spring has sprung!

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love taza saturday 385o22-19

i just got an alert on my phone about a flood warning today in the city. and the rain banging on the outside of my air conditioner in my bedroom window as i type this sounds like someone is spilling bags of raw rice on to it. it’s LOUD. and slightly aggressive. the irony is that while this storm brought a wind chill that feels crazy cold, we were blessed with 48 hours of nothing but pure 70 degree sunshine prior to it all. i’m not even mad that the sunshine didn’t last longer, because it was such a special snippet of what’s right around the corner, and that was enough for me.

this city becomes so alive as the warm weather hits with the parks crowded once again full of hundreds of bodies soaking up some vitamin D, smiles on strangers’ faces as you pass by them in the crosswalk, and an energy everywhere you turn that i haven’t been able to find elsewhere. it’s one of the very top reasons i love new york. and i’m just so glad we’re inching our way towards a steady amount of those glorious days to enjoy together in the coming months.

my sister, rebekah, has been living in berlin the last several months and detoured to boston (to see our other sister, rachel!) before detouring to nyc to spend some time with us on her way home to LA. it was so nice spending part of the weekend with her, and also spending all of saturday with hannah, my sister who lives here in nyc just a few blocks from us but whom we sadly don’t see often enough because of her long work hours. it just felt really really nice being with family, seeing my sisters spoil my kids with so much attention and love, and eating our way through some of our favorite neighborhoods and spots as we spent the weekend outside.

i brought my camera out on saturday with us, and have a million photos below to prove it! :)

love taza saturday 385o22-8

bump from the front! josh and i were laughing so hard because after we took this photo, we were walking back over to our family who was sitting on the grass nearby while the kids were playing and this man shouted at us, “that’s a boy in there!” josh hollered back, “nope!” and he guy shouted again, “no, it’s a boy! she’s carrying a boy!” wrong times two! haha. it was pretty funny in the moment! i love new york and all the people who randomly shout things at you.

love taza saturday 385o22-10love taza saturday 385o22-2love taza saturday 385o22-16

SO fun being with my sisters. always missing one of them though, and we were missing rachel a lot! gotta convince bekah to move to the east coast because how fun would that be to have all four of us in closer proximity to one another!

love taza saturday 385o22-14

while we were hanging out on the grass in washington square park, eleanor came and cuddled up onto my baby bump and had this moment of crazy butterflies getting so excited thinking about her future relationship with her two sisters who she was snuggling up to as she cuddled my belly. it felt really special as i sat beside my own sisters, to see her there like that. i know they’ll have their moments, but i look forward to seeing their special bond form further after they are born.

love taza saturday 385o22-7love taza saturday 385o22-17love taza saturday 385o22-32

it’s become tradition in our home to head to joe’s in the west village on one of the first warm days of the year, every year. it’s the first of what will surely be many many more trips on nice days to our favorite spot for a slice of pizza. i had mentioned to samson the night before as i was getting him ready for bed that we’d get pizza tomorrow at joe’s. that’s his favorite place for a slice so naturally, he woke up on saturday morning at like 6:30 and immediately asked when we were leaving to go get pizza. it took a lot of convincing to get him to eat breakfast because he wanted to wait for his pizza. :) i love him.

love taza saturday 385o22-31love taza saturday 385o22-29

also, this set up. genius, samson. genius!

love taza saturday 385o22-30love taza saturday 385o22-13love taza saturday 385o22-18love taza saturday 385o22-24love taza saturday 385o22-20

these happy faces playing with their aunties! grateful my sisters have so much energy because i can’t chase after the kids and really play right now with them like i’d like to.

love taza saturday 385o22-21love taza saturday 385o22-23love taza saturday 385o22-25love taza saturday 385o22-3love taza saturday 385o22-27love taza saturday 385o22love taza saturday 385o22-28love taza saturday 385o22-5love taza saturday 385o22-11love taza saturday 385o22-6love taza saturday 385o22-9love taza saturday 385o22-12i hope everyone in the city enjoyed those glorious 48 hours of sunshine as much as we did! made me so pumped for the next few months in the city when we get to have that as the regular. HAPPY SPRING!!!


sonnet james dress, heart sunglasses. lipstick is smashbox in color mauve.

