60 seconds of travel!

josh and i finally finished pulling together a bunch of videos we shot on our iphones during our snowboarding trip to utah back in february. we all used our Love Taza family luggage collection which was so exciting to do during the trip!

it was really fun for us to be matching with the kids, and the activity kits were a hit on the airplane. we’ve really worked hard to think of ways to make travel more fun and easier for you or your family and then to pass that on to all of you. our hope is everyone will be excited to have adventures together and that these pieces have a small part in that journey.

i know some of you have said the pieces are sold out in your local Target stores, but you can still shop almost all of the collection online HERE! the luggage is a seasonal collection sold exclusively at Target just for this spring, so the luggage will only be available for about one more month. if you’ve been wanting to check out some of the pieces, now is your time before it’s gone forever. and for anyone in canada, you can go to Target’s international site HERE to order…everyone in mexico can go to Target’s international site HERE to order. hope that helps!

this trip was a great one for our family, and it’s getting me so excited to make some travel plans for later this summer after the baby girls arrive!

here is our little 60 second video of travel…


  1. Katie

    Cute video!

  2. Did you guys stay at Summit Watch? That’s where we are going to stay next week (albeit a TON warmer).
    Such a fun video and so glad you guys came when there was snow.

  3. Even though I do photography and video professionally, videos from smart phones are always the most interesting. They capture the moments perfectly and I think the ones you will remember the most as they grow older.

    Noel Daganta

  4. Sadie

    Love that you had so much fun in my home state! And the kids hailing the cabs are adorable.

    I think your readers might be *almost* as impatient as you to get to see your little babies! I know you kept Eleanor’s birth story quiet for awhile, but I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

    Best of luck! Sending you light.

    <3 Sadie


  5. Jovill

    I have been loving your blog and Instagram for years now! Since you were pregnant with E. And I’ve been loving watching your family grow.

    My cousin recently opened up an online vintage clothing. Please check it out, I think there are some clothes you might like :)
    Thank you!

  6. yukon

    you are so awesome! love u and your family!
    best wishes for your birth and remember to post lots of pictures of your adorable babies meeting there brothers and sister!

  7. Jenna

    Hi! I’ve been pouring over all your amazing Switzerland and Italy posts while planning our family vacation over there! Can you share what hotels/apartments/etc you guys like to stay in or places you search to find them. Finding places for a family of 5 to stay in Europe is always my biggest challenge! THANKS and big hugs to your whole sweet family!