in which she complained.

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i’m starting to think the hardest part of pregnancy is the waiting game you play at the end. especially when you’re in discomfort while waiting. i feel like i’ve been standing in line for 3 days straight trying to get tickets to some hot concert or broadway show. standing in line while having to pee, naturally. because pregnancy. you always have to pee. even 4 seconds after you just peed.

my family will probably tell you, i’ve turned into the crabbiest person i know. tiny things set me off and even tinier things make me angry. it has everything to do with the fact that my bladder has never been more rude, sleeping sitting up means i don’t sleep and one of my baby girls likes sticking her foot so far into my ribcage, i can’t remember what life was like when i could take in a full and deep breath of air.

can i keep ranting for just one more minute here?! because i have to tell you about the part that is really killing me. this odd FOMO (fear of missing out) sensation i’m experiencing at the moment for new york city. like, i live in the heart of it. it doesn’t make any sense. but it’s exhausting just thinking of going outside and doing something fun. so here i sit, seeing sunshine and hearing birds outside my window, the occasional siren and car honk (ok. the frequent siren and car honk), and so many voices of fellow city dwellers passing by on the sidewalk down my stairs. and it sounds selfish and stupid, but i feel so far away from it all. the strangest feeling. i don’t like the feeling.

pregnancy. i know it’s magical and special and beautiful and all the things. i’m usually the first to want to point that out because it really is a miracle. but i’m so done. the aches and pains and exhaustion and last minute waiting game nerves… i’m just done.

reading this back now, i’m hesitant to post. it all sounds and reads rather negatively, and i know it’ll be misinterpreted on the internet because the internet is really good at that. but it’s important for me to be honest here about how i’m feeling and i think if you’ve been reading long enough, you know i’m thankful on top of being thankful for these babies in my tummy. the double edge sword of pregnancy. standing in awe of it all while also hating it all at the same time. let’s touch base again about all of it in july, maybe?… when it’s all just a memory and the bad parts have faded so much so, that the good parts outweigh all of them. maybe we can do it on a park bench in the middle of the city, where i’m soaking in the new york i love so much with two babies in my lap that are maybe even pressing on my bladder as i hold them but i don’t feel a thing because this bladder i speak of is kind once again. deal?

  1. Jenna McQuinn

    I feel the same way and I’m only carrying one, with only one toddler to care for. I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable you are with everything multiplied. This post is refreshing and relatable. I can only “sleep” sitting up now too, due on Saturday… feel like I’ve been pregnant for 5 years for some reason, and cannot stop peeing, eating ice, and staring angrily at my husband. The silver lining is the tiny newborn baby waiting to meet us so soon. Wishing your girls are here asap and the last of it is as enjoyable as possible. XOXO

  2. Emily

    I don’t think it is really complaining or ranting…rather venting and being honest. While you are so grateful for new life you honestly don’t feel your best and you still have a family to take care of and life to do. I don’t think venting under the umbrella of thankfulness is bad. The end is the hardest…just try to rest as much as you can :)

  3. My twin pregnancy was almost ten years ago… but I remember all of the feelings you’re talking about. It was miserable at the end. Sleeping sitting up. Walking. Having to pee (all.the.time). Not being able to put on real shoes. (I only wore flip flops the last month.) It’s super hard, and you are totally allowed to complain!
    I can’t wait to see your babes and hear what you name them.
    Wishing you a beautiful, healthy birth and a quick end to this miserable part of pregnancy!
    (Meanwhile, though, you ARE adorable!!!)

  4. Kristen

    I keep checking the blog, waiting for “the announcement” – and I’m like- man, not yet?!? hang in there- you’ve earned the name; “Mother” time and time again.

  5. Chelsea

    You just described me- but I’m 6 months postpartum with my fourth! It’s been so hard to not sleep for basically the past 15 months….no sleep kills a person! I’m sorry!

  6. I love this, Naomi! I think it’s important to put out there the “reals” of pregnancy. The end is so hard, but you’re almost there, mama.

    Xx – Fernanda

  7. Jessica

    All I have to say is: solidarity! I remember feeling the same (with my one and only — I didn’t even have twins in there and I was struggling!). Complain away, and when those babies pop out and you take that first deep breath, ahhhh! It’ll be awesome! And you’ll walk outside like you’ve never walked before!

  8. Sabine

    hang in there! not that much longer to go!!! and please, keep on ranting, full understanding here!!! you anyway are a warrior!!! have a save delivery!