  1. SPruitt

    We loved those two days of warmth. We spent all day outside in Central Park on Friday. In fact in it was time for dinner I told my husband to pick up something from Whole Foods and to meet me and the kids in the park because there was no way I was missing a minute of sunshine! Then on Saturday we headed down to Battery Park because I wanted to smell the briny sea air. It was soooooo good. I’m a little bit in shock about the cold rain this morning, did you go out in it? It’s freezing!! I have a quick question, we relocated here 6 months ago so we’re still getting to know the city. What beaches do you recommend for summer? I noticed that there’s a ferry that goes from lower manhattan to Rockaway, have you ever tried it?

  2. twin pregnancy looks good you, mama! And Friday and Saturday the weather was beyond perfect! I already miss it haha.

    Xx – Fernanda


  3. Margot

    Gorgeous photos! Great sense of what a lovely weekend you had with your family. Our west coast weather has been mostly heavy rain interspersed with glimpses of a sunshine-y afternoon here and there. Can’t wait for the proper warm, sunny days to arrive!

  4. Greta

    What a fun weekend! Any chance you know where your sister got her adorable floral skirt?? Such cute looks all around!

  5. justine

    now i want to know where your sister got her pink striped shirt? haha – so ridiculous that now i’m asking not only for your clothes sources but your sisters’? :-) :-) :-)

  6. Emily

    You look gorgeous! Your family is so beautiful too <3

  7. In spring, there is a certain kind of energy in the air that I find irresistible! The birds sing and there is color everywhere. I love your observation about the big and happy smiles. It’s exactely what I see all around as well.How can anyone not smile when the sun is out after such a long winter?
    Beautiful dress, btw. It’s absolutely adorable.
    Happy spring to you, too.


  8. I work on the Upper West Side of the city, and it was AMAZING how happy and what a good mood everyone was in this last sunny weekend!

  9. Friday/Saturday was AMAZING. I felt like the long winter was totally erased from our minds! (Until this morning hahaha!

  10. Naima

    Love seeing the strong bonds between siblings, across generations. This isn’t the case in every family, sadly, and it’s beautiful to behold.

  11. Megan

    Where is your sister’s pink top and floral skirt from? Nail polish color? Eleanor’s ring?

  12. Kayla

    The picture of Conrad eating his pizza made me a little sad… I miss how he used to eat those little circle bites out of the middle. Ha. He has grown up so fast all of a sudden.

  13. angie

    Thank you for this beautiful burst of spring and family happiness!

  14. Your family is simply gorgeous, inside and out!

  15. It looks like you guys had a blast in the sun! Naomi you look beautiful I am going to miss all you bump photos. Are you guys done after the twins?

  16. i want pizza so badly right now. and also that dress on you!!!! so good.

  17. Anna


  18. Amy

    Ohh, so pretty photos! ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Sierra

    Those two days sure were gorgeous and that rain yesterday was nuts. Although, it did make everything nice and green around here so I guess there’s always a trade off. Sisters are the best and I love that you got to spend time with yours! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  20. Jaana

    I am madly in love with your dress! IYou look wonderful. Loved the picture of the kids with their aunties. So sweet! I’m an aunt to 24 and i love those kiddos more than anything. :)

  21. sally mae

    Are your sisters identical? Are your twin girls identical? I feel like I’ve asked this question so many times, but keep forgetting the answer!

  22. Kayla

    It was gone way to quickly! So glad you took advantage of it! and girl!! You look great! Congrats!

  23. Wishing you lots of rest and feet-up time during these last few weeks!