a birthday party for our mister samson!

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LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-14

over the weekend, we hosted a little birthday party for samson who will turn 6 years old at the end of the month. while his official birthday is not until may 30th, we decided to do the party a few weeks early because i have this fear of the babies showing up on his birthday and cramping it in a way a mother would feel guilty about. it hasn’t even happened yet, and it might not even happen…yet, here i am, still feeling guilty about it!

and so, we got a permit for central park and planned something around a racing theme (all samson’s idea!) and then naturally, this strong and constant rain storm took over the city this weekend so we shuffled things the morning of and had about 12 little kids over here with a few parents scattered into the mix to celebrate our almost six year old.

a few photos from the birthday party below!

LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-22LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-20

while i waddled around the apartment, josh and my sister bekah hung streamers and flags, pushed all the furniture back so we could attempt to do a few of the racing games we had planned for wider and larger open spaces in central park, and got all the prep work done in a rather short amount of time.

LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v1LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-4LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-5

eleanor and samson made these signs for the front door of our apartment!

LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-2

i was also impressed to find this “welcome” sign hanging in the living room which samson made all by himself! :)

LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-11

my three biggest blessings in life. these cuties right here. the babies aren’t even born yet and STILL these three are looking like giants to me lately.

LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-6 LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-7LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-16

we started the party off with painting our own wooden race cars!

LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-17LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-18LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-15

we had to improvise slightly since a lot of the activities that we had based around the racing theme and planned for the party in central park just weren’t possible to do in our apartment space. by pushing the furniture back, we still did a few little races with the kids…. a three legged race, a wheel barrow race, etc. the best race though had to be the egg race just because most of the kids had already dropped their egg at least twice before the race even began! thankfully they were hard boiled eggs! but still, so funny to watch these kiddos with eggs on spoons move across the room. it was really adorable.

LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-19

kept things food wise very simple by ordering a bunch of pizzas for everyone towards the end of the party. then we had cupcakes and after we sang happy birthday for samson!

LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-13LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-12

conrad licked all the frosting off his cupcake and then brought it over to me and said, “all done, mama!”

LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-9

my sister bekah just moved to new york city from LA and we are ELATED to have her so close by! she was so sweet to not just spend her saturday morning with us helping get everything set up, but she helped me bake and frost all those cupcakes the night before, too. thank you, rebekah!

LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-10LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-8LOVE TAZA samson 6th birthday party 132v-3

i love this sweet boy to the moon and back. he is pure good, through and through, and i feel like the luckiest getting to be his mama. happy birthday month, samson rex! we love you so much!

PS. this is still my favorite video of samson! eating his birthday cupcake on his very first birthday, if you’d like to watch.

also, samson’s birthday parties blast from the past:
a magician style party last year!
a robot birthday party from the year before!
a third birthday party!
and a few pictures from his second birthday, too.
last but not least, his very first birthday party, in central park, when he turned one!

  1. silvia

    looks like an awesome party! i was wondering what samson’s favorite gifts were. my daughter will be turning 6 and i never have any ideas!

  2. Rena

    What a great idea and so lovely you celebrated the birthday earlier! I see it was a wonderful and happy party!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Stephanie

    Gorgeous photos and family as always. Happy Birthday Samson! Can I please ask where you got your amazing pink cardigan?

  4. Corina

    this kid makes even my heart smile. so handsome and sweet…
    Samson, Happy Birthday!!!
    you are loved

  5. happy birthday to your sweet little man!! i cannot believe how much your kiddos have grown!! love following your beautiful family. ;) thanks for sharing your joy!!

  6. Tina

    Don’t feel guilty, my brother arrived on my 3rd birthday, and I love sharing it with him!

  7. Jo

    So now you have TWO sisters in NYC with you?! How wonderful! What a sweet gift for them to be so near during such a huge transition for you. Nobody ever quite understands you like sisters :)

  8. Happy Birthday Samson!!! I hope 6 will be good to you! Enjoy!

  9. Aya

    Yay! What a beautiful family! I still can’t believe Samson is already 6 years old! I’ve been following your blog since Eleanor was just a baby and still remember obsessing over all your Bugaboo adventures.

    happy Birthday Samson!

  10. Jasmine

    The picture of Samson and Josh. So sweet! Melts my heart, hope to be blessed with a beautiful family like you Naomi. Happy birthday Samson!!

  11. Lucy

    I remember my brother having a birthday party that was forced in doors due to the weather and it ended up being such a fun day for him and his friends. Mum organised a makeshift mini putt course around the house, and then she also did the boiled eggs! She got them to roll them down the hall way and see whose made it the longest. When the rain cleared the boys went outside and started throwing them around, they loved it!

  12. Rebekah

    I love how simple you made the party but how fun it was! Kids are the best. Thank you for sharing your sweet family with us!

  13. Rachel Simmons

    I can’t believe he’s 6!

  14. zena

    whoa all of those plastic bottles… :( poor ocean life