  9. Ruth

    “the double edge sword of pregnancy. standing in awe of it all while also hating it all at the same time.” Perfection description of how it feels for me too! Thanks for being honest about how you’re feeling and hang in there!!

  10. Paige

    Thanks for this! 38 weeks pregnant and reading your honest words made me feel a little bit better.

  11. Elizabeth

    Cheering you on from North Carolina! My husband and I are trying to conceive our first, and it’s incredibly refreshing to read an honest perspective amidst the “everything is beautiful and amazing and glowing all the time” narrative that seems to be so prevalent. (If it helps, you LOOK beautiful and amazing and glowing all the time.) While pregnancy is undoubtedly miraculous, it’s also good to have a realistic idea of what we’re about to get ourselves into ;)

  12. Sarah

    I delivered my twins in July. Pregnancy IS a miracle, a true gift from God, and the last weeks of a twin pregnancy ARE miserable. Give yourself some grace and put your feet up, you’re almost there!

  13. Kristen

    I complained about my pregnancy, and I was only having one and I had no other children to take care of. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being honest about how you feel. Growing a human is HARD. Growing two is HARDER. Be kind to yourself and rest. It won’t be long before you won’t get a chance to sit down. Hang in there! ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Nina

    You have always been an inspiration. I probably would have complained from day one. I admire how you embrace every pregnancy. I can’t even imagine carrying two!!! You have every right to say what is on your mind. Hang in there! It will be over soon. I wish you all the best for a safe delivery! <3

  15. JoAnna

    Oh my word, thank you for this post!! Anyone who has been reading your blog for five minutes knows how much you adore your children, your babies and motherhood. Sometimes you do make it all look really easy and knowing that you struggle in some areas just like the rest of us is such an encouragement. I’m currently in the midst of my third very hard and miserable pregnancy. They are just so tough for me! But those babies at the end or so so worth it. But it’s still miserable. You’re amazing, and I can’t wait for you to be done!

  16. Kayleigh

    Don’t worry about complaining. I can’t speak for anybody but myself, but I appreciate honest blog posts like this, because we’re all human. We all feel moments like this. Especially when we’re women in the throes of pregnancy and everything that comes with it. Sorry to hear you’re suffering. And you’re not a negative person for feeling this way. This is just being a human. You’ve got this. Just a couple(ish) more weeks!! ❤️

  17. Lucie

    I feel you, I definitely do. I went through this only twice and each time with just one baby, so I can’t even imagine what it must feel like with twins. Even with one, i struggled Togo buy vegetables 200m away and the walk to my older’s nursery to pick him up took me about 45 min instead of 15…
    I can’t offer any help, but I am hoping this will make you feel less alone.

  18. Amy

    Yes, the internet is really good about twisting words and making something beautiful so negative :( But I hope you know that these raw and honest posts are also well received by some us! This is a testament of why I started following you since yearsss ago! Your genuine joyful outlook on life paired with your occasional raw moments of, “life is hard. Pictures can be deceiving. But I will make the most of it.”

    Hope the waiting will come to an end very soon!! Hang in there :)))

  19. Rebecca

    Any complaining you do at this point is more than well deserved! I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable in various ways you are right now, having to share your body with two full term babies. I feel like pregnancy tends to be glorified and people don’t always talk about the negatives—of which there are also plenty! Thank you for being real and sharing your thoughts on the good and the bad of this, and the rest of life. :)

  20. Erin

    NAOMI!!!! HUGS!!!!! You have EVERY right to feel the way you do… I’ve only had ‘ah’ child and at the end there, I could not WAIT to have my body back. For reals… but, like you said, this too shall pass and you’ll have a different vantage point come July on a park bench :-) Nothing but love… thank you for keeping it real <3

  21. Ofi

    Dear Naomi, I haven’t married yet but I’m a doctor so basically I met a lot of Mommas out there who also waiting for their labour in extreme discomfort. It’s totally normal, that what makes us human. Hang in there, hope everything’s going well and healthy!

    Also, you have the best readers in the world! The comment section is very positive and I really love the vibes ❤ Virtual hugs from Indonesia!

  22. Shelly

    You have every right to complain! I so understand. I just gave birth to my second baby on May 18 and this pregnancy was so much harder than my first. I was so uncomfortable and by the end I was frustrated and grumpy and didn’t feel like myself at all. But hang in there! You’re almost done and will feel so much better soon. I can’t believe how much happier my body and mind feel now, and how I feel like myself again. You can do it!

