breakfast in bed!


as may is finally here, i am on absolute cloud nine at the thought that finally, after such a long stint of a never-ending winter, and what sometimes felt like a never-ending pregnancy on top of said winter, that we are reaching the end of this 9 month stretch! and we are about to meet our new baby girls! i have anticipated this month since last fall, and i’ve found myself day dreaming of it often… those first few seconds after the twins arrival, just being together and taking in that glorious newborn scent, the moment my three other beautiful babies get to meet their new little sisters, and that first minute i witness my man snuggling the two of them in his arms at once. no doubt, i’ll be viewing it all through blurry teary foggy eyes, because i’m already crying just thinking of it.

as mother’s day arrives this month, i just want to say, i have such respect for mothers everywhere. and feel so humbled at the chance to be in the thick of this role myself, one i have always wanted more than any other role in life, and one i don’t take for granted. being a mother comes with incredible highs and such difficult lows at times, but i am a better person when i’m with my children. even if i’m exhausted about 95% of that time. ;)

to say i’ve been feeling spoiled by the sweet gestures josh and the kids have made in an effort to make me feel comfortable and loved as a mother in these last few months and weeks of this twin pregnancy is an understatement. i’ve been laying low basically living in and on my bed the past few months. so naturally, the kids are following suit. (perks of having white bedding that you can just bleach the heck out of time and time again. mom tip 101! white everything on the bed, and never be without a bleach pen!)

so with this new mentality of basically living on mama’s bed, we’ve been breaking all the rules in our house lately to accommodate it.  breakfast on the bed?! let’s do it! slippers on the bed?! why not. saturday morning movie marathons where we never get out of our pajamas and just fully embrace the homebody in each of us? yes please!  i mean, it’s a fun way to celebrate the last few weeks of being a family of five before we become a family of seven!

with mother’s day approaching, we’ve partnered with DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse, a place i’ve shared my love for many times before on this blog of mine, because they carry so many great and affordable styles of shoes for the entire family. so we snagged some fun slippers for all of us, and then upped the ante in anticipation of mother’s day by bringing pancakes with syrup and powdered sugar on top onto the bed to enjoy together! the kids were the sweetest, wanting to do every step on their own for me as we made them! they really do know how to make some good pancakes though! and josh and the kids surprised me with two piles of teeny tiny pancakes for both the babies on the plate! samson announced to everyone as he plated them that no one could eat those ones but me! he really guarded them from conrad while we shared the plate of pancakes, too! it was seriously the sweetest gesture towards his new baby sisters.


always the best time with these silly three in the kitchen! always a little messier, and little bit longer of a process, but so many smiles and whispers and maybe amazing dance moves as well because we can’t do anything without some music blasting, too! these are the moments i love as a mother. when i get to watch my kids getting along as they conquer slightly challenging tasks together.


kind of really wish these fun green monster slippers of samson’s came in my size. how incredible are these?!


powered sugar mountain curtesy of conrad. ;) and do you see those two cute stacks of mini pancakes just for the babies the kids made for me?! samson pointed out which stack was for baby A and which stack was Baby B’s before we ate. these baby girls are already so loved.


let’s do this!


gone in like 60 seconds. nothing makes me feel more proud than the way my kids can put away good food so quickly.


you all know how much i love my pictures of shoes! slipper photos are maybe topping that after seeing this one! i’m wearing the minnetonka cally in hot pink and eleanor and conrad are wearing the same style in a children’s size called the cassie (conrad is wearing the cinnamon color.)


the best thing about jumping pictures are the faces! and maybe the flying hair from conrad!


we couldn’t leave the baby girls out of our slipper fun! i about died when i saw these cute teeny tiny Minnetonka Riley slippers that match my slippers and also eleanor’s on the DSW website. you all know how much i love a matchy-matchy outfit with my little ones, so these made my day to find! when eleanor saw them, she was just as over the moon as i was, which made me so happy. i’ve been thinking my days were numbered of getting away with matching her as she’s growing older, but i think we’re safe a little while longer!

LOVE TAZA 295JK8KB10-3LOVE TAZA 295JK8KB10-13LOVE TAZA 295JK8KB10-2LOVE TAZA 295JK8KB10and now the count down begins as we wait excitedly to meet our new babies! in the meantime, wishing all of you beautiful, courageous and incredible women out there a very happy mother’s day! may you enjoy plenty of down time in your own beds, wearing your own pajamas and favorite slippers while enjoying some really good food!

thank you to DSW for sponsoring this blog post!
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  1. jessica basso

    Aww.. love you guys! Motherhood looks so beautiful on you!
    Curious what happened to your beautiful green headboard in your bedroom? I loved it so much I was thinking of purchasing it.

  2. Anna

    Minnetonka for the win! (That’s where I live ♥️)

  3. Natali

    You are one super lucky and blessed mama! Love these photos!
    Happy 1st of May to you and your family!

  4. Your children are such little angels. They are simply adorable. No wonder you enjoy snuggeling with your babies in the bed on Saturday morning!

    I have been following your journey through pregnancy for the past couple of months. It looks like this is going to be the last stretch! I am so happy for you:)
    Btw, I absolutely love your banana PJs :D

  5. ahhh this so sweet! Those pictures are pretty amazing, all of them! But the ones with you and Eleanor holding the twins shoes are extra special.

    Xx – Fernanda

  6. Beenish

    I’m wearing my Cally’s right now – best slippers ever! Your pjs are dope! You look beautiful mama!

  7. Porsha Carr

    These photos are beautiful I really love your slippers and how happy all the kids look :)

  8. Jas

    Kind of off topic, but I think your girls are going to be blonde even though no one else has blonde hair in your family (that I know of). Can’t wait to see how adorable they will be!

  9. Carrie

    Such a sweet post!! What happened to your gorgeous emerald tufted headboard? It was so beautiful!

  10. C

    But what happened to the headboard ?

  11. Such a beautiful and sweet little mothers day post! I can’t wait until the twins arrival!! They’re going to love their little family.

  12. Christine

    Where is your Anthropologie headboard?

  13. Noah

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful family!! Curious where that gorgeous green headboard went though?

  14. Briana

    This is such a fun post! I love watching y’all parent. The twins are going to be so loved!
    What’s the name of the dark teal paint color in your room? It’s so stunning!

  15. Kaitlen

    Love all those pj sets! too cute!

  16. David

    You have such a beautiful family. We are celebrating a 4 year birthday for our Eleanor, (May 8th). Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I have two amazing women to honor, my wife and her mother. Life is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.

  17. Connie

    You are just the cutest little pregnant lady, i just wanna squeeze you!

  18. Kelly

    Your kids are SO freaking cute! I can’t wait to meet the little ladies!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  19. Sadie

    This has got my wheels turning for how to celebrate my second ever Mother’s Day! It also reminded me of the pregnancy days, when I had to eat almost everything in bed because I just couldn’t bring myself to get up.

    And white bedding as a kid-friendly tip is a new one to me, but I think you’re right!

  20. Lauren

    That was so adorable that he made pancakes for the babies!!