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one of the things i’ve always been impressed with when it comes to seeing my husband as a papa, is the way he’s always encouraging our kids to pause and explore… or wear that knight in shining armour costume outside… or splash in that puddle… from a very early age! basically, he’s just down with letting them be kids! which ironically enough, can sometimes be hard to do as a parent. i don’t think i would have necessarily embraced that sort of idea of parenting as readily if it weren’t for witnessing how successful that approach could be in the moment for both them and us. i mean, obviously there are times you don’t want them to splash in the puddle and get soaked for the day, but if time allows, or you know you’re on the way home, what’s a bit of water really going to hurt? those moments where you just let them jump up and down in the puddle they so desperately want to jump up and down in, can be magical.

last summer, our family biked to a playground together inside riverside park, and all of the sudden, this crazy rain storm just came out of nowhere! we decided to embrace it and bike home in the rain, especially since it was warm rain which felt amazing on a hot summer day, and we didn’t live too far away. the kids were living for it! we sang some songs as we biked along the bike path and by the time we arrived on our block, we all looked like we’d just stepped out of the shower, we were so wet! i hold onto that fun experience as one of my favorite family memories! (you can see a pic from that rainy bike ride here!)

conrad is a lover of puddle splashing so earlier this week, we once again embraced the rain and went outside to splash in a few puddles together before we grabbed some hot chocolate and headed home to dry off. and since we’ve partnered with joules this month, the rain made me extra excited to have a good excuse to break out our new rain gear and give it a good test outdoors. the brand just speaks to my heart since their collection is full of such fun patterns and bright colors for the entire family.

josh was a really good sport and snuck the camera out under his own umbrella to snap some photos of C and me. i don’t think i’m as brave as he is, because the rain started coming down so hard at one point and i don’t know how he could see anything through that lens!

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i’m wearing joules’ go lightly waterproof jacket here. it comes in ten different prints, which made choosing just one so hard for me! i loved so many of them.

i paired the jacket with the riviera short sleeve jersey dress (not maternity but it works with a baby bump, too!), with the hesford chinos and the wellibob short rain bootscan’t get enough of the cute floral print on the rain boots, either!

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at one point, conrad handed me his umbrella and was all, “i don’t need this anymore. i have a hood! see?!” and happily continued to just play in the rain sans umbrella. whenever he’d notice i was still trying to help shelter some of the rain by putting his umbrella over his head, he’d be like, “no no, that’s okay! i have a hood, mama!”

his cute waterproof rain coat with the sharks can be found here.

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his rainboots, my rainboots.

love taza J41618 1love taza J41618 3-2love taza J41618 3love taza J41618 3-3love taza J41618 1-2love taza J41618-2 here’s to more warm rain storms that we embrace! it’s something i think i’ll always have to work at, because they can feel hard to love sometimes. but how can you not smile when you see your little 3 year old beaming as he brings out his bath toys and jumps as high as he can into the biggest puddle on the corner?! it was a fun morning. and we loved it.

also! if you’d like, use the code TAZA20 to receive 20% off any purchase now through the rest of the month!  thank you so much to joules for sponsoring this blog post.
you can shop all their pretty rain coats here.

me: go lightly waterproof jacket with the riviera short sleeve jersey dress and the hesford chinos. my rainboots are the wellibob short rain boots.
conrad: waterproof rain jacket with sharks, jersey sweatpants 
and striped rain boots

  1. Natali

    Super adorable photos and looks like a fun rainy day out with the little one. :)


  2. Jessica

    These pictures are seriously adorable!

  3. Only you and Conrad could make playing in the rain so flipping fun!

  4. Rachael

    Love your raincoat Taza. Besides from the fact your pregnant can you tell me how the coat fits. Would you size it’s a generous cut not the tight under the arms and across the back . Thanks

  5. Barbara

    Are the umbrellas from Joules too?

  6. Elaine

    I love that you are such a good sport… and to think that you are not just carrying two umbrellas but also two baby girls and you still look like you are having a ball! thanks for being such a great mama!

  7. Taylor Kaï

    You are the most darling woman! I love your style and really admire you and your husband. I’m in the market for a new raincoat and was wondering what the fit is like in this one. According to their sizing chart, I should purchase a coat in a larger size than I’m used to! Thanks!

  8. Rachel

    I declare, this is one of the cutest outfits I’ve seen on you yet. And there have been a lot of cute ones. You look amazing.

  9. Kristen

    Cool mom alert!! You two are the cutest. You will treasure these moments for many years to come!

  10. What sweet things they have on this site! I ordered leggings for my baby girl and appreciate your discount code, Thanks, Taza!

  11. Deborah

    The coupon code you provided only works on regular priced items. You should make clear, and not state off ANY purchase. Misleading…

    • josh

      Thank you so much, Deborah, for this comment. We thought it was for everything. Sorry you had trouble!