come soon and you can start enjoying the city again :)

  84. Therese

    My baby girl is two months now and I’m so thankful she’s on the outside. The baby is cute and all, but mostly I’m so so happy not having to pee ALL the time. 😜
    For me the last months of pregnancy was so much harder than the first months of motherhood. It’s not the case for everyone, but I feel you totally!

  85. kate

    Love this post. Pregnancy is great because you get a cool prize at the end- but sometimes pregnancies (especially when you have other children already) are just WORK. Don’t beat yourself up about those feelings- it’s super normal and also cool that you’re sharing about it on a “global” level. The internet needs more honesty these days.

    Good luck during these last few days!


  86. Julie

    Oh I feel you… I had the same feelings while I was pregnant (the summer heat, the back pains…) You have every rights to complain: you are growing two humans!!
    Sending all the hugs and good vibes for the last strech of this pregnancy!

  87. Hanna

    thank you for being REAL!!!!!!!!!!! this post is everything. one of my favorites in my 7 years of reading.

  88. Deb

    God bless and keep you and your family, every pregnant woman knows this feeling, so grateful but so tired because it is incredibly hard work to carry these precious angels that are on their way.

  89. sarah

    complain all you want! and complain to us! we get it. sending lots of love and light.

  90. moran

    O, Naomi
    I feel for you
    I think you should raise all your sympathy for yourself and just let it be. Been pregnant is amazing and hard. Beautiful and exhausting. Happy and lonely. And it’s all good! Sending you lots of positive energy. You are almost done 😊😊😊

  91. Paula

    I was two weeks late with my son and in the end I was like I did not sign up for 42 weeks, I signed up for 40! Lol! I was so uncomfortable! I totally get it, hang in there! It won’t be long now!

  92. Jaylee Morrell

    You are amazing!!!! I love following your journey with the twins.. I can only imagine what your body and mind are going through! Those twins are coming to the BEST mama. We’re all cheering for you!

  93. Megan

    Oh thank you so much for your honesty! The last months of pregnancy feel like an eternity! I hope it goes by smoother and you get to hold those sweet baby girls! 💕

  94. Margot

    Love your honesty!!!

  95. Whitney Olson

    Um, we have three little ones and i have told my hisband on multiple occasions that if we got pregnant with twins, i would be so happy, but i would cry and cry and cry. I would fear my body would break and i conplain like crazy about having to pee when i have only one beautiful human inside of me. And FOMO is something my husband and i talk about each time we decide to get pregnant. You want to live your best life and give the childre. You already have then best mom, but pregnancy makes that hard. Good job, momma. You are doing a hard thing and its okay and good to acknowledge it is hard (you’re not complaining, you are telling us how hard it is and nothing is wrong with that). Good job doing a hard thing. And even the best people get crabby and angry while pregnant. You’re almost there!

  96. Liz

    I’ve never been pregnant with twins so I can’t even imagine, but I am one of those women, who while always grateful for the ability to be pregnant, also kind of thinks pregnancy (or at least a lot of the parts of pregnancy) is the pits. I had horrible back and sacral pain at the end of my last one and every day I missed so much my active pre-pregnancy self. The good news is that it does end and as you obviously know, the result is pretty darn amazing. But you’ve more than earned the right to rant and complain! Don’t apologize because trust me, so many other mamas who struggle through pregnancies will feel less alone after reading your post :) hang in there!

  97. beth

    three and a half weeks pp with my twin girls. i went into labor at 37 w 0 days. you are so close, but maybe closer than you think? my body gave out on me. it was truly the hardest thing i’ve ever done. i still have aches and pains now but i told my husband i felt so much better 5 days pp than at 37w. the recovery is tougher than i remembered and thought, so give yourself grace after delivery too. excited for you to hold your babies for the first time. 💛💛

  98. Susanne

    I felt exactly the same until two days ago. While I’m writing this I’m holding my little newborn baby in my arms.
    I totally can hear you. Especially the missing out part. Plus everything seems to ache and hurt! Before you know it, you’ll be holding 2 precious little babies in your arms!
    PS: so funny: we have the same timing: my second son is EXACTLY the same age as Conrad! My oldest almost like Samson. And we used to live in NYC! xoxo

  99. Heather

    You got this Mama!! When i hit 36 weeks with my identical twinkles I was SOOO over it. It was a miracle and I was incredibly overjoyed for their arrival and the honor of being pregnant with my boys but I wanted them out and in my arms. I was a first time mom and i know you’re a pro but prepare yourself for a different kind of life with newborns that first month. Two is insanely different than one or even one with two siblings already at home. Go easy on your self and take lots of deep breaths. You got this!!