the littlest of gestures.

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i found a folder on my desktop with these photos in it from way back in january last night that i had completely forgotten to post! i think the pregnancy brain thing people talk about really is a real thing! or in my case, it is! a few nights ago, i walked into the kitchen to get a cup of water to take my iron with, and ended up coming back into the bedroom without any water…. when i went back into the kitchen to try again, i pulled open the freezer to fill my cup with ice, and i realized i had put my bottle of iron pills in the ice bucket on my first trip into the kitchen a few minutes prior. so currently, it’s safe to say i’m not very on top of life at the moment!

i wanted to share a few stories of things that are happening in my life lately. mostly, little moments of service i don’t want to forget because they have been so sweet while i’m trying to get through one of the hardest things i’ve experienced mentally and physically in my life.

the first was this morning at about 6AM, when my sweet mister samson showed up at my bedside where i was still trying to sleep. josh was at the gym, and i’d been tossing and turning quietly in bed trying to find some sort of position to sleep in for who knows how long. samson arrived beside me and whispered so sweetly, “hi mama, do you have any pain anywhere? can i help?” and put his hands on my upper back where i’ve been experiencing such aches for the last few months (and have probably complained about a bit too vocally since he was so aware that i’ve been having pain). but his gesture meant the world to me. i told him to just come snuggle with me, and how happy i was to see him. and i tried really hard not to cry even though they would have been tears of gratitude for this sweet boy who goes above and beyond to make the people around him happy.

another moment this week that showed such service in my life was by a simple gesture one of my sisters made when we were out on saturday with the kiddos for most of the day. we were about to walk from the west village over to nolita (about 25 minutes worth of walking for an adult based on our location) and since we don’t really bring the stroller out anymore for conrad, he’s definitely been working hard on getting his city legs together for longer days outside. but we’d been in the sun and he’d been playing rather hard at a couple different playgrounds already. he was exhausted and came over to me and asked if i could carry him. i can’t pick him up anymore with this big twin bump, and josh wasn’t with us at this point to help carry him, but my sister swooped in and was like, “get on my shoulders! let’s go!” and walked almost the entire way carrying conrad on her shoulders. maybe i am just wimpy, but that is a long way to walk carrying a 3 year-old, and i know it had to get heavy at moments for her but she never complained about it and happily sang songs with him and played a few silly games with him to keep him occupied and happy as we walked together. it was such a simple little thing. i doubt she’s even thought about it again, but i have.

there have been countless others, like when i overheard conrad asking his sister to read to him, and even though she probably would have rather stayed drawing at the art table, she put her coloring pencils down and climbed into the tent in their playroom to read books to her brothers. or when our neighbors who live below us in our apartment building made a run to costco and knocked on our door after with a hot chicken bake sandwich for me (my favorite thing ever) and surely had no idea i hadn’t yet been able to eat anything that day because i felt nauseous, but i downed that chicken bake so fast since it hit the spot.  or a friend who handed me one of those yummy smelling bath bombs in the hallway at church because she knows i’ve been living in my bathtub at night trying to get comfortable. just little things, super small gestures of service that have meant a lot as i’ve been on the receiving end of them. wanting to look for more opportunities to be the one who sees something and does something, paying it forward if you will.

anyway, just wanted to share because it’s been on my mind a lot now as i’ve been the one being served and loved by family and friends. i know there are so many moments in our day where we can be that person for someone else. and i want to do better at just that.

also these photos have absolutely nothing to do with this blog post, and are almost irrelevant since they are from january. but i love blog posts with photos so we’re combining this stuff today!


one last thing…. i remember feeling like my baby bump was SO big when we took these photos and i’m sitting here laughing now that i ever thought that. this bump hadn’t seen anything yet! and every day i wake up bigger than the last, so i’m sure my current bump situation hasn’t seen anything yet, too! it’s been a fun ride, watching this thing expand to sizes i never realized it could. the body is crazy amazing.

anyway, happy wednesday!

  1. Natali

    You are truly so blessed and lucky in so many ways! Also, I love your personality and sense of style too! :)

  2. Anne P.

    I am pregnant with my 3rd baby now and I have to say the sweetness of my other kids has been so amazing! Thanks for sharing. I respect that you were out all day Saturday. I live in NYC and was out for a bit but didn’t feel great and am hoping for more days like that soon.