  23. This made me laugh so laugh so much! Yes pregnancy is beautiful but not all of it. Bless you and thank you for sharing! It’s so well written and relatable even though I’ve never been pregnant! The babes will be here before you know it! Xx

  24. Maria

    Being pregnant is so hard and so beautiful at the same time. It’s a mash of emotions and feelings and pain and happiness and uncomfortable-ness. Hang in there! You’re so close and soon it’ll be the joys of baby staring and breastfeeding (‘joys’ 😛) and falling in love again each and every new day. Your girls will be here so soon! The feelings of fomo may come and go and change along the way (mine have..), it’s all an endurance test, physically, emotionally, and of your patience. Thinking of you and your family regularly, excited to ‘meet’ your baby girls!

  25. I always thought pregnancy would be wonderful that is until I actually experienced it. Boy oh boy, after 2 pregnancy I still cannot get used to the changes in my mood and body and especially becoming incredibly indecisive! The idea of choosing something on a menu was incredibly confusing… The simple things like walking outside makes me breathless. I am feeling you Taza, you have to let the frustration out once in a while to feel better.
    I cannot imagine feeling all of that X2. You are one strong momma!

    Christiane from Montreal, Canada Xxx Sharing colorful motherhood moments

  26. I can so relate to this. I was absolutely miserable towards the end of both my pregnancies. My patience was non-existent and the discomfort was unbearable.

    It’s the price we pay to bring these little bundles of joy into the world. And honestly, I don’t think I’d have it any other way. As my mom always reminds me, “Somethings worth having won’t always come easy.” Hang in there!

  27. Hang in there Naomi, you’re almost done! I have turned your post notifications on and everyone here at my office building keeps asking if you have had the twins yet. I am so excited for you. I know its hard but cherish every moment. you got this!

    p.s what happened to our super cute green headboard?

  28. Ashley

    I love this. Pregnancy is amazing, magical and beautiful but it is as equally as uncomfortable and painful. You are amazing! I can’t wait to meet your little girls!

  29. Fomo is real

    Ah you brave strong woman! Thank you for sharing.
    I so get this.
    True strength is in showing your vulnerbality.
    Or so it’s said. I’m still working on making that work and not falling down in an ugly display.
    Big hugs for you and your poor hardworking body

  30. Asha

    Oh gosh! Not negative at all!! No matter how much I loved being pregnant I truly feel that the 9th month is the gnarliest. It made me actually look forward to labor and delivery! lol. You are the pregnant one and have EVERY right to feel whatever you feel. Praying for a safe and uneventful delivery of your sweet girls! And after that, enjoy seeing your feet once more (that was big for me :D) xx

  31. Brittan

    Pregnancy is SO HARD. You have to complain, even when you feel terrible for complaining because you know how lucky you are. You have to do it. I am on #3 and am done done done because I can’t live another 9 months of my life with hyperemesis again. I know I will be done with this forever in 10-12 weeks and yet I feel insanely depressed like I will never be a normal human again. This is just to say your complaints are welcome and deeply relatable. You’re at the finish line now (or very close!) and you got this!

  32. Lucy

    I got to nearly 38 weeks with my twin boys and that final stage of pregnancy was the one of the hardest things I’ve had to encounter physically (which I know is a blessing). It’s really rough on your body Naomi and I so remember the disconnect from life, from my four and six year old, it just felt like life was carrying on for them and they were having fun and while I was in the privileged position of keeping my babies safe, it was tough! You’re not alone. And just warning you’ll feel like you’re missing out a bit when they’re born too as you’re constantly feeding and keeping the babies safe from germs when first born but you’re so in awe you won’t mind as much. Best of luck in the final weeks x

  33. Julie Brown

    You can do this momma!! Not much longer!! You got this!

  34. Anna

    I feel you sister. I have a 5 week old and those last few weeks were HARD. I LOVE being pregnant, but I was OVER IT with this child and I was only carrying one! (Not 2! :) granted he was over 9 pds). The FOMO was the worst. I hated feeling like I was on the sidelines of my other kids lives and I was tired of telling then I can’t do this or that. I am finally starting to be able to “play” with them again and it’s great!! Hang in there–you are amazing for making it this far with two in there. Oh, and have you heard of @hellomytribe? You need to check them out—it’s an amazing motherhood movement!

  35. Tess

    guess my comment didn’t make the cut…

    • josh

      Hi Tess! Your comment was published earlier this morning. It was very thoughtful. Thank you!

