happy birthday to our new six year old, samson rex!

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samsontoday marks samson’s 6th birthday! which means it also marks the anniversary of one of the happiest days of my life. josh and i talk often about how much we lucked out with our samson. he came to us so easily, an incredible surprise we found out about when eleanor was only 7 months old. after a pregnancy full of craving raw vegetables (still shocked and confused by this!) and a mere 8 minutes of calm and easy pushing at the hospital the following May (something else i still can’t get over, normally my birth experiences are messy ordeals i don’t necessarily care to revisit), this little guy stole our hearts in ways i didn’t know mine was even available for stealing.

this boy is always thinking of everyone around him. the way he greets me every morning with the biggest hug and smile, you’d think i was holding a surprise candy cart with balloons or something. but he just knows how to make everyone feel like they are important in the moment, and special. we’ll walk the streets of our neighborhood, and he’ll see friends from school or people from church and call to them by name, waving and smiling so big.

i worry often about tainting his incredibly good spirit. it’s how he came to us, and even 6 years later, i’m just trying not to get in the way and mess with it too terribly each day.  all the while, learning so much from him about patience and love and getting the most from our daily experiences.

a lover of snacking on raw peppers and eating all the corn on the cob, of making abstract art with oil pastels and wanting to be a part of anything that is being made in the kitchen.  who prefers completing his week worth of kindergarten homework on monday afternoons rather than spacing it out, and insists on a uniform of the same pants and shirt to wear each day, maybe in different colors and patterns. he’s the lego building master in our home, and the only one in our family that can keep a tan 365 days of the year.  filled with a determination to keep trying, fostered by a curious mind that loves to work hard and try new things, it’s just an honor to get to be a part of his life experience.  and oh my gosh, do i love getting to be his mama.

happy birthday, samson rex! thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter and love into my every day. you are loved by so many, but i hope you’ll always know how much your mama loves you, to the moon and back and forever and ever. eternally. forever and always.

  1. this is so sweet!! i love how you can look back on your kids life and see now how totally them they were back then! if that makes sense!

    The Emerald Girl

  2. Ana

    I assume this was a scheduled post and I assume that the twins were born today (because a instagram picture was uploaded today) so that means the twin girls and Samson share a birthday! woww
    Such a special day for your family! congrats

  3. Elaine

    Happy Birthday Samson. We love you and hope you have had a wonderful 6th birthday… your own birthday party and now twin baby sisters to celebrate with you. Love you so much, Nana and Grandad

  4. Isobel Stuart

    Does this mean Samson has the same birthday as the twins?! :O

  5. Rachel Simmons

    Happy birthday handsome!! He’s always been my favorite ❤

  6. Emma

    Happy Birthday Samson! We share a birthday haha x

  7. Malie

    Happy Birthday to Samson !!! Your words and thoughts are always precise and so sweet to describe your family and the moments you share. Happiness is here, in the observation and recollection of our children growing in this beautiful world. Enjoy every moment !

  8. Lisa

    Congratulations on the Twins!

  9. Ellie

    Happy birthday Samson! Good thing you had his party earlier!
    Congratulations to the family!

  10. Sara

    The twins were born a couple days before Samson’s birthday. She wrote birthday. She wrote that in her Instagram caption.

  11. deb

    You write such sweet words about all your children. You know them so well and it shows. Happiness begets happiness and your children are evidence of that. Many congratulations on expanding your family and still managing to recognise and celebrate your 6 year old in the midst of it all.

    Amazing mama!

    Deb xx


  12. Oh how i adore your Samson. I’ve never met him, but I feel like I know him via your videos and pictures. He really is just the sweetest little thing!He truly is such a doll – I’ll never get over his sweet smile and his adorable little voice.