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if there’s one thing i stand in complete awe of, it’s this powerful human body each of us has been gifted. and seeing and feeling mine go through such an extreme transformation during the past 8 months, carrying life times two, has been an incredibly humbling experience for me. it’s brought me to tears on multiple occasions, out of pure discomfort and pain, but also tears of complete joy and excitement and gratitude. even having done this all before, when they move or kick inside of me, the magic is not gone. and i still find myself vocally exclaiming to the nearest member of my little family, “they are moving! come feel! come see!”

i am a sappy hormonal woman right now, and this is probably gonna sound like such cheese. but if there’s one thing i hope someone reading this blog takes away from it, i hope it’s a message that motherhood and family are beautiful things worth celebrating, worth prioritizing, worth all the exhaustion and heart ache and stress that often comes with the territory. the good outweighs the bad here by bounteous measures. and i just don’t think that’s said enough around the internet, so i want to make sure i say it here.

i keep thinking there is no way this bump can get any bigger, but here i am once again proving myself wrong! i look like i’m smuggling a huge watermelon home under my dress in these photos but i really love that you can really see the size here. i’m hoping to make it 4 or 5 more weeks to the end of may for the sake of the baby girls so they keep growing and developing safely in there, but we’ll see how far i get.


this maternity dress (it’s $48!!!), similar blazer, sunglasses and silver sneakers.

  1. Frances

    Have you thought about the possibility of them sharing a birthday with Samson?

  2. Hannah

    Woah!!! Just when you think you couldn’t get bigger! Gorgeous!! I’m going to join motherhood at the end of summer, it’s such a privilege. I thank God everyday for this chance!


  3. Ashley Movius


  4. Brianne

    Loooove this message about motherhood! Definitely feeling the tug at my heart to share the same message lately. It’s one of the reasons I follow you. You share motherhood in such a raw, real, and incredibly loving way! Just as it is! Thank you for that!! So excited to see your sweet girls and your other babies with them!

  5. PG

    Hi Naomi! May God bless you and your beautiful family as well as your pregnancy throughout this journey! I know in the past you have eluded to pregnancy or conceiving not being all that easy for you and I recall a post early on where you mentioned speaking more about this pregnancy. I’m hoping you’ll soon be comfortable touching on that. Might help some
    Of us to hear!

  6. Ingrid

    I have been so thankful to see you go through this pregnancy, because it’s the first one of yours I can relate to! Welcome to the club of maternity-clothes-wearing, swollen-feet-getting, stretch-mark-sporting mamas!

  7. Taylor

    That belly looks so surreal and adorable on you! As a first-time pregnant woman, hearing these words of encouragement about motherhood is so reassuring. Hoping you have a wonderful rest of your pregnancy and get as far as you can!


  8. Malie

    Thank you for your nice words about pregnancy and motherhood !!! We tend to take them for granted and natural, forgetting how wonderful they are. I wish you sweet days before the arrival of your little girls.

  9. Ximena

    Love, love, love! You look amazing and your words about family made me family made me weep. 8 months postpartum and still bery hormonal lol!

  10. Emily

    Your motherhood posts are why I keep reading your blog. Our lives are very different, but our views on family and mothering are the same. Good luck with these last few weeks!!! My baby #5 is coming in September.

  11. Lorra

    This is exactly why I keep coming back to your blog. Love the message you’re giving out to the world. We’re all very lucky to have you on our side.

  12. Katie

    Hey Naomi! Thank you for this sweet post! I’ve been following you for the past 4 years for this exact reason – the simple way you celebrate motherhood and family in all you do. You’ve been a huge role model for me without ever having met you. So I wanted to thank you for that and I hope it’s not lost on you the positive impact you continue to have on so many women and mothers. Hope the rest of this pregnancy is good to you and the baby girls!

  13. Lee Ann

    Im a new mom- 4.5 months in with a baby i never knew i could love so much. reading this hit all the feelings because, hormones start in pregnancy & apparently never stop?! yes to the tears of hardship, yes to the tears of gratefulness and yes to showing off that bump!! we women are amazing! I pass women on the street now and i want to wink at them, or give them a nod like, yeah, i know about it. being a mom has changed me forever and its hard, selfless, I’m constantly dirty, definitely sleep deprived and yet-this is it. i ran around in circles before and I’ve finally found something to run towards.

  14. Rachel

    So much love!!!! Prayers for you and your sweet girls to go as long as possible! Can’t wait to see them!

  15. Rachael

    Amen, sister! Motherhood is so hard but somehow my life is still infinitely better with my little man it. I miss “me time” but I’d much rather be hanging out with my love! Wishing you all the best in the end of hour pregnancy, easy delivery, and healthy little bundles. Can’t wait to follow along on your journey with these two new ones.