  36. brooke

    I am convinced we get so uncomfortable at the end as a way to prepare mom for the lack of sleep we will be getting once the baby is here haha.

  37. gladmama

    You are allowed :)

  38. Julia

    I kind of forget how hard twin pregnancy was, because honestly having twin babies that wouldn’t take bottles was even harder. But reading this brings it all back. Twin pregnancy is no joke! I hope yours comes soon!

  39. Rachel Elise Simmons

    i so appreciate your honesty!

  40. Denae

    You are so justified in your feelings, because, um…twins. This part is the worst, but you’re right, it will be just a distant memory very soon. The longer those babies stay in, the easier it will be. You are amazing and are doing this all so well.

  41. Amanda Lavergne-Tabb

    you are a true hero and super woman and should complain/vent all you want. always appreciate you keeping it real on here!

    we know you’re thankful and love all of your babies dearly, but also know it can just be hard sometimes. :)

    sending you good vibes and that those babies make their debut soon!

  42. megan

    this is probably one of my all time favorite posts from you – i love it! hang in there, mama. you go this! <3

  43. Juana

    Amen! The end of pregnancy is hard! It’s natures way of you actually wanting to give birth without fear. You just want that baby out, no matter how much you fear childbirth, you’re ready! 😂 Hang in there, you can do it!


    Girl! I’m only 5 months pregnant and I’m already over it!! i can only imagine the discomfort of twins!

  45. Josefin

    I reamember THAT feeling the day one of my friends called me and told me she just had here babie The 9the of july
    – she was due The 19 of july with here first and I was due the 13th of july and noone prepared me for what to feel in a case like that – I told here of, suddenly I was angry and tired of beeing pregnant – I, who REALY LOVE beeing pregnant and who would have had at least 5 pregnancys and up to 3 years los babies more – my girl was born the 19. of july – afther trying EVERYTING to get the birth started – I had my spanish motherinlaw running afther me everywhere😂
    Im probably not looking forward as much as you are to see your two babygirls – you are doing soo well – and even if it does not feel like it now, it will come moments that you wish you could put them back in there!!!

  46. Erica

    41+ weeks pregnant at the moment with a toddler running around and I FEEL YA!
    My daughter was born at 38 weeks so this waiting and extra three weeks of pregnancy have been rough. The waiting game is hard mentally. And we’re moving into a new house in 2 1/2 weeks, so every day he hasn’t arrived makes me think, “ok, so now we’ll have a 4 week old when we move…ok now we’ll have a 3 week old when we move… OK, now we’ll have a 2 1/2 week old when we move…” Just keeps seeming crazier and crazier 😜 Even though I know once I’m snuggling that sweet babe, I’ll forget all about this crazy feeling ❤

  47. Emily


    I started following your blog when my son was an infant, he is now 5 1/2. Your posts constantly remind me of the value of family. I’ve been so floored by your stamina & grit through this twin pregnancy. You got this!


  48. Lea

    I delivered at 2:42AM today so all of the pregnancy trauma and the pitfalls of delivery are fresh. As I cradle my newborn son, I am so overly thankful for his life (especially due to some unexpected complications at the time of his arrival), but also soaking in his lovely newness has me hesitant to consider the potential for yet another baby. Pregnancy and new life is amazing. The experience has such a broad range of emotions, and in order to truly appreciate the miraculous highs.

  49. Jaz

    I know I always have a hard time pressing on while steps away from the finish line. It’s labor pains before the actual labor. You can do it! May God give you the strength during these last days of your pregnancy 😘

  50. Amy

    Oh I remember those days so, so well! Complain away, no judgement here! When it comes to FOMO, maybe remind yourself there are so many people who follow you and have a FOMO based on what YOU have. They wish they could experience married life, city life, momma life, be world travelers. FOMO is such a tricky thing, but maybe that helps keep things in perspective?

    Looking forward to the introduction of these babies soon! Best wishes ❤️

  51. Lex

    Starting around 39.5 weeks of my last pregnancy, I just had a daily cry.

    “Hey husband, I’m going to go sit in the shower and cry.”
    “You ok?”
    “Yup, just 41 weeks pregnant.”

    We’d never make it through birth if the end wasn’t so uncomfortable, right? Hang in there. Self-pity is totally warranted at this stage in the game.

