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i have so enjoyed putting together different looks each day around this twin baby bump (that is, when i’m feeling up for giving my pajamas a bit of a break!) as well as the adventure of getting dressed these days. for my past pregnancies, i have always loved making my own regular wardrobe work with the bump for as long as possible, but i think a combination of this being my fourth ginormous baby bump, and the fact that i have doubled in size far faster this round thanks to those two baby girls, i embraced several maternity pieces much earlier on this time around. and i have to tell you, while i often think pajamas might be the most comfortable bet, i feel so much better about myself and my day (and i’m shockingly more productive) when i do put in the effort to get dressed.

i am so excited to partner with hatch collection today, to share two maternity looks i put together from their beautiful new spring collection. i have actually had several pieces from hatch in my wardrobe throughout the years since they first launched, about six years ago, when i was pregnant with samson and eleanor was almost one! one of the things i love about them is how timeless each piece can feel, and how they can work not just for a pregnancy bump, but before and after as well. i especially appreciate that a lot of their pieces are nursing friendly, flowy tops or button up dresses so i can wear them after this pregnancy and into the nursing two babies stage as well!


for my first look, i paired the flowy cecelia top with the nina trouser, both in the terracotta color. lately, i’ve really liked wearing similar shades of the same color, and this top is so so beautiful and comfortable in person, the photos don’t do it justice. it will be a major staple throughout summer in my closet since i can wear it after pregnancy, too!


and obviously, i had to get the elenore dress for several reasons. ;) maybe the first having something to do with the name and the second being that it comes in my favorite color, yellow! with investment pieces like this, i like the idea of being able to dress it up or down, and the fact that it has buttons so i can nurse comfortably in it once the baby girls are here is also a major plus.  i put the ruby top underneath it, but it’s another piece that works so well on it’s own dressed up or down and the fluttery ruffled sleeves are so fun.

LOVE TAZA HATCH YELLOW1-2LOVE TAZA HATCH YELLOW3-2LOVE TAZA HATCH YELLOW3LOVE TAZA HATCH YELLOW1and a side note, something fun you can do on the hatch collection site, is see what many of the pieces look like with or without a baby bump, with their bump slider!

part of me can’t wait for May to get here so i can meet these baby girls finally (and also, i confess, sleep comfortably on my stomach again), but the other part of me is really just trying to savor these last weeks with this big baby bump. even the uncomfortable moments, because i really believe that pregnancy and carrying a baby or two is a special thing, and i’m one of those weird people who always misses being pregnant when i’m not!

thank you so much to hatch collection for sponsoring this blog post!
look 1: wearing cecelia top with the nina trouser. both in terracotta.
look 2: wearing the elenore dress in yellow with the ruby top.

  1. Pam Schroeder

    I love the outfits, and totally in love with the shoes, where did you get them? I love following your progress, can’t wait to see the babies!! Thank you, Pam

  2. Sierra

    You look so pretty! I love these outfits. Feeling pretty and confident when you are pregnant is so important. I’ll have to keep Hatch Collection in mind :) Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  3. Yeee for yellow, you make maternity wear look so fun and stylish. While most women are wearing black leggings through their pregnancy, you shine in summer colors.
    Thank you for sharing different ways of wearing colorful clothing at any time, even the more challenging stages of our lives.

    I also share ways of wearing colorful clothing on my blog

  4. Anne

    You look adorable, but haha, it’s still winter in New York!!

  5. Christina

    I love your style and you look beautiful💛 When I was growing up I had two widowed neighbors named Ada and Ruby. I think those would be perfect twin girls names. Just throwing that out there!

  6. Hatch has so many beautiful pieces… sometimes I think about getting pregnant again just so I can wear it, hahaha. I loooove this yellow dress.

    Xx- Fernanda

  7. kelly c mitchem

    You always look so amazing in your style posts, I could never pull off styles like this but you look incredible!

  8. Lacey

    Both of these outfits are beautiful, but that dress especially is 😍.

  9. Bridget

    Love these looks so much!! I always shy away from wearing different shades of the same color but I really want to try it out.

  10. Brooke

    Hi Naomi! Congrats on your sweet twin girls! So happy to be able to follow along this exciting time for your family.

    I was wondering if you and Josh would be willing to share a little bit life about your family’s eating routine/habits. I’ve watched your Let’s Chat video for inspiration and I love that, but I was wondering if you’d be willing to go into more detail! I’m always on the hunt for new, healthy recipes to keep things exciting and changing. You guys seem to have a good balance of healthy eating and treats too (which, to me, is also important!) and I was wondering if you’d be willing to share some of what’s worked for you guys/what hasn’t.


  11. Lilith

    Viola would be a really nice name for one of your girls, it goes quite well with Davis, I think. Plus, it fits well with the names of the other three and Shakespeare wrote a character with that name in one of his plays.:)

  12. Jen

    You look gorgeous! Could you share your lipstick colors? I really love them both. I recently got Nars Schiap and J Crew’s George from seeing them on your blog. They’re my new favorites! :)