  16. Lucy R

    So incredibly excited for you and your family! Such beautiful pictures. And thank you for your message on motherhood. Been feeling overwhelmed with a VERY attached sling-napping bed-sharing 8-month old babe and this just puts it all into perspective. These hard days soon become sweet and hazy memories (which I should know with this being baby #2!) so doing my best to saviour it all. Loads of love and luck to you over the coming weeks!! ❤️

  17. Raquel

    Hola Naomi! Hope you make it for a few more weeks! So happy for you and your family. Twins are so special! I have twin brothers and their relationship always seemed special to me.
    I have three kids, 5, 4 and 2,5 years old and keep feeling my family is a bit incomplete… but I am 38, full-time bank employee and it is not easy at all…
    Best best wishes from Spain for this last part of pregnancy.

  18. Rachel Simmons

    That looks so uncomfortable :/

  19. Rachel Simmons

    I appreciate your opinion, although I feel like I need to point out that it’s okay for some people to love motherhood as much as your expressing, yet not feel the need to have more than one… it doesn’t disqualify me or anyone else as loving, giving mothers, if one child is enough… but still love being mothers and loving our child as much as possible.

  20. Denisse C.

    Beautiful Naomi!!

  21. Kristen

    Pregnancy is so hard for me…. from the beginning to the very end. No period of less nausea for me. My second baby is 3 months old and every day i’m grateful… grateful for the opportunity to love and care for these sweet children. I loved your message today. Motherhood is wonderful and magical…. never easy… but always a blessing.


    You wear pregnancy so well!

    Agree completely. Motherhood is the best thing I have ever done. Exhausting and total magic at the same time.

  23. Misha

    You are so beautiful mama! And those babies are so lucky to be joining the Davis family.

  24. sara

    hi naomi! been following the tales of your family since right around the time of samson’s birth announcement! how exciting this must be for you and yours. thank you for letting us into your lives, for the sunshine and for the realness. safe delivery for mama and bebes…

  25. Kaitlen

    Sending so much love and good vibrations your way! I work as a professional bra fitter in NYC, and I get many pregnant women, as well as fit for nursing bras. And the level of love and joy that mothers always display, despite feeling a little crazy, is always a blessing to the store!

  26. Emma Sears

    Seriously amazing! The miracle of carrying a baby (or 2+!) is phenomenal. I was just chasing my 3 little boys all over our backyard and they were having the best time! But it is so exhausting. I loved reading this so I can always remember that it’s worth it. And you’re right, the good really does outweigh the bad! Good luck with the last couple weeks!

  27. remaliah

    You look incredible! Though I can imagine there are lots of times you don’t feel very comfortable at all! Praying these sweet little girls stay safe and warm inside for the next 4-5 weeks, and you can hang on in there for that time too! Can’t wait to ‘meet’ them ;)

  28. Camille

    You look so beautiful. What a blessing!! And I really appreciate the uplifting words as I am going to be a new mother this fall. Can’t wait to see pics of y’alls sweet little girls and would love to if you did a birth story post after the twins are born.

  29. Praying for a safe and easy delivery! Can’t wait to see these two little cuties!

  30. Bethany

    This post is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart! I always love reading your posts about motherhood and family life. Your blog showed me that parenthood could be such a fun and beautiful adventure. Finding your blog 2 years ago suddenly gave me the deepest ache for a baby of my own– and then, boom! my hubby and I conceived our little baby boy, who is now almost 17 months old and our most favorite little buddy! :) Thank you for spreading positivity and light and influencing me and so many others for the better. Motherhood and family is SO, so worth celebrating. You couldn’t be more right!

  31. Rebecca

    I love this. I just became a mum in January with the birth of my little son and i tell people is the hardest thing I’ve ever done but the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love being a mother. My husband and I have said to each other now multiple times, “why didn’t we do this sooner?!” But it’s like everyone tells you – there’s never going to be a perfect time to have children. Now I’m all like, “let’s have another!” It’s all so worth it. Praying that your little gems arrive safe and sound. You are radiant!

  32. Olivia

    Naomi, with each pregnancy you become more beautiful. It’s such an amazing experience, how the body transforms… I experienced it only twice. And I talk often to my husband how will it be with you guys. 5. Oh, my! We admire you and Josh so much.

    Sending love and may you have an easy birth.

    Can’t wait to see these two little Davis ✨🦋💞👶👶🌈☀️🎈🎈

  33. Jas

    Take care Naomi! Are you in the bed rest phase for the last stretch? In any case, you got this!! Much love ❤️

  34. Kayleigh

    This was marvelously beautiful. Motherhood is so raw. All aspects of it (good and bad). I sincerely appreciate the acknowledgement of the bad (because it does come!) and I doubly appreciate the acknowledgement that focusing on the good can enable it to far outweigh the bad.

    Stay strong. I’m sure you’re uncomfortable (two babies!!??) but you absolutely have this and can absolutely do this. Sending loving vibes your way!

  35. Tal

    Went to church a couple of weeks ago and saw your sweet family sitting up in the front. What a beautiful family you are raising, and how wonderful to know two more children will get to experience the fun and joy you and your husband so lovingly bring to your family life. Wishing you the best as the girls’ arrival gets closer. You got this!

  36. Lauren

    Wow! I can’t imagine how uncomfortable you are! Can’t wait to “meet” those baby girls!!