  52. Tara

    So honest, thankyou :) not far to go now, hang in there! Sending hugs, compassion, and the hope of some good sleep your way! x

  53. zhia

    Whatever it is you think your missing out, I’m sure is not as important as those little ones growing inside you. But I know exactly how that feels like being stuck at home… Hang in there Naomi! Praying for a safe and healthy mommy and babies at delivery!! <3 <3 <3

  54. Ash

    This is one of my favorite posts of yours to date! I love the honesty!! But I am sorry you are feeling this way…the discomfort will be over soon. Do whatever you need to do to get thru the end ❤

  55. Erin

    I have only had singletons but I understand. I love being pregnant, truly find it miraculous, but, I’ve also struggled and spent entire weekends in bed in pain, as well. It can be incredibly special and incredibly siffixult, with twins I can’t even imagine! You are a wonderful mama and it’s okay to just feel done! Sending you hugs and wishing you a safe and happy delivery!!

  56. Erin

    Wow… that should’ve said “difficult”! Whoops! :)

  57. roma

    It’s good to vent it out than to try and keep it inside you. Pregnancy is not easy for all. Physically it’s draining and a mom has to still take care of older kids and other errands. Twin pregnancy is difficult as sleeping and walking or just sitting and getting up becomes hard due to the weight on the back. Let alone the entire tummy stretched. You will feel much lighter and better once the babies are born. I totally understand how you feel at this time. Take care and best wishes for the delivery 🤗😊

  58. Katie

    Girl, I’ve been there. You should have heard me BEGGING my OB to do a membrane sweep. I threatened to do it myself. It’s so hard at the end. You got this though! You’re one tough cookie.

  59. Analese

    Thank you for this. Someone said the other day that feeling grateful and feeling awful are feelings that can coexist and I felt like it couldn’t describe pregnancy better. Especially at the end. Anyway, thanks for being real.

  60. Shannon

    This means you’re close! Hang in there! 😘

  61. Kathy

    Every second you continue to keep those babes cozy, warm and growing is a victory! As you know, the less early the delivery (ies) the healthier the newborn(s) will be!

  62. I think it’s totally ok that you’re done. You still look gorgeous but it seems pretty uncomfortable…Always love the snacks on the belly pregnancy ;)

  63. Emily C

    Girl, you are well past the point where you’re entitled to complain at length – you have two human beings absorbing the life force from you! It will be so worth it when you hold them though. Sorry you are feeling so completely awful now though – sending good vibes your way!

  64. susanne

    dear Naomi,
    complaining is a very important part of pregnancy towards the end. otherwise you wouldn’t let the babies go, ie be up to giving birth.
    being a midwife I get to see/take care for a lot of (of course pregnant) woman, and theres usually a great increase of complaining towards the end. some women though seem to love to being pregnant forever and ever (how? even in singleton pregnancy one can hardly stand all the need to pee, the swollen ankles etc.) and those women don’t go into labour. (or at least not as easy as others do)
    so while it was your intention to keep your girls safe and sound in your tummy till the end of may you may now complain as much and as loud as you like ;-)
    all the best for you and the really hard work lying ahead of you giving birth to two children at once. always so special delivering twins!

  65. yukon

    tazza u look awesome and u have complete right to express your views (not complaining btw) all the best when the time comes and i cant wait to see pics/hear their names

    fyi check out

  66. remaliah

    You’re almost there!!!! I think of you often these days and wonder when the announcement will come. I don’t know your term date of course, but I’m figuring you’ve pretty much made it, which is awesome! Our two girls decided to come for Mother’s Day, but they didn’t realise that 26 weeks is just a tad early and stressful for mummy and papa! Thanks for being honest. Pregnancy holds so many emotions – good and challenging. Mine were all pretty scary, but thankfully they ended with the beautiful miracle of lives…which you will have again soon! *Courage* as they say here in Frence, and all the very best for their safe arrival SOOOON!! xxx

  67. Lilisucree

    WE are all waiting with you!! (Without the troubles of the end of pregnancy…), you have our thoughts even from France!!! 😘😘

  68. Helga

    Even though I haven’t been pregnant for 20 years (and never had twins) I remember all of this well. I love your honesty!