  3. I am amazed at how much you are doing at this stage! You’re a great mom. And remember that aunts always have more energy. :)

    I know you have posted that the twins will be in your room for a bit- but will we ever get to see the other three kids rooms and how you have set them up? I’m fascinated by kids rooms. I love decorating my owns kids rooms! (even though my 5 year old sleeps on an air mattress on my floor in my room right now, but we’re allowing it since he’s in cancer treatment).

  4. Shannon

    Love the leather jacket! Where is it from?

  5. Samson has the sweetest heart ever! You always have the best stories of him and how tender he can be – how kind of him to ask to help you. Definitely made me tear up! I’m pregnant with a little boy right now and I hope my son has a heart that pure!

    Have to give you a shoutout too though because his demeanor is definitely attributable to how you and Josh raise him. You two do such a terrific job of working to instill habits and thoughts in your children that point them in the direction of being good people, and I can see that even through a screen! You’re going to be the best twin parents!

    xo Mary-Katherine

  6. what a sweet boy samson is! i love appreciating the little things.

    xo, brittany
    i shared some ways to help out a new mom on my blog today!

  7. Annabelle

    Such a happy post, Naomi!! Sharing your gratitude inspires me to share mine too. Today at work I had to deal with really angry clients who yelled at me for things I had no control over. My boyfriend, who is also my colleague, took his afternoon break right after the debacle. When he came back, he told me to go take my break and check my phone while I was at it. He had texted me a few funny and cute pictures of broken objects with goggly eyes glued on them, and a few heart emojis! He’s not the most demonstrative guy, but instead of focusing on that, I should start seeing the little things he does everyday to ease my anxious mind. I love him so, I could tell him all day. I’m also thankful for you, Naomi, for inspiring to learn and see these things everyday!

  8. Claire

    You truly are such an inspiring woman Naomi! I love that kind of posts, thank you so much for sharing.

    Btw, love that new picture of the nearly 7 of you on the top right! And yellow really is the best color, I need to put more of it in my wardrobe.

    All the love from France and a lot of energy and comfort for that last month of pregnancy! You rock girl!


  9. Emily C

    That’s so sweet, Naomi! That little anecdote about Samson almost made ME cry. What a precious little dude.

  10. Your post is sooo sweet ! Like a good romantic movie it makes me want to cry ^^. That’s exactly why I love blog so much, they bring joy and learn to be aware of beautiful life moment because we share them with each other. You and Josh rise very very nice little people.

    Oh and those photos are so beautiful. You’re such an inspiration for me. And funny story (at least for me), I follow three newyorker blogger, and when I talk to my husband I have to describe which family I talk him to. And now when I talk to your family (because I want to share with him all the great things you do with your kids for example), he’s like : “oh yeah ! the ones with the twin girls !”, because he’s dreaming about having twins babies haha ^^.

  11. Beautiful post reminding us all to express gratitude for the little things. Absolutely love the outfit in this post as well, everything compliments each other despite being so different. LOVE LOVE LOVE your style xx

  12. Kate

    A beautiful reminder of the importance of gratitude! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Barb

    It’s amazing how little acts of service can feel really big and needed sometimes. I hope you continue to allow people to help and serve you this year of the twins! My sister recently had a child, her fourth, with some big medical needs. She’s a go-er, a server, a person who has not had to be the recipient of service her whole life. It has been a hard thing to allow others to step in and serve, but she has learned how to do it and it has brought so many blessings to her family and also those who are providing service.

  14. Marie

    I loved this post so much; made me tear up! I love that quote about how the happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have. I love when we can recognize and focus on what we have instead of what we don’t have. Kind gestures are the best!

  15. Amanda

    Precious. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Love the photos and your post, like usual. I love your writing. That is so nice so many people in your life are helping you out. Especially little Samson – omg how sweet!! Trust me, I know the twin bump is no joke! I’m currently 26 weeks with twins and starting to get really uncomfortable. I thought I was huge a few months ago too – HA! Ain’t seen nothing yet, I know. :)

    Hoping you can find some relief soon and before you know it, your girls will be here. So exciting!!


  17. Cassie

    Goodness, this post made me rather emotional. How fortunate we are when we’re the recipient of such small acts of kindness and love, but how big of an impact they make. I too would like to pay more attention to my actions and go the extra mile for others. XO

  18. Julia

    Oh I just love this article! I love it when people do such small things, but how those small things, in the right moment, can mean the absolute world.

    xx Julia

  19. Melanie

    Where are those amazing sunglasses from? xx