  69. Sarah

    Can relate! Due June 11 with my first and have struggled with my pregnancy throughout but now especially that I’m having trouble sleeping. Can’t even imagine how having two would feel like. Hang in there! Thanks for being open and sharing this post. It feels good to know there’s someone else out there that’s telling it like it is. 💕🙋🏼‍♀️💕

  70. Marie

    100 % undersstandable and 100% relatable. Every single word. I don’t think anyone who has read your blog for any amount of time would think you’re not grateful for this pregnancy and the babies inside. Pregnancy is hard. I’ve only had a twin pregnancy so nothing to compare it to but the sitting up sleeping is what I had to do and none of it is comfortable…it was really hard towards the end and the only thing that makes it bearable is hoping they stay in longer to develop. :) Have a great day, Naomi. Hang in there!

  71. Naomi Cardwell

    Just sending some love from Melbourne, Australia. You can do it, beautiful lady!!!! One (shortened) breath at a time. God bless you xo

  72. Sarah

    The end is so hard. I went almost to 42 weeks with both my babies. Hang in there. and it’s great that you are being real and telling us how you are feeling.

  73. Sadie

    I think this is one of your better posts because it is so honest! I wish you didn’t feel the need to apologize so often about real life; it’s your space and your life and your story <3

  74. Heather

    Thanks for sharing, Naomi!

  75. Kristen

    YES NAOMI!!!!!!!! You’re such a badass mom and it’s mega normal to be feeling like this as the end. I’m so proud of you for sharing the realities of carrying your babies- the good the bad the ugly, we are grateful for the honesty. I’ll keep you in my prayers as you’re nearing the end!

    Ps at the end of my last pregnancy I was such a hormonal tyrant that I actually found myself doing all kind of insane internet myths to try to induce labor. The time that I found myself turning around three time on the even of a full moon was my wake up call. I was like, WHAT AM I DOING. But then the next day I ate eggplant parm twice and walked like an infinity miles. The hormones at the end are to blame, so blame them girl!! You’re amazing and you’re going to rock at being a twin mom!!

  76. Joy

    Girl, you are positive on here 99.9% of the time, so let ‘er rip once in a while! I was complaining that much with just ONE baby in there. Pregnancy also felt very isolating for me (and breastfeeding, too). In a way, it’s very special: you’re the only one who gets to have the experience with your little one(s). But also, you’re carrying the full (literal!) burden. You’re doing great!!!

  77. Victoria

    I’m nursing my two month old baby girl twins SO I GET IT. When they arrived, I was also so over it. Hang in there! You are so close!

  78. I can only imagine…you can vent to us any time! You have more than earned it. I know you are doing this, but take care of yourself….honey, make it count! 💓 You can do it! You’re in the home stretch! You’re gonna make it! They’ll be here soon and you can take that deep breath.💨

  79. I had the fomo right after my first child was born. I lived in the heart of seattle and it was winter and i had MAJOR baby blues and didn’t leave the house and sat in milk soaked shirts crying and just thought that the world was going on without me. literally, everyone was out going about their lives and i’m stuck in this warped reality.

    Also, uhhhhhhh, i so remember after i had my second baby just curling up in a ball getting cozy in bed and being so so so happy that i could be in whatever position i wanted again! i held on to that happiness for as long as possible just to feel thankful! hahaa

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  80. Whitney Redfern

    I can totally relate because I’m a twin mama too! Don’t feel bad about your rant. Sometimes that is needed! I get ya. But I promise, someday you’ll look back and it will be hard to remember all the aches and pains of pregnancy. And bless that dear bladder of yours. One of the most joyous experience I’ve had is being able to “hold my urine” for longer than 10 minutes! Haha. Anyways.. Those sweet baby girls will be here before you know it! You got this. XOXO

  81. Barb

    The human body is super human amazing. I think you deserve a little complaining every once in a while! And you’re so mindful to give people a heads up if they want to skip reading it. Hang in there.

  82. Leigh

    You are such an amazing mamma and NYCer :). I’m sure the city is missing you too. Hang in there as guy you count down the last few days before babies. The city is storing all of its lovely quirks for your adventures in July. You’ve got this!

  83. Leigh

    You are such an amazing mama and NYCer :). I’m sure the city is missing you too. Hang in there as you count down the last few days before babies. The city is storing all of its lovely quirks for your adventures in July. You’ve got this!

  84. Dar

    I’m only carrying 1 baby… 27 weeks and I’ve been done! This is my first and literally no one tells you all your body has to endure to make a baby. Rant awayyyy!!! lol.

  85. Emily

    This is my favorite post ever! Yes!! You’re real! I hated every minute of all 5 of my pregnancies and while I’m so grateful for my beautiful kids, I am not grateful for the pregnant parts of my life. It’s hard! Thanks